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Thank you all for now, and be sure to check out our titillating tour in August and September, Summer of 69:No Apostrophe

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greatdaneshane79 karma

Favorite whole assed thing?

NickOfferman195 karma


evaneggnog55 karma

Hey Nick!

Big P&R fan, I'm just wondering, what was the hardest situation in the show that you can remember where you had to try to keep a straight face while someone was doing something silly?

Wishing you both well!

NickOfferman149 karma

I recall it well. Ron had his face burned off and Tammy 2 showed up in the courtyard and I asked her something about a train to hell and she gently rubbed her boob on my arm while she spoke to me and it was very hard not to giggle at this turn of events.

Aerto_51 karma

Do you really love Lagavulin and wood?

NickOfferman138 karma

Yes, for am a human mammal.

Carduceus38 karma

Nick and Megan, you two by far have always been my favourite on screen personalities both separate and together.

I'm in a relationship with a woman right now I can see spending the rest of my life with. Between the two of you how do you make a solid, long lasting fruitful relationship? And how do the two of you personally resolve any differences of agreement?

NickOfferman142 karma

  1. Don't be afraid to ask for lube - there's no shame in a gliding comfort.
  2. Be ready to give, even when you're feeling like standing your ground. Then as your rancor erodes, you slide into each other. Then sex.

foxinyourbox37 karma

Who's your favorite up-and-coming comedian?

NickOfferman208 karma

Bo Burnham is awfully sharp and there's a kid named Amy Schumer who I think is going to go places.

MajesticVelcro36 karma

Hi Nick and Megan! Thank you so much for doing this AMA, and for all the laughs over the years.

For Nick -- Last time I saw you in Boston, you told us about your adventures in building a guitar. How’s that going?

Also, I had the ridiculous opportunity to attend the final show of A Confederacy of Dunces at The Huntingon - no related questions but it was outstanding, I really enjoyed it!

I know you guys are coming back later this summer - I won’t be able to be there, but I'm wishing you safe travels and lots of hot lump crab dip.

NickOfferman41 karma

Hello, thank you for saying nice things about our works and whatnot. I am slowly making a large batch of ukuleles before leaping into the guitar situation. Also - new book on woodworking out in October - GOOD CLEAN FUN.

PopularWoodworking28 karma

Nick! We at Popular Woodworking Magazine love you. Can you give a shout out to the amazing woodworkers that run/work at Offerman Woodshop?

NickOfferman68 karma

Um sure. I just called out to them and said, "hey guys, sending you a shout-out". Is that ok? Your magazine is the bomb!

Willie_Mays_Hayes28 karma

Was Ron Swanson's love for scotch something that you added to the character, or was he written that way from the start?

NickOfferman70 karma

Coincidentally, Lagavulin was the favorite beverage of both myself and show creator Mike Schur for many years before Ron was conceived.

poniesgalore26 karma

I am seeing you next month at Beacon Theater! I am so excited.

Would you rather be a large fish or a small bird?

NickOfferman50 karma

I am a small bird.

CarcosaStars22 karma

What do you think about the English?

NickOfferman72 karma

The English are magnificent members of our family. They have given us Fish & Chips, Bangers & Mash and the Scotch Egg.

trumpetego17 karma

Hi Nick! My girlfriend are big P&R fans and are looking forward to seeing you on tour next month. My question: What are your recommended scotches for someone who wants to start drinking it but prefers whiskey (especially Irish whiskey) and other spirits?

NickOfferman33 karma

I really like the products of Islay for their smoky peaty goodness, like Lagavulin, Ardbeg, Laphroaig and Caol Ila...but I also love others from the mainland like Oban, Talisker, The Balvenie...but I love the Irish's a great time to be alive. Also, Rye!

PrussianBleu16 karma

Nick, what's a job you'd recommend to someone in their early/mid 30s? I'm at a crossroads. Would like to start over, but really don't know if I could go to school for a year or two without an income.

NickOfferman104 karma

Figure out what you love to do, then make sure you're making a responsible living while you learn woodworking.

beckasaurus12 karma

When my husband and I first started dating he introduced me to parks and rec, and I fell in love with both him and the show. You two have the funniest episodes and it must have been such a blast filming together. Were there any scenes that needed multiple re-takes because you just couldn't get through without cracking up? Also, any advice for a newlywed couple?

Edit: also, if I may ask, why are you two doing separate AMAs instead of one joint one?

NickOfferman27 karma

I would recommend looking for opportunities to compromise. not getting your way can quickly turn into a good thing, and then suddenly you're being pleasured. Also - we don't know how to do this.

_Finn_the_Human_10 karma

Nick, I consider you to be the consummate talk show guest (your Late Late Show with Thomas Middleditch and Ellie Kemper being a prime example). Do you have a favorite talk show to guest on?

NickOfferman29 karma

Conan and Andy are the warmest and most fun - we always seem to have a good giggle session. That said, they're all a gas - Jimmy x2, Seth, Stephen, Mr. Stewart was a great life privilege, wish Mr. Oliver and Ms. Bee had a couch spot for us. Letterman felt the most like something my family would be proud of.

GiraffevsRaptor10 karma

Are you both as excited as I am too see what the rest of the season holds for the Cubs?!

NickOfferman18 karma

As I am every year.

golf4miami9 karma

In general what is the best advice you can give to someone who wants to be a creator and not a consumer?

NickOfferman38 karma

Hm. Quit buying shit.

lauraking268 karma

Hi Megan and Nick! I'm a massive fan of you both and I hope to meet you one day just to praise you on every single thing you have ever done.

My question is, what is the most romantic date you have ever gone on together?

NickOfferman22 karma

My lady might have a different take, but I was pretty over the moon the 4th of July, 2000 when we saw Glen Campbell at the Hollywood Bowl and she said I could be her boyfriend. And the Wichita still on the line.

leslienope12907 karma

Hi Nick and Megan! Thank you so much for doing this AMA. First, I owe you both a big thank you - your work on Parks & Rec has brought me so much laughter and positivity to me when I needed it the most, so thank you!

Question, stolen from the AMA with Chris Pratt: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized Lil Sebastians, or Lil Sebastian-sized duck?

EDIT: I messed up the question, then fixed it.

Thank you again, wishing you both all the best!

NickOfferman28 karma

Obviously, I could never raise a hand to that splendid little horse, no matter how tiny and numerous, so I would love the challenge of boxing a massive duck - avoiding the treacherous beak would be something to whole-ass.

djjoeyfunk7 karma

Hey Nick, last year I realized you play a small part as the cop in a small indie movie raves called "Groove" back when you hadn't embraced your bearded self. How was it working on that movie considering it was kind of early in your career? #ThePartyIsOverrrrrr

NickOfferman8 karma

Really fun, I'm actually working on a great new film right now with the producer of Groove, Danielle Renfrew. It was a gas, Greg Harrison is a brilliant and sweet man (writer/director).

qawsedrf127 karma

To Megan: Will you bump bellies with Nick? (like in W & G)

NickOfferman10 karma

Go to Megan's AMA?

arcbuffalo7 karma

What is better, Freedom or Bacon? Don't you dare lie to me Offerman!

NickOfferman73 karma

With Bacon, you have only bliss and then when the bacon is gone, despair. With freedom you have all things, including the right to acquire bacon.

Math complete.

Lac1136 karma

Any advice for a real life Parks & Rec employee? We idolize you in my office!

NickOfferman19 karma

Avoid Jerry.

DangerSnack6 karma


NickOfferman22 karma

For home use I would first collect a good hammer, a socket set, a cordless tool set (drill, saw, jigsaw), and a chop saw. Obviously it all depends on your jobs. If you live in a turf house, for example, you'll want a dependable trowel.

macrob255 karma

Hey Nick and Megan,

I am a huge fan of both of y'all from Parks and Rec and also from American Ham and Megan's role as Gayle in Bob's Burgers.

My question is for the both of you, if you had to fight one celebrity who would it be and why?

Once again, y'all are the best.

NickOfferman19 karma

I don't want to fight. But I would love to box Donald Trump - Marquis of Queensbury rules

_jizanthapus_5 karma

Hey Nick, love you and your work! I have two questions:

  1. I recently rewatched Parks and Rec and realized that you wrote/directed three episodes. Do you have any plans to write or direct a movie or show in the future, or are you strictly focused on acting?

  2. Your new movie “The Founder” looks fantastic! What was it like working with Comeback Kid Michael Keaton and taking on a more dramatic role than usual? (Sidenote: the Academy loves comedians turning to drama. Seeing “Best Supporting Actor Oscar nominee Nick Offerman” would be just awesome).

NickOfferman8 karma

1) Maybe. I enjoy it a lot. 2) Working with Mr. Keaton was a master class - his intensity in the room when his steely blue peepers were on me was unmanning. I was pleased that I kept my feet. Also he's a sweetheart who likes to fish.

mrshatnertoyou5 karma

What would Megan say is your best quality?

NickOfferman19 karma

Carry luggage.

I_am_Bearstronaut5 karma

Made it in time for one of these!

I want to start woodworking in my garage but not sure where to start. Any recommendations on tools and projects for a beginner? I heard it's a rite of passage to make your own workbench.

Thank you for your time. Love you forever

NickOfferman8 karma

Don't start with a proper workbench, wait until you can make it right. This question will be suitably answered in my new book Good Clean Fun out in October, or check out Fine Woodworking Magazine or Popular Woodworking. Safety First!

3mpress0fHell4 karma

Hi Nick! Hi Megan! I have two questions for y'all.

  1. If you were a type of wood, what kind of wood would you be?

  2. Your relationship is seriously something out of a modern-day fairytale. I don't think I've ever seen two people love one another quite like you two. What is your advice for young people seeking love and trying to make relationships work?

You're both incredibly talented and funny, thank you for doing this AMA!

P.S. Megan, I loved you in Party Down! I can still hear you saying "This is fucking makeup!" in my head sometimes, and it never fails to make me laugh!

NickOfferman9 karma

I would emulate the wood of the ash tree so that I might of the greatest use to others, especially Abe Lincoln.

LadPrime4 karma

Salutations, Mr. Offerman! Always appreciate the healthy expansion of my vocabulary everytime one of your AMAs comes around.

What is your assessment of Pokémon Go? Is it not something of a conundrum that it entices people into staring at their cellular devices all day long, while also encouraging them to traverse their surroundings? I feel like you'd have a good perspective on this.

NickOfferman14 karma

I have only heard of it, I have fortunately not witnessed it. Seems dumb?

TheRuralBuddah4 karma

Odds of a Tick-Tock/Flip-Flop reunion tour?
Edit: Tick-Tock (not Tick-Tick)

NickOfferman4 karma


TheyCallMeToasty4 karma

Nick. If I ever see you in person, can I get a hug?

NickOfferman10 karma

If you can avoid my open sores, sure.

simply_there3 karma

Any recommendations for a beer drinker? Or do I need to suck it up and give Scotch another try?

NickOfferman11 karma

Drink what you please, fashion should not enter into it.

stonedragon732 karma

Nick - I just discovered you went to UofI about the same time as I did.. anything memorable aside from drink and, (sorry Megan) stout Midwest women? And what was your favorite place for both?

NickOfferman3 karma

The Urbana Nunnery on Nevada.

Apologician2 karma

Hey Nick, what would it take for you and Megan to get your own show on Netflix? Both of you are amazing together and you would get so much support.

NickOfferman4 karma

We are hoping to do a show together in the future at some lucky network.

perceptionproblem2 karma

Hey there!

Nick, your woodworking skills are well documented. As a fellow fabricator (though a differing medium), I've always wondered if you have ever dabbled in composites such as carbon fiber or fiberglass. Is that something you're familiar with or would want to try?

NickOfferman5 karma

I've worked with fiberglass quite a bit in canoe building and also on some of my paddles. Generally I think I'll be happy with wood for another few decades or more.

iOnlyMakeMyselfLaugh2 karma

Hi Nick and Megan! First of all thanks for doing this, huge Parks and Rec fan!

My question is for Nick: I am a huge fan of your grooming advice, but I am early twenties and have started losing the hair on my head so I am nor longer able to get great looking haircuts. What would your advice be for men that are losing their hair/are already bald?

Thanks again for doing this even if you don't respond, keep it up!

NickOfferman5 karma

a) wear it short b) let your freak flag fly on the sides and back c) cool hats

Lac1132 karma

Huge fan of Parks & Rec! Loved the crazy chemistry between Ron & Tammy 2! How did you two meet in real life?

NickOfferman11 karma

We met doing a play in 2000 in LA, and I plied my troth for months before I got to second base. Fingers still crossed that I can see her downtown!

deadhead221 karma

Hey guys! Megan, I saw you in It's only a play last year. You were amazing. I've seen a lot of Broadway shows, this was by far one my favorites. What was it like working with such an incredible cast? And are you going back to Broadway in the future?

NickOfferman2 karma

go to Megan's AMA?