(AMA closed at 11am Pacific time 6/12/16) Quipist is a new social media platform where you own your own content, you get to control how you view your stream (no algorithm taking away something you are reading), where you can have multiple accounts if you wish! But the reason we created Quipist is so that once we are generating ad revenue we can use that money to fund Causes! And each user will be able to choose the Causes to which we will send the ad revenue their account has earned!

Please ask us anything about Quipist! :) Quipist is invite only, but if you want an invite: quipist.com/i/EarlyAdopters/ Please join!

If you have more questions in the future, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] :) proof: http://imgur.com/SrifAly

Thank you all for your thoughtful questions! We will do another AMA in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, please feel free to join Quipist and tell us what you think/feel. We want to make Quipist into a platform that people will love to use:) We really appreciate your upvoting us, and asking us questions:) And we hope to see you again on our next AMA! Thank you:) -Bells (AMA closed at 11am Pacific time 6/12/16)

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sgp198656 karma

For people like myself that hate social media, why would we like yours better instead?

Mycroftholmez115 karma

You have 20,000 comment karma - "hate social media" might not be accurate here :P

sgp198619 karma

Haha touché. I post on here WAY more than fb, but I consider fb and reddit to be way different. To answer /u/Quipist question, I hate the kind of posts on fb. I don't care where people went to dinner, and don't post because no one cares what I'm doing. On reddit there's actual discussions for whatever you want to discuss. Fb is just "Hey everyone, like my selfie!" I don't use Twitter and rarely get on Instagram, but all I see there is people trying to up their followers and what not.

This one looks like it's invite only so far? I would check it out if I got invited, but I don't expect I would post much like any of my other social media sites.

Quipist2 karma

the invite link is: quipist.com/i/EarlyAdopters/ And one of the things we want to do is make it so that you can omit all of the kinds of posts you do not want to see. So if you are not a foodie, then you will be able to filter out posts that have the words you want omitted.... dinner, food, nomnomnom, etc.

We are hoping that people will use the tools to create the environment they want, instead of being stuck with the environment everyone else is giving them:)

Lots of people no longer want food posts... or political posts... or sports posts... or animal adoption posts... etc. We want to allow people to hone their stream into what they want to be seeing:) And if you want your stream to be about intelligent discussions, then I hope that you create that, and invite me to be your friend:) Because that would be right up my alley!

ewwapenis11 karma

The early adopter link, the form seems broken. When you fill everything out it says name already taken, email already taken. Then trying to use password recovery just says invalid token

sinematicstudios6 karma

Same popped up for me. Just go to your email, confirm the link there, and you'll get access!

Quipist1 karma

Thank you for the help! While going through beta we do have some bugs to work out which is why we need patient and helpful people like yourself! -Aric Co-CEO & Co-Founder

ewwapenis5 karma

Will definitely try this

Quipist5 karma

Great to hear! Thank you - let us know through the site what you like, what’s working and what isn’t. We want to create a positive platform with a positive and legit purpose. -Aric

Quipist1 karma

Hm... I have just contacted our dev team... let me see if I can get that fixed. Thank you for reporting it. Sorry for the hassle!!! Please try again in a few hours, or even tomorrow. We definitely want people to be able to join!!!

Quipist7 karma

I suppose it depends upon what someone considers to be "social media" :p I know lots of people who loath reddit, but love pinterest, and lots of people who hate fb, but love reddit... Which is why I said it is important to consider what someone hates about it:) If they love the interaction on reddit, but hate that they have to create posts on fb, then Quipist won't solve the second half of that problem, for them. We do want a more interactive communication that feels productive on fb. The interactions on reddit seem to be more in-depth in alot of ways, so hopefully we can create that level of interaction within Quipist:)

Quipist11 karma

It depends upon what you hate about social media.... As one of the founders I can tell you my focus has been to create a social media site that does not do what I hate about other social media. I want to have control over things that other sites want to take away; to retain ownership of things that I have created and post; to be able to control what I see of my friend's posts.

It is also important to me that people cannot pose as someone they are not, while simultaneously being able to protect their own identity.

We are talking to people about what they hate about other social media, and we are trying to make something better. If you want to tell us what you have hated, and wish were different, we want that information:)

qwaszxedcrfv56 karma

I feel like no matter how good your thing is the name of your product is so bad it won't catch on.

Edit: I think it's the pist part. Maybe shorten it to quip or something. That sounds cool. Quipist makes me think rapist or something.

Quipist-4 karma

Hello, This is Aric one of the Co-Founders. Thank you for the feedback.

As I indicated to another in this thread, we have had extensive conversations on this topic. While we are continuously open to change, we do remain focused on the product as we have currently branded it. We do nonetheless hope you will check out Quipist.com and continue providing feedback. Thanks again.

Quipist-22 karma

"ist" is a word ending that means someone who did the thing... someone who quips is a quipist. Someone who plays the piano is a pianist. Flute:Flutist, etc. Yes, it is sad that someone who rapes people is called a rapist, but there are many words that have the "ist" ending that do not have a negative connotation. Quipping is an art, just like any other activity that requires thought and/or training:)

BadNewsBarbearian5 karma

If I join and get one game invite that is miserable to stop I will not continue.

Quipist3 karma

We will not ever have gaming on Quipist. At least not as long as I am the one designing what we are doing.

Quipist4 karma

Some of my complaints about F are that I will be reading something, and it will disappear. It deeply bothers me that they are deciding what I can and cannot see. I want to be the one that decides what is important to me.

Also, they allow you to have different clusters of people to send things to, but what I want (as do lots of people) are to have multiple profiles so that I can keep them completely separate... so we let people have multiple profiles under their owner account. We are currently working on a verification system so that people can verify who they are, while simultaneously allowing them to HIDE their real name. This can help cut down on trolls, and abusive people. Once the verification system is in place we will allow the user to limit who can friend/comment/etc on whether or not they are verified. This will raise the level of security. I want to be able to block someone, if there is an issue, and to rest assured that the person didn't just create another account to try to get around being blocked.

Safety is incredibly important to me/us. Lots of people have had stalkers, or experienced bullying online... we want to create a community where those types of behaviors are kept to a minimum, and to create the tools that allow our users to protect themselves, and others.

Also, we want things to be easy, and comfortable, while opening up conversations between people. If people want to give us ideas on how to make this more likely, we want to here it. Thankfully me and the other 2 founders are of a like mind about this:)

gusta_gusta21 karma

There has never been a single time ever when using Facebook where I was reading something and it disappeared. No idea what you're talking about there.

Quipist2 karma

It happens to me and my friends constantly. I have had it happen 5+ times in one day. And the only way I can finish reading the post is if I remember whose post it was and go view their profile directly to find it.

DeepStatic9 karma

You know when you're half way through reading a book, and you need to put it down for a moment? Do you just plonk it down and then complain later that the book is broken because you can't find where you left off? Do you redesign your own book which has a special way of finding what page you were on? Or do you just use a bookmark like everyone else?

Quipist1 karma

It isn't about losing your place.... the page was ripped out, and now you have to go back to the publisher to see the original. I mean that it is GONE. Not just in a different place on the page.

__torito__-5 karma


Quipist7 karma

yup: * no algorithms controlling what you see * ability to create yourself as safe of a space as you wish * retain ownership of your stuff *earn points that will tell us how much money to donate to your favorite causes. :)

drderpderpington8 karma

So if there are no viewing algorithms, how do you manage organization and ordering of content?

Quipist3 karma

We are implementing tools that will allow the user to manage and filter the stream themselves. You can filter out what you do not want to see, and select for types of things you do want to see. The more we understand how people want to use the filters, the better the filters will become:)

drderpderpington5 karma

Forgive me for nitpicking, but how is this different from the traditional models of labeling and tagging content?

Quipist-1 karma

We are not labeling, nor tagging, any of the content. The filtering tools utilize filtering through the database without adding any categorizations. Tags and labels can be inaccurate, and can be skewed by people. The posts can be tagged, but that is not part of our filtering system.

HeyItsCharnae1 karma

When you say "retain ownership of your stuff", you do realize other social media platforms don't own ANY of your content when you post it, right? That's not how copyright works.

Quipist1 karma

They try to retain rights to you work, and we are not doing that.

unnecessarilydouche3 karma

You should really start doing something. Change your name, think up of something else. The name is weird and makes no sense. I have already forgot it after opening the thread for 10 seconds. Countless people have told you that your name sucks and needs another one, but yet you still say "we're focused on something else". Yeah, how about you start listening to that "people feedback" that you need so much, yet keep ignoring.

Quipist1 karma

We have another name... it is "Cause Oriented". We are currently getting the backbone set up so that people can use either name to get to our site. We heard you. We are expanding the options! Thank you.

paulvs8830 karma

Don't 20 of these pop up a month?.....I know....I know yours is different.

Quipist-2 karma

Hello, This is Aric one of the Co-Founders.

We know we have challenges ahead of us, but we are excited for those challenges. To give some perspective, this was a one-year project that tuned into four. We have been very thoughtful and serious in our vision; we hope this works pays off. We also hope you will check us out and give honest feedback as to how we can be better. We have much to grow and improve, but it’s time to introduce this to people. Thank you for at least checking out this AMA.

AhrenGxc37 karma

This failed to answer the question.

Quipist1 karma

No, there are not 20 new social media sites a month. I am sure there are people trying, and we welcome them. There are new cars that come out each year, and that doesn't stop people from trying to innovate, and create a better or different car. If you are not interested in what we are doing, that is okay with us:) Quipist might not be for everyone. But the people who are interested in what we are doing, are not going to care if there are other people doing something similar... they will only care if someone else is doing it better.

FudgingEgo19 karma

What are you doing majorly differently to take a chunk of the social media pie away from Facebook/Instagram and Twitter when even Google struggled?

I fear social media has hit the ceiling and its too hard to pull people away from the main apps.

Quipist13 karma

Both fb and g+ control what you see via algorithms. You do not have the ability to see EVERYTHING even if you wanted to. You would have to click on every single person's profile independently to see everything. There is no way to turn off that "feature".

We have no algorithm, and instead have filtering tools that allow you to control what you see.

We do not assume ownership of the things you post. It is your space, and your community you are building.

We are building a system that will simultaneously allow someone to have their identity verified, while also having the choice to hide it from the rest of the world. We want people know that they are safe, and that if they block someone who is causing issues that it is possible to assure that this person cannot sneak their way back into your feed.

We are doing all of this while setting up a social media that will generate revenue for the Causes people choose. We do not necessarily need to take away from Facebook. If someone prefers fb and doesn't want to use Quipist, that is their choice. If someone wants to use Quipist, and help build a community of change, then that is their choice too:) We want the people that want to be with us:)

g____1912 karma

Here's my take as a user:

You need something to draw users in so that they have a preference to use your platform. If your only competitive edge is omitting algorithms, that's not enough in my opinion. For example, I knew Google + had similarities to other social media types, but I never even tried it out because I could use Facebook. I didn't know the details of their website, whether or not it had an algorithm, etc. I just had a preferred social media platform and already had friends there so there was no need to create a new profile. But then something like snapchat/instagram came around and it brought a whole new idea to the table and drew me in. You have to work on marketing your site based on user needs.

That being said, I think this a great idea regarding the cause related objective. I'm not sure it would be a hit for younger audiences, but I could definitely see older users becoming fed up with Facebook and using Quipist as a platform where they can interact and work towards betting the world.

Don't try to compete with the big companies by offering the same product. Don't even use the word Facebook...if someone asks about it just say we are nothing like Facebook come check it out for yourself.

Quipist1 karma

Thank you for your insightful commentary. We agree with you, and are trying to come up with new things to add. One of the features we are working on is that we allow people to have more than one profile, and if they want a blogger account, they can have up to 10. Along with this we have a patent pending tool that will allow you to follow someone, and request for them to be your proxy. Currently that means that if you have a proxy (such as a famous person, or blogger you admire) when they "like" something (or give a Qpinion) they can do so on your behalf. We will be expanding that so that if there is someone who you want to repost what they post, you can set that to happen.... we hope that amazing posts will go viral this way. It is about 4-6 months away for this to happen, though, as we are a very small team working on this on our own.

If you have any other thoughts about how we might be able to corner the market, we would be very open to hearing your thoughts:) We want to create the space that people want to have:)

Thank you for your thoughts. They are valuable to us:)

play_to_the_hilt1 karma

Both fb and g+ control what you see via algorithms. You do not have the ability to see EVERYTHING even if you wanted to. You would have to click on every single person's profile independently to see everything. There is no way to turn off that "feature".

I believe Facebook's "Most Recent" option (buried under the arrow to the right of "News Feed" on desktop) does allow you to see your friends' "posts" just sorted by time and unfiltered. I used to use it a lot. The trouble is that if you do all of the junk that Facebook puts in the feed ("Friend X liked Stranger Y's post", "Stranger Y tagged Friend X", etc.) doesn't get pushed to the bottom. So, you can turn the algorithm off, but Facebook is designed to discourage it.

Quipist0 karma

Nope. It still takes away posts it feels you might not be interested in. There is no way to turn off the algorithm.

fuzzymumbochops1 karma

The algorithm is one of their main assets. It's what keeps people's feeds interesting. Here's an analogy: the New York Times has and always will prioritize what appears on the front page. Why? Cause that's a real value to their customers and makes their product interesting. Same goes for Facebook and Google. Not having an algorithm for sorting interesting content is a major liability for you guys, even if you want to package it up and try to sell it as a positive.

Quipist1 karma

We understand that you feel this way, and therefore, Quipist might not be right for you at this time. In the future, if there is demand, we might make an option to use an algorithm, but at this time we are choosing to respond to the majority of the complaints we have heard, and to give tools, instead of an algorithm.

jtroye320 karma

Just set your FB news feed to sort by most recent.

Quipist1 karma

That does not overcome the algorithm. You are still only seeing a small portion of what your friends post.

Gld4neer16 karma

Are you a 501(c)(3) charity?

What causes does the site allow/support? How do the funds raised reach those causes?

Quipist3 karma

GREAT Question! Thank you for asking. This is Aric, Co-CEO & Co-Founder of Quipist Inc and President of the Quipist Foundation…I apologize now for a long answer, but I want to be very clear as to how we are structured. We are big on transparency.

Quipist.com is the website for the for-profit company Quipist Inc. However, we also have a nonprofit organization called the Quipist Foundation which is an independent legal entity from Quipist Inc. The Foundation is an approved and registered nonprofit; however, it does not yet have the 501(c)(3) status. This does not prevent us from carrying out our mission. We will be applying for this status in the near future as we build our team. As the Foundation grows this official status will become more relevant for other activities we will be doing.

There are two main ways in which we will fund causes.

1) Quipist Inc. will give revenue profits to the Foundation which will then distribute the money to causes. The causes and number of them supported by the Foundation will change over time depending on various factors.

2) Quipist Inc. will also set aside profits for the members on Quipist to decide where to directly give them. Therefore, a cause can be supported but not have to be part of the Foundation pool; the cause only needs to be a member of Quipist. We want the users to have direct say in eventually where most of the profits will go, after all, we cannot do this without our members. By being active on Quipist you earn points which you give to causes chosen through your settings. The more points a cause earns, the more funds they receive. When you join, we want to hear what causes you are passionate about, you can get the cause to join, or we will attempt to do that for you. We hope at some point causes will catch on and simply join without anyone inviting them.

As a little teaser, we do plan to support more than just nonprofits, but for now we are focusing on this. Eventually the word “cause” could mean your backpacking trip around Europe, or whatever – you get to say where the money goes. We plan to fund all sorts of amazing ideas and project, most anything our members would be interested in. First we need to get the platform up and running. This is all being done through a cool concept we call “Cloud Funding.”

Understand that we are still bootstrapping this entire endeavor for we want to remain 100% in control and true to our vision/mission. When we soon see revenue coming in, profits will immediately go to growing our team. We have some amazing volunteers with much needed resources. As Quipist Inc become financially settled, more and more funds will proportionally go toward the causes. In our business model our goal is to reach a point where we’re giving most of our profits away! We are very serious about giving back, please check out Quipist.com and give feedback and help us grow! Our tagline is “Think.Community”!

-Aric Co-CEO & Co-Founder

maxblackwood14 karma

This is Aric, Co-CEO & Co-Founder of Quipist Inc and President of the Quipist Foundation

I'm starting to think this is a troll.

Quipist1 karma

That was Aric, answering your question. And not a troll. And this is Isabelle answering your trolling comment.

WurdSmyth2 karma

Where are you located?

Quipist1 karma

This is Eman the other CO-CEO and we are located in Silicon Valley. Thanks for asking!

Quipist1 karma

The bay area in northern California:)

Quipist1 karma

The first Causes we will allow people to choose, are ones that non-profits, in the US that have already been vetted by Federal government. People can request that their Cause be added, and we will add them as quickly as possible.

The profit we will generate through ad revenue will go to the Quipist Foundation, and the Foundation will donate the money based on the choices of the users. Each user will be ranked on how much they use the site, and it will tell us what their portion is to donate.

The Quipist Foundation will handle all of the donations to Causes. I am working on the Quipist Social Media side, and so I am unsure as to what the status is of the Quipist Foundation. If you want to send me a direct email, I can get that answer for you. [email protected] -Isabelle

sir_snufflepants14 karma

How much did you pay Reddit for this thinly veiled advertisement?

Quipist3 karma

Nothing. :) This was actually the first AMA for all of us, ever. We hope this to be a positive experience.

-Aric, Co-CEO & Co-Founder

xproofx14 karma

How long do you estimate before corporate greed sinks in and your product turns into something you hadn't originally envisioned?

Quipist1 karma

One of the reason we, all three, are dedicated to this, is because we are tired of that happening to well-meaning companies. All three of us have been involved in large endeavors in the past, and never have caved to greed. We want to keep each other in check. We have set it all up so that no one else can come in and change the platform, away from being Cause oriented. There is not world where someone can promise that that won't happen, but I can tell you that as long as I am involved, I will do my best to keep it from being driven by greed. My main focus is the social media platform, and their main focus (Aric, and Eman) is on creating the Foundation, and getting the Causes set up. Between the three of us, we will do our best to keep this from going off the rails. -Isabelle

Quipist-5 karma

Hello, this is Aric, Co-CEO & Co-Founder.

This is a very valid concern. As I wrote in a few other responses, we have been bootstrapping this project for four years (originally meant to be one). We are very serious about giving back and funding amazing ideas and causes - I know, difficult to believe in a world often sputtered with greed. As one of the original two Co-Founders I can tell you our team has not been more serious about anything as we are this. We have given tremendous time and made serious financial sacrifices to get to this point; greed is not something that is going to get in the way, if it were it would have already, BELIEVE me. We invite you to check out the platform, provided feedback, and have some fun. While in beta we are improving things on a daily basis. Thank you for checking out this AMA, and please do check out the site!

NullOfUndefined13 karma

Are you the south African company that bought this idea from rippple? Because I worked on that pitch thanks for the money for this bad idea <3

Quipist2 karma

We did not buy our idea from anyone. We create this all our own. And if it isn't for you, we totally understand:)

DigiMagic12 karma

Just curious, if you want your project to grow as much as possible, have many members, generate a lot of revenue... why is it invite only?

A friend of a friend of mine was doing something similar, a new social media network for mobile phones. He set up the application so that it refuses even to install on some (most?) mobile phones. I just don't understand. :-)

Quipist7 karma

The most basic level of vetting happens through inviting someone. That means at least one person knows them. But we also understand that in the beginning that would create a bottleneck. So we have an open-invite link that people can use until we have enough members that it is self-sustaining, and/or have identity verification in place. For now, new users who do not know anyone can use the quipist.com/i/EarlyAdopters/ link to join, but that will not always be true. Also, it isn't a "network" if people are not networked together:)

charkoteow17 karma

Tried your site and I like the cleanliness

So I wanted to link my Twitter account to it but I need to authorise Quipist to do certain things

This application will be able to:

Read Tweets from your timeline.

See who you follow, and follow new people.

Update your profile.

Post Tweets for you.

Access your direct messages.

Is this one of those app that after I gave permission, it just tweet ads(to invite people using their app) and other shit using my account?

Quipist3 karma

Oh yes, and we are required to ask for those permissions as part of using the API, regardless of whether or not we wish to use those pieces. Our intention is to only use the API to grab what you have already posted to those sites, and mirror it to Quipist:)

kbecks067 karma

Maybe I'm misunderstanding this, but are you saying you pull all of a user's direct messages to put them on your site? If not you need have a chat with your developers because that isn't correct, if you are then you probably shouldn't do that. Either way you certainly don't need write access.

On Twitter's API you have to specifically request Direct Message access and write access. This is what your app permissions page looks like, I took this screenshot about 5 minutes ago. If you asked me for this I would close the tab and never look back. Either (a) I'm wrong, (b) you're wrong, (c) your devs are wrong, (d) you don't know what you're doing. None of these seem great given how you're marketing your service.

Link to Twitter's API docs that explain the direct message permission.

Also from your security page

We here at Quipist take your privacy very seriously. Starting off we will have ssh (encryption for connecting to Quipist)

Either your users are really jumping through hoops to connect to your service or this is a typo (SSL)?

If you've been working on this for 4 years and you're trying to sell yourselves on being privacy focussed you should really pay closer attention to what you're doing. Now I'm already left with the impression that this is sort of sketchy at best.


I'm pretty sure what you're doing is also against the Twitter API Terms of Use so you'll probably have your access revoked at some point.

G. Avoid Replicating the Core Twitter Experience

Do not do the following: [...] Use Twitter Content or other data collected from users to create or maintain a separate status update or social network database or service.

Seems quite explicit.

Quipist1 karma

We do not touch your direct messages from any other service. We only pull content you posted, yourself, on your feeds, from whichever services you choose, and we allow you to repost it on Quipist, if you wish.

tedatcapbells-4 karma

No reply....

Quipist4 karma

I apologize for the lack of response. This AMA ended over 2 hours ago. However, I decided to check back in. Our API only grabs your twitter post (the ones you posted, not anyone else's) and does not push anything to your twitter account. Also, we have zero intention of ever doing anything so obtrusive as to push ads to anyone's feed:)

HanMaBoogie2 karma

I tried that link and it was a shitshow. Good luck with your Facebook killer.

Quipist8 karma

If you have had any trouble with the link, I would love to hear about it. We are in open-beta, and so we haven't caught every bug, but this is the first I have heard of anyone having trouble with the login link. It would be really helpful if you could tell us what difficulties you had:)

Unfreeze9 karma

Favorite Pokémon?

Quipist-9 karma

I choose Pikachu!!!

genderdoom5 karma

Why must you be 18 to join Quipist? This will be a real hurdle to prevent you from getting popular.


Note for Children. Use of the Site by anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited.

Quipist1 karma

You have a great point, and we appreciate you checking out our terms! We welcome feedback on all aspects of our site and want to hear all concerns and suggestions. Until we implement some more features and safeguards on our long list, we do want to be careful about who is using our site and how. We do plan to relax on this on term. Thanks again and we hope you check out the site! - Aric, Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Quipist1 karma

Until we have tools in place that assure that children will not see inappropriate content, we cannot allow children on the site. We have plans in the work to do so, but as we are a small team, working on our own, this has not gotten to the top of the priority list as of yet.

Pinefire5 karma

I agree with the feedback many other redditors have given you regarding the name 'Quipist'.

It is terrible.

Why aren't you listening?

Quipist0 karma

We are listening.

Duke_LFG4 karma

Can you post a pic of aroc and eman too?

Quipist3 karma

Yes, let me have them send something to me, and I will post it:) Give me a few minutes:)

Quipist7 karma

Quipist3 karma

And here is Aric: http://imgur.com/A3KtreG

Monkey_Deee_Luffy2 karma

Whats ur opinion on popeyes fried chicken?

Quipist2 karma

It's a trap!

hail1082 karma

I like the idea of content and ads going toward something that is real. Would your cause(s) receive funding based on content you create or your actual viewing of ads?

Quipist6 karma

Hi! Thanks for asking! We have created a points system where you 'earn' points for your activities, adding friends, if something goes viral, etc. And those points help us to "divvy up" the ad revenue fairly, based on your activity level. People with more points will get a proportionally higher amount of donations on their behalf.

We cannot know in advance how much money our ad revenue might generate, so the point system helps us to assure that the money is going where it should, without us over committing, NOR under-committing. It is important to us that those using our site the most, earn the most money for their Cause or Causes:)

hail1082 karma

Thank you Isabelle. That seems like a great way to go about it (and well thought out). So it would also encourage content creators, similar to youtubers, to create content for a cause. Very cool.

Quipist3 karma

Yes, we want to encourage people to create content, and we want to reward people for their posts going viral:) It is our hope that people will view using Quipist as a way to help better the world, and no longer view social media as merely a "waste of time" ;) We want our user's time to be worth something:)

Dman2221232222 karma

Why did you pick a name that I thought, at first glance, rhymes with "incest"?

Quipist2 karma

A "Quip" is a witty comment. Every word has sound associations with it, and we understand that you have a negative with Quipist. It is very difficult to find a unique name, that is memorable, and this was what was chosen at the onset of our endeavor.

MirthSpindle2 karma

Will you be censoring controversial opinions or political stances ?

Quipist1 karma

People will be encouraged to report hate-speech, and we will consider reports on a case-by-case basis, but no, we will not be censoring people's opinions or political stances, within the bounds of the law. If someone is encouraging others to acts of violence, in any way, shape, or form, that would be against the law, and we will have to remove the content.

Samoosk1 karma

Seeing as you're trying to get off the ground, are wanting feedback and I don't know anyone that uses quipist! Would you please invite me so I may peruse?

Quipist1 karma

Absolutely! Please use our Early Adopters invite code: quipist.com/i/EarlyAdopters/ If you have any issues, please email us at [email protected]. Please be patient, as we are doing all of this work ourselves! :)

treedot1 karma

I'm signed up for the site. It's clean, but seems pretty buggy. Twitter wouldn't authenticate and took me to some weird page, then I was logged out and had to sign back in.

I got it to work, but my first question is, where is the option to add Facebook?

I only use Facebook and Twitter so if Facebook isn't an option, this site is just a glorified Twitter app for me.

Quipist1 karma

We need more users before we can work with Facebook to get access to their API. Currently a work-around is to repost your items to twitter, and then Quipist can grab them from there. We realize that is not optimal by any stretch of the mind, but it is a short term solution if someone wants to make it work right away.

Also, some people have been unable to log in to their other social media via quipist unless they already have it open, and are logged in, in the same browser (obviously in a different window/tab). We apologize for this. We are still in beta, and working on bugs as we can:)

RawCS0 karma

Hey Isabelle, first off thanks for doing this AMA! I had a couple questions about your site. 1) Can you explain how you control your own stream? That sounds really interesting, is it like reddit where you can only see what you're subscribed to? 2) What kind of causes can I fund? Will it only be big charities, or can I fund things in my own community? Thanks!

Quipist0 karma

Hi! Thanks for asking! 1: we have created, and are creating more tools, that allow you to 'filter' your stream. Currently you can filter by dates, or type (images, text, links, etc), and you can mute out people for a particular "reload" of your stream. (I am a prolific poster, so sometimes people want to mute me to see what other people are sharing! We want you to be able to get to the content you are looking for:)). Also, later, we will be adding a "filter out" feature that will allow you to block a keyword (such as 'sports' or 'abuse' or 'nsfw' or 'election' or 'primaries' or 'cats' or whatever else you are tired of hearing about). It is on our list of things to do. I mention it so that you can see where we are going:) We are also open to hearing of filter actions/tools we should add in the future:) We do not currently have an opt-in type filter, and are focused on filtering out... but if you really want an opt-in filter, definitely get involved on Quipist, and tell us what that should look like! :)

Our ultimate goal is to fund things in people's communities. Any Cause we can vet, and that we can get to enroll on Quipist (so we can send them money), we will allow users to choose. We want people to fund that which is the most dear to their heart. If you want to fund The Boys and Girls Club nationally, then awesome... and if you want to fund it locally, and they have enrolled, then that is awesome too!

We have a form for submitting Causes you will want to fund, and we will add them to the list for vetting! So please submit them:)

Iamthatguyoverthere-16 karma

Hi Bells, I actually was able to join Quipist by getting a link from a friend a couple weeks ago. The site is super clean, and I really dig the way that I can have all my other social media streams in the same place. A question I have is once the funding goes live, will I earn points from sharing my other social media posts on Quipest? Also, what are some things about your site that your average user like me don't know about yet?

Quipist-2 karma

Hi! Thank you:) Yes, you will earn points for things you share on Quipist, and if one of your posts goes viral, it will earn you more points. Points effect your standing within the Quipist community, and the higher your ranking, the more money you earn for you chosen Causes. People who have more interaction on Quipist end up earning more ad revenue, and so we give those people more points, and make sure that the money earned goes where they choose:)

The people with the highest points will be the very same people who are having the highest amounts of money donated on their behalf. Being an armchair warrior will have a ranking system, and we would LOVE for people to try to reach the top levels:)

Other things you might not know: we allow you to have more than one profile. If you want a work profile and a personal one, then you can do that:) If you want a private and a public, you can do that:)

We are currently working to add functionality so that you can crosspost to someone else's page (if that have that turned on), which is a big different between F, and G. You can do that on F, but not on G, and I (we) feel that that is a big problem when trying to create a sense of community. If you want to use Quipist as a community tool, which we do, then we need to be able to share things to other people:)

We hope that Quipist will be a SocMed where people will want to come to have their discussions because it is not just an echo chamber, AND people are respectful to each other. So we are building tools to allow people to make it that way:)

SickNDick18 karma

you will earn points for things you share on Quipist, and if one of your posts goes viral, it will earn you more points. Points effect your standing within the Quipist community

I'm out. Ain't nobody got time for that. Seriously

Quipist3 karma

The point system is no different than having upvotes on reddit. Except that your activity directly correlates to the portion of the ad revenue we will donate on your behalf. We need a points system to know who doesn't the most interacting on Quipist, so that we know to donate more money on their behalf.