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Edit: That was fun! Thanks so much for all the questions, signing off now. Love Victoria xx

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Lwsrocks88 karma

When you returned to voice a 20-years-older Evie for the Jack the Ripper expansion, how did you approach the character differently? How did you change your voice performance to reflect her evolution as a character?

Victoria_Atkin105 karma

Hey!!! first question :) I wanted Evie to sound a little weathered, so not many major differences but i did try to channel her age, making her a little slower and a little more husky ;0

skateordie00260 karma

I haven't played the game but I've seen your performance; you're great!

How was it working with the actor playing Jacob? You two have great chemistry!

Who directed you?

How strange was it acting in the mo-cap suit?

Victoria_Atkin75 karma

Paul Amos who plays Jacob is great, he really does feel like a fictional brother... even if he is an old man. lol. Ramiro Belanger directed us in Assassins Creed Syndicate and Felix Roque directed us in both the DLC's. Acting in a motion capture suit is strangely liberating, no wardrobe stress. My first acting job in Hollyoaks I played a transgendered character with a wig and boys clothing... Evie's clothes are animated!

skateordie00223 karma

It must be liberating. I've heard it compared more to theater work than film; is this a fair comparison?

Victoria_Atkin40 karma

yes! It is very much like theater. We shoot all the scenes from beginning to end with stopping.

DannyDeVita55 karma

Assassin's Creed Syndicate takes place in 19th century London. What do you personally like the most about this time period? I love the lampposts.

Victoria_Atkin73 karma

Victorian England was such a fantastic period in history. The industrial revolution brought so many things we take for granted today. I loved the sequences with Charles Darwin and Alexander Graham Bell.

adey80044 karma

when do Haytham and Evie get to hang out? :) Performance capture Actor wants to know ;)

Victoria_Atkin41 karma

Well I do love Adrian who plays Haytham we got to hang out at Youmacon convention in Detroit, he's great.

adey80030 karma

awwww well this is me, dahlink :)

Victoria_Atkin23 karma

Ha ha hello you

_Boz_27 karma

Are you a gamer? If so, what is one of your 'go-to' games to relax and unwind?

Victoria_Atkin58 karma

I really am getting back into gaming, because most of my spare time is spent researching new games being made, I probably spend more time on youtube watching cut scenes. There are so many great video game actors and actresses now that I like watching.

Sandwichofdeth22 karma

What do you think Evie? Shall I gather the Rooks?

Victoria_Atkin36 karma

Gather them up! Welcome to the family

sinfulregret20 karma

Hi Victoria! Thank you for taking the time to do this AMA! Your portrayal of Evie Frye in Assassin's Creed Syndicate was amazing! My question is: Which Evie did you enjoy portraying the most, Younger Evie in the main game or older Evie in the Jack the Ripper DLC?

Victoria_Atkin26 karma

My pleasure. I love the Assassins Creed fanbase. Thank you all for the great questions. I spent more time as younger Evie, she certainly has more fun... Although older Evie was a grittier role acting wise, having to get into her mind set and imagining what it would be like to live during Jack the Ripper's horrific crimes was a great acting challenge. I like being stretched in my roles.

mcheisenburglar20 karma

Who's a good horse?

Victoria_Atkin42 karma

You are ;)

LegitOverload15 karma

What was your absolute favorite thing to do when you were voice acting for AC Syndicate? Are you looking forward to the upcoming movie as well?

Victoria_Atkin18 karma

I am looking forward to the Assassins Creed movie, it comes out 2 days before my birthday :) My favourite thing to do when voice acting AC Syndicate had to be being on the set, combining the full performance capture with the voice is one of the best acting experiences of my career so far. I can't wait for my next motion capture performance

Mutt122311 karma

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Victoria_Atkin37 karma

Mint chocolate chip!

mcheisenburglar11 karma

Which scene(s) needed the most takes, and which line/part was being messed up (and by whom)?

Victoria_Atkin37 karma

Paul and I had a lot of fun with the train station scene and the little dipper he chases. This took a lot of takes because I dared him to say chicken dipper and we couldn't stop laughing.

JKLreindeer11 karma

Are you a fan of the game series? What's the best part of your job?

Victoria_Atkin19 karma

I think the AC series is pretty special. I love that you can access your ancestors history. The best part of my job is playtime! Being on set makes me very happy!

goatcoat10 karma

I'm doing your diet and really craving pasta. Any suggestions?

Victoria_Atkin19 karma

Quinoa exchange it for pasta, im into my healthy eating!

Treviso10 karma

What was your favourite part about voicing Evie? What was the scene that was the most difficult to do?

Victoria_Atkin25 karma

My favourite part about voicing Evie... So many things probably shouting at Templars, that was cathartic!

The-Argonian10 karma

Which line of Evies dialogue is your favorite and why?

Victoria_Atkin21 karma

I like the flower sequences with Henry, she gets so self conscious around him which was fun to play with a woman who usually so self assured


What's your favorite AC game?

Victoria_Atkin22 karma

Am I allowed to say Syndicate?


Haha, I suppose. What about second favorite?

Victoria_Atkin31 karma

Blackflag who doesn't like pirates

T0Mjefferson9 karma

Of all the historical characters in the game (Darwin, Marx, Dickens, etc.) who was your favorite (in terms of backstory, motives, overall personality as a historical figure)?

Victoria_Atkin21 karma

I like that Alexander Graham Bell and Evie have a little chemistry, it was interesting to navigate this when Henry was present.

lleon7798 karma

If you were to appear on one of the Assassin's Creed movies would you like to reprise your role as Evie Frye? Or to play a whole new character?

Victoria_Atkin9 karma

I would hope they would ask me :)

sinfulregret7 karma

Do you have any favourite pieces of music off of the Assassin's Creed Syndicate Soundtrack?

Victoria_Atkin10 karma

Isn't Austin Wintory's soundtrack fantastic. I was very fortunate to sing on the Family track. He gave me the album today at comic con, I am looking forward to taking the time to enjoy it thoroughly, I couldn't choose just one track.

WolfieChelsea7 karma

Hey would you change the Rooks name? if so what to?

Victoria_Atkin15 karma

Although Evie's not impressed with this suggestion in the game, as Victoria it has grown on me and I can't imagine our gang being called anything else now

RinoTheBouncer7 karma

Hey Victoria, your role as Evie was wonderful. Q1) Would you consider playing Evie in a live action movie? Q2) Do you think the Assassin's Creed: Last Descendants - Locus should turn into a TV Show, mini-game or CGI movie where you can voice/portray Evie? Q3) Since you somehow managed to become Evie, do you think Evie's story as an Assassin is over after Jack The Ripper DLC?

Thanks a lot.

Love, RinoTheBouncer

Victoria_Atkin23 karma

Hi RinoTheBouncer :) Thank you for your kind comments. I would LOVE to play Evie in a live action movie, what a dream this would be to bring this to the big screen. I hope the AC movie is successful and Ubisoft continue with the series. I hope Evie's story will continue, I was talking to someone today about how fantastic it would be to see the missions Henry and Evie go on in India between Syndicate and Jack the Ripper DLC. Also...EXCLUSIVE... I am actually working with Jeffrey Yohalem on a new project... we have a tv pilot we are currently pitching.

beegobuzz7 karma

When will you be cosplaying as Evie?

Victoria_Atkin18 karma

he hee. Soon maybe...

col_966 karma

Hey Victoria.

Recently, Titan Comics revealed an upcoming Comic Book Series titled Assassin's Creed: Last Descendants Locus, featuring Henry and Evie.

Will you be reading the comics?

Victoria_Atkin12 karma

I definitely will be

Magic-Pipe6 karma

Stealth or brute force?

Victoria_Atkin19 karma

Stealth, I like things in life that are more mysterious

Chtorrr4 karma

What was your favorite TV show as a kid?

Victoria_Atkin15 karma

Great Question! I loved lots of shows but my sister and I had a routine that we watched before my mum came home from work. A few these shows included Sabrina the teenage witch and sister sister!

noob_almost3 karma

Fold or scrunch?

Victoria_Atkin14 karma

Im a folder!

noob_almost7 karma

Heathen! But I wasn't expecting an answer, so thanks for putting a grin on my hungover face

Victoria_Atkin15 karma

I did have to ask the Reddit team what you meant, but this is a fun question. Made me laugh

wrt9513 karma

What TV shows are you watching currently?

Victoria_Atkin8 karma

I watch a lot of films, I watched the new Star Trek movie last night