Hey Reddit, it’s great to be back and doing another AMA! We’re going through a huge heat wave in LA so this is great because it’s keeping me indoors. I will be accepting adoption requests through this AMA and I hope you know that you are all part of Papa Chong's family already.

I recently turned 78 years old, and I threw a party with free weed for everyone. It’s true that if you smoke enough weed throughout your lifetime that you’ll forget to grow old. And these days pot has got me feeling younger than ever. Recently I was the voice of Reddit's new mobile app video, my character Yax in “Zootopia" became a fan favorite and the movie went on to earn over a BILLION dollars this year, I’ve been touring with Cheech, tweeting, reposting amazing art from my fans on my social media, had an app reach #1 in the App Store, testing lots of weed, oh and I beat cancer for the second time.

Chong’s Choice has launched in dispensaries to great success, and will be in over 200 legal dispensaries by the end of the month. I had no idea you could get stoners to work this hard. Currently our success makes Chong’s Choice one of the top performing legal cannabis brands in the world. We’ve also been receiving tons of buzz for our design and attention to the quality of the medicine. I personally test every batch, product, and I almost smoked it all before it made it on the shelves.

The legal cannabis industry is growing so fast, and the progress we’ve made to legalization is amazing. I keep hearing people saying that the industry is in the middle of our “Pot Com” or a “Green Rush.” I love to hear this. It is what I’ve fought for my entire life as an activist and I knew we’d get here. Currently half of the United States is medically legal and Ohio became the 25th state to legalize medical marijuana just last week! That means we’re halfway there and it’s highly likely that a Federal decision will be coming soon to make a huge reversal of the unjust laws which criminalized marijuana in the first place. The news around the country and the world is incredible. A city in Colorado recently announced they’re using $1.5 million in legal Cannabis tax revenues to help the homeless. It’s amazing and surreal to be seeing this all happen and a dream come true. It is important to point out though that the DEA still categorizes Marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug. Pot is still placed in the same category as the most hardcore substances despite all of our amazing progress.

Cheech & Chong is myself and my comedy partner Cheech Marin. Over the last four decades we have released albums, movies and toured the world. We are credited as pioneers of the legalization of marijuana and the popularizers of cannabis in pop culture. I directed Up In Smoke, Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie, Nice Dreams, Still Smoking, Far Out Man and The Corsican Brothers.

You can see more info about Chong’s Choice, my new national cannabis line, at www.ChongsChoice.com. My new podcast will be released this Wednesday on www.cannabisradio.com. For more info about my vaporizer, the TC-1, go to www.tommychongvape.com. My Instagram is @heytommychong, my twitter is @tommychong and I’ll be around for a while so let’s hang out man.

THE PROOF: https://twitter.com/tommychong/status/745664719302754304

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Sulleyy5061 karma

Hey Tommy! My buddies grandma showed us this picture and told us its you and her about to go to a concert. Is it true? How was the concert? What are you smoking? Is there any chance you're my buddies grandpa?

The picture.

SantaChong4745 karma

Oh my god, if your buddy's grandma is Dale Gerard then that's definitely me. Is that her name?

Sulleyy4103 karma

Haha wow that is her name. The internet is awesome. Got anything you'd like to say to her?

SantaChong5272 karma

This brings back great memories. The internet is amazing. She really meant a lot to me. I was 20 in this picture and I was in Vancouver playing music. We dated for a couple months. It was getting serious. She was a nurse at the time. Her family were all musicians and her little brother made a hit song, Donny Gerrard and he had a sit song called "Wildflower." Wow, thanks so much for sharing. This is really nice and I'm glad you showed up to show me the photo. Please send Dale my best.

Sulleyy3927 karma

This response is so much more than I had hoped for. Dale is a legend. Thanks for the story man she'll see all of your replies.

SantaChong3987 karma

Please make sure she does. Thank you again

Arbor_the_tree446 karma

Man, seeing stuff like this is rad.

SantaChong969 karma

I love being part of this stuff.

SantaChong1402 karma

Just want to say I love all you guys, all your questions, and I hope you're all having a great day today.

bumjiggy1076 karma

chimichangas are a wicked stoner food. why not capitalize on that with your own brand called TommyChongas?

SantaChong2339 karma

Because the people that work for me are idiots.

bumjiggy681 karma

raise their dosage!

SantaChong990 karma

Will do promptly.

FriendOfTheDevil2980280 karma

Biggs BBQ & Burrito in East Petersburg, PA serves a fried burrito called the Tommy Chonga. It's basically stoner heaven. They also serve one called the Cheech Marina.

SantaChong407 karma


suaveitguy632 karma

Who is the worst person you ever worked with?

SantaChong1992 karma

The DEA.

CitrusBasher352 karma

I am guessing that was not voluntary then.

SantaChong699 karma

Not entirely. Fun experience.

Tyexbby593 karma

Adopt me?

SantaChong827 karma


Tyexbby589 karma

Rad dad

SantaChong827 karma

Great son.

flyingfalconpunch454 karma

What is your opinion on psychedelics?

SantaChong1186 karma

Try them.

leo_the_lion6494 karma

Warning, it's not for everyone, make sure you're in the right mind set and setting, and that you've planned it out, tread carefully because bad trips are not fun.

SantaChong538 karma

Great point.

axinquestins81 karma

Do you have a favorite pyschedelic?

SantaChong528 karma

Acid. LSD. The blue dot. More intense than mushrooms as a psychedelic. I got more out of LSD than I did shrooms. It's a once in a lifetime trip.

The last time I did LSD was 1974. I haven't done any psychedelics since then. I was watching "Thumbelina" and I had no idea that the movie was about a woman marrying a rat.

Tyhighguy428 karma

Chong! What is an acceptable age to start the old toke and smoke in your opinion?

SantaChong1432 karma

When you're old enough to hide it from your parents.

discombobulatedone411 karma

Hi Tommy, or Mr. Chong, you seem like an all around chill dude, but what things get you pissed off?

(Aside from the DEA)

SantaChong1940 karma

Donald Trump.

ayyushley370 karma

What's one major epiphany you've had while high?

SantaChong1309 karma

That I should do a Reddit AMA.

ClutchCity88361 karma

When's the last time you and Cheech burned one?

Also, can I get a "heeeey maaaaannnn"

SantaChong738 karma

Hey man, oh, just about two weeks ago at BottleRock in Napa Valley.

fZics355 karma

What is the best way to support the cannabis legalization movement?

SantaChong985 karma

Stay out of jail. And support your local grower.

RosaFFXI327 karma

How much fun was it to work on Zootopia? The character you voiced was hilarious!

SantaChong845 karma

Hmm. It was amazing. Great times. Tommy Chong and Disney... I thought it'd never happen.

SuperShinobi319 karma

What is your favorite edibles recipe?

SantaChong938 karma

OK. This is a great question.

Kumquat Pulp. Freeze it. Put it in a popsicle mold. Add THC oil. Or Rick Simpson oil.

The most heavenly popsicles you'll ever have. Any fruit pulp works, blueberries, oranges, anything. Blend the pulp with the oil in a blender.


Cancelling all my other summer plans. It's going to be Chongsicles by the pool.

SantaChong628 karma

Chongsicles!! Haha!!! But seriously, that's a great idea.

MastaMayne138 karma


SantaChong25 karma

Boom. Phrasing.

nickfield1996251 karma

What do you think is the purpose of life?

SantaChong923 karma

To help others.

matfmath174 karma

My father told me growing up that the meaning of life is to give it meaning.

SantaChong264 karma

I agree. Find the joy.

RudeDudeInTheMood227 karma

When do you expect the US will have pot fully legalized?

SantaChong495 karma

Hopefully this year.

verdatum180 karma

Tommy, I've always wondered, what are your thoughts and feelings related to the Oxford Comma?

SantaChong414 karma

I don't have to write things anymore people will write it for me.

WubSt3p177 karma

What is your favorite method of smoking, do you prefer rolling, or do you have a type of paraphernalia that you like?

SantaChong351 karma

Chong Bongs. Homemade Chong Bong's that I make at my shop in my house.

turbogoon236 karma

How do I get one? I would love to suck a glass chong.

SantaChong491 karma


jeffreyguterman176 karma

Do you see advantages to smoking less? Later in the day? Do you ever skip days?

SantaChong347 karma


ariz2797162 karma

Do u have any advice for someone that just graduated college?

SantaChong742 karma

Take a year off and travel the world.

Murphytate160 karma

If you had one sentence worth of advice to give to the entire world, what would it be?

SantaChong682 karma

Mellow out, man.

DaRedditGuy156 karma

What is your opinion on Donald Trump?

SantaChong803 karma

I named my colostomy bag after him, because it's always full of hot air and useless shit. I think that kinda explains my opinion on The Donald.

FadedPoster261 karma

Hey Tommy I didn't know you were sporting a bag - that makes me feel better about my own. I don't have a question I just wanna give you a virtual fist bump. Peace, friend

SantaChong330 karma

fist bump

ionslyonzion151 karma

Being someone who has openly smoked weed in the public eye for decades, what would you say the biggest drawback is and what the biggest perk is?

SantaChong263 karma

Biggest perk is definitely free weed.

Biggest drawback is well, there is none.

MrHeavySilence148 karma

Favorite strain?

SantaChong316 karma

Anything by Chong's Choice is always my favorite strain.

JediFlipTricks123 karma

What's your favorite childhood memory?

SantaChong737 karma

Being hugged by a nurse with big titties. I was about five years old in the general hospital in Calgary for a lung illness.

RastafarianJesus116 karma

You realise you and I have a date very soon ?

SantaChong152 karma

We talk all the time.

Capone123108 karma

how long have you been growing?

SantaChong441 karma

I grew my first pot plant, in, let's see. My first pot plant was probably grown in 1981, actually 1980, in Bel Air, my gardener friend Frank did it for me and they had all these seeds and they'd have a big bag of seeds from all the leftovers. Frank planted about 15 plants in my Bel Air property, and they grew to be about 15 feet high. We harvested it and smoked a bunch of it. Gave most of it away. And sold the rest for $5 grand. Frank Bartelleti. Good guy. We're still real close.

lizg84100 karma

I'm going to Amsterdam soon, what do you recommend to do?

SantaChong698 karma

Stay out of the way of the trolley cars. And go to Colorado instead.

Jasonf139990 karma

Hey man what's your big take on skydiving while you are high? Have you done it before? Because I literally wanna be high while I'm high and just fly like a free bird.

SantaChong514 karma

I go skydiving in my dreams all the time. And I'm always high.

When you're born poor you rarely think of ways to die. You think of ways to live.

Hippo5590 karma

How old were you when you started toking?

SantaChong219 karma

  1. I lived in Calgary, Alberta, nobody knew what it was over there or I would have done it earlier.

nosoupsforyou84 karma

What fast food chain is your go-to, right around 4:30 or so?

SantaChong155 karma


pleasureboy91175 karma

Hey Tommy, can you tell us how you became acquainted with the infamous Lil Mayo?

SantaChong139 karma

He picked me up on his spaceship and we got high in another universe.

Sandiegbro74 karma

Tommy, first of all, THANK YOU for the amazing work you've done being an activist for the legalization of marijuana. I live in California as well (Edit: I forgot you live in LA) and it seems like a large amount of people (myself included) are optimistic that our state is close to legalization. I think that with a state this big taking that significant of a step, it would be a huge pressure on the federal government to start re-thinking where they stand. The benefits, like you mentioned, are countless.

Second of all, when I was a kid, a friend of mine had a bootleg copy of Up in Smoke recorded on VHS. We must've watched that movie a hundred times. I want to apologize for never actually purchasing the movie but it was very influential on creating my open-minded perspective. Would you prefer for me to purchase the movie now or do you have any specific pro-legalization organizations where I could send my money??

SantaChong236 karma

Send it to my house in a baggy.

schrodingers_beaver72 karma

It's great to hear you beat cancer again. I just lost my grandma to cancer so hearing a success story is great.

That being said, what do you think is the worst song you have ever heard?

SantaChong129 karma

"I Get Around" by The Beach Boys.

Immamoonkin64 karma

I saw your sketchbook on your table. Do you draw? If so, can we see one of your drawings?

SantaChong162 karma

Yeah I draw and I write poems in that sketchbook. I'll share one of these days. Or maybe you'll see it somewhere.

TheWhoreWhisper52 karma


SantaChong190 karma

Eh, I don't really think about dabs.

PunchDrinkLove50 karma

Hey there Tommy! Awesome for you to do an AMA! I've always been curious about the back story of Cheech and Chong. So if someone were to make a prequel to the Cheech and Chong movies, throwing back to when you two were college-aged, what current actor do you think would be the perfect fit to play you guys?

SantaChong230 karma

Johnny Depp and George Lopez.


If you could have one last home cooked meal from your Mom/Dad, or who ever cooked when you were growing up, what would it be?

SantaChong151 karma

Mmmmm, scalloped potatoes. Never knew why they were so good until I found out how bad they are for you.

fumblebuck38 karma

Favorite album to smoke up to?

SantaChong338 karma

Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" and anything by A$AP Rocky.

skellytuns38 karma


SantaChong131 karma

Coconut oil is great. Besides that - no red meat, kombucha, green tea. Keeps me good.

gangafanga35 karma

Who is on your weed Mt Rushmore?

SantaChong64 karma

Can't fit them all.

TreeEskimo30 karma

If you could be half man, half joint, which half (upper body, lower body) would be which and why man?

SantaChong110 karma

I would be the part that gets sucked. Somebody should photoshop this answer.

Goran169320 karma

SantaChong59 karma

SantaChong75 karma

You are definitely who I meant to summon u/NotWhoYouSummoned

SantaChong29 karma

Well? Where are these guys.

Mausel_Pausel29 karma

I was in the The Third Eye in Portland, OR the other day and saw a hilarious picture of you with marijuana legalization pioneer Jack Herer. Jack was dressed as Santa, and you were dressed as an elf, holding a big bowl of buds. Did you know Jack well, and are there any memories of him you'd like to share with us? Thanks!

SantaChong82 karma

Jack and I got the first marijuana card in California back when it was first legalized. Jack called me and we found a doctor, Dr. Edelmann, and he's still practicing. He examined my Visa card and gave me a letter, and we then shrunk that lletter down to a card. We basically designed the first marijuana medical card as well at the same time since there were none up until that day.

I also was with Jack a bunch after he had a stroke. Really great guy. Legend.

MajorMajorObvious27 karma

What is your opinion on using apples as bongs?

SantaChong92 karma

Anything in a pinch. I like apples. I've smoked an apple bong before.

ElChilon24 karma

How can I get my grandparents to understand and enjoy the medicinal properties of Mary Jane?

SantaChong106 karma

Have them watch something informational like the Sanjay Gupta episode where he talks to the little girl with epilepsy and they talk about how marijuana can help people with alzheimers. Show them the research, it's all there.

bozobozo21 karma

What's your favorite dinosaur?

SantaChong139 karma

Herbivore, obviously.

DabHits14 karma

Do you prefer buds or oils?

How much longer do you think it will take for Marijuana to be taken out of the Controlled Substance list?

SantaChong125 karma

Well, I prefer buds.

I think when Obama leaves office his parting move will be to take it off. And he should pardon me and weed at the same time. About damn time it happens.

DeftShark14 karma

Your eyes look glazed, have you been eating donuts?

SantaChong26 karma


Blancolarte13 karma

What is your favourite book?

SantaChong127 karma

Actually, let me go grab it. It's called The Runner's Bible. It's a condensed version of The Bible, and it leaves out a lot of the bullshit.

nicklessflo10 karma

What's your favorite part of working in the Marijuana industry?

SantaChong67 karma

Getting lots of money. Checks in the mail from doing something I would do anyway for free.

aunt_blabby10 karma

What is your biggest phobia?

SantaChong62 karma

Sitting in the middle seat of a SouthWest airlines flight with two NFL linemen on either side.

Yourmrlebowski9 karma

When will chongs choice be available in Colorado?? Specifically Colorado Springs I know soooo many people who are dying to smoke it I cant think of a better brand to support.

SantaChong24 karma

It already is!

Harnar9 karma

What are your plans for the summer?

SantaChong39 karma

Stay cool and play with my dogs.

ikerrytheteam9 karma

What is your all time favorite way to smoke? I personally love bongs and the volcano!

SantaChong18 karma

Chong Bong's.

Peaceweed4209 karma

What was you're dream job as a child ? Take care man :o)

SantaChong37 karma

Dream job as a child, huh? Playing guitar professionally, in a western/country band. That was my dream job. And it worked out for me, and it taught me everything about life up to then.

zsahcakne7 karma

If you didn't end up making money smoking weed, what would you have liked to have done as a career?

SantaChong15 karma

Probably have just been an actor.

xGequili3 karma

Will you adopt me?

SantaChong8 karma

You'll have to be a little more convincing than that. But sure, I'll adopt you.

Wh4t_1ce_went_wr0ng2 karma

The "weigh the anchor" scene in Up in Smoke has to be the most hilarious scene i have ever seen...Was this scene mostly scripted of improvised?

SantaChong5 karma

All improvised.

Kalihar2 karma

How much involvement do you have with Chong's Choice products?

SantaChong5 karma

Everything from top to bottom. It's my life's work.

NadaPapaya2 karma

If there was one thing you could change about weed, what would it be?

SantaChong3 karma



The name. Weed sounds so common. Weed sounds actually kind of negative.

azman6k2 karma

Was marijuana love at first toke for you? Or did it take a few trys for you to really understand the beauty of it?

SantaChong4 karma

It was love at first toke. No question.

wolvern762 karma

How bad is the current heat wave? I live on the opposite side of the country, in the Northeast, so the worst I've felt is the beginning of May. Oh, and to confirm you're not secretly a government spy, are you or are you not a lizard person?

SantaChong3 karma

No I cannot confirm that at this time.

ThePeruvianWhovian2 karma

I'm going to be moving to LA relatively soon. Do you have any tips or suggestions for someone new to the city?

SantaChong10 karma

Bring sunscreen and lots of money.

tasmanian1012 karma

Was that van really made of weed?

SantaChong3 karma

No the guy that made it was high on weed.

Tyhighguy1 karma

Donald Trump is a racist and won't provide the us with what it needs, peace. Tommy for president?

SantaChong2 karma

I'm running for Pope of Dope.