Hi, I am Warren Beatty, actor/producer/director of the upcoming film ‘Rules Don’t Apply.’ - watch the new trailer - as well as films like Splendor in the Grass, Bonnie and Clyde, Shampoo, Heaven Can Wait, Reds, Dick Tracy, Bugsy and Bulworth. So… Ask Me Anything!

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Edit: Thank you! This is only the 12,775th time I've ever done something like this!

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NotSureHowThingsWork71 karma

Hey Warren,

With a career of incredible movies spanning decades, box office successes, magazine covers, talk shows, red carpets, and Oscar nominations... do you sometimes find it overwhelming to be the husband of Annette Bening?

RealWarrenBeatty139 karma

The best thing that ever happened to me is Annette Bening.

Oibrigade41 karma

in Dick Tracey, there was a scene where Dick Tracey jumps on top of a pole and slides down. And everytime I watch this movie I notice how hard the stunt double hits the pole. Did you watch this happen?

RealWarrenBeatty84 karma

That was me!

danielsk130 karma

What is your best memory about filming Bonnie and Clyde? Best regards for you and your wife from a fan of both in Mexico.

RealWarrenBeatty152 karma

That my mother and father visited me on the set for the first time since it was the first movie I produced. My mother was a smoker. She and my father sat in and witnessed a production meeting. I saw her smoking and I asked her in front of the group if she loved me. There was an embarrassing silence. She said to me, ‘Of course, I love you. Why would you ask a question like that?’ I then said, ‘Well if you love me, will you put that cigarette out and never smoke another one?’

She stared down at the cigarette in her hand for a while and then she put it out. She never smoked another cigarette.

UnrepentantFenian21 karma

How sick and tired are you of people asking if Ned Beatty is your brother? Have you two met?

RealWarrenBeatty34 karma

I actually can't remember someone ever asking me that question. Ned Beatty and I don’t know each other very well but I admire his work.

Frajer20 karma

What inspired you to make Reds?

RealWarrenBeatty62 karma


warrenbeattyfan42020 karma

Hey Warren! Big fan here. Does "Rules Don't Apply" feel like your magnum opus, or do you still consider the music video for "Ghetto Superstar" to be the masterpiece of your lifetime?

RealWarrenBeatty31 karma

That's a decision only you can make.

Celena2518 karma

You've been such an influence on my personally since Dick Tracy when I was 12. My passion for film and acting are thanks to you. Also your love of politics encouraged me to vote at 18. How do you feel about this years election??

RealWarrenBeatty83 karma

I’ve spent a lot of my life in political activism. I campaigned for Jack Kennedy, I campaigned with Bobby Kennedy and quit movies for a while to work with George McGovern and help him try to get us out of Vietnam. I’ve remained a lifelong Democrat although I have as many friends who are Republicans. What concerns me most at the moment is that the commercialization of the use of technology may be creating a cacophony of opinions that obliterates voices of wisdom.

kbaileyjava18 karma

Is there a director dead or alive that you want/wanted to work with that you never got the chance? If so who?

Love your work, Bonnie and Clyde is one of the all time greats

ambww417 karma

Do you have any thoughts you can share about the critical pile-on for Ishtar? I honestly thought it was one of the funniest films I've ever seen, and I watch it often. "This map could inflame the entire middle east". Good stuff.

RealWarrenBeatty18 karma

You're right about Ishtar. It's a long story about the way it was handled.

suaveitguy15 karma

What are some pragmatic things you could suggest an actor do to come across charismatic and engaging on screen?

RealWarrenBeatty51 karma

To stop thinking about trying to come across as charismatic and engaging.

merry72212 karma

How was it working with the great Robert Altman? Did you pick up anything from him ?

RealWarrenBeatty21 karma

Bob Altman was a lot of fun to work with. He was brilliantly flexible and improvisational.

suaveitguy11 karma

How does the tabloid press of today compare to 25, and 50 years ago? Is it really that much worse?

RealWarrenBeatty24 karma


OliverFields9 karma

Tell us about working with Lily Collins. She seems like an actress with a lot of talent who hasn't gotten a chance to showcase it. Thoughts?

RealWarrenBeatty26 karma

I feel Lily Collins has an unlimited potential in movies. She makes brave choices, it's hard to take your eyes off of her on screen and her chemistry with Alden Ehrenreich was both hilarious and moving.

hikermick9 karma

Got any good Hunter S Thompson stories?

RealWarrenBeatty21 karma


SashaLaw9 karma

If someone made a biopic about your life, which actor would you want to play you and why?

RealWarrenBeatty53 karma

Ronald Reagan. Or maybe Barack Obama. I might add that Ronald Reagan, who was a friend of mine, once said to me (not joking) that he did not know how anyone could be President now without being an actor.

suaveitguy8 karma

Are you surprised Mickey One never found a big, cult audience?

RealWarrenBeatty20 karma


Shot_Dunyun8 karma

Are you going to be in any Marvel movies or Star Warses?

RealWarrenBeatty23 karma

No but our hilarious and romantic leading man in Rules Don't Apply, Alden Ehrenreich, is the new Han Solo.

TheThirdStrike8 karma

Did you keep the yellow trench coat from Dick Tracy?

That thing was totally baller... They wouldn't have been able to take it off me with a without physical force.

KaiserThrones11 karma

He wore it in the Dick Tracy Special on TCM. What I want to know is if he kept the watch. Now that they couldn't pry away from me!

RealWarrenBeatty40 karma

They're both upstairs in a closet. It's locked.

Irishgirly7 karma

one of my fave lines from REDS - 'well its Thanksgiving - why don't you come as a turkey" Written or from history?

RealWarrenBeatty14 karma


suaveitguy7 karma

Who is an actor that you admired starting out, that doesn't get their due?

RealWarrenBeatty23 karma

Steve Hill who unfortunately passed away recently.

jimdurante7 karma

There is a long standing rumor in the imdb trivia section that you were at one time working on a Pokémon movie. Is there any truth to that rumor?

RealWarrenBeatty22 karma


Opoderoso6 karma

To me there is something special about Shampoo that I can't put my finger on. Would you say that It's a Hal Ashby movie or Hal Ashby/Warren Beatty movie? What was your involvement behind the scenes?

RealWarrenBeatty11 karma

I would call it a Hal Ashby/Robert Towne/Warren Beatty movie. We were all happily involved.

suaveitguy4 karma

3 Stooges or Marx Brothers?

RealWarrenBeatty25 karma

Groucho was a friend of mine I have to go with that. I was never close to Karl (Marx.)

uyua3 karma

So Dick Tracy reboot?

RealWarrenBeatty13 karma


princessnerfherder463 karma

Hey Warren! Thanks for joining us! Been a fan since I was 12! Bugsy remains my favorite film. Thank you for that gift. What's your favorite memory from that film? Any shot or scene in particular?

PS - Annette is brilliant. Tell her reddit says hello!

RealWarrenBeatty24 karma

My favorite memory from Bugsy is how I lost interest in the garlic chicken I was eating two seconds after I met Annette Bening for the first time.

Amber23913 karma

Which is harder to do acting or directing? In your opinion.

RealWarrenBeatty24 karma

I don't like to separate them and I don't like the actors I work with to separate them. I like to have everyone feel they are directing at the same time as we are acting together. They're not... but I like them to feel that they are anyway.

JJManners3 karma

Do you ever miss living in Virginia?

RealWarrenBeatty13 karma

I love Virginia but I love where I live – California.

Celena253 karma

Will you ever write an autobiography??

RealWarrenBeatty14 karma


ArcHarris3 karma

What is your connection to Nova Scotia?

RealWarrenBeatty7 karma

My mother was from Nova Scotia.

CDClagett2 karma

What would you rather get into a fight with; 100 horses the size of rabbits, or 1 rabbit the size of a horse?

RealWarrenBeatty6 karma

I would have to meet the rabbit that is the size of the horse.

Nova_Jake2 karma

What is your favorite memory filming Ishtar?

RealWarrenBeatty14 karma

Standing holding two camels on a street in Marrakesh with Dustin Hoffman staring at one another.

FrontRowSteve2 karma

Cannot wait for Rules Don't Apply and glad you're back on the film circuit?

What have you been doing during your break from film, and what's a film that you did that you wish more people saw and appreciated?

Finally, what future projects, if any, can we expect from you?

RealWarrenBeatty32 karma

I have been experiencing fatherhood with the 5 most fascinating people on earth, Annette and my four kids whom I like to refer to as ‘4 small Eastern European countries, all democracies but with chiefs of state firmly ensconced.’ And each one more interesting than any 5 movies.

People might find Bulworth more interesting now than when it was released.

EvanKingShow2 karma

Hi Warren,

I'm fascinated by the life of Howard Hughes, how much research went into playing him? Looking forward to Rules Don't Apply.

RealWarrenBeatty7 karma

Many years of being amused by what friends of his told me about him.

Avadixon2 karma

Thank you for helping to discover Woody Allen and giving him his first film job. What is your favorite Woody Allen film?

RealWarrenBeatty7 karma

Probably Annie Hall.

dayofthedead2042 karma

Hi Warren!

Thanks for doing this ama!

Do you see any relation in the character you played Senator Bulworth and Donald Trump? Both guys that didn't give a fuck what they said and somehow get more popular for doing it?

Also what is your opinion of Donald Trump?

RealWarrenBeatty22 karma

What Jay Bulworth is saying is very, very different from that which Mr. Trump is saying.

AurynW1 karma

What was your favorite location to film in?

RealWarrenBeatty3 karma


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