Hi Reddit, it's Nicolas Winding Refn here, ready for you to Ask Me Anything! Six years ago I was in LA making DRIVE and last year I returned for part two of my LA odyssey, THE NEON DEMON starring Elle Fanning, Jena Malone, and Bella Heathcote. The Neon Demon is available on Blu-ray and digital today!

PS: I heard they need a proof photo, it's me! http://i.imgur.com/FyqRvGm.jpg

It was great chatting with you all today! Make sure to get your copy of The Neon Demon available now!

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dirkdiggler767847 karma

Are you food or are you sex?

officialnicrefn64 karma

You'd have to ask my wife. ;)

vicier31 karma

Nick, if you could choose any actor, who would play you in the inevitable biopic?

officialnicrefn91 karma

Ryan Gosling of course!

Frajer24 karma

What was it like working with Keanu Reeves?

officialnicrefn54 karma

Keanu was the first movie star that I associated with out here in LA, the first film I was going to do was with him but unfortunately the film ended up falling through, so working with him now is great. He is amazing and unique!

fellasleepinaditch22 karma

How much involved were you in the soundtrack to drive ? And do you enjoy listening to that type outside of the movie ?

officialnicrefn43 karma

Very much so! I chose the songs and chose the composer (Cliff Martinez) and collaborated with him on how I wanted the film to sound.

Adamquane20 karma

Hello Mr. Refn.

Have you ever been interested in writing a Children's Picture, be it for children or starring children?

officialnicrefn49 karma

With having children of my own, I would love to do an animated film, finally something of mine that my kids could watch!

liamquane15 karma

Do you prefer to give simple direction or go into more detail with the actors/ crew members?

officialnicrefn25 karma

Depends on what you are doing, sometimes you need to be very specific and sometimes you need to be very loose and just see what happens.

skynetofficial13 karma

Hi Nicolas! Huge fan of your work, and The Neon Demon has been my favorite movie released this year.

My TND-related question is, what were your main influences when making the visuals of the film?

officialnicrefn26 karma

I don't thing there was a main influence, I don't story board, I mostly base everything on what I would like to see.


What is your favorite snack?

officialnicrefn29 karma

I have two! Topo Chico sparkling water from Mexico and organic rice cakes with chocolate on them!


Do you like to create other forms of art, like music or painting? Just wondering.

officialnicrefn19 karma

I very much like creativity, but I don't paint or make music. Maybe one day, who knows?

Mr-Boring8 karma

Would you ever do another horror film?

officialnicrefn21 karma

I don't know, I haven't decided yet. Maybe?

liamquane8 karma

Hi Mr. Winding-Refn! Can I ask, do you have any advice on set control? Thanks :~)

officialnicrefn29 karma

My advice: dominate with love.

laethermouth7 karma

Out of all the movies you directed, which one feels the most personal?

officialnicrefn26 karma

It's hard to say which one is the most personal, all are about my own fantasies one way or another. ;)

Pedro6456 karma

Mr. Refn,

The Neon Demon was my favorite film of the year so far, a film which I found to be visually bewitching, brave and fascinating. What I'd like to ask is what films inspired you throughout the process of making the film?

officialnicrefn22 karma

It wasn't so much movies that inspired me but the music. A movie I did think about from time to time was Night Tide; it's from the early 60's. It's a film that I love so much that I bought the original negative for my private collection.

MaleCra6 karma

Mr. Refn, Only God Forgives and The Neon Demon sit among my favorite films of the 21st century; thank you so much for your contributions. I cannot wait for your next project!

In your opinion, what is the biggest issue facing the film industry today?

officialnicrefn28 karma

I think the biggest issue is accepting that the digital revolution is changing, not the creative, but business model of entertainment and the challenge is leaving behind what we used to do compare to what we are going to do in the future.

iinsatiable5 karma

Hi Mr. Refn, huge fan! Would you say there is a connection between any of your films?

officialnicrefn14 karma

I'm sure there are many connections, but it's hard to define one. I will leave that up to the experts to to figure them out.

liamquane5 karma

What is it like directing TV compared to film?

officialnicrefn9 karma

I've never directed TV before, but i'm sure it's very similar. Directing is all about good story telling.

liamquane5 karma

What drew you into doing The Neon Demon? Directing the film, not having relations with a chemical entity. :~P

officialnicrefn20 karma

I woke up one morning and decided that I wanted too do a film about beauty and thought it could be interesting to do one incorporating horror, melodrama, comedy and sci-fi.

BannonBrief5 karma

Hello Mr. Refn! I was a big fan of Drive. As a film student veered more towards writing, what advice would you have for young writers looking to break into directing?

officialnicrefn21 karma

One of the benefits of the technical revolution is that there's no obstacles you just have to do it! Films all start with a script, the best thing to do is start writing!

Con_Noire5 karma

After seeing Neon Demon I've been trying to watch all of your movies from Pusher to your newer ones. I was wondering, out of all the movies you made, which one is your favorite? Which one is your least favorite?

officialnicrefn40 karma

I think my favorite has yet to be made.

Zygrlox5 karma

Mr. Refn, can you just tell one of your favorite films from the 21th Century?

officialnicrefn17 karma

A film that made a very big impression on me was Pretty Woman. I went to see it in the cinemas two times!

RandomDKguy3 karma

Mr. Refn; Is it true you're thinking of making a Superhero movie? If so, would it be with DC or Marvel?

officialnicrefn29 karma

I love watching superhero movies, in a way you can say Drive is one. So I don't think I would want to make another, Drive is my version of a superhero movie.

laethermouth3 karma

The Neon Demon haunted me weeks after I saw it, it still does now! I'm curious- what movie did you see that blew you away recently?

officialnicrefn15 karma

With having a family and working all the time, it does not leave a lot of time to see as many movies as i'd like, if there you have recommendations out there, let me know!

kingkydra7 karma

Magic Magic is a pretty great film.

officialnicrefn42 karma

I love Channing Tatum.

MCJLVK2 karma

What is your approach to writing a screenplay? Do you outline beforehand? Are there any specific tips you've found are useful to you in getting your ideas down on paper?

officialnicrefn15 karma

I start all my movies by writing ideas on index cards and then when I have enough ideas, I start to construct a story.

OliverLumm2 karma


officialnicrefn10 karma

My version of Drive was a wonderful collaboration with Hossein Amini. I was also very fortune to have a great book to work with as well but I think in the end someone has to make the decision and that must always be the director. However, it is very important to collaborate, especially in this industry.