Alex Merced is a very active Libertarian Podcaster and Blogger, and has worked for year training people in finance and economics. Alex Merced has a had a diverse set of experiences that give him a unique perspective on today's problems.


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Lachessys35 karma

what's an Aleppo?

thealexmerced38 karma

Aleppo is a city in Syria about the size of San Diego. Although re: how do you fix the Aleppo situation. There is no easy answers because if you take out Assad it can result in a powerful Isis but if you restore Assads power then people will hate the US for propping dictator. Like most regimes that need to be changed, it needs to done from within without US intervention.

When the US intervenes such as it has in Guatemala, Iran, Iraq, etc. the result it only more instability.

mockassin26 karma

what do you as a libertarian have to offer that schumer doesnt ?

thealexmerced35 karma

As libertarian I have completely different view on foreign policy and the drug war than the democrats and republicans. FP/DW are the issues in my opinion take the most lives everyday and Libertarians are the biggest party speaking out against regime change and the drug war which Chuck Schumer has supported and funded.

As a elected rep I also want to change what people expect from their elected representatives by using social media to be very accessible to my constituents with weekly livestream about my votes and more.

Chuck Schumer only seems to care about what will keep him in the headlines.

xxemuxx10 karma

This brings up an interesting point for me as a fresh first generation American (18). Could you elaborate more on these livestreams? What will make you different?

On another note, what are your future aspirations. What do you want to come out of this election if, say, you are elected? What happens afterwards?

thealexmerced15 karma

I'm first generation american as well, my mom is from guatemala and dad from Puerto rico.

The livestreams are about transparency and access. People barely get to talk to their elected representatives. If I do live streams and allow people to ask questions and tell me what they think other states will begin expecting the same from their senators.

I just want to keep fighting for liberty, whether I run for another office or pursue it some other way I'll continue to be aggressively involved in the Libertarian Party and promoting Libertarian values.

Although if I don't win the first thing I"m going to do is visit my mom and spend some quality time with my wife who both I havn't been able to see much these last few months.

AndreT_NY16 karma

As a NYer on Long Island who hates Schumer why should I vote for you over the Republican candidate?

thealexmerced44 karma

Wendy Long isn't campaigning, I was in syracuse for the state fair, she wasn't. I was at Binghamton for Spiedie Fest, She wasnt. etc.

She lost by the largest margin in NY history in 2012 against Gillibrand and her campaign has raised less money than it did then and has had less support.

While I'm not a cash rich candidate, I have been very efficient with the funds we have received to be traveling the state meeting actual people, having an actual social media strategy, and putting out original policy ideas in line with my values.

Wendy has done none of this, and for those who are #nevertrump Wendy has pretty much just been an echo chamber for Trump resting her hopes on Trump instead of running her own campaign.

AndreT_NY15 karma

Okay. With that you just got my vote.

thealexmerced18 karma

Thanks :)

BentheReddit14 karma

How do you feel about the DEA's choice to ban Kratom?

thealexmerced33 karma

Against It, anti-drug war

NotGaming13 karma

Why has the Libertarian Party done nothing to end subsidies for Big Oil, other than talk about it?

thealexmerced12 karma

We are outspoken against all energy subsidies I often speak out against liability caps for oil companies. Libertarians currently hold no power so all w can do is spam out against these things.

will5555568 karma

Yea or nay for legalization of marijuana for NY?

thealexmerced27 karma

A Complete end to the drug war is what I support. I don't want to tax drugs, I just want to end the black market and other unintended consequences of the drug war.

jpop23mn9 karma

Why wouldn't drugs be taxed?

thealexmerced25 karma

It would already be subject to sales taxes, why should there be an extra tax.

johnnysexcrime13 karma

The extra tax should fund drug addiction treatment, so there is a negative feedback between drug use and efforts to reduce it.

thealexmerced17 karma

That should be up to local communities, I don't want the federal government taxing it and probably using the money to give senators another raise

will5555567 karma

But the black market exists because there is no sale of regulated drugs like marijuana. You will never eliminate the black market if you don't sell the product that people want to buy. Give me a way to buy my marijuana and I would use that.

thealexmerced22 karma

I agree, that is what I'm saying, I want to end the drug war and allow people to make their own choices.

will5555563 karma

Ok so you do agree that there should be a market place for marijuana. To me and some other it seems like you wanted to end the drug war but not regulate the sale of it. But awesome you and Gary Johnson both have my vote.

thealexmerced30 karma

I want people to buy, sell and grow it. I just don't want to legalize it for the purpose to tax and regulate it. I want to legalize because people have a right to buy, sell, and grow what they want.

frigginwizard3 karma

Any line drawn here? Or are you also advocating for the legalization of bath salts?

thealexmerced1 karma

Prohibition just doesn't solve the problem, drugs that are worse doesn't suddenly make prohibition work any better

Vicious437 karma

Even with hard drugs? Like wouldn't it make sense to make some distinction between drugs that do a lot of damage, and soft ones like THC?

thealexmerced19 karma

No, because prohibition has a lot of other negative effects which I discuss in this video:

Murdvac-10 karma

Nice dodge.

thealexmerced23 karma

How is that a dodge, ending the drug war is a much stronger position than just legalization.

Legalization doesn't mean people can grow their own, and it often gets taxes so much that people still buy it illegally.

I just want government out of telling people what they can and can't put in their bodies.

Viking3557 karma

Are you supporting gary johnson this election?

thealexmerced14 karma

Yes I am, He is a good guy, great experience and record, also he's by far more Libertarian than any other option.

RangersCrusader6 karma

I would love nothing more than for Schmuck Schumer to lose his job.

When do you think the NX will be revealed?

thealexmerced12 karma

What is the NX?

RangersCrusader6 karma

Nintendo's new console they refuse to annouce.

thealexmerced23 karma

OH! I need to look that up, I mainly play with my PS4 these days but havn't had a chance to play on the campaign. Looking forward to getting back to Disgaea 5 and Fallout 4. I'll probably get an NX after its initital release.

Thereddeathpasses5 karma

Who are some of your favorite libertarian philosophers/economists, and who are some of your favorite people to work with in the current party/on your campaign?

thealexmerced13 karma

I was "awoken" by Ron Paul in 2007 so of course by Ideological journey included a heavy dose of Ludwig Von Mises/F.A. Hayek/Murray Rothbard guided by the Amazing Thomas Woods and Robert Murphy. This is probably why I'm quite economics oriented.

I love everyone in the party which is why I have become quite loyal to the Libertarian party because the people are meet are in the LP as a career or for power but soley because they genuinely care about individual rights and liberty.

Most of my experience is with the NYLP who have become my extended family including people who should be household names like Larry Sharpe, Brian Waddell and Aaron Commey. The Upstate chapters have been some the most active and awesome people I have ever met. (Rachael, Charles, Sean, Jim, Mark, Jarrod, John, etc.)

I have had the opportunity to spend some time with Steve Scheetz from PA and Patrick McKnight from NJ who are also very Awesome.

Ftfykid5 karma

You should go on part of the problem, it's a libertarian podcast based out of nyc. Also, the jason stapleton program is pretty good too.

thealexmerced1 karma

I'll check out part of the problem love the JSP but he doesn't really do interviews met Jason at the LNC

7up8down9left5 karma


thealexmerced23 karma

Neither, I'm against force

Herrerao725 karma

Hello my name is Oscar Herrera. I am a new voter, 20 years old. What are some things you would encourage young voters, millennials, to do to get more involved in the political system?

thealexmerced8 karma

I'm a millennial, I'm 31. We have no younger people really representing us in the Senate or the house. Whether it's the Libertarian Party or Green Party I encourage all young people to run for office in a third party. This will help break the duopoly and begin getting young people a seat at the table instead of continually being dismissed by the powers that be.

thealexmerced4 karma

Some of our best Senators like Rand Paul didn't have a resume of public service, and honest those with records of public service are people who've already been corrupted for it.

I don't have the same experience sending people to fight and die abroad as Schumer

I don't have the same experience as wasting tax payer money to fight the war on drugs making things worse as Schumer

I do have experience running a small business as I started as hobby retail store chain when I was in college at the age of 20

I understand the financial system as I've spent the last eight years training people all over the financial industry getting to know its inner workings

I have lived in suburban, urban, and rural settings appreciating the different challenges of these settings.

I understand technology and the new economic opportunities because I have embraced blogging, podcasting and new media.

A lot of this everyday people experience is experience Chuck Schumer lacks as he immediately went to the State Assembly and never had to understand the real lives of real people

If you want a traditional political then vote for the same corrupt resumes, but I'm offering something different.

thealexmerced3 karma

Non-aggression, I have no problem with self-defense

thealexmerced3 karma

I don't think that makes sense, people individual liberties are protected by the bill of rights, you don't need further laws if the constitution and bill of rights is properly enforced.

BeatsByLobot3 karma

If you win, you would become the VERY FIRST Libertarian US Senator. What is the first thing you would say after making history like this? It's a pretty big freakin' deal if you win.

thealexmerced8 karma

Yeah, I'd say I'm going to visit my Mom and have nice day off with my wife.

Then after that I'll begin the process of working with the other 99 senators to craft tripartisan legislation that will help solves the nations challenges.

thealexmerced3 karma

Anytime in history wher you see billionaires having undue power they have a very cozy relationship with government that includes the gilded age where many of the railroad tycoons depended on land and financial grants from government that they lobbied for. (This can be claimed for pretty much all the "monopolies" of the time none of them were natural market beasts)

When there isn't government placing barriers to competition competition naturally manages the size and powers of firms. I'm not saying this will be perfect but institutions will be more Nimble as circumstances change.

Federal rules change slowly and are often slowing down institutional change as culture, technology, and values change.

two_off3 karma

Any idea of what the funding difference is between you and Schumer?

How are you managing to use your funds to their limit?

thealexmerced6 karma

Schumer is the biggest fundraiser in the democratic party, he's using his millions from Wall Street and Big Pharma to fund the democratic senate races across the country and isn't really spending in the actual race in NY.

I'm not going to raise near what he has but we've been very deliberate in how we use the money by placing very well targeted and effective online ads where we've reach 100,000s of people across the state. Making trips to the biggest events across the state and traveling in cheap hotels by the cheapest travel. I'm taking every dollar very seriously and people will find despite the shoe string budget we will have run quite competitively.

Although we can always use more to up our efforts which you can donate at

We take all donations seriously and you will see every dollar used to expose people to the values we are advocating for.

Vicious433 karma

Are you voting for trump?

What is your opinion of the Alt-right?

thealexmerced15 karma

I'm Supporting Gary Johnson.

I don't support Racism and find extreme nationalism dangerous.(not everyone in the Alt-Right are racists, but they generally are all extreme nationalists)

So philosophically me and the Alt-Right don't mix well at all.

thealexmerced3 karma

I don't support US involvement not cause I don't care but there really isn't happy ending. It's pretty much matter of control by Assad or Isis both which are bad for the US and the people of Syria. If we choose a side we will earn scorn by the suffering people of Syria.

Aside from help facilitate charities devil wrong food and toys and taking in refugees I don't the US can or should try to interfere more so in the conflict.

WizardLawyer2 karma

I no longer live in NY, but I grew up in Southwestern NY (Jamestown area) from birth until I was 18 years old. That said, I have one main question.

One of the things I saw while growing up near the Seneca Indian Reservation was all of the preferential treatment they got by both the State and Federal Government. One primary example of this was several years ago concerning the cigarette tax, where Seneca Indians were burning tires on the highways/interstates and brandishing weapons at law enforcement -- none of which was punished -- ultimately resulting in giving them what they wanted.

The above said, if you were elected as one of the two Senators for NY, do you plan on continuing the trend of appeasement with the Seneca reservation if another situation were to come up with them?

thealexmerced2 karma

This is more of a local law enforcement state legislature issue. Bottom line laws on US Soil should be enforced. Reservations are not US Soil so I imagine there is Jurisdictional issues I may not fully understand but would certainly look into to see if there is anything I can at least express to local legislators.

thealexmerced2 karma

No I don't deny climate science and I don't want people just dumping their trash where they want, that's where property rights and class action lawsuits play a role. Although the judicial system is corrupt as well which is why we need discuss judicial and prosecutorial immunity.

If a judge can take a bribe and not be liable for it, it's hard to have a fair justice system.

DatLawThing2 karma

Boxers or briefs?

Constitution or Articles of the Confederation?

thealexmerced15 karma


I do have a soft spot for the articles but I think the constitution is still a pretty good set of rules for protecting individual rights if anyone actually read it and upheld it. A big reason I'm running. I'm generally favorable of anything that keeps political power dispersed and maximizes an individuals control over their life.

To me the 9th and 10th amendmend are the most ignored.

The 10th saying that if it's not stated in Article 1 Section 8, it's the power of the states

The 9th, rights not enumerated are the peoples, meaning even if the states overstepped individuals rights the supreme court could overule the state to protect individual rights.

pkohh2 karma

What do you think is the biggest issue that libertarians disagree on?

thealexmerced4 karma

There is some division on intellectual property rights and abortion, aside from that most disagreements are that of degree (how far we should go)

pkohh2 karma

Based on libertarian philosophy, what do you think is the most appropriate conclusion to these problems/issues?

thealexmerced2 karma

I take Stephan Kinsellas view of being against Intellectual Property, read his book "against IP"

On abortion I'm more conflicted cause the arguments on both sides are pretty good. Although, I generally think prohibition never works so regardless of the philosophy encouraging people to stop giving their money to abortion politics but instead to abortion charities that support women during pregnancy is something everyone can get behind.

aluben_x1 karma

Are you suggesting we amend the constitution to remove the copyright clause?

thealexmerced1 karma

Not really, doubt there is the political will for that but if politics changed I'd support it

thealexmerced2 karma

Not at all, there are many principled progressives, that believe what they believe, my issue isn't with them. My issue is with polticians who appeal to anyone of any belief then use the power to dole Out favors to friends and donors.

There are certainly principled progressives who I respect quite a bit even if I disagree with them.

richard_nixon3 karma

This guy doesn't even know how to reply to comments.

thealexmerced3 karma

I do

jabanobotha2 karma

Do you think the regulations governing full-auto machine gun ownership will be repealed so law-abiding citizens can buy them for less than the several thousands of dollars they cost now?

thealexmerced3 karma

I don't think the politics are there for the repeal of those laws, I'm more concerned about further federalizations of gun rules.

thealexmerced2 karma

I'm not for federal government involvement in abortion, I'm for gay marriage, against NSA surveillance of people 24/7, for defending due process. These are standard libertarian positions yet everyone demonizes us cause if they tried to truly understand our view they may find themselves agreeing, the establishment can't have that.

thealexmerced2 karma

We aren't government, do you really think the democratic process as it is allows for people to have any real choice in their representation.

As a third party candidate I can speak to the barriers the major parties put in place to people having real options.

Also how politicians use the tax and regulatory code to buy votes. For example tax code 181 is rule the democrats have used to buy Hollywood, it's renewable every year and if Hollywood doesn't play ball it wouldn't get renewed which would hurt hollywoods ability to fund big budget movies.

People in government are people just like the people who run business and are just as selfish, this is why I don't want any individual institution to have so much control over everyone's life.

big_benz2 karma

Can you please call Schumer out on reusing the same story at every event he speaks at? My friend heard it at his high school graduation, his sister's high school graduation, and then our college graduation and it's getting kind of old.

thealexmerced2 karma

I hear this a lot if we cross paths I'll mention it

thealexmerced2 karma

My focus would certainly be foreign policy and the drug war where I think I could work with Rand Paul/ Bernie Sanders on Tri-Partisan legislation on those issues.

I also plan on advocating for simplification of the tax code.

thealexmerced1 karma

Its not do whatever you want. Libertarians hold what's called the non-aggression principle which simply means don't hurt people or take their stuff.

More detail about Libertarianism can be found in my videos at

thealexmerced1 karma

No, first I'd learn the ins and outs of the department and do a cost benefit analysis. Anyone who gets terminated should get a decent severance package and help in transitioning.

Although I do think a government that does less can do what it does do better, instead of always being stretched thin.

anythingbutbroke1 karma

What is the craziest thing you've ever seen another politician do?

thealexmerced1 karma

Not much, I usually don't spend much time with politicians. I rather spend time with people with real problems.

thealexmerced1 karma

Many laws restrict peoples freedoms and distort market outcomes usually in the favor of big money interests. I want to change that.

thealexmerced1 karma

That's a tragedy, I did a podcast episode on it will link.

404IdentityNotFound1 karma

What is the hardest thing reaching the youth? Hillary tried it with her "Pokemon GO to the polls" which was a nice try but much more cringy than needed..

thealexmerced2 karma

I did a Pokemon go outreach but I'm pretty young so reaching out isn't tough cause I can relate to young people being a young person.

thealexmerced1 karma

My family are all all immigrants we all vote Libertarian now, I think the libertarian party can really appeal to immigrants.

Anyways, I think there should be some basic health and background check butnIndont think there should be quotas or this long wait list to immigrate

I refer everyone to economist Ben Powells book "the economics of immigration"

thealexmerced1 karma

You don't, externalities will happen, class action lawsuits can help insulate the costs. Although government has often placed liability caps on these companies which I would want repealed.

Squallify1 karma

Hello, I'm not from the US.

In your opinion, what's the biggest issue with your country's electoral system?

thealexmerced7 karma

The main problem with the electorate is how consequential it has become. The more power government has the more elections matter, and the more incentive there is for those in power to place rules that give them advantage to the point individuals have little influence. We can try different voting methods, but as long as governments power is growing any system will be corrupted.

thealexmerced1 karma

Rothbard, I see objectivism as a beach of libertarian thought but I'm no expert on objectivism

Viking3551 karma

What do you think the biggest issue is in America right now?

thealexmerced4 karma

The Economy, poor economics is what makes people hate and seperate each other into groups. We can raise peoples incomes by addressing cost and not imposing news costs on businesses but restoring markets that no longer exist in healthcare, housing, and education that eat up a lot of our incomes.

thealexmerced1 karma

While everyone agrees it's happening, the models are diverse on what will happen. You can't control everyone, you just can't so people who want to regulate as a solution I feel are going down the wrong path. I think technology and creating a better environment for investment will go a long way in the right direction.

thealexmerced1 karma

Not sure, I'll be it there as much as I can

thealexmerced1 karma

There is no perfect libertarian, socialist, etc. government but the economically free countries are doing quite well. Look up the index of countries of economically free countries and you'll see all the top performers are among them.

(Most people don't realize most European nations are quite market friendly despite their large welfare systems their regulations are much simpler and less than the US)

thealexmerced1 karma

He did what he could, amazingly well in context. The gatekeepers are still to powerful but his success so far shows the power of alternative media and the growing youth vote who the gatekeepers have less control over.

thealexmerced1 karma

Not sure, maybe the Big Daddy's Mac and cheese and bacon burger I had the other day

thealexmerced1 karma

Sounds like you're talking about republican candidates not libertarian candidates there is a huge difference

richard_nixon2 karma

Sounds like your talking

Your education is so poor that you don't even know the difference between "your" and "you're". We are supposed to take you seriously?

thealexmerced2 karma

I'm doing this on my commute, and I went to public schools, so that makes my case for school choice :)

LordBosstoss1 karma

Do some of your plans involve fighting schumer's gun control policies?

thealexmerced1 karma



What do you think of Jon Stewart's imitation of your opponent?

thealexmerced1 karma

Haven't seen it but I'm sure it's hilarious as JS is definitely one of the funniest people alive

Kingtut281 karma

Do you know what Aleppo is?

thealexmerced2 karma

Already answered this, but yes I'm aware of the situation in Syria and that Aleppo is one of the epicenters

Fidesphilio1 karma

Aren't libertarians those scary fuckers who want to abolish laws and make pretty much anything legal for the rich? Why the fuck would people want to vote for that?

thealexmerced2 karma

Libertarians are not about helping rich people they are about preserving everyone's individual rights, people just like to argue freedom is bias towards the rich to argue against people being free which is appalling. I want to protect free speech, due process, check and balances, and property rights. If you think those things benefit the ruling class then we disagree

thealexmerced1 karma

I make less than six figures in my day job

thealexmerced1 karma

Don't know

thealexmerced1 karma

Haha yes

thealexmerced1 karma

I want everyone to have healthcare, so I have no problem with universal care Injust don't want government providing it

thealexmerced1 karma

My Niece is in Puerto Rico, she just had a kid :)

thealexmerced1 karma


puzdawg1 karma

Are you prepared to lose?

thealexmerced2 karma

I'm prepared for people to vote their conscience, win or lose, I'm making my case

thealexmerced1 karma

My rainy day account plan -

thealexmerced1 karma

I agree

thealexmerced1 karma

Evidence please, can't really respond to assertions

thealexmerced1 karma

Yes I would

thealexmerced1 karma

Yes, but that would have to be done by the state legislature or Supreme Court not the US Senate

thealexmerced1 karma

No because I did the AMA 10am to Noon then went to HOFStra I'll answer more when I wake up. I'm not on Reddit 24/7

Reddituser723161 karma

What are your environmental policies?

thealexmerced1 karma

I believe that investment and innovation results in solutions so I just want create an environment that is conducive to investment. In this environment more environmentally friendly innovations can move The ball quicker.

thealexmerced1 karma

Economics wise I'm very influenced by the Work of Mises, Hayek, and Rothbard. I heard of Nozick but never read ASU. The quick guide to what I think is Robert Murphys politically incorrect guide to capitalism which is great for demolishing a lot of myths.

thealexmerced1 karma

Please read Robert Murphys Politcally incorrect guide to capitalism/ the Great Depression and Thomas Woods Politcally incorrect guide to American history.

In short, Libertarians feel most foreign interventions usually create more instability than stability so are skeptical of the Vietnam and Iraq interventions.

Solving poverty is about a working economy that isn't distorted that would be more property's than one that is very distorted by government policy. Read Economics in one lesson it will change you life on this particular area.

richard_nixon1 karma

Please MISSING A WORD HERE!! Robert Murphys policaly incorrect guide to Captialism

What's "policaly"?

What's "Captialism"?

What's the verb you want everyone to do to poor Robert's guide?

thealexmerced1 karma

Fixed :)

thealexmerced1 karma

I have a whole video on mobility and equality at where I explain that in depth

richard_nixon1 karma

It's good that you've chosen the video format; your ability to command the written word is quite poor.

I don't understand why libertarians oppose public schools. You're certainly not well-educated enough to home school any spawn you create. You've got the writing prowess of my dog and she doesn't have any degree!

thealexmerced1 karma

I went to public schools and a public university, you're undermining your own argument by insulting my intelligence.

thealexmerced1 karma

I'm anti safe act but that would require the state legislature to repeal Im running for US senate but I'love be throwing my support behind a governors candidate who would repeal it.

thealexmerced1 karma

You mean increasing fines based on income? I find that troubling because that requires finding a way to identify everyone's income level all the time which require some intrusive data collection at every moment of your life.

You go to the store, swipe your ID card, then when the person behind you heard how much sales tax you pay everyone knows your rich and starts bothering you.

I'm for simpler taxation, and no taxation when possible

thealexmerced1 karma

Agreed I think open primaries are much more fair, NYS election system is very designed to keep the people in power in power.

I recommend you look into approval voting, I think it's the best of the different alt-voting methods

thealexmerced1 karma

Neither, I'll work with either on legislation that is constitutional an defends people's rights. I'll work against either when it doesn't.

Although I can probably act as a mediator to end gridlock.

Smacksonice0 karma

What is your connection, if any, to "Doctor" Tom Stevens?

thealexmerced2 karma

I haven't met him, we've emailed once or Twice about me speaking at a Queens LP event but that's about it.

paraord0 karma

Fellow NY state resident, specifically western NY.

Safe act, where do you stand? As well as 2nd ammendment in general. I cant stand Chuckie, and Gillibrand does what he says.

2nd question, I tried multiple times to find out where Gillibrand stood on the clean water act as it directly impedes small farmers ability to work the land. Specifically it makes grey areas where if enforced a farmer would need permits just to till any amount of land, as well as give the EPA jurisdiction over any waterway including culverts and seasonal ditches. This is pretty alarming regulation for a small starting farmer as myself.

thealexmerced5 karma

I'm agains the SAFE ACT and Pro the entire bill of rights including the 2nd amendment. I'll protect all the rights protected by the Bill of rights vigorously.

This is the general problem with regulations is that the costs generally fall disproportionately on the small business/farmer because the large corporations can bare the costs of these regs better. Then the same proponents of those regulations outcry a lament for the loss of small business.

I'm all for good environmental stewardship but that is dont through investment in technology to make our use of the environment less impactful in a way that economically viable. Imposing costs and rules on farmers is bad for farmers and the consumers of their crops who have to pay more when food is already eating so much of our incomes.

D1r3ctor3 karma

How do you feel about Flint's water?

thealexmerced3 karma

I'd be working with Rand Paul on the EPA since he's been a leader on these issues

bamccart-1 karma

I am an employee of the federal govt, and I work a minimum of 40 hrs a week, to make $35,000 a year. Congress members make $174,000 a year, and are out of session most of the days that I am in work. Most of the things that congress does out of session are things for their party that provide no value to me as a citizen whose taxes pay their salary. I always vote for third party and independent candidates, partially because I feel they would be more indebted to me, instead of their party. As a congressman, how will you be spending your time on the days congress isn't in session? And what party functions will you have to perform for the libertarian party?

thealexmerced2 karma

I don't think I'd have to do much for the party in comparison to the large parties I'm sure I'll be helping some candidates raise funds and such cause that's just how it goes.

I'd be spending the days I'm not voting either building coalitions for legislation I want to get passed primarily re: the drug war and foreign policy. Also I would want to spend time fundraising for local charities (drug rehabs, shelters, etc.) to encourage charitable solutions to local problems.

Vicious43-11 karma

When elected president, how will you punish Hilary Clinton for her crimes?

thealexmerced3 karma

I'm not running for president. Although if I was president, Hillarys influence would diminish which would destroy her source of income so that be a punishment in itself.

Although I want t steward tax dollars well and be wary of using tax dollars punishing everyone for the sake of doing so instead of focusing how can I give the taxpayers their money back and shrink government.

BigBoyCawk-1 karma

Has she been convicted of something that the rest of us don't know about? Are you some inside source? You sound foolish randomly bashing Clinton.

thealexmerced3 karma

Who's that a reply too? I only answered a question on Clinton I don't think I accused of any specific crimes in my answers but I did acknowledge her undeniable influence in the political system.