I am working with the Maasai warrior tribe. I have with me Chief Joseph and Assistant Chief Leshan.

Proof: http://imgur.com/euKdSx8 Proof 2: http://imgur.com/opQLjwH


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Rufiodies2396 karma

Have the Maasai noticed a loss of tribal knowledge and fighting ability over the years? Due to contact with the outside world?

AdaminKenya2771 karma

We are strong warriors now. Even with influence with community.

AdaminKenya2045 karma

The Chiefs must go to a meeting now, we will all be back Wednesday.

AdaminKenya1406 karma

I will try answer some questions and elaborate on the answers given.

ksanthra1460 karma

Wow, interesting.

What are some of the more interesting rites of passage young Maasai warriors would normally go through?

AdaminKenya2769 karma

They are circumscribed as a rite of passage, the best, they look forward to it. After curvy scion they go to forest and eat meat and blood for 6 months, when they come back they are strong. Their heads are then dyed brown. They are not allowed long hair, circumscribed is done with a stone and a knife at 6Am. You are not supposed to flinch or move when they are doing the cut.

Fewbuffalo1278 karma

Do you believe in an afterlife? How would you describe it?

AdaminKenya1937 karma

Don't believe in afterlife.

I-am-Alpharius677 karma

What about the before life?

AdaminKenya1555 karma

When I pressed them further good people go to good places. Bad people go to bad places. Previously they wouldn't bury a Moran, they would place him under a tree and if a lion or hyena ate him then he would be said to be full of sin.

floppybunny261275 karma

Who are your enemies, and how do you go about defeating them? Also, what kind of internet porn is your favourite?

AdaminKenya1478 karma

If only someone invades they have enemies or do scrimmages against them, they will agree and go defend doesn't matter who. theyw will protect their Maasai dignity.. If someone kills Maasai they will also kill that person. They are very friendly though and accept everyone.

floppybunny261230 karma

Also, what kind of internet porn is your favourite?

AdaminKenya2321 karma

They don't believe it and don't know what it is. Don't think or know about pornography. They are asking is it normal in America. They just saw recently on phone, think it is photos of things that are not real.

53bvo940 karma

Do do Maasai sometimes have to choose between western luxuries and keeping generations old traditions? For example western warm/comfortable clothing vs traditional clothing. How do they look towards this?

AdaminKenya1191 karma

Cultural based meeting they wear traditional dress, it depends what doing. What job, what kind of meeting. Maasai ceremony wear traditional dress. It depends on circumstance. Sometimes they feel like wearing western clothes.

AdaminKenya869 karma

With Moran hair it is difficult to wear western clothes.

Fewbuffalo676 karma

What are the aspirations of the Tribe? What is their goal?

AdaminKenya1138 karma

The most important aspiration is to pass in culture to coming generations and especially the Warriors the Morans.

mikeoverboard647 karma

what area is this tribe from? whats the culture like?

AdaminKenya703 karma

The Maasai Manyattas all have the same culture.

mikeoverboard347 karma

what area?

AdaminKenya701 karma

Rombo in Kenya but they have contact with Tanzania Maasai.

AdaminKenya772 karma

The same culture yah yah same same.

Fewbuffalo579 karma

Does the Maasai Tribe have much contact with the outside worth?

AdaminKenya947 karma

Yes a lot of contact with the outside world.

Anderze327 karma

What do you do for fun?

AdaminKenya672 karma

Leshan: Going to shamba (the field) and looking after cows. - Maasai Assistant Chief of Manyatta.

methrowrock283 karma

What are some wedding or funeral rituals the Massai do?

AdaminKenya480 karma

All the age set are always there and it is a very big ceremony. The community contributes as you are now changing your way of life. Very big ceremony, singing, 3 cows are slaughtered. 500+ people attend. For chief more than 1000 attend! Funerals they use to leave warriors under a tree, if hyenas and lions ate them they were bad and sinned in life.