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Back Pocket Music Video

Vulf Compressor

Sleepify Story

proof Facebook live: https://www.facebook.com/vulfpeck/videos/vb.285479221497876/1131042220274901/?type=3&theater

EDIT: logging off reddit. thanks for the questions!

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CrickSchtick266 karma

Hey Jack remember that picture I promised you of a dog in the London Science Museum in your last AMA?

EDIT: Picture

EDIT 2: Context

VulfJack153 karma

than kyou

copperpine101 karma

What would be the inverse of a silent album? If you made $20K from a silent album, how much could you make from the inverse?

VulfJack60 karma


ohip85 karma

I just got my dorm assignment for college this year and I'm in room 1612. Can I put little picture cutouts of you and Antwaun Stanley on my door?

VulfJack37 karma


DinkPinkerton79 karma

Jack is an interesting name.

  • It's a nickname for John, but not a shortening
  • It's a nickname for Jackson, as a shortening
  • Sometimes its your name and that's just it

Which category do you fall in and do you even know what shortening is in the context of cooking?

VulfJack77 karma

that's just it

KreamLovesYa71 karma

Jack! Huge fan here! I have a couple of questions!

A) Favorite fan cover of a Vulfpeck song?

B) Can Antwaun Stanley please learn the words to I Wish so we can get a full version at the live shows?

C) I make piano covers on the Internet. Right now I layer three tracks of piano to make the sound fuller; one normal track, one at an octave lower, and one at an octave higher. How can I stop them sounding as muddy?

Lastly, Madison, WI awaits you...

VulfJack123 karma

A - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmNUd7GUBLk

B - stevie wonder forgets lyrics constantly. it is a sign of greatness

C - goodhertz tiltshift is great for piano

TopWire55 karma

joe dart bobbleheads?

VulfJack44 karma

yes. if you anyone knows an artist that specializes in this, have them email [email protected]

Avast739 karma

Do you believe that digital zooms will revolutionize media?

VulfJack29 karma

yes i do

TopWire27 karma

Do you come by /r/vulfpeck often?

VulfJack48 karma

i do check it when i make the digital rounds

rabbi-reefer26 karma

Any idea how many strangers have slept in your old room since your mom started renting it out?

rabbi-reefer37 karma

I for one, have slept in your room.

VulfJack38 karma


TopWire25 karma

Is Vulf Font gonna be an actual usable font?

VulfJack43 karma

YES -- Oh no Type CO is creating it. unreal

crissangel9719 karma

What was Antwaun's reaction to seeing the lyrics to Wait for the Moment?

VulfJack35 karma

"really ... really .. ok"

fab-15 karma

Vulfpeck is my new favorite band as of a few months ago when I saw you live in the front row of a festival at Tulane. I hope to see you guys again sometime- any plans for a Boston show? Your A E S T H E T I C in videos is hilarious and I've been wondering A: Who makes the videos? and B: Are the videos mostly random or deliberate?

VulfJack20 karma

i edit the videos. thanks!

brogo34014 karma

I read that you're into JJ Cale, whats your favorite record of his? Also have you ever heard Blake Mills play After Midnight? IT SLAYS. Blake and Vulf should do some JJ Cale sometime.

VulfJack16 karma

ooo need to hear that. my favorite jj cale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9Q4BQFRr7U

namegoeswhere14 karma

Hey dude, love the Vollmilch album, particularly Outro.

Is there a reason you picked a car from Minnesota for the cover of My First Car, or did it just happen to be a car with the vanity tag "Wolf?"

I'll admit that I've only been listening to your stuff for a few weeks, but any more tracks with saxophone?

VulfJack28 karma

that is a photo of joe dart buying his first car

i photoshoped the VULF plate, but the car was from MN

laurtw11 karma

How is your ponzi scheme going?

VulfJack38 karma

not well

jaquatics10 karma

Favorite ABBA song?

VulfJack26 karma

dancing queen. thx for asking

jaquatics10 karma

Any chance for a completely Woody Goss composed set?

VulfJack17 karma

excellent idea

whgoss10 karma

Jack, big fan here! We know that the internet has changed the music game quite a bit. In this new era of the music industry, what would you recommend to fellow musicians that are trying to get their music out there and move their career forward?

VulfJack32 karma

own all your rights. don't sign anything. film recording sessions and share the videos.

pancake-breakfast10 karma

Thank you so much for the tutorial videos you've been doing — any tips on learning more of the theory that makes Vulfpeck sound like Vulfpeck?

VulfJack19 karma

smash some wedding band rep

jtharp79 karma

Jack, what are the distorted vocals in Rango II?!?! I'VE GOT TO KNOW

VulfJack19 karma

it's me screaming into a distortion.

jtharp710 karma

No words? Just lyric-less screaming?


VulfJack27 karma

something like. 'rango will fiiiind . he will fiiiiind'

AlexanderSig9 karma

How did you guys meet Antwaun Stanley?

VulfJack21 karma

at university of michigan

he was in the classical voice program

rebuskyle9 karma

Your drum mic'ing seems so minimal in videos. Is your general approach play soft with hot levels? Also..on a few vids looks like a 58 on the kick. What's the magic there?

VulfJack18 karma

YES. that is the approach. playing with a singer requires that. 58 on kick isn't great, starting to use better mic this album.

Tigerfisk8 karma


Love your music, but I always wondered how you made the sound at 1:53 in "Back Pocket" (right before the breakdown)?

Would also love to see you play in Norway sometime soon! :)

VulfJack18 karma

that is a temple block sample spread over a keyboard, and you slide your hand up and down the keyboard. devin might make it into a free instrument

wyl1e7 karma

Been digging funklet.com for quite a while now Jack, that's how I originally found Vulfpeck. Great showing at Red Rocks as well, only wish the set was longer!

I'm wondering, where do you get your inspiration for your dance moves? Purely spectacular.

VulfJack24 karma

moves are inspired from playing nursing homes w my dad growing up

laurtw7 karma

Hey Jack! What are some vocalists or artists in general you guys want to collaborate with?

VulfJack17 karma

can't wait to work with allen stone and abbey smith

mokeup6 karma


you make cool music or whatever?

VulfJack9 karma

what_would_simba_do6 karma

Just want to thank you guys for always laying down the grooviest jams. Your music always cheers me up. What do you listen to for cheering up?

broovs5 karma

Hey Jack, what do you think is/was the biggest key to Vulfpeck's success in the music world? Also, what advice would you give to an aspiring young musician like myself who has played and recorded in bands but has not managed to score many real, paying gigs?

Edit: I Met you and Joe at Tulane Crawfest, I'm a real big fan and you're great guys. Keep killing it!

VulfJack13 karma

the internet

ThenBrown5 karma

Hey man, love you guys.

I know you try to emulate the feel of the musicians featured in "The Wrecking Crew" in your music videos. How do you bring that same feel to your live performances?

VulfJack26 karma

we don't rehearse. so we are all alert and nervous.

Torgard5 karma

Hello from the Faroe Islands! Love your stuff.

What's the story behind the Vulf Compressor? Are you the ones who program it?

VulfJack10 karma

devin and rob built it. i provided positive energy via email. rob and devin are dsp and interface wizards

The Story Behind Vulf Compressor

MysterySeason5 karma

Favourite Synth and why? also could I please have the acapella for Back Pocket and i'll do you a sweeeeeet remix

VulfJack12 karma

i use zebra. pair it with vulf compressor and it sounds very analog. i will upload stems soon.

NiallWang5 karma

Why do you think Spotify removed your album? Its technically censoring your art

VulfJack21 karma

their payment model is built for 3min songs

sleepify was too conceptual. too silent. too much nothingness.

Johnthe6th5 karma

Hey, Jack. I'm that one 15 year old fan that asked you about the drums on Mit Peck and audio engineering during your last AMA. Anyway, I'm still a big fan, and here are my questions:

  1. Can you play traditional grip?

  2. Who's your favorite drummer?

  3. How important is physical health in maintaining a career as a musician?

  4. Which timeline/plan makes the most economic sense in the context of a band, its popularity, and its longevity:

a. Record Album, go on tour

b. Record album, play like two shows, make another album

c. Play as many gigs as you can get, record an album

Thanks a lot

VulfJack7 karma

i can't play traditional

bernard purdie is my fav drummer

physical health is important

make albums and grow online before playing live

TheSkittle5 karma

Any possibility of bass tutorials by Joe on YouTube?

VulfJack5 karma

yes. he is a great teacher.

badcat425 karma

what is your favorite record of all time also are you guys ever gonna do a best of album?

VulfJack5 karma

we will. after we are done with the catalog.

squizgar5 karma

How did you guys get that that echoing/panning drum sound during the breakdown of Walkies around 0:44?

VulfJack7 karma

UAD roland space echo emulation

olsenelm5 karma

Yes, welcome! I have a couple questions.. - Is the Bernard Purdie collab scheduled? - Favorite producer?

Hälsningar från skandinavien!

VulfJack9 karma

not scheduled ... YET

producers -- jerry wexler, reinhold mack

VulfJack8 karma

read jerry wexler's autobio

doejart4 karma

Did you really just start on keys in college? Any practice tips? I'm learning. Also, do any of the band members have kids?

VulfJack12 karma

youtube tutorials.

learn 'got to be real' and 'outstanding' by ear

DunkingFatMansFriend4 karma

So Vulfpeck is you, Theo, Woody, and Dart....how many other people (and who) have played on your records that weren't 'featured'?

VulfJack16 karma

richie rodriguez (congas) was all over the last one

cory wong (guitar) is all over the next one

moley9294 karma

Love your stuff! Thank you for doing what you do! I love he way the videos for Vulfpeck are put together. How did the way you edit Vulfpeck's videos start?

VulfJack6 karma

this was the first video where it started


i was trying to recreate 'old grey whistle test' camera movements with stationary iphone cams

gramps19034 karma

Hey Jaaaaaaack,

Keep bringing the funk to the masses. As a young jew with hip displacement Your ability to combine amazing music with old alter kocker swagger has been a life long inspiration to me.

If you had 20 minutes and one song to teach a kid how to dance, what song would you pick?


thegentile4 karma

i think my friends like you. what kind of music do you play?

VulfJack12 karma

next album has klezmer, funk, country & disco

Nutty_3 karma

What's your favorite concert venue to play at? What's your favorite venue to view a concert at?

VulfJack6 karma

teragram ballroom in LA is great for both

drumbulo23 karma

Hi Mr. Stratton. In my mind, you're a visionary in the way you have married innovative management and marketing techniques with music so deeply rooted and informed by traditions of the past. It's a modern approach to dealing with a sort of nostalgia, that's very celebratory and ironic. The whole thing feels very Jewish. Yuge fan!

I'm wondering if when you formulated this concept of Vulfpeck, or a rhythm-section-as-band, you already had the sonic textures and visual aesthetic (which are pretty consistent) in mind. Which came first? The idea to start a band in general, or the idea for the band's "vulf-ness"? Did you have a mental image of the Vulf aesthetic prior to getting together with the rest of the guys?

Thanks and have a nice day.

VulfJack5 karma

the name came first.


then wanted to make a band with sustainability in mind. previous band was a 10 piece, so thinking of something with less people.

jaquatics3 karma

Marcus didn't do the dishes. Who's going to do the dishes? Any new Vulfmon coming out?

VulfJack4 karma

not working on it now but yes

Wikem3 karma

What's going down Jack? Just came from the Facebook stream. I got a few questions about the Vulf I haven't found answers to

  1. Who designs the rad Vulf shirts? (especially the one with the transformation into the Vulf font)

  2. What mics are you using other than the sm57s?

  3. What is that skinny little MIDI controller you've usrd for stuff like Funky Duck and a bunch of your tutorials?

Thanks man, you guys rock!

VulfJack5 karma

1 - i did those. better shirts soon. metallic inks and whatnot.

2 - i love the r84 ribbon mic

3 - korg microkey with cabinet laminate on it. i just saw duck tape makes a woodgrain tape too.

bpkess3 karma

how much of your mixing is done in the box for the vulfpeck tunes?

VulfJack5 karma

all of it

doejart3 karma

Can you explain the Milton Friedman stuff? He seems like a huge dick to me.

VulfJack3 karma

i love listening to him talk. i think he is a great arguer. i disagree with him a lot more as i age.

confusedblues3 karma

How did you guys working with Blake Mills come about?

VulfJack7 karma

he had joe dart play on a few of his gigs

Bassman2743 karma

What is the funkiest country in the world?

VulfJack12 karma


Thorlmnopqrs3 karma

Do you plan on bringing Antwaun Stanley back for more in the future of Vulf? He compliments your sound so well! Also, favorite Pokemon?

VulfJack7 karma

yes. two tracks on the next album

mokeup3 karma

Have you come up with the title for the new album yet? If so, give me 3 letters from it so I can take a guess.

VulfJack5 karma


Potototo3 karma

who are your favorite artists to listen to? biggest musical inspirations?

VulfJack7 karma

personally for songwriting i go to -- bill withers, fonce mizell and wardell quezergue

skudmfkin3 karma

What do you consider your biggest show to date? Not necessarily the biggest audience, but the one you were the most excited about or meant the most to you, personally or career-wise.

VulfJack8 karma

colbert prolly

ConorKingBass2 karma

Jack absolutely massive fan of what you guys are doing! From a bass players point of view Joe Dart has to be one of the best in the world at the minute! What's your dream rhythm section?

Can't wait for the Dublin gig!

VulfJack7 karma

aretha's atlantic band

rainey, puride, richard tee and cornell dupree

i want to put together

joe dart, blake mills, cory henry and griffin goldsmith

vincescappatorusrex2 karma

Can you please tell my friend Ben he's a butt head?

VulfJack3 karma


DoktaWhoppa2 karma

What is your favorite bass guitar ? thank you for the great music

VulfJack5 karma

fender p as played by james jamerson

music man stingray as played by bernard edwards