Hello. I'm Daniel Hardcastle, AKA Nerd³.

I've been making YouTube videos full time now for over 5 years over at (https://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialNerdCubed/). I'm here today to answer any questions you have about the world of YouTube, video making, game playing, sponsorships and anything else you can think of. I am also incredibly ill right now so expect overly long answers to simple questions as I pad out the time between bouts of paracetamol.

Let's do this!

PROOF: https://twitter.com/DanNerdCubed/status/748199797681709056

EDIT: OK, that was fun! 4 hours, lots of good questions! It was nice to sink my teeth into nice long answers! We should do this again!

Ciao. xx

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mindspread61 karma

As an old fuck who enjoys video games, I absolutely love your dad's channel.

Who's idea was it to get him into making videos?

DaRealNerdCubed63 karma

I dragged him into my 100,000 sub special after he showed interest in what I was doing and it spiraled out of control from there. I do love the whole natural evolution thing he's doing with his channel these days. First it was games, then games and sketches, then games, sketches, stories and cooking. Who knows what's next?!

ennyLffeJ61 karma

Dan, do you have any jokes that you genuinely regret making?

DaRealNerdCubed103 karma

I don't. I think that's largely due to forgetting about 90% of the things I've said in videos over the past 5 years though. I don't even want to think about what's in those early videos.

That's for YouTube, twitter is a different matter.

If I make a joke in a video then it's totally in context, the people receiving the joke are the people I expect and everything is right in the world. When I tweet and the tweet gets popular (around 200+ retweets) then that joke is suddenly playing to an entirely new set of people. Great example was this one today. While most people got the jokes others who aren't used to my style got FURIOUS at it. So yeah, right now I don't regret making a joke but when that day finally comes you bet your ass it'll be one on Twitter.

plazmablu39 karma

Hey Dan! Long time fan of your videos here. Since the latest reboot your content is better than ever in my opinion! Here are my questions.

  1. Everyone takes the piss out of Matt constantly, and it seems like he's in on the joke and doesn't mind, but does it ever really piss him off?

  2. Why was the Fustercluck cancelled? (Sorry if you've answered this one elsewhere)

  3. How did you financially survive the first year of being a youtuber where you're relatively unknown and don't get much money from videos?

Thanks for answering and generally being a pretty cool dude. Get well soonish!

DaRealNerdCubed53 karma

Glad you like the current stuff! I'm having a blast making it so I'm glad people are enjoying it!

  1. Matt's OK being abused on-screen because off-screen he holds the damn company together and we all know it and respect him for it. If you go to Matt with an idea or a request it'll be sorted that day. Seriously, if I ever expand the company he's the gold standard other people need to match.

  2. I just didn't think it worked. Too many voices and styles. I enjoyed making it but it didn't make for great watching.

  3. I had a real job for 6 months, saved every penny, lived with my parents and worked out that I could give myself 3 years once I quit to make a go of it. After just under a year I'd started earning minimum wage from it. That was a damn good feeling.

Uranium_Lollipop33 karma

Hey Dan, my question is why don't you make any more Machinimas? I loved your old GTA IV ones and then when GTA V came out on PC with the editor I was so pumped for you to make more. Then you made one and stopped. I understand (and like) the new schedule of videos but I'd be so happy to see a classic NerdCubed Machinima every once in a while. Thanks!

DaRealNerdCubed27 karma

I love making Machinimas but I really do think that I'm quite awful at it. I think I've got the eye for a nice shot but directing action is pretty tricky and trying to get voices organized means it just takes too long and I lose interest. I think every now and then I might bust out a cool little scene that I've shot as one of the weekly edited videos but I much prefer writing things to directing them.

sgst29 karma

Hey Dan, been watching for years! Got three whole questions if you don't mind...

  1. Do you have a favourite video or series that you did? My personal favorite was your roller-coaster tycoon 3 series - I miss Jeff. I hope you do one on Planet Coaster when it's out properly!

  2. How long do your videos take to capture and edit usually? Big fan of the more edited vids recently, but I bet they take a lot more time.

  3. Who are your favorite other YouTubers to watch? In addition to Nerdcubed of course I watch your dad (that sounds so dodgy), robbaz, ashens, lazy game reviews, and brutalmoose. I think a lot of people would love to see you and robbaz do something together!

DaRealNerdCubed60 karma

THREE?! OK, but just this once...

  1. I loved Fallout 4. I slowly fell in love as I played the game and I think it's the best ending to a series I've ever made.

  2. Depends on the series. I can do the completes stuff for a week in a day. The edited videos tend to take around a day each. That leaves a day for the other channels, a day for writing and a day for game making!

  3. Ashens is my bae. I also am super into Vsauce, Yahtzee19, TB and recently I've watched A LOT of ThreadBanger.

And if me and Robbaz did something together a lot of people would die.

On rollercoasters.

wassupyo12328 karma

Long time viewer here Dan, I was wondering how long were you and Rebecca been dating before you got engaged?

DaRealNerdCubed82 karma

Technically 6 months. Actually it was years of a Jim and Pam type never-the-right-time kind of deal.

Looks at camera and makes a cute face

scorleo26 karma

Dan, have you ever faced serious consequences for your views and comments on controversial topics in the name of humour?

DaRealNerdCubed36 karma

No. I mean you get the odd threat or shouty email here and there but I feel like I've been around long enough that people have stopped trying to make me say "correct" things. If anything that's just helped me push political comedy to 11 on the channel in recent months!

shmeeeel26 karma

Will you ever bring back 3 free game Fridays?

DaRealNerdCubed30 karma

Maybe, but never as a series. Just a few one-offs.

It had 2 issues. One is copyrighted music which is always a worry when your channel is literally your job. The other is that I just felt that by the end of it I was just looking for any games that were free, not games that were worth showing off. When I get games worth showing off then I've got other series for that.

Pdimplex23 karma

Dan, do you think VR will be widely adopted in 5-10 years or will it fizzle out like the Kinect? I know the experience is far superior, but do you think the general public is willing to spend $800 or more on VR?

DaRealNerdCubed69 karma

Kinect has one real function and that was cleaning virtual windows while George Formby plays in the background. It's a game thing. A toy. You could argue it can be a fitness thing but that's really it.

VR can replace what we have. Sure, games are going to be great with it but it's going to take over a much, much, much bigger market. Sports. You could watch the game on your big screen OR you could watch it like you were in the stands with VR. Imagine that, sitting in the comfort of your own home while actually being at the World Cup finals. Right on the pitch or further back? VIP box? Just press a button to switch cameras. Hell, they could add two 360 degree cameras to cranes above the stadium and you could watch it like you were a giant.

You make think this sounds far off but WWE are experimenting with 360 degree footage already. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjT6t7cB37g) If they broadcast a 360 degree feed on the network you could watch it live from any seat in the house like you were there.

Films change too. Cinemas will be in peoples homes. Everyone can have 3D. You could attend screenings virtually.

VR just has so much more potential than games. When the next few generations knock the price waaaay down I honestly would be surprised if it doesn't explode in popularity.

And I cannot wait.

K0nr4d22 karma

What would you consider as your biggest mistake/error that you have done on youtube? For example something like uploading the wrong 3 hour video.

DaRealNerdCubed56 karma

I once was moments away from hitting "Delete" on all my videos by accident while trying to delete just one that didn't upload right. A real puckering moment that.

Chell_the_assassin22 karma

Is there any chance of you doing a gaming collab with ManyATrueNerd? I know you do Podcats together, but is a gaming collab a possibility in the future?

DaRealNerdCubed32 karma


Somelonelygod20 karma

why did you change your picture on twitter today?

DaRealNerdCubed49 karma

Some homophobes were freaking out and god damn it I just can't help myself. Low hanging fruit is the juiciest.

ImAmStupid23 karma

Is that a comment on your testicles?

DaRealNerdCubed62 karma

Everything is a comment on my testicles.

Dunga_19 karma

A lot of people are "scared" to put themselves out there. Scared to share lyrics they written, stuff they sang, videos they made. How did you cope with for the very first time releasing something? Any advice you would give to new players?

DaRealNerdCubed23 karma

I think it's because I didn't care about YouTube. It didn't matter to me when I started. It was just a bit of a laugh.

I've always considered myself a writer. Like, that's the thing I think I'm best at. The problem is that I've built that up in my head too much so now as much as I write a tonne, I simply release none of it. It's not quite good enough yet. It can be better. It will be better. Probably. One day.

So yes, to answer your question... I have no advice! I'm stuck here myself! HELP!

Banana_Rebel18 karma

Top three careers you would go into if you had to do something else but YouTube? My guess is Wrestler, Game Designer and Porn Star.

DaRealNerdCubed27 karma

Exactly those 3. Spot on.

Euphemistic_Chicken18 karma

Are you done working with Martyn? I liked those Little and Cubed videos. However I LOVE the current content. Just curious. Hope you feel better soon.

DaRealNerdCubed34 karma


xDhezz18 karma

You have 3 people to take to a desert island who do you pick ? And in advance Portal 1/2 is not a person.

DaRealNerdCubed56 karma

Clarkson, Hammond and May. We will all die, but it'll make interesting TV.

TrademarkGamer217 karma

Hi Dan, Why do you talk about politics when other youtubers tend to shy away from the topic?

DaRealNerdCubed69 karma

Great question! Several reasons!

  1. It's a fucking comedy goldmine. I'd be a fool to myself to ignore it.

  2. I am super into politics and not talking about it would just not sit right with me.

  3. At the EU referendum only 36% of 18 - 24 year olds voted. That's literally my highest demographic. These are the people politics will affect for the longest and they don't seem to care because politics is almost impenetrable. With the odd joke or piece of political info here and there I can be the gateway drug that gets people into politics.

I go into politics via comedy and satire. I'm more than happy to be that for someone else if I can.

thewinterzombie17 karma

What is your favourite video that you have ever created for the channel?

DaRealNerdCubed49 karma

I GOD DAMN LOVE the entire Heists series. All of them. Equally. They are my babies.

Notablawz17 karma

If you could pick one person to do a collab with that you haven't done one with yet, who would you choose?

DaRealNerdCubed69 karma

Scott Manley. I'm just afraid I'd make him cry.

Darkflashez16 karma

Hey Dan, What is your all time favorite video on youtube and why?

DaRealNerdCubed35 karma

It's this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkkoHAzjnUs

I cannot tell you the joy this video brings me. The memories. The MAGIC of it. Good times. <3

DJ_Aftershock16 karma

Do you ever get recognized in public and is it annoying when you do?

DaRealNerdCubed41 karma

I do a fair bit and it's not annoying at all. Everyone I've met has been lovely. It's always a tad awkward but it gives people a cool memory so I'm happy for people to say hi if they see me!

daboswinney12316 karma

Hey Dan! Love your stuff! But my question is this: How do you think your comedy and video making style has changed over the years?

DaRealNerdCubed39 karma

I've gotten so much faster. I used to take 3 or 4 days to do a single edited video. A short while ago before I took a week off I managed to do 7 completes videos and 2 edited ones on the same day. Sure it burnt me out a little but it's nice to know that the gear that used to nearly kill me is now simply overkill. Hell, I'm just so used to my own voice I can see specific things I've said in the fucking waveforms now. I can edit large chunks without ever listening to it. That's an odd feeling.

As for comedy style, I've calmed down a bit. I used to be quite manic but that bar has been upped so far that I cannot even comprehend why people watch some YouTubers. Instead of competing I settle back into a darker, calmer version of myself and it's much more fun to record.

janicskovsky16 karma

Hey Dan,

When Youtube Red was starting, you seemed fairly sceptical about it but wouldn't be able to give any concrete opinion about it until you began to get any analytics about it.

Now that it has been going for some time now, are you able to give any more details about it and if it has been a positive addition or has it had a negative effect on your business?

Thanks for yours and the others hard work, you make some pretty amazing content!

DaRealNerdCubed12 karma

So far, it makes me hardly any money. I have no idea if it's a good or bad thing yet. I assume I'll get a better idea when it eventually launches in the UK.

Bewith3415 karma

Hey Dan, long time viewer here. If YouTube announced tomorrow that it will be shutting down in a couple years (For whatever reason), what would your plans be? Would you continue to make videos until then, or would you focus more into game development?

DaRealNerdCubed18 karma

I think at the rate I'm going a couple years would be plenty time to keep going at my regular pace but be a bit established in the games industry to maintain that afterwards.

TheSyphonGames15 karma


Other than Sonic 06' what is the series you most regret making?

DaRealNerdCubed113 karma

That Advent Calendar series with Ashens. Traveling 8 hours by train there and back every day was a nightmare.

On a slightly more serious note... I don't think I have one. Hell, I even enjoyed Sonic 06 because I'm no longer afraid of death! Everything has a plus!

Hullian11115 karma

Dan, in case of a snap election, would you vote for Tarquin Fin-tim-lin-bin-whin-bim-lim-bus-stop-F'tang-F'tang-Olé-Biscuitbarrel as Prime Minister?

DaRealNerdCubed13 karma

No. I don't live in Luton.

lolzing3515 karma

Is there any game that you regret getting hyped for, or any game that you regret not giving a chance?

DaRealNerdCubed35 karma

I never regret getting hyped. If a game got me hyped but then failed I don't see that as a loss, it's just a bad end to a good story. At least the game gave me something.

(Although if the Last Guardian disappoints me...)

I do regret not giving Fallout 3 a chance when that first came out. I just saw it as a bleaker looking Oblivion and wasn't really interested. Now Fallout 4 has dragged me into the series I know I'm going to like it less due to some of the quality of life stuff being missing. Playing games in order can be super important.

DRUMWIZARD10114 karma

You are presented with two choices:

1)Make it so that Brexit never happened.

2)Clarkson,Hammond and May never leave Top Gear and the show keeps on getting better.

Which one will you choose?

DaRealNerdCubed22 karma

But Clarkson Hammond and May are doing a better thing! IT'S ALL OK THAT SIDE!

iwouldrun500miles14 karma

How did you build your YT audience?

DaRealNerdCubed79 karma

I worked myself to near death putting out as much content as I possibly could. For the first year I was working 7 days a week, 20 hours a day. I got sick a lot, I broke my body down, hell, I probably took years off my life under that pressure. My thinking was that if nobody could match the quality and quantity that I was putting out I could beat everyone out.

I also spent a lot of time monitoring YouTubes algorithm and changes. Saw what was working, saw what wasn't. Used the right keywords and games at the right times. I was a big game. Now that stuff is held much close to their chest but for a while I was front page of YouTube every damn day. The mystery videos came about thanks to that. I noticed videos keeping people on YouTube via annotations and links were pushed higher so I added that to the end of my videos and it pushed me up.

Nowadays I don't bother trying to work out the algorithm because as far as I can tell the best way to do that is to have your face frozen in a cringe inducing faux-exclamation taking up 90% of your thumbnail.

AeroAviation13 karma

Where did you get the name "Nerdcubed" for your channel?

DaRealNerdCubed37 karma

I had a webcomic before the videos about a Nerd who got trapped in Minecraft. Hence Nerd³.

xcox9712 karma

Dan, Do you struggle using cling film? I do and it makes me sad.

DaRealNerdCubed15 karma


JiimJaam12 karma

Dan, are there any games you wish you could play for a video but can't for any reason?

DaRealNerdCubed50 karma

I'd love to do videos on games that explore sex but YouTube being an American company stops that. Feels so odd that I can show a guy getting chainsawed in half but not a nipple.

DinoDoesStuff11 karma

Hey Dan! Been Watching for about 3 years now, I have a couple of questions. 1) If Nintendo didn't have their shit things with YouTube, and it was easy to record a DS would have done a video or completes on any of their games? I know you liked Smash Bros 3DS and Animal Crossing. 2) Do you ever have any goals for game development or youtube in general? I know smaller youtubers usually set some, but I'm not sure if bigger ones do. 3) Have you watched I Hate Everything or GradeAUnderA Before? 4) I know this is random, but what's your top 3 Gorillaz songs, and why?

DaRealNerdCubed18 karma

That's not a couple of questions! That's a couple of a couple of questions!

  1. The World Ends With You would have had a completes series by now. Possibly a lot of Warioware DIY too.

  2. YouTube's goal is to make the best stuff I can for as long a I can. Games... oooooh boy do I have plans. :D

  3. I love GradeAUnderA. He should be mandatory on YouTube.

  4. DoYaThing, Stylo, Don't get lost in Heaven.

NeonFraction11 karma

How do you choose what indie games to play? Is it news articles, recommendations from friends, or just randomly from the many emails you get? Edit: By the way, loving the new stuff. Idiots.win nearly killed me laughing. Stable. Heh heh.

DaRealNerdCubed20 karma

I find them in every way I can. I've also got Matt digging and filtering for me.

That joke was too good for the channel.

BluePheonix21210 karma

Hey Dan, Long Time Viewer, loveing the WWE completes. my questions are, will you ever play Nuclear Throne? and are you going to do another 2.5 million sub special? When are you fighting Brock Lesner?

DaRealNerdCubed7 karma

The Beast and The Gladiator will meet. A lot.

And I may do! I never know!

ludonarrator10 karma

Dan, with the increasing dominance of multiplayer arenas, how would you recommend we ensure SP campaigns (essentially gameplay with narrative) don't die out?

DaRealNerdCubed42 karma

Buy games with prominent single players. Play those games. Don't buy microtransactions.

I think we'll be OK. If GTA VI doesn't have a single player it won't sell anywhere near as much. Bethesda are pushing SP as strong as ever. We'll be ok.

We'll be ok.

We'll be ok.

We'll be ok.

TazerLad9 karma

What was the best and worst thing you saw watching the E3 press conferences?

DaRealNerdCubed22 karma


Worst? God of War. It looks like a standard modern hack and slash when it used to be a bit of a hold over from the PS2 era of hack and slashery. It might be good, just feels like every other game now.

Clickery219 karma

Someone on the subreddit requested i ask: "Do you watch any of the Arrowverse DC shows?" "What's your favourite movie from the 80's/90's. Mine is Big." "How to pick up girls? Physically and metaphorically." My question is: Who excatly manages your company "per se"? You or Matt?

DaRealNerdCubed11 karma

  1. I do not!
  2. Back to the Future!
  3. Lift with the knees (for both).
  4. I do! (Tracey does stuff too)

ollybes9 karma

Hey Dan! Your Planet Coaster videos are hilarious, and the game looks incredible. Do you plan to release anymore throughout the coming months of alpha and beta stages of the game, or will you wait until the full game is available?

DaRealNerdCubed46 karma

I'm going to cover every major update and do a big old completes series when the game launches proper.

Axius279 karma

I produce high quality videos on YouTube, with 4 years of practice under my belt.

How do I get them noticed?

DaRealNerdCubed16 karma

Keep going. Grind at it. If you make something you think could stand out then start posting it in relevant places. I can't give a huge amount of advice as YouTube now is so different to when I started.

ItsFunnyBecauseNO9 karma

What direction do you see games development taking over the next 5/10 years?

DaRealNerdCubed32 karma

VR will get big but I see AAA starting to fizzle. Budgets will get too big, risks wont be taken and people will lose interest. Indie will keep going strong.

Gavalar_9 karma

Will you play Farming Simulator 17 when it comes out in late October?

DaRealNerdCubed15 karma


DontEatTheChildren9 karma

What would you be doing if you weren't a youtuber?

DaRealNerdCubed13 karma

I'd be moping around somewhere...

Skookum59 karma

Hey Dan, sorry if this has already been asked but what do you think will happen now that the UK left the EU? Are you worried at all in the slightest?

DaRealNerdCubed29 karma

I'm not too worried. I've left the UK before, I can do it again. :p

darkmario96009 karma

Fuck, marry, kill.

Matt, Procrastinator Brad and/or a duck?

DaRealNerdCubed19 karma

Can I just kill all in-jokes? I've tries my hardest. THERE CAN'T BE THAT MANY MORE LEFT!

mycul_shaun9 karma

Have you ever been in a fight? If so what happened?

DaRealNerdCubed48 karma

I saw my friend getting beaten up so I went over and was beaten up too.

HansonWK8 karma

What do you think of overwatch? Who's the most bullshit character?

DaRealNerdCubed72 karma

I don't know. My mum bought me Battleborn.

ALegoSpartan8 karma

Do you ever get tired and/or feel like you're getting tired of doing what you do? For example i would think the editing would be REALLY boring. Thanks, big fan of yours :)

DaRealNerdCubed9 karma

Some edits are tedious, others are a joy. Most of the videos I get rid of are due to the edit not working.

something_funny_here8 karma

Any new info on The Quest for the Game Child sequel?

DaRealNerdCubed24 karma

Yes. My characters name is...



Hang on, what was it again?

EpicDavinci8 karma

If you could make any franchise, whether it be Game, Film, TV Show or Book, Into a Lego Series. which would you choose? (My guess is Robot Wars)

DaRealNerdCubed22 karma

I'd make a Star Trek spin-off set in the far future of the original canon. I haven't already planned it out... Not at all...

PureChaosDI8 karma

i noticed that you make quite a few jokes about core 4 exam writers, any specific reason for that or was it just an easy target with the exams this year?

DaRealNerdCubed8 karma

I heard about the horrors in that exam this year. Just peppered a few jokes in to give hope to the hopeless.

Owjars7 karma

Do you have any tips for actually making games?

DaRealNerdCubed20 karma

I don't want to give any out until I've actually made a good game. They might be rubbish tips!

katthecat6667 karma

First of all lemme say I've been watching you since the BF3 vids. Some great content right there. I was a child so congrats on influencing my sense of humour. Got a few questions:

1) What made you start doing the webcomic?

2) What made you stop doing the webcomic?

3) Has the appeal of YT dropped much since you started?

4) Which do you prefer: Matt or Jon?

DaRealNerdCubed37 karma

  1. Boredom with a real job
  2. Boredom with webcomic
  3. I think it's a different appeal now.
  4. Matt is a better kisser, Jon is... well... he's called Long Jon for a reason.

yhsanave7 karma

What's your opinion on memes and which one is your favorite?

DaRealNerdCubed26 karma

No. None of them. Get out.

Phionex1417 karma

Hi Dan! Long time fan here, joined way back when you were working on Harold the flying turtle.

A few years ago you made a video about going to a convention for the first time, but I haven't heard anything about you attending another one. Do you ever plan to, and if so, which one(s)?

DaRealNerdCubed5 karma

That was my first and last convention. It was fun but not really my scene.

gmemstr7 karma

How would your previous regeneration have reacted to you telling it you got 2.5 million subscribers?

DaRealNerdCubed22 karma

7 hour FW on an old Sierra adventure game.

scirc7 karma

I'm sure you're the most knowledgeable person to ask about this...

Why the hell did everyone pick today to do an AMA? AMD, Gordon Ramsay, you... Who's next? Was this coordinated?

DaRealNerdCubed24 karma

I was just too ill to stream. Ramsey just followed me. He thinks I'm cool. Totally.

tustin21215 karma

He just really liked your impression of him in that Job Simulator video, clearly.

DaRealNerdCubed18 karma

It WAS spot on...

bluejaygo7 karma

Hey Dan, long time fan. Which series was your favourite to make (from any time on YouTube)?

DaRealNerdCubed23 karma

The Heists. God dammit this AMA has made me want to finish them off...

TJCerson7 karma

Thoughts on the Brock Lesnar match at UFC 200?

DaRealNerdCubed14 karma

I won't watch it. I really don't like combat sports. I'm super into Wrestling because it's more dancing than fighting. Nobody is trying to hurt each other, they trying to create art together on the spot. If I thought it was real I wouldn't watch it.

(Although I do hope Lesnar destroys whoever he's fighting so he stays the WWE's beast)

KrombopulusMicheal7 karma

How do you feel about puns?

DaRealNerdCubed30 karma

Pun about how I don't like puns for ironic effect

ertsert6 karma

Are you going to make another 2,5 mil sub special?

DaRealNerdCubed9 karma

No. We've done that. Gotta start work on the next special!

Justin_Heras6 karma

How many unopened Lego sets do you have right now?

DaRealNerdCubed14 karma

God like... 30?

ImaFlyinGiraffe6 karma

Will you do a Completes series on Ride to Hell: Retribution?

I feel like that would be the perfect series for the channel

DaRealNerdCubed14 karma

I tried it but the camera wobble makes me physically sick so I wouldn't be able to do more than a few eps per day.

Prykee6 karma

Have you ever thought about meet ups at events or maybe booths at events like eurogamer or E3?

DaRealNerdCubed17 karma

I have but only at nights while screaming.

Dexter22196 karma

Is there anything you miss from your life before youtube?

DaRealNerdCubed17 karma

I don't even remember my life before YouTube. Seriously, I was such a different person it feels like I was just observing all that shit. Kinda odd.

kluste6 karma

When is the movie coming out?

DaRealNerdCubed13 karma


yumitsari5 karma

Dan, which of these two do you prefer?

Sheamus or Bray Wyatt?

DaRealNerdCubed10 karma

Bray, because his character isn't just the place he came from.

H_Hardwick5 karma

Is there any particular video where you put a large amount of effort into but it was not received as well as you expected or vice versa?

DaRealNerdCubed13 karma

Heists. Always the heists.

DamnAndBlast5 karma

How much do you spend on games per month? How many games do you get review codes for per month?

DaRealNerdCubed13 karma

I get too many review codes per month now. I cannot play them all. Matt does a good job of sifting through them for me. As for buying games all I ever really buy now are ones I want to personally support.

DarkAlex455 karma

DAN!!! Chocolate cake or fruit cake?

DaRealNerdCubed9 karma

Fruit Cake. It's the shit with ice cream.

Ezeei5 karma

Thoughts on the whole Orion Prelude fiasco?

DaRealNerdCubed20 karma

No idea what that is. I've not noticed much game news recently since the UK started to burst into flames on a daily basis.

ZaphodBrox424 karma

Along with ad revenues becoming lower and lower, is video production becoming less of a profitable means of income for your firm?

DaRealNerdCubed11 karma

Yes. It's dropping and shows no signs of leveling off. Sucks but I'm planning for it.

Chell_the_assassin4 karma

Hey Dan! Do you have any input into how Going in Raw is run/ any segments in it or do you just go on after PPV's to talk about them with Steve and Larson?

DaRealNerdCubed8 karma

I handed that baby over to Steve and Larson and they've run with it. I just turn up for the big fights now and that system works! They're both more knowledgeable and charming than me so they should keep doing it the way they want!

0liverBC4 karma

Hi Dan, if there is a Labour leadership election and someone on the right of the party stands against Corbyn, would you support the person whose got the best chance at unifying the party or the person whose ideas you most agree with?

DaRealNerdCubed14 karma

Normally I'd argue that the person in charge needs to be someone from the left to stop Labour becoming Tory-lite.

However the country is ripping itself apart and the Labour party are acting like children. This is the one time they needed to unify but they won't. They're lost and they need someone to take control of the ship. As much as I love him, that's not Corbyn. They won't allow it and are willing to drown themselves to make that point.

However however, I seriously doubt I'll be voting for them after this. They've seriously damaged themselves in my eyes.

AlmightyWibble4 karma

What's the series you most enjoyed making?

DaRealNerdCubed10 karma

I really enjoy an edited video with a twist like the coaster comparisons or the Dark Souls 3 stuff.

AtSoot4 karma

Would you ever consider making an editing series? Since I'm on of the people who really enjoyed the Cities Skylines completes series, that could be fun

DaRealNerdCubed12 karma

Where I teach people how to edit or show a full edit? One of them sounds fun. :p

GuruMysterious4 karma

As part of a probably small group of viewers to have seen all your videos (except ones removed) my one question has nothing to do with your channel or company:

Do you think Malcolm Tucker could fix the political situation we're in lately, or are we so far gone even he couldn't help?

Hope you feel better soon!

DaRealNerdCubed7 karma

Malcolm Tucker at this point would flat out kill Corbyn and then Boris.

hiynadon3 karma

Dan if you needed to move to another country in the EU witch would you choose? (assuming Scotland isn't one of them jet)

DaRealNerdCubed5 karma

I quite like Italy.

MrToastFTW3 karma

What do you do in your spare time? (Long time fan)

DaRealNerdCubed12 karma

The hell is spare time? :p

Chell_the_assassin3 karma

Dan, what is your favourite video you've made? Which one do you look back and think "Wow, that's really good"?

DaRealNerdCubed15 karma

Recently? I love the Dark Souls 3 videos and they way they linked up. Took a lot of work but came out soooo good.

Ashar43 karma

Quick! Cookie or cake?

DaRealNerdCubed14 karma


pm_your_selfiees3 karma

What are your thoughts on the WWE draft?

DaRealNerdCubed8 karma

I hope Seth and KO stay together. If they split I'll be lost.

TNTmonkeyman3 karma

Lego or Portal?

DaRealNerdCubed11 karma

BOTH. I have a Chell mini-fig.

TJCerson2 karma

What coding software are you using to code your games?

DaRealNerdCubed5 karma

I prototype in Construct 2 and build in Unity.

kaseda2 karma

We're pretty decently into the year- what game currently holds your top Totally Not Poop Game of the Year award? Do any early access/alpha games (Factorio, Parkitect, Planet Coaster) could beat it?

DaRealNerdCubed5 karma

Planet Coaster will sit on top of this pile. Other then that there's a whole bunch of VR games that will be in it!

topthorn102 karma

Dan will you ever play The Ship Remasted or at least the original Ship again?

DaRealNerdCubed4 karma

Maybe! I dunno, I don't plan that far ahead. :p

hosky21112 karma

Do you think that by talking about things such as politics and other controversial issues on twitter it will effect your revenue/ follower base/ views? Or do you feel it helps as it brings you closer to the fans, discussing issues with them?

As a primary source of income, surely you want to be as inclusive as possible but, i'm not the one with 2.5 (-bots) million subscribers.

DaRealNerdCubed16 karma

Oh I've lost a lot of money due to them. Probably a huge amount. However it does bring in a more focused audience and I'd prefer that to a vast but general one.

Niet5012 karma

Love your stuff Dan. How long do you see yourself doing this whole Youtube thing as a job and/or a hobby?

DaRealNerdCubed5 karma

I think it's safe to say I'm in the 2nd half of my YouTube career.