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_REDSTOOL_31 karma

I think it's great that you are accepting of who you are and not letting it get to you. We all have to deal with the cards we were dealt.

Ive heard that some Turner syndrome people have some mild differences with how their brains work. What has been your experience?

PearlDeRose17 karma

I do have a hard time reading people's facial expressions, and I tend to have bad anxiety and worry too much.

shermanhelms12 karma

What is something you wish people knew about Turner syndrome, but most don't? Also, thank you for opening yourself up for an AMA!

PearlDeRose10 karma

I wish people knew that it makes little things a bit harder. Talking to people is scary for me as I have issues reading people's facial expressions . Also that most girls can live a normal life with few compilations .

Shaysdays7 karma

Did you ever have the "neck webbing" that can be a characteristic?

(Also your eyeliner skills are great!)

PearlDeRose5 karma

I have a super short neck that I try to hide but no webbing.

Westwoodo-7 karma

If it's that short surely you dobt1 have to try hard?

May I suggest wearing a scarf?

I jest and I joke but 4ft 9 isn't that bad if the average person affected gets to 4ft 7!

PearlDeRose1 karma

Yup :) I am tall (lol) for a turners gal.

calhoonigan5 karma

I remember learning about Tuner Syndrome in high school biology. Did that come up in your class, and if so, was it a positive or negative thing?

PearlDeRose2 karma

School was the worst for me, I was a pretty big outcast.

SVcheat3 karma

What is the biggest struggle you face?

PearlDeRose4 karma

Self esteem issues, I have a pretty bad need for acceptance.

collypin2 karma

Not knowing much about the condition, what sorts of barriers has Turner Syndrome presented to you?

Also thank you for doing an AMA, I think even people without the syndrome will benefit from your confidence and self-love!

PearlDeRose2 karma

I'd say for me, I have issues with self esteem. It's hard being different and not feeling like I fit in . Also bring seen as unattractive by most really does make things a bit harder.


Cats or dogs?

PearlDeRose2 karma

Cats !

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PearlDeRose1 karma

I have a hard time reading people's expressions and body language for sure!
Honestly that's the worst part for me, I have the worst social anxiety and I don't really have friends. I wish more than anything to change that. Biggest challenge? I'd say just general low self esteem. I am working on it though :)

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who better; drake or wayne?

edit: I ask this question every AMA, and everytime it gets downvoted. why do people hate it so much?

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Why are you so pretty???

PearlDeRose-1 karma

I'm not :(