Hello! I’m John Bradley. You might know me as Samwell Tarly from HBO’s Game Of Thrones, but I also star in a new thriller called Traders out now on cable VOD, iTunes, and other digital platforms from Dark Sky Films.

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JohnBradleyOfficial2703 karma

It's been my pleasure guys, thank you for all your questions. You now have 2 minutes to go and ask Matt Damon something!

Szechwan1063 karma

How much more do you get laid now?

JohnBradleyOfficial3211 karma

That reminds me, I have to go quite soon.

LaBallz918 karma

Is Kit Harrington really that attractive in real life?

JohnBradleyOfficial2564 karma

He's more attractive in real life. If you've ever smelled him you'll know what I mean.

liamquane804 karma

What is it like working with a different director on almost every episode?

JohnBradleyOfficial1416 karma

It's always fascinating because you really have to adapt yourself to somebody else's way of working.

It keeps you rooted and and it keeps your feet planted on the ground because you always have to surrender a little bit of control. Directors influence you in different ways and you're putting together a buffet of experience which you can pick your favorite parts from and add to your own process to take into your future work.

suaveitguy768 karma

What's the most British thing you did today?

JohnBradleyOfficial3387 karma

Have a morning in LA surrounded by the most beautiful girls in the world in swim suits and do nothing but complain about how hot it is. Absolutely that.

otherstark578 karma

Who's your favorite actor / actress to work on set with on Game of Thrones?

JohnBradleyOfficial1663 karma

I got to do one scene with Stephen Dillane (who played Stannis) who isn't just one of my favorite on the shows, he's just one of my favorite actors period.

That day was a privilege and an education.

Yegor40559 karma

Hey John, is it a myth that the cast is keeping in touch and becoming friends with each other or is that actually a thing sometimes?

Did you keep in touch with anyone from the show?

What's the worst thing that happened on set? (if any)

JohnBradleyOfficial972 karma

It's not a myth at all. It's absolutely true and I think that we've spoiled each other when it comes to establishing close personal relationship as well as working ones.

We think we're gonna get on with everybody in our careers as much as we get on with each other. I think we all know how lucky we are.

Bandias463 karma

Have you ever felt uncomfortable doing a scene and therefore not done it? or have you ever asked directors to alter the scenes slightly?

JohnBradleyOfficial940 karma

The great thing about D&D is that we've developed such a close working relationship but a close friendship as well. We know that anything they're giving us to do, they're doing for the good of the show.

They're so approachable that you could go to them with any concerns. They're such sensitive writers that they always write to our strengths, which is a huge feather in their cap because they know their actors' strengths and will always write to make them look as good as they possibly can.

They never fail to both challenge and support.

croskittles412 karma

If you could play in any movie and play any character what would it be?

JohnBradleyOfficial1595 karma

I'd really love to have a go at playing The Penguin in a Batman movie because I think it'd be so interesting to try and do a psychologically valid Penguin.

He lives so much in the comic book world, it would be nice to try and find a way to give him some credibility and justification and make him a presence in the real world.

iTryForPie395 karma

Which Game Of Thrones episode is your favorite?

JohnBradleyOfficial1435 karma

I think the Battle of the Bastards episode from last season was cinematic TV at its finest.

bpcloe373 karma

Hey John!

What was life like before GoT?

JohnBradleyOfficial1276 karma

A different kind of nice.

keeber1330 karma

How did you wind up in this movie Traders?

JohnBradleyOfficial763 karma

When I was presented with the script of traders it was just after we'd finished Game Of Thrones Season 4. It was exactly the type of project I wanted to do.

It was contemporary, based on topical issues, something that dealt with humanity in a smaller context. It wasn't quite as sprawling.

Plus I got to play the bad guy, which was kind of fun. It was just the kind of refresher I needed after being entrenched in GOT for four years.

It was nice to get to touch upon a few colors from my palette that I hadn't explored before.

SuperFreakonomics296 karma

Hey John, Nuggets or Drumsticks?

JohnBradleyOfficial1208 karma

100% nuggets. Just because the clean up preparation from drumsticks will definitely compromise my enjoyment of it.

I think with the mind of a soldier. Always go for something that you can eat in its entirety without leaving any trace of yourself behind. If you're leaving a chicken bone, you're giving away your position to the enemy.

Ncrawler65291 karma

What's your favourite thing to eat for breakfast? They say it's the most important meal of the Day.

JohnBradleyOfficial1214 karma

Everything that I have for breakfast is always the next thing that scientists say is the worst thing you should have for breakfast.

YouNeedToStopPosting264 karma

Hi Mr. Bradley, thanks for doing an IAmA with us today.

1.) Do you ever speak in strange voices or funny sounds when you look at yourself in the mirror while getting ready?

2.) Could you look at the tag and tell us what kind of jacket you're wearing in your proof image?

3.) Do you enjoy swiss or colby jack cheese more?

JohnBradleyOfficial492 karma

1.) So YOU were that guy looking through the window!

2.) It's a black festival jacket by Liam Gallagher's label Pretty Green

3.) I have the mouth of a four-year-old so it's swiss all day long.

11111one11111219 karma

Read any good books lately?

JohnBradleyOfficial695 karma

I've just finished reading a new biography of Lemmy that was released earlier this year. It's a very, very sensitive book that brings out a lot of his humanity.

I'm not the hugest fan of Motorhead but since reading the book, I'm a huge fan of the man. I think he had the right idea about things. You don't necessarily learn about morality or humanity from the most obvious or conventional places.

suaveitguy209 karma

Who is your favorite stand up comic?

JohnBradleyOfficial974 karma

At the moment I'm obsessed with Louis C.K. and the reason I'm obsessed with him is that he doesn't let an audience be lazy. He's constantly twisting and turning.

His thoughts are so extreme and challenging, I find it exhilarating to listen to him. He makes the audience confront ideas that initially they find quite abhorrent and challenging but they trust him enough that they'll let him take them on the ride. It's like an incredible voyage into his psyche. I love when the comedians have the control to do that. He pulls you along on his train of thought whether you want to go or not.

Nesp2188 karma

Hi Mr.Bradley! Huge fan.
Do you love your books just as much as Sam loves his?

JohnBradleyOfficial432 karma

I've only discovered reading for pleasure relatively recently.

It's true that I didn't read a book that wasn't about football for pleasure until I was 16 years old, but just recently I've discovered a love of reading for pleasure.

I think that when you get a show that's as popular as GOT that's based on a series of books, it encourages a lot of other people to read, and read Fantasy especially.

I think one of the great legacies of GOT is to encourage people to read things that they wouldn't have thought were in their interest before. That's certainly the case with me.

klamonic1152 karma

If you could go back in time and film any scene from GOT again, which scene would you choose?

JohnBradleyOfficial464 karma

I think if you asked any actor this, they'd have the same answer. They want to go back and film all of them again because you're constantly evolving and constantly getting better.

You should never quite be satisfied with your work because you should never think you're as good as you're going to get. As soon as you look at something and say, "I'm 100% satisfied with that" that's when the journey ends.

mrshatnertoyou148 karma

What would you rather fight, 1 elephant size white walker or 10 duck sized white walkers?

JohnBradleyOfficial459 karma

I'd probably rather fight one elephant sized white walker.

Only because I'm not a natural born fighter and I trust my ability to outrun an elephant quicker than I could outrun ten ducks.

They've got flight as well...so they'd probably catch up to me. It's not about which I'd rather fight, but which I think I could avoid fighting.

SuperFreakonomics176 karma

Fun fact: Elephants can reach speeds up to 25mph.

JohnBradleyOfficial606 karma

Yes...but we all know that ducks fly in a formation so that the ones in the back can take a rest. If they adopt this approach when fighting me, I'm done for.

Farkerisme102 karma

Mr Bradley! Thanks so much for doing this AMA today :)

First off, congratulations on your success in The Game as well as corresponding offers that are, no doubt, proffering themselves in your direction as of late.

How long did it take going from finding out that you had gotten the role till fame began to actually seep into your personal life?


JohnBradleyOfficial262 karma

When I first found out that I got the role I was obviously very, very excited and was chomping at the bit to find out what it was like to work on such an incredible thing. Fame wasn't something that really occurred to me until it happened.

It was only when the first season came out that it had any impact at all. I'm someone who likes to take a certain degree of control of my life. I feel I've kept my life the same in all the ways I've wanted it to stay the same.

When people ask if it's changed my life, I say, "yes but not too much" because that implies I had a life that I wanted to change in the first place.

Indie_Reclaimer91 karma

Hey John, thanks for doing this AMA!

What's it like acting on a show that's arguably a social phenomenon?

JohnBradleyOfficial201 karma

I think when we're actually making the show we're so entrenched in the acting out of the scenes and doing our job we have to try and forget how much of a social phenomenon the show is.

That comes later when we're doing press and fan feedback. We just have to focus on making it good and there is a whole army of people who deal with it being big. We should keep to our respective jobs and try to make it good - they can't make it big if we don't make it good.

magicwiser82 karma

Just watched the trailer and it looks amazing! Can't wait to watch it. Do you personally have any ideas for shows/movies you'd like to see made our do you enjoy letting others do the writing?

JohnBradleyOfficial178 karma

I have lots of ideas for projects that I'd like to write.

I think the difference between dreamers like me and actual writers is the fact that they're willing to take ideas on and they have the work ethic to take a kernel of an idea and expand upon it to give it the substance it needs.

I think a lot of people have ideas to write things but the difference is some people have the work ethic to take those ideas forward and I sadly lack that.

Jess149178 karma

What is the best advice you've been given?

JohnBradleyOfficial313 karma

My dad always used to say to me when I was growing up and leaving for school, "be good and work at work time and play at play time."

I think that was great advice because it encourages you to commit to something. Commit to play as well as work. Commit to play and don't play when you should be working.

The world is full of distractions but when you can really commit yourself to work or play then it becomes a much purer experience and you appreciate them both as a result.

liamquane67 karma

Hi Mr. Bradley. Congrats on the success! What is the best thing a director can do for you on set? :~)

JohnBradleyOfficial180 karma

For me personally, a director has to be in control. A lot of actors arrive on set and they're looking for a collaboration and they want to put a lot of input in as well and meet in the middle with the director.

I've always liked strong directors that are in control and don't let me get away with anything. I don't like a director that let's us try and go as far as they think I can go with it. If it were left to me, I'd also be tempted to stop at about 90% of the way but a great director knows you well enough to know when you won't be offended and go a little further with it - and establish right now that it's not as good as it could be.