We are the three main organizers of Ropecon 2016, Kristiina (/u/KristiinaM), Tuukka (/u/Linen) and Aaro (/u/Orthas_). Ropecon is the largest non-commercial gaming convention in Europe and is held every summer in Finland. This year’s Ropecon is in two weeks, 29th to 31st July, in Messukeskus, Helsinki, where about 4000 gamers will gather. We have over 1500 hours of programme about role-playing games, larps and miniature, card and boardgames. You can read more on our website https://2016.ropecon.fi/en.

Ropecon is organised by hundreds of volunteers, nobody is paid for their time. We three have been busy with this year’s con for almost two years now, especially since there is a new venue after almost two decades in the previous place. We will be answering your questions about Ropecon, convention organising and everything else for the next 5 hours.

Proof: https://facebook.com/ropecon, https://twitter.com/ropecon/status/754677016461475841

EDIT. Thanks for the questions!

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CandleSauce15 karma

How did you get to where you are now ? I suppose you didn't just wake up one day and said to yourself "Hell, I'm gonna organize Ropecon". I mean - Did you guys go to the convention just as a gamers first, became volunteers next and eventually organizers ?

Were there some moments when you felt really overwhelmed, thinking of quitting ?

Thanks for the AMA ;)

PS: I totally read it as "Rapecon 2016"

Orthas_5 karma

I've been going to Ropecon since 2006. Then in 2013 I applied to the organising committee "Conitea", around 30 people, lead by the main organisers. In Ropecon 2013 I handled the vendor hall, and 2014 I was main organiser with Kristiina and 2 others. Last year I was responsible for Experience Point, the "newbie area". My journey to a main organiser was quite fast, most people are volunteers first before joining the Conitea and then spend some time there before becoming main organiser.

I haven't really thought of quitting no, but having three of us is very important. That way it hasn't been a problem when one of us has been busy with real life (like my 2 sons being born during these 2 years).

loliaway14 karma

Do you ever get any attendees who think its a bondage related convention, what with the name?

Orthas_6 karma

Quite a few of those who hear the name ask that same first question. However I don't recall there having been anyone let down by coming to a wrong type of convention.

The name issue comes up so often that it's usually explained in our English section of the programme leaflet: Rope comes from how rpg is twisted to fit spoken Finnish.

somemallard9 karma

Is it worth trying to attend if I don't speak anny Finnish?

Orthas_13 karma

Definitely! We have many visitors who don't speak Finnish. You will find programming for the whole weekend:https://2016.ropecon.fi/en/program/. Also it is very cheap to attend compared to many international cons, for 35 euros you get a weekend ticket including floor accommodation.

This year we have an international coordinator for the first time whose only task has been to make Ropecon better for international visitors. She will answer any questions you have at [email protected].

rapanhapakko7 karma

The new location in an enormous, open space convention hall has quite a different atmosphere to the previously used venues that featured separate auditoriums and halls and a number of smaller rooms.

Do you have plans to minimize the ills of the probably less cozy atmosphere?

Orthas_6 karma

Fortunately for us, Messukeskus has the Kokoustamo conference part with around 30 rooms, many of which are cozy (http://messukeskus.visualizer360.com/eng/tilat?p=21986&h=358.66&v=3.88&f=84#20250,21986,0,0).

We also have the smallest hall (only 6500 square meters), which alone has more space than we had previously combined. At least there shouldn't be any heat or air-conditioning problems (=

Pengothing2 karma

I think it's a case of just bearing with it. The usual location isn't available because of renovations.

Orthas_3 karma

The old location Dipoli is being renovated partly into offices. It will be quite different than before.

ohitsasnaake4 karma

Disclosure: I'm one of next year's main organizers

Do you think next year's con should also be held in Messukeskus?

What single piece of advice (that you can write in public) would you give regarding next year's con?

Orthas_3 karma

Next year's con should be in Messukeskus if this year goes well! Moving is a huge hassle for organisers and attendees. Staying in the same place would enable the organisation to concentrate on refining.

As for advice, your most important task as main organisers is selecting the key volunteers in the next few months.

Laylabo2 karma

What program numbers are you as main organisers most excited about?

Orthas_3 karma

As a main organiser I'm most excited about the Pokemon musical and the new streaming stage area where we'll have many tournament final games. The musical because it could attract a lot of new visitors and the stage as I've given it a lot of attention.

However as a visitor, the answer would be rpg's and some miniature game demos. I haven't even had time to look at the lectures we have yet.

Pbjdonut2 karma

Have you ever gotten laid strictly for organizing one of these game conventions?

Orthas_2 karma

Nope, though I haven't tried being married. And as Kristiina said, most visitors and even volunteers don't even know who we are.