My short bio: My name is Andrew, for my whole life I severe allergies to Dairy and Peanuts. A few weeks after I was born I had a severe recreation and almost lost my life. After that the doctors found out that I had severe allergy to Diary, Eggs, and all Nuts. I am 27 now and I have out grown my egg and nut allergy (still allergic to peanuts and diary)

As a lot of you have heard there has been a "small" price increase on Epipens. I have joined many others in petitions rallys to congress to stop this price increase. If you feel like letting your voice be heard to stop the increase you can sign a petition here as well right here:

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Tempered_In_Fire13 karma

Hi there. Just wondering how you out grow an allergy? Also, do you often eat nuts and eggs now that you know you're not allergic? And when you found out you were longer allergic, did you feel like you were no longer missing out?

aok5128916 karma

I'm not sure of the exact science of how you grow out of it, your body just realizes that that food is no longer a enemy. I was very young when I outgrew eggs and nuts and I eat them all the time now. I don't really remember the first time I ever had eggs after I was able to but I love them now so it is hard to picture life without them.

thekeeper22813 karma

Why are you a "frequent buyer"? Aren't they for emergency use?

aok5128931 karma

Usually when I get a pen the pharmacy will give me a pack with their expiration date within the next six months. I will always argue with them to get a bran new one (usually new ones last 2 years) but for some strange reason the pharmacist will always fight with me saying that is all they have and won't order brand new ones. So then in six months I will be forced to get a new order of them.

TechnologyEvangelist20 karma


aok5128920 karma

And that's where the arguing begins, this has been many different pharmacist as well unfortunately, it is a major problem.

xtiaaneubaten7 karma

Whats its like dining out?

aok5128910 karma

It can be a real pain, especially going to a new place, always having to ask about what I can eat, especially if there are 3 things in a row that I keep on find out I can't eat. I usually stick to places I know and just order the same thing

Aranelalone8 karma

That is a true pain. I have severe fish and shellfish allergies, and having to ask and be worried the whole time usually doesn't make a new place enjoyable. So many friends and even family members act like I "won't" eat at hole in the wall places that mix their foods and not "can't". The restriction is obnoxious for sure.

aok512896 karma

My girlfriend always talks about traveling to Europe together soon and I always worry about that since since its a hard enough time getting waiting staff to understand that I can die from milk here in the US, I can only imagine what it would be like in a non English speaking country.

edgar_allan2 karma

Do you cook a lot as a result of your allergies? And what's your favourite meal?

aok512894 karma

I try to cook a lot, I can eat most things that other people can I just need to modify it, I love tacos (just no cheese) Fish, burgers, pasta and so on.

ArefArif90 karma

How do you make pasta without milk?

aok512899 karma

I wasn't aware you needed milk to make pasta? I just boil the water, put in the pasta (spaghetti, Macaroni, Rotini so on and so on) then add a sauce (that is dairy free) and I'm done.

brawndoyeah2 karma

Hey, I feel your pain. I am allergic to all nuts and milk too. Has an allergist been able to identify what the exact protein in milk you're allergic to? I've heard you can be allergic to one of three proteins in milk. Depending on the protein, cooking the milk, like in a cake for example, changes the structure of the protein so the body donsnt freak the fuck out when you come in contact with it.

Is this the case with you? I really only have milk reactions to plain old milk and a handful of cheeses or cream based sauces.

Also how do you take your coffee?

aok512893 karma

I'm not sure what exactly is in the Milk that I cannot have. I CAN have Lactose, but not diary so its a very strange situation. And I put so creamer in my coffee, its amazing.

proctorberlin1 karma

Have you tried the vegan route?

aok512892 karma

I did try to go vegan for a short while, but I missed steak to much haha.

proctorberlin1 karma

I can understand that! Now that I think about it, peanuts could be in vegan dishes through oils, etc., so you still wouldn't be avoiding what you are allergic to.

aok512892 karma

Exactly. Also not being able to have dairy I've always been kinda low on my calcium and protein levels, which I got from mostly meat, so when I cut that out I really just felt like crap haha.

cosmiccorvus1 karma

Does your health insurance (if you have insurance) cover a copay on them? Or is it just rather left up to you to manage?

aok512893 karma

Thankfully my health insurance copay is really cheap, so that's nice. Thanks Obama!