My short bio: I'm a rapper that's releasing Lebron Flocka James 4 tonight at 6.

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soccerperson671 karma

Waka I met you outside a Whole Foods once and you commented how you really liked my shirt and took a pic with me!

Do you remember taking this pic?

BighomieFlockaFlame695 karma

You got me good.

Spooky_brown_man250 karma

I was a big fan of the It G Ma remix - how did that end up getting put together?? It's the most unexpected collab I can think of but it ended up being dope

BighomieFlockaFlame161 karma

He hit me up and I said lets do it.

DNAtaurine203 karma

What is it like playing for the Seahawks?

BighomieFlockaFlame388 karma

hahaha I'm the Richard Sherman of airports all around the country!

beasters90189 karma

Waka, would you rather have a giant fully functional vagina on your forehead or have an array of fully functional penises on your back like a stegasaurus? You gotta pick one

BighomieFlockaFlame727 karma

man.... what happened to fighting one large thing or many smaller things.... Those are both horrible options... Could imagine having to be a dickasauras or vagface...What would you choose and why?

BighomieFlockaFlame196 karma

you again.....

MrEsolved184 karma

Would you please buy a bird and name it Waka Flocka Flamingo?

BighomieFlockaFlame250 karma

Where do I think I could get a flamingo from in the Atlanta area preferably?

BighomieFlockaFlame409 karma

Now I'm afraid to click links from any of you....

BlueBubba184 karma

Mr. Flame, you owe me 12 dollars for a vodka and red bull I bought you a couple weeks ago in Atlanta. I will attach a proof photos if you respond. I want my money.

BighomieFlockaFlame317 karma

Please provide receipts with photos.

vinnyadultman160 karma

What's the biggest change you noticed since going vegan?

BighomieFlockaFlame313 karma

I just physically and mentally feel so much better.

Rom3y148 karma

What were you thinking when the time Kate Quigley (comedian in a blue dress who acted drunk) started shouting your name and danced weirdly in front of you?

Thanks for the AMA, bro :D

BighomieFlockaFlame652 karma

I ain't going to jail.

ShaShabbaRanksSha134 karma

Hey Waka Flocka, mashed potatoes or corn?

edit: its urgent pls respond

BighomieFlockaFlame408 karma

sorry for delay... garlic mashed potatoes

Mysaiah131 karma

What's your favorite pizza topping?

BighomieFlockaFlame443 karma


JaredColeWestbrook131 karma

How tall are you? I met you in Dallas this past September in some park area near the Wells Fargo building. I'm 6 feet tall but I remember you being tall as fuck

BighomieFlockaFlame244 karma


SoTheFliesDontCome124 karma

Have you spoken with Gucci since he got out? How is your relationship with him?

Favourite vegan recipes?

BighomieFlockaFlame357 karma


swagswaginurfce124 karma


BighomieFlockaFlame959 karma

deez nuts

JayMurtz115 karma

Tech N9ne references you in a song saying "I could pop at you proper cause I'm partners with Waka Flocka". How well do you know tech?

BighomieFlockaFlame226 karma

Very very well, he's a hip hop general.

DjTooDank108 karma

What up big flock, what team are you on, on Pokemon go homie?

BighomieFlockaFlame431 karma

Red, is that a rhetorical question?

Jaz_Gulati57 karma

Holy shit my name is wakaflockaveli in Pokemon Go

BighomieFlockaFlame356 karma

You better be team red or we gonna have some problems.

Tha_Knight107 karma

How many vegan blueberry muffins do you eat in one sitting?

BighomieFlockaFlame327 karma

How many are in front of me?

ugly_sun104 karma


BighomieFlockaFlame401 karma

9..... Don't judge

ILoveDomeFromGirls106 karma

Come to /r/hiphopheads

We love u there and hella stoked for this new southside collab tape.

Waka become friends with gucci again because I need another song like

Fell featuring gucci mane and youngthug is that cool??

Alsoo duflocka rant 2 is your best tape certified classic to me.

BighomieFlockaFlame143 karma

Waka loves /r/hiphopheads right back! This Waka x Sizzle tape is major! Why do you think DuFlocka Rant 2 is the best?

Theryannn98 karma

Waka I pushed you into a pool when you came to Bungalow club for SMU. So apparently Snoop dog smokes 81 blunts a day, how many do you?

BighomieFlockaFlame332 karma

at least 82...

tookie_knows_98 karma

How come you weren't at the Gucci and Friends show?

BighomieFlockaFlame608 karma

because im not a friend

s0sa96 karma

Do you still go hard in the paint?

BighomieFlockaFlame520 karma

What you should be asking me is "will ever stop going hard in the paint?" and that answer to that is, I will never stop going hard in the paint.

tasmanianhero87 karma

What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

BighomieFlockaFlame399 karma

Reese Puffs the truth

zjordyyy82 karma

Waka what's your favorite rock band/song from said band?

BighomieFlockaFlame318 karma

Lamb of God - Walk with Me in Hell

c_jlopez81 karma

when in Flockaveli 2 going to come out? and will there be a Ferrari Boyz 2?

BighomieFlockaFlame157 karma

F2 dropping this winter ....FB2?????

UglyStru84 karma

FOH boy with your lying ass. Detox gonna drop before Flockaveli 2.

BighomieFlockaFlame155 karma


BonerTeam17 karma

Dropping this winter? I just don't believe

BighomieFlockaFlame54 karma


From_The_Chi80 karma

How's the competition for the next presidential election? Do you think that you can beat Yeezus himself?

BighomieFlockaFlame245 karma

Waka running agains Yeezus... Team Flocka needs to start working out our campaign strategy now!

mandalore23751 karma

Would you consider a run as Yeezy's Vice Pres?

BighomieFlockaFlame411 karma

Would he consider to run as mine?

MD8273 karma

Waka, do you remember performing at Cal State Fullerton for our spring concert? It was fucking awesome. I lost my shit when you played 50k.

BighomieFlockaFlame115 karma

Yup LIT as always.

mrs-syndicate70 karma

it's kind of pathetic to see most of these comments downvoted which means everyone is being selfish and trying to get their question to the top like why?

BighomieFlockaFlame312 karma

Don't worry I'm gonna try to get to em all.

thatoneguy10269 karma

Ay Flocka I was at your concert at the University of Central Florida last year that shit was lit, thanks for coming out.

My question is: Do you listen to the new wave of rappers? Like Yachty, Kodak, Uzi, 21, etc. If you do, who's your fav or who do you think has the most potenital?

Big fan of yours, Flockaveli 1.5 was one of my favorite tapes last year. I also named one of my chickens after you

BighomieFlockaFlame193 karma

That's a hard ass chicken. 21 and Kodak for sure.

minimegadoodle68 karma

Favorite strain of weed?

BighomieFlockaFlame198 karma

Purple Cookies

meowmeowbeans67 karma

Favorite drink? (outside of beatbox)

BighomieFlockaFlame270 karma

Fresh water

Kabisi65 karma

Waka Waka eh eh ?

BighomieFlockaFlame202 karma


ajayoda63 karma

Are you gonna put out any more "I can't rap" mixtapes? The vol 1 was really good along with some of the singles you put out after that dropped.

BighomieFlockaFlame80 karma

Yup for sure

parker202060 karma

If you do run for president in 2020 are you keeping the dreads?

BighomieFlockaFlame494 karma

Without the dreads will the American public even be able to trust me?

drakeanddrive58 karma

Thoughts on that one song "rich chigga"?

BighomieFlockaFlame189 karma

I feel it

bombsaway197956 karma

Hey Flocka! I know you've performed a lot in Germany and other spots in europe....what's the biggest difference between your fans abroad and your fans here?

BighomieFlockaFlame278 karma

My German fans get SUPER drunk.

DangerG18756 karma

What's your favorite restaurant? Local/national/global?

BighomieFlockaFlame255 karma

Whole Foods

BmanUltima53 karma

What's your most favourite and least favourite car?

BighomieFlockaFlame296 karma

Ghost is my favorite

Any Car under 80k i hate

eleventhjam196949 karma

What new rapper do you think has the most potential?

BighomieFlockaFlame177 karma

21 Savage

BighomieFlockaFlame123 karma

21 Savage

bluesandwish49 karma

what made you decide to go vegan? do you shop at wholefoods?

BighomieFlockaFlame160 karma

Tired of being fat...Whole Foods is my spot!

Dickdude900046 karma

Are you the inventor of the 'squad' popularity ?

BighomieFlockaFlame198 karma

I can't claim that, what do you think though? If reddit gives me that crown I will gladly take it.

let_me_explain_that_45 karma

Weren't you gonna run for president? I remember when Donald Trump said he was gonna run. I was like "Yeah, him and Waka Flocka Flame... right."

BighomieFlockaFlame144 karma

Not old enough yet G!

ashdelete45 karma

What did you think of the vice article written about a day in your life? I personally enjoyed the part where you explained what 'rooster' was!

BighomieFlockaFlame75 karma

Shoutout to Vice that was a dope article.

grossmanphotography44 karma

Who's your favorite Pokemon?

BighomieFlockaFlame134 karma

I'm tryin to catch em all....

Loubanga40 karma

What are your thoughts on Desiigner?

BighomieFlockaFlame79 karma


MattyIce85938 karma

Thought and opinions on Thugger? A mixtape with you two together would cause my iPhone to burst into flames.

BighomieFlockaFlame119 karma

He hard, but under rated.

mashtadon37 karma

Hey Flocka! I'm sure you've experienced a pretty wild lifestyle change since your music career skyrocketed. What's something that you've still not gotten used to (for better or worse)?

BighomieFlockaFlame108 karma

The fact that people view me as rich&famous... I could give two f... you know the rest

TheMidgetMaster36 karma

Favorite album of 2016 so far?

BighomieFlockaFlame164 karma

anything Big K.R.I.T.

wheredidmymomgo36 karma

you like the Eric Andre show?

BighomieFlockaFlame88 karma

Probably the best show ever... How many Emmy's are they up to now?

BighomieFlockaFlame65 karma

googling now...

visforveejay35 karma

What will be your first act as president?

BighomieFlockaFlame108 karma

Change policies for the better of humanity... Follow my campaign trail to learn more.

69username6934 karma

I just got a tinder match, what pick up should I use?

BighomieFlockaFlame421 karma

Fuck one, marry one, kill one. Me, Hitler & Me. When she kills Hitler finesse her with the "Now that I know you're not a Nazi I suppose we can get down to business"

KickToTheCool33 karma

Do you shop at Walmart?

BighomieFlockaFlame90 karma

All the time.

LSATurdayNightFever32 karma

Wacka - who or what is your biggest inspiration for your music outside of hip hop? Actors? Politicians? Artists? Filmmakers? Authors?

BighomieFlockaFlame78 karma

My family. From my mother, aunts, uncles, brothers, wife... My family inspires me.

ifthataintfriendship31 karma

What was it like working with Keith Ape? How is that dude

BighomieFlockaFlame215 karma

Together we are the Ghetto Rush Hour

TheWarDoctor27 karma

How did you go about selecting your name?

BighomieFlockaFlame167 karma

Homies called me Waka then a Flocka and then tossed on the Flame.

EnjoyTheBadAdvice27 karma

If music hadn't worked out, what other industry could you see yourself working in?

BighomieFlockaFlame129 karma

Security making sure rappers are safe.

BaldVoldy22 karma

Obvious q: What inspired you to launch LFJ4 ?

BighomieFlockaFlame73 karma

because I know I owed it to y'all.

wikiwikiwickerman17 karma

Since you have worked with Munchies before, would you consider doing a version of Action Bronson's "Fuck That's Delicious" that's totally vegan?

BighomieFlockaFlame44 karma

That'd be dope. Vice let's do it.

DiamantePR16 karma

I follow you on snapchat and sometime ago you gave out your e-mail for people to send your their songs and shit, is it still the same? I've been wanting to send some stuff but i never really got the courage or motivation to send anything since it'll probably be discarded easily.

BighomieFlockaFlame49 karma

I always post an email thats going to get to me somehow. No reason to be scared to send it what's the worst thing that can happen?

srob233316 karma

Are you really one hood ass... well ya know...?

BighomieFlockaFlame37 karma

Ain't nothing but one...and ya I know it's cool...

Best_Father16 karma

Which is your favorite song you made?

BighomieFlockaFlame52 karma

Party Animal off of Flockavelli 2

Arial10pt16 karma

Do you listen to Waka Flocka at all?

BighomieFlockaFlame63 karma

Waka Flocka does indeed listen to Waka Flocka

3L-CHAP015 karma

Waka, Who is your favourite rapper? (besides yourself)

BighomieFlockaFlame51 karma


DevilsAdvocate121715 karma

What are your thoughts on gun control? Do you own any firearms, and if so, do you have any favorites?

BighomieFlockaFlame92 karma

Guns don't kill people. People kill people. You can take guns away remove them from the earth then what are they going to do have knife control?

dankmatter996z14 karma

I interpret your 2012 track Rooster In My Rari as a social critique on the often incompatible relationship between professional and personal fulfilment.

The party setting represents our primal need for human interaction, while the rooster symolizes the need to wake up early to go to work the next day. In the music video, said rooster is almost always visible to the viewer, reminding us that even in times of enjoyment, we are never free from our responsiblities. The listener is even encouraged to administrator the anti-anxiety medication alprazolam, presumably in an effort to cope with the growing challenges of modern life. To add to this effort, the ad-lib "okay" is periodically used, offering encouragement to the listener.

Waka Flocka, what inspired you to address such a pressing issue in today's society?

BighomieFlockaFlame21 karma

This is so well written.... I don't know how to respond. Thank you though!

alpaca714 karma

Waka! I'm a big fan and love going to your shows. You were in Lincoln, NE on a Monday night and it still managed to be one of the craziest shows I've been to.

How do you manage to bring so much energy to each show? What's your pre-show routine that lets you go hard the whole set??

Also, what's your favorite adlib to use in a song?

BighomieFlockaFlame35 karma

Hell if I know how I bring that energy to each show.

Favorite adlib.....Youknow

iamjayse13 karma

hey Waka from one vegan to another, what's your favorite vegetable and favorite fruit? i fuck with corn and bananas pretty hard

BighomieFlockaFlame35 karma

berries and brussel sprouts

Thoths12 karma

Do yo homeboys get on you for being a Vegan ma dawg?

BighomieFlockaFlame43 karma

Hell naa they all trying to jump on that vegan wave.

chainedmayhem12 karma

What's it like to OD on THC? I'm fucking jealous.

BighomieFlockaFlame43 karma

A beautiful thing and an accomplishment.

camdoodlebop11 karma

When do you plan to retire? Or are you going to make sweet jams in your 80s?

BighomieFlockaFlame54 karma

When y'all tell me to throw in the towel.

Chrussell10 karma

You still working with nephewtexasboy? That tape you hosted last year was great.

BighomieFlockaFlame21 karma

yea he the truth his new music FIRE!!!

SeptEUW8 karma

You was in Denmark a while ago, what do you think about Denmark?

BighomieFlockaFlame40 karma

Denmark is beautiful and knows how to get wild.

ToxicCoffee75 karma

Thoughts on this years XXL freshman class?

BighomieFlockaFlame62 karma


NickPalmFist5 karma

Who are some of your non hip hop favorite artists? Or, which non hip hop artist would you want to collaborate with the most?

BighomieFlockaFlame22 karma

Lamb of God

Exi04 karma

Who's your favorite upcoming rapper?

BighomieFlockaFlame17 karma

21 Savage

BighomieFlockaFlame2 karma

21 Savage

Johnnyjj864 karma

Why do you always talk about Allah and stuff on Twitter?

BighomieFlockaFlame41 karma


dirtyrango4 karma

Flocka, first off, big fan. How do you interpret the messages in gangsta rap music and the impact it has on underserved youth in urban environments? Do you feel like your art contributes to the betterment of the youth or the destruction of black culture?

BighomieFlockaFlame18 karma

My music is a form of anger management. I'd love for people to listen to it and help them deal with any thing thats got them pissed.

pcox983 karma

Hey Flocka I'm a big fan! Flockaveli might be the hardest album of all time and your concert was one of the best I've been to! You coming into the crowd was hype as fuck.

What do you think of KD joining the Warriors?

Craziest thing someone tried to do to you at a concert?

When are you gonna collab with Lil Dicky?

BighomieFlockaFlame14 karma

I love it I'm a KD fan. I done seen it all... Nothing is crazy any more... People getting naked, all kinds of crazy shit. When he hits me up.

vonfrost3 karma

Hey Waka who are your favorite producers to work with? Southside is the best in my opinion LFJ4 gonna be 🔥 🔥 🔥... Also when is du Flocka rant curry dropping? Do more shit with sizzle

BighomieFlockaFlame5 karma

Southside, 808 Mafia & Louney G

ZachDaniel2 karma

What's deal with your name? Where did it come from and what does it mean?

BighomieFlockaFlame2 karma

Waka Flocka has been explained above the Flame came from spitting fire in the booth.

just_dots2 karma

What happens if the weed you smoke has been fertilized with blood and bone meal?

BighomieFlockaFlame7 karma

Is something I want to know?

ithrow882 karma

What was I supposed to think about you going Hard in the Paint?

BighomieFlockaFlame5 karma

What did you think about me going hard in the paint?

mhassan8402 karma

What's your favorite adlib of all time?

BighomieFlockaFlame4 karma


ToxicCoffee72 karma

What's your favorite movie?

BighomieFlockaFlame8 karma

Im Gone Get You Sucka

MachineGunKellz692 karma

Do you think you're a good rapper?

BighomieFlockaFlame7 karma

Do you think I'm a good rapper?

popomaniam1 karma

Waka we had an awesome time at a show of yours last year, you came out dancing in the crowd and danced in the bar.

What has been one of your most memorable/surprising moments at a show?

BighomieFlockaFlame4 karma

Too many memorable moments to type. Always surprises me that people WANT to be thrown off stage... I'm with it though

tombradyy1 karma

do you still go hard in the paint ?!?!?!

BighomieFlockaFlame2 karma


Tantalum941 karma

How did you come up with your name?

BighomieFlockaFlame6 karma

first the Waka then came the Flocka and then came the Flame

Webb01 karma

What's your favourite song to perform live?

BighomieFlockaFlame3 karma

Big Dawg off of Flockavelli 2