Hi everyone, I’m Greg Edmonson, composer for “Firefly,” the “Uncharted” video game series & “King of the Hill.” and other cool stuff. I have been a composer working in LA for a number of years and I absolutely love writing music to picture. I have been so very lucky to have worked on projects with such wonderful and talented people as Joss Whedon/Firefly, Amy Hennig/Uncharted and Mike Judge/King of the Hill. I am truly honored to be a part of something that has meaning to others. Firefly has lived on in such a dramatic fashion that the legion of Browncoats grows ever larger. The Firefly fans then use the show as a catalyst to create their own “shiny” new art. How cool is that!

To find out more about me, check out my website, http://gregedmonson.com/ And proof this is actually me: http://imgur.com/a/Tbjkv

{7:06PM PT} Hey everyone, had a great time answering your questions. Both Firefly and Uncharted were so much fun to do and so inspirational to me that I love to share the stories—and the fans of those projects have been so supportive of me that there are no words that can convey my gratitude. It has been a treat to hear your thoughts and do “the hang”. Check out the “Firefly” or “Uncharted” LPs. The Firefly vinyl is exclusive to Barnes & Noble if you are interested. Onwards to the next musical adventure! And to all the wonderful Browncoats—“Keep flying”.

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ksvr339 karma

thank you so much for the music on Firefly. it was brilliant. When you researched a lot of different instruments to get the diverse music in Firefly, was there an instrument that really resonated with you? perhaps that you use now even when not necessarily going for an exotic sound?

gregedmonson320 karma

In Joss's vision---the whole concept of Firefly was that all of the cultures were thrown together (in this post apocalyptic world) so that any and all instruments COULD work depending on what the visuals were. I learned so much about ethnic instruments and that has become a part of my music ever since. I still use all of them --especially the duduk (Armenian flute) and the Saz (Turkish stringed instrument)

ksvr74 karma

glad to hear they stuck with you. Thank you for answering!

your passion for the story came through in the music. thanks again for making something transcendent.

gregedmonson180 karma

Thank you --- I am always amazed by how wonderful the Firefly fans are----and by how much attention to detail they bring to the table. Even the smallest of nuances seem to gather notice and how wonderful is that! Firefly was and is something so close to my heart! I do miss it to this day----and the end of the story is not yet written!

Adamquane279 karma

Hello sir. You Uncharted score defined the launch of the game. It audibly took people to a place where Indiana Jones and Lara Croft had babies. What indexical elements inspired the score? E.g. Where did you want the score to take you?

gregedmonson183 karma

Amy Hennig---the wonderful creator of Uncharted wanted it to be an adventure but with real people---and that is exactly what she wrote---I just went there with her!!

spideyismywingman170 karma

You're in a desert, walking along in the sand when all of a sudden you look down and see a tortoise. It's crawling toward you. You reach down and flip the tortoise over on its back, Greg. The tortoise lays on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun, beating its legs trying to turn itself over, but it can't. Not with out your help. You're not helping. Why is that, Greg?

gregedmonson90 karma

If only I knew!

liamquane119 karma

Hi Mr. Edmonson, what inspired the amazing Nate's Theme on Uncharted?

gregedmonson146 karma

Amazingly enough it was just a happy occurence, We had no idea where it might fit but finally we settled on the title/menu card of Uncharted 1---Who knew? the music was inspired by the idea of Nate and the world of Uncharted!!

Frajer98 karma

What was it like working on King of the Hill? How did you wind up working on it?

gregedmonson129 karma

Loved every moment of it-----Mike Judge is a genius and ALL of the actors were amazing!!

forced-to-register58 karma

Have you developed a newfound love for propane and propane accessories?

IdreamofFiji17 karma

Are you trying to get him killed? The charcoal lobby doesn't fuck around.

WIlf_Brim5 karma

My favorite King of the Hill episode was when Bobby and Peggy went behind Hanks back and were grilling burgers on charcoal. He was so angry and hurt..

gregedmonson3 karma


liamquane66 karma

What was Joss Whedon like as a director/ producer? What did he behave like during your collaborations?

gregedmonson95 karma

I LOVED working with Joss----he is brilliant and he also gave you the creative freedom to "do what you do"! Doesn't get better than that!

liamquane55 karma

What are you working on now? :~)

gregedmonson129 karma

Due to the NDA's Non Disclosure agreements-----can't say too much----where would we be without lawyers? (lol)

spideyismywingman37 karma

Which pre-1950's composers influence your work most?

gregedmonson49 karma

So many wonderful classical composers---but Bach & Beethoven are heros of mine

liamquane33 karma

What is the best thing a director can do for you when you're working on film scores?

gregedmonson37 karma

Make great film/show------the joy of writing music is to be a part of the story telling -----so the script and the actors---and the lighting etc is all a part of it-----when it all comes together is when the magic happens and we all live for that moment!

spideyismywingman24 karma

Shag, marry, kill: Nate from Uncharted, Mal from Firefly or Hank from King of the Hill?

gregedmonson69 karma

I am from Texas---and happily married but I would have to shag Hank! But I love them all ---how about a threesome!

Talamakara20 karma

Have you checked out "the miracle of sound" on youtube and his Firefly and GoT music videos?

gregedmonson22 karma

Not yet but I am so looking forward to it as soon as we are done!! Sounds interesting!

wishihadaps4215 karma

Favorite thing you composed for Uncharted and King of the Hill? Also what are the main differences in composing for a game vs a tv series.

gregedmonson24 karma

I love them both so much that I could never pick-----Games and TV are very different ----games are far more open ended. But in my world, everything is just a wonderful opportunity to write music!!

ItsOldHickory14 karma

Did you play all the nasty telecaster licks in king of the hill? If so, what is your guitar rig like? Thanks!

gregedmonson2 karma

We played many a Tele on KOTH----Tele's and Strat's were the sound of that show---plus acoustics (Martin)----lot of Fender amps too!

TheAlienDog13 karma

Any good stories from your days on Cop Rock?

gregedmonson18 karma

Oh My----so many---where would you like me to start?

gregedmonson26 karma

BTW since we were recording everything LIVE as they were singing (Never done before or since) the wacky part was when people forgot that they still had their mics on and everyone in the recording studio could still hear them----I.E bathroom breaks etc---Yikes

dontnormally6 karma

I have to ask this because there is literally no other way I could ever get an answer. I promise I'm not a troll.

In the Firefly theme, there's the lyrics:

Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand

I always took this to mean: you can fuck me over any way you want, even literally fucking me, but you can't take my freedom.

Because "where I cannot stand" = my butt.

Am I... on to something?

gregedmonson4 karma

Joss wrote that so we would have to ask him---but I think you are onto something---that's my take anyway

dermac3 karma

Can you help us to bring Firefly back?

gregedmonson2 karma

If only I could!

AndLOA2 karma

In uncharted, what was your process in making the song? Did you look at the environment, the emotions you wanted to convey, or just make a banging song?

gregedmonson2 karma

For the most part, you would look at the world that Amy Hennig was creating and try to respond to that---but sometimes you just wrote something that you thought MIGHT work----and it usually fit in somewhere

Zenithoid2 karma

What's your favorite King of the Hill reference?

gregedmonson2 karma

Propane and Propane accesories

or Hanks line--looking at Peggy --"Wow Peggy you look great--you know like Cybil Shepard--Before" cruel but funny

CommandedShift2 karma

What was the hardest part of your career?

gregedmonson2 karma

sometimes the schedule is ridiculous but it is the life I chose!

wpha2252 karma

Can you proposition Netflix to add king of the hill?

gregedmonson2 karma

that would have to be FOX!

Beggenbe2 karma

I always loved the Firefly theme, and found it reminiscent of the also awesome Deadwood theme. Pure coincidence? Or did you have something to do with that one as well? Or I could also just be crazy... Firefly: https://youtu.be/D7vS4z6ngQo Deadwood: https://youtu.be/bbNfEcYFkm0?list=PL5IG2Uvb9PtuN5ms49_XK_pNSOZiRwwEw

gregedmonson2 karma

I didn't do Deadwood but I did love it!

Hashanadom1 karma

Where exactly did you start? Do you have any recommendations for a beginner musician?

gregedmonson2 karma

Just take every opportunity to play & write---and always give it your very best because sometimes gigs that don't seem important--turn out to be

MagikHatz1 karma

How hard is it to make money as a composer? I'm just about to start university and would love to make some money on the side as a freelance composer. Is this even possible?

gregedmonson2 karma

Sure---it is tricky but if you really want to write, somehow the opportunity will arise----secrets of the universe I guess ---just don't ever quit

CommieTau1 karma

Which Firefly episode did you most enjoy working on?

Which did you most enjoy personally, overall?

gregedmonson2 karma

I loved "Out of Gas" and the 2 hour pilot!

TubaOfTheDemonGods1 karma

What advice would you give to a young, aspiring composer?

gregedmonson2 karma

Have fun, always do your very best---and never quit

mackenzor1 karma

Did you ever want to become a rockstar?

gregedmonson2 karma

No ---I just wanted to play well

barnowlboogie1 karma

Will you sign my forehead?

gregedmonson2 karma


MetroidHyperBeam1 karma

Why didn't you close the first set of quotation marks?

gregedmonson2 karma

Brain tumor

ChoiceHops-17 karma


gregedmonson13 karma

Not sure what you mean but please clarify----I so loved and still love Firefly --- The powers that be chose to kill the show for reasons that only they can speak to----I missed FF then---and I miss it now! But if I am not understanding the question, please help me understand and I will respond