I'm here live at San Diego Comic Con.


Hey Guys, I'm running to moderate the Skybound Entertainment panel in about 5 minutes. Get those last questions in! I may try to stop back in to answer more after the Con. I like to give you guys a few hours when I do an AMA. This 45 minutes just wasn't enough!!!

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freakishkittie3090 karma

Can I take a selfie with you?

Edit: thank you kind sort-of-still-stranger for the gold! Should've taken a picture with you too lol.

Yvette_Nicole_Brown2392 karma

Are you nearby? If so, yep!

freakishkittie2457 karma

I'm standing in front of u like an awkward person lol. Red hair red shirt

Yvette_Nicole_Brown2678 karma

Just saw you! We're totes taking a selfie.

freakishkittie3949 karma

Here's our beautiful pic!! Thank you!!

Edit: thank you kind stranger for the gold!! <3

oh_horsefeathers866 karma

This conversation was getting real weird until I realized you two were at comic-con.

I was thinking, "No, Yvette! Just run! RUN!"

freakishkittie493 karma

Hahaha. That's why I said I was standing there all awkward lol

Yvette_Nicole_Brown1019 karma

It was my favorite moment at comic con this year. And I've had some great moments! SO nice to meet you hun!

Titty_PMs_Please1376 karma

If you opened a sandwich shop, what would you call it?

Who do you keep in touch with from Community the most?

Best story from behind the scenes?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown1864 karma

Shirley's sandwiches just for nostalgia sake. :) Everybody is so busy it's hard to see each other often. But I keep in contact via text with just about everyone. I love my Greendale family!

Qyle1196 karma

Best memory of Drake & Josh? That was one of my favorite shows growing up

Yvette_Nicole_Brown1535 karma

The Storm episode is full of great memories because just about everyone who had ever guest starred to the show all worked together.

poop_da_doop741 karma

How was it being on Community? Who do you miss working with the most?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown1470 karma

I miss them all. They are my family but I did just see Danny Pudi yesterday here at Comic Con and almost broke into the ugly cry!

RangersCrusader641 karma

Would you come back if a community movie ever happens? (pls say yes)

Yvette_Nicole_Brown1157 karma

Of course. Here's your answer...YES!!!

WhiskyWithWater583 karma

The notebooks you have for TWD & FTWD, did you instantly decide "this is something I'm gonna do" or was it a few seasons in where you realised it would be something useful to be able to piece things together?

I love it when you're on Talking Dead and have them with you, full TV show nerd like me hahah 😂

Yvette_Nicole_Brown703 karma

I've always been a big note-taker. Even in school I was the front row center kind of student. As for my TWD notes, started because I knew I was gonna be on Talking Dead and I wanted to make sure Chris Hardwick didn't have to work too hard. He's my bud and I wanted him to have an easier ep that week. So that was my version of completely over preparing. LOL! After I started taking notes I got hooked. It was easier to do Talking Dead each time because I had a lot of notes to reference to. It's now my thing. Wish I had done it when Lost was on. I do the same for FTWD for the same reasons.

Yvette_Nicole_Brown423 karma

Hey Guys! Who's here! Lets CHAT! Ask Me Anything!!! :)

zoidboob414 karma

Hello from England Yvette.

What haven't you done yet that you plan on doing soon?


Yvette_Nicole_Brown1107 karma

This may sound crazy, but retiring. LOL! I dream of sitting at home doing puzzles and binge-watching television shows all day.

Heron78378 karma

Thank you for your performance on Community and thanks for doing this AMA.

How was it working with Malcolm Jamal Warner? And did anyone in the cast pressure him to make more episodes of The Magic School Bus?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown500 karma

It was a dream come true for me. I've been a fan of MJW since the Cosby show. And I don't know if anyone pressured him about that. I was pressuring him about other things, like marrying me in real life. LOL! :)

RandomExcess287 karma

Did your experience with Community in any way change your approach to acting, in what way did it shape your approach as an artist?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown502 karma

It's made me more efficient on set. We had long hours. You never wanted to be the reason the day is longer. LOL!

PressedRat249 karma

Is that your job?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown520 karma

That is NOT my job! LOL!

Chtorrr235 karma

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown343 karma

To me it is! LOL! Helen sure loved them with mustard ;)

Heron78235 karma

Did you get to keep the Shirley puppet? If so (or not), where is it now?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown646 karma

I didn't get to keep the Shirley puppet, but I DID pay for my own version to be made. Best money I ever spent. Not from an ego place like...I want to see ME as a puppet, LOL!...but as a complete Muppet NERD. I wanted to own a puppet that reminded me of the magic of Jim Henson!

TheDarkSideOfTown229 karma

What is something they didn't tell you about Hollywood when you were first starting out?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown693 karma

That folks aren't always as kind as you expect them to be. That is very true. But the goal is to not let that change the person you are. I choose be kind anyway. Kindness matters... even in Hollywood.

Chtorrr204 karma

The Walking Dead. I have to say I am very concerned for the premiere. Thoughts?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown368 karma

I've been concerned since the finale. I'm prepared for the worst. :(

Dent1409202 karma

Would you ever consider returning to Community if it was to return? Any ideas if the rest of the original cast would be willing to return?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown424 karma

I would if the schedule allowed me to do the show and still take care of my dad. I imagine the decision to return would depend on schedules for everyone. Though the DESIRE to return and love for each other is universal.

Torregd172 karma

Hi Yvette!

What was your favorite moment from Community that got cut/fans wouldn't have seen from behind the scenes?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown329 karma

Our gag reels pretty much show all those kinds of things. Those five years on that show with those people are memories I will cherish forever!!!

lula2488115 karma

In what ways have birds negatively impacted your life?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown175 karma

None negatively yet. But there are some crows in my yard I'm an eye on. They can turn any day!

gravesnick115 karma

Advice for creative types that feel like giving up?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown312 karma

DON'T! The only folks who don't make are the ones who do give up. Now, that said... it may not come quickly or in the form you expect, but there is a level of success available doing what you love. Stay in the game. The game needs what YOU have to contribute. Remember that!

marineturndlegofiend105 karma

How did you celebrate the Cavs championship?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown224 karma

In tears. I was watching with my pops and we both were overjoyed to witness history. Cleveland NEEDED that championship. As a proud native I couldn't be prouder!

Rumbledore9102 karma

Hi! Hope you're having a good Saturday.

What would you say is your biggest current goal for yourself professionally. What's the next hump you'd like to get over?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown209 karma

I'd love to do a talk show at some point. Because I love interacting with people, but that's end game kinda things after I stop acting perhaps. As for next hump, I'd love for The Odd Couple to make it to syndication. I love working with Thomas Lennon, Matthew Perry, Wendell Pierce and Lindsay Sloane. I'd love to get to keep doing that for many, many years!

summershadowtwin98 karma

What shows besides The Walking Dead do you obsess about?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown329 karma

OITNB, Bloodlines, Kimmy Schmidt, Brooklyn 99, All shonda shows, OUAT, Veep and MANY others and I have a feeling Stranger Things will be my new favorite thing!

matanir084 karma

Will there be a community movie?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown143 karma

I hope so!

DSDresser83 karma

Hey Yvette, thanks for doing this AMA. Years ago, I was in an audience for a Community panel at UCLA. When it came time for audience Q&A, 2 students asked if they could work for the show. Harmon seemed a bit wary, but you were very happy and told them to leave their info with your guys. Any idea if they were hired on?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown161 karma

I don't know. I did pass on their info to the folks I thought could help. I know that no one ever came up to me on set saying that they got the job from that referral so it may not have worked out. I was rooting of them, though!

Roisin9478 karma

Just want to say that I absolutely LOVED you on Community, and the show wasn't the same after you left!

My question is - what scene of Shirley's in particular was your favourite to film, and why? :)

Yvette_Nicole_Brown102 karma

I loved everything I got to do as Shirley in the flashback episode. That may be my favorite Community ep actually. So much silliness for all of us to do and shooting it was SO much fun!!!

IShouldGetAJob75 karma

Do you and the other actors of Community hang out in real life still?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown147 karma

we do! Just saw and clung to Danny Pudi yesterday!

BDMayhem70 karma

What's your favorite show to binge?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown228 karma

Right now I am looking forward to binge-watching "Stranger Things". I'm starting and finishing that on Sunday after comic con. I only waited because every one of my friends who started didn't stop until they finished all eight episodes and I was prepping for comic con and knew if I started I wouldn't be able to stop either. I had FOUR panels to moderate down here so I thought it best to not risk it. LOL!

username_specialist63 karma

I'm an engineering grad student sitting in a lab supposedly running simulations at The University of Akron - Your Alma Mater! Go Zips!

Have you ever come back here? When was the last time you visited?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown90 karma

YAY! GO ZIPS! I don't get back as often as I used to because I've been caring for my dad and travel isn't as easy as it used to be. I haven't been back since I went home to get him...so about three years. BUT the last time I was there I spoke to the students and it was awesome!!! Best of luck with your Graduate degree!!!

Manateman62 karma

Fave episode of Drake and Josh?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown103 karma

The Storm. The reason why I answered above or below. :)

SavingFor55 karma

What are your fondest memories from working on Community?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown106 karma

Being with my friends everyday!

dylanb122754 karma

What food group is a pickle in?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown127 karma

It's a shriveled up cucumber yes? so vegetable. delicious vegetable

kalu080554 karma

How do you REALLY feel about "the cliffhanger"? And are you pumped for season 7? I thought you were awesome in Community, but I really really really appreciate when you're on Talking Dead. ;)

Yvette_Nicole_Brown100 karma

I'm old so I remember when EVERY show ended a season on a cliffhanger. I truly didn't mind it. I prefer not knowing that a favorite is dead. I've been happily in delusion about it all summer long. In my mind, nobody died.

kalenabear50 karma

Where can we watch the Walking Dead panel that you did for FOX yesterday at SDCC? Thanks for all you do! Xo

Yvette_Nicole_Brown77 karma

I think it may be online somewhere. It was in front of 100 international journalists and many had cameras. I'm hoping somebody caught all the shenanigans. It was a great time!

OPoriginalposter48 karma

That one lady on drake and josh?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown81 karma

Yep! And Community and now The Odd Couple on CBS! :)

Chtorrr41 karma

What is the best dessert?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown112 karma

I am not being paid to say this. But there's a bakery in LA called Kneady Bakery. They are nerds like me and make delicious baked goods that pay homage to shows and actors etc. They have something called a CAS pie that will change your life! I call it butter pie because that is all that it seems to consist of! Besides that bit of deliciousness anything with crust is high on my list!

marineturndlegofiend30 karma

Yvette, how fucking swamped is the convention center this year?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown35 karma

I haven't been to the floor yet. But the crowds seem a bit lighter today than I remember. Can't wait to get down there and see what's up for myself!

TheSaladIsRaw26 karma

What got you into The Walking Dead and how did you start getting on Talking Dead so often?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown67 karma

I saw the promo for the first episode. Rick on the horse amongst the hoard and I was like whatever this show is, I'm IN!!!! Been a fan ever since. As for Talking Dead, I'm such a huge fan they are kind enough to let me come chat about my love every season. It's a blessing!

Majik921 karma

Welcome to San Diego, planning on doing anything besides comic con while in town?

Speaking of comic con, what TWD events are you looking forward to or have done?

Yvette_Nicole_Brown35 karma

Just here for the con. Moderating four panels... finished three, one more to go. One was the FOX international press panel for TWD and Outcast. That was FUN!!!