Hi, I’m Scott Hamilton. I’m here in Washington, DC, for PBS’s “A Capitol Fourth” (airing live tonight at 8pm). I will be hosting a tribute to Team USA as they head off to Rio for the Olympic games, featuring 19 of our athletes. The show also features Smokey Robinson, Kenny Loggins, “Younger’s” Sutton Foster, Country star Cassadee Pope, classical crossover artist Jackie Evancho, Amber Riley, Gavin DeGraw, “The Voice” winner Alisan Porter, “Hamilton’s” Christopher Jackson, the cast of “ON YOUR FEET!” and General Colin Powell. I am also a cancer survivor and my Scott CARES Foundation is devoted to beating cancer. https://scottcares.org #scottcaresfoundation. ASK ME ANYTHING!

My Proof: http://imgur.com/VGK40rn

Thanks for such great questions! If I haven't met you face to face yet, I look forward to that opportunity.

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eat_vegetables5 karma

What is your favorite vegetable? And what is the best way to prepare (or consume) it?

ScottHamilton8411 karma

The most under-appreciated vegetable is the brussels sprout. I love them and they are starting to become trendy. Fried is always best when you live in the South, like I do.

APieceOfWorkAmI5 karma

Are you excited to meet/see anyone in particular at capital 4th today?

ScottHamilton848 karma

I'm looking forward to meeting Smokey Robinson. He's a legend. My son, Maxx, is with me and all he cares about is Tom Bergeron. His love for Tom is extraordinary. If President Obama were at the festivities, Maxx would ask him if he knows Tom Bergeron.

WigglestonTheFourth4 karma

How many streets are named after you? I went to university at BGSU and walked Scott Hamilton Ave on a daily basis to get to campus.

ScottHamilton846 karma

The only reason that street is named after me is because it's the shortest street in Bowling Green. There is a street by that name in Little Rock, but I don't know who that's named after. A lot of people think it's me but I have a feeling it's been around longer than I have. I asked President Clinton who it was named after and after a pause and a grin he told me, if asked, it was named after me.

suaveitguy4 karma

What's your take on the idea of a permanent home for the Olympic games?

ScottHamilton848 karma

I think it's coming to that. It's too difficult financially for many countries to monetize the Olympics profitably. To have a permanent home would allow for greater financial assistance to go to the athletes. Less waste. More funds to invest in athletes.

badly_behaved3 karma

Hi, Scott!

My son started figure skating at age 5. He transitioned to hockey around age 11. Both of these activities were invaluable in his physical, emotional, and character development.

Here's my question:

As working-class parents, we were extremely fortunate to gain access to both sports via our local public recreation department. They even offered loaner equipment for the first season to assist kids who wanted to try it out, but whose families couldn't make the required financial investment for gear. My son was very lucky to have had these opportunities, but most communities lack these sorts of programs.

What are your thoughts about how to expand access to sports like figure skating and hockey for kids who are outside the upper middle class?

ScottHamilton847 karma

We are actually doing that with the Nashville Predators in Antioch, Tennessee. We priced our programs much cheaper than most places and offer scholarships and free skates to first time skaters. Those skates can be recycled once that skater grows out of them and there's lots of equipment to be bought and sold at reasonable prices. We hope to replicate our way of doing business in other rinks around the country.

frankduxvandamme3 karma

When do you think we will see a successful quadruple lutz at the Olympics?

ScottHamilton846 karma

  1. Boyang Jin will definitely do it. Possibly in both the short and long programs. USA's Adam Rippon has one and should be able to do it consistently by that Olympics.

KyleMcMahon3 karma

Hey Scott, thanks so much for chatting with me for Kyle2U yesterday at rehearsals for A Capitol Fourth. You're an Olympian and a cancer survivor, beating absolutely incredible odds. What was your mindset in both?

ScottHamilton844 karma

I have 4 children. I love them like crazy. Some days are easier than others. On certain days, I wear a shirt I had made that simply says, "This too shall pass." When I wear it my wife always asks, "Are you okay?" What is happening this moment will change in a moment. It's just finding ways to endure the tough patches that allow you to embrace anything that comes.

suaveitguy2 karma

You have had a pretty intense medical history. Do you think that has made you more numb or more anxious when waiting for results nowadays? Anything you started consciously doing that helped you get perspective in the scarier moments?

ScottHamilton848 karma

I have a unique hobby of collecting life threatening illnesses. I have learned that every day is precious because things can change so quickly. Having endured a lot in my life has shown me that all things are possible. That's why I created my CARES Foundation. We are raising the bar for cancer treatment options that treat the cancer and spare the patient. Check out scottcares.org to see how you can get involved in making the next cancer patient's journey better. What's next is next. It's that simple.

suaveitguy2 karma

How was Wayne Gretzky as a skater? Do any hockey players impress you, just in terms of their skating ability?

ScottHamilton847 karma

I used to be Wayne's neighbor and we played a lot of golf together. He used to tell people it was hard not to be the best skater in his own golf club. Honestly, he is the greatest talent ever to lace up a pair of hockey skates. That's why they call him "The Great One."

Chtorrr2 karma

What is the best dessert?

ScottHamilton845 karma

Jeni's Ice Cream. Check it out at Jenis.com.

suaveitguy2 karma

Was it hard to avoid the distractions of the female to male ratio in the figure skating world?

ScottHamilton8411 karma

Absolutely! I used to get teased about being a male figure skater until I turned 13 and my friends realized I had more access to girls than they ever would in their lifetimes. Changed everything. No more teasing.

suaveitguy2 karma

Was the subjectivity of scoring in figure skating a source of frustration when you were competitive? Its weaknesses came to light a decade or so ago, but did the fact that it was a sport without a cut and dry finish line make losses more frustrating than in other sports?

ScottHamilton846 karma

Every single sport has a human element to its results. Baseball has a called strike zone, football, pass interference, basketball, called fouls. Figure skating got a bad rap when competitions turned out differently than the television networks liked. Judging is an imperfect science but I found a way to work with that. That's why I never lost.

Chtorrr2 karma

What is your moment from Olympic history?

ScottHamilton8410 karma

It's hard to pick but being in the arena when Team USA beat the Soviet Union in Lake Placid has to top the list.

suaveitguy2 karma

Who is the last politician that really got you excited and hopeful for what they could do?

ScottHamilton847 karma

I'm 57 years old. I know better than that now. We are a true democracy. I feel that the people need to understand that they are in charge. The former Prime Minister of Haiti could have made a gigantic impact on the people living there. I was excited for him until they forced his resignation to perpetuate everything that's wrong with Haiti.

Sk8gr82 karma

Hi Scott! Will you be at the Scott Hamilton Invitational competition in August?

ScottHamilton846 karma

Yes I will be there. I'll be hosting and helping in every way that I can. We have a great group of judges coming to officiate. That will be a great draw for skaters wanting to be seen by the best judges. See you there?

APieceOfWorkAmI2 karma

Hey Scott,

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

ScottHamilton8412 karma

Horse-sized duck. I love Chinese food. I can only imagine what they could do with a duck that size, Peking style.