EDIT: We're taking a break for kittens, but will answer more questions later. We are a semi-pro Ultimate Disc team out of Dallas, Texas. Our AMA will include Beau Kittredge, Jimmy Mickle and Dylan Freechild. Between them, there are 2 Callahan winners (college MVP), AUDL 2x MVP (league MVP), and multiple national and world championships. They are also some of the first players ever be able to play Ultimate fulltime.

My Proof: https://www.facebook.com/dallasroughnecks/ Jimmy: https://twitter.com/livelaughlime Dylan: https://twitter.com/theSPIKEZILLA Beau: https://www.instagram.com/beau_show/

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NotMattBennett30 karma

Who has the best throws on the team? Be honest. If you really, realllly think about it... isn't there only one correct answer?

DRoughnecks35 karma

Not Matt Bennett- JM

hamm0ck25 karma

What is the salary range for you as full-time ultimate players?

DRoughnecks65 karma

Doing various odd jobs (ERIC National Youth Director, contract enginnering work, Roughneck things ) I'm able to afford eating out a few times a week, drive my 2006 Subaru Forester, and pay for tinder plus. Nothing too crazy but fortunate to be part of this all. -JM

kyleweisbrod22 karma

If your life depended on you convincing one average 50 year old US male sports fan that ultimate was actually a sport using only one video, what video would you show?

What, beyond the game play, do you think is the best part of the sport?

What, if anything, would you not change about the sport in order to gain greater visibility/awareness/legitimacy?

DRoughnecks26 karma

I would use this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uc9RkIP06hU but I would change the music to whatever old people listen to. Beyond game play, the fact that it's so easy to learn and easy to play, but hard to master. Or, I would hire whoever makes those sweet Nike commercials and have them film Ultimate (for the media clip show) - BK

CitizenDanny15 karma

Speaking as a member of the citizens, who do you most believe to be Mafia? And as a followup, who should we vote off first round?

ddf109 karma

Will Deaver definitely mafia. I'm not sure who should be voted off first, but continually saving Mitch Dengler seems appropriate.

CitizenDanny4 karma

I think saving Mitch seems reasonable, and Will is as good a sacrifice as any... But could you be on board with getting rid of Kurt?

DRoughnecks3 karma

I trust Kurt. -JM

DRoughnecks7 karma

Danny is mafia, always. -JM

Rad_Astronaut14 karma

Who is your favorite player on the Roughnecks and why is it Matt Jackson?

DRoughnecks33 karma

Let's start with the man bun. Then, move down his perfectly tattooed body to those carved calves, then listen to his silky voice as he rambles about digestive problems. Finally, watch him soar 43 inches in the air or launch a pin perfect flick land in the bread basket of Kai Marshall. #dreamy - BK (and everyone else)

adelenetan11 karma

Jimmy, are you single?

DRoughnecks44 karma

Single enough. - JM

DRoughnecks26 karma

Prove it. - BK

rjenkins201410 karma

Has your relocation to Dallas changed any of your plans for the club season?

DRoughnecks19 karma

Nope. We are all headed back home to our respective club teams after the season. -JM

hungryhippo69210 karma

Excluding yourselves, who would you put on a universe O line and D line? Let's say you can't use the same player on both lines.

DRoughnecks13 karma

O line: Ashlin, Cassidy, Rehder, Joel, Simon Higgins, Kurt, Kai Marshall. D line: Matt Jackson, Stanley, Russell, Ryan Farrell, Henry, Kanner, Little Stubbs, young Martin Cochran.

johnnynoname129 karma

honestly- do any black people play "ultimate frisbee"?

I mean--I look at your sport and say to myself "that's some legit white people stuff right there, yo"

DRoughnecks17 karma

Actually, yes. There are a few black athletes, but I agree there is not nearly enough diversity. I hope one day that changes. - BK

danishdynamite239 karma

Who has been your favorite opponent in the South this year?

DRoughnecks18 karma

I've really enjoyed our games against Austin, they have a bunch of talent a a great home crowd. -JM

Toasty138 karma

When are we going to see more upside down pulls? The crowd demands it!

DRoughnecks20 karma

I will make the proper arrangements for the ESPN3 game vs. the Austin Sol July 2nd. It will be performed by either Jimmy Mickle or Brodie Smith. - BK

VoicefromtheShadows7 karma

For Beau, What 3 things to you most attribute the rise of Revolver from not even the best team in San Francisco to being the top of the nation?

DRoughnecks16 karma

@Cassidy, did you make a fake account to ask this? -JM

DRoughnecks10 karma

This will make Jimmy throw up, but honestly the team motto and values really helped draw in hard working talent who were willing to be part of a system rather than individually good players. I really enjoyed the culture of IHD, which stands for Intensity, Humility, Discipline. It's nice to be part of a team that you want to play your best for. You want to succeed not just for yourself, but for the team. - BK

SudsyWudsy7 karma

Do you guys ever get tired of hearing the drunken Apes of Wrath crowd chant Kai related things all the time at home games?

DRoughnecks11 karma

No. -JM

GrundgeAcid6 karma

For someone who knows nothing about this sport what would be the first start of conversation to fake it to make it about knowing it and without using google?

DRoughnecks22 karma

Use words like scoober, force side, flick, huck it, cup, poach, play honest, spike it, pull, dump, handler.

Combine into any order. Such as, "Did you see that guy cut force side for the flick, good thing the handler saw the poach and threw the scoober instead." - BK

Kakotepako6 karma

I've played elite level ultimate for the past four years and it has destroyed my body. What are your tips for staying healthy?

DRoughnecks7 karma

As I've just learned the hard way, proper training is super important. This involves lifting and plenty of single-leg dynamic mobility exercises. - BK

DRoughnecks3 karma

I think it's really important to listen to your body and avoid overtraining. Fatigue is the enemy and wearing yourself down too much can definitely lead to injuries. -JM

TheDullCrayon6 karma

Hi! Im a huge fan of you guys and the sport. As a high school ultimate player, what's the best thing I can do to improve?

DRoughnecks11 karma

Throw as much as possible, work on different release points and off balance throws. -JM

fueledbydonuts6 karma

What does your in season training look like outside of practice?

What does your off season training look like?

Most importantly, what's each of your favorite brewery?

Also, I've really enjoyed watching your games this year. Tried to catch them live if I could but if not I try to watch the replays.

DRoughnecks5 karma

In season training - right now is rehab 2-3 hours in the morning, practice/track/pilates in the evening. Followed by Netflix and chill. And snacks.

Off season involves lots of weights, lots of track, tanning, swimming, Netflix and chill. And snacks.

Favorite brewery - Revolver. -BK

Grls_PM_Me_You_Peein6 karma

where does your lap go when you stand up?

DRoughnecks11 karma

This is a deep one. Where does it go? I assume it goes into hibernation until the long winter stand is over. Thank you. - BK

push_pass5 karma

I wear #50 in the name of the man who said to work hard for something for an entire life. Ill prob change it next year though. Im a foot shorter than beau but im taking the club season off to get stronger at lifting things up and putting them down until i can jump out the roof. Wont you write more, beau? Your stories have been good to read, especially that prisoner one.

DRoughnecks7 karma

Hey push_pass, yeah you should definitely choose your own number and carve your own destiny. And just for you, I will write something. I won't enjoy it, but I'll do it. Hugs. - BK

push_pass5 karma

How many times a week do you guys stop and think that maybe it's all pointless, it's all a waste of time anyways?

DRoughnecks12 karma

3-4 times a week, usually I'm in the middle of a grueling workout or listening to my boss, Jim, telling me to do something utterly ridiculous. - BK

BamDizz5 karma

What are your favorite warm-up stretches or drills that no one knows about?

DRoughnecks5 karma

Butt activation. Glute bridges are so hot right now. Lay on your back, shoulders on the ground. Place your buttocks firmly upon the ground, feet located one foot in front of said buttocks. Lift with both legs. Squeeze the gluetimas maximus at the top for a five count. For the advanced butt activation, proceed with only one leg. - BK

lifesaver645 karma

Beau, will you do something special in London for your birthday or just try to forget that you're another year older/?

DRoughnecks19 karma

Unfortunately and hopefully, we will still be playing in the tournament on my birthday and they have drug testing there. So, proper party will be delayed til we are done. In which case, I will be drinking tears out of a chalice or drinking champagne out of a trophy. - BK

adelenetan5 karma

Are you guys going to go back to play in Manila Spirits again this year?

DRoughnecks8 karma

It depends if Derek Ramsey let's me drive his Ferrari. But seriously, I would love to get back over there. The love they have for Ultimate is awesome. - BK

Thatfairlynewkid5 karma

Has being a great Ultimate player ever helped to get you laid with a girl who doesn't play Ultimate?

DRoughnecks9 karma

Absolutely. If you genuinely love what you're doing and are good at it, girls love that. - BK

DRoughnecks4 karma

What are you most excited about Worlds?

adelenetan4 karma

Beside the American team, any ladies we should keep an eye for during WUGC? Which country?

DRoughnecks15 karma

The Phillips sisters from Australia are a must watch. -JM

Nagadha4 karma

Jimmy - How do you do those massive Outside In Pulls? Also is there any advantage to doing them as opposed to a big Inside Out pull with a ton of spin that just floats down slowly?

DRoughnecks6 karma

I started throwing more of my pulls Outside In when I became more of an O player. When I was a D player and pulling 10 times a game or more you can get in more of a rhythm and I spent more time warming them up before the game. The I/O pull is better when it's on, but I find it to be harder to control so I don't throw it as much when it's not warmed up, I know I can land the O/I in more consistently. -JM

lifesaver644 karma

Beau, do you find older women attractive? I'm asking for a friend.

DRoughnecks15 karma

If they are rich. Also, if they like taking care of me. - BK

adelenetan4 karma

What would it take for you guys to come Asia more often?

DRoughnecks8 karma

Money, beautiful women, fast cars, motorcycles, good food, snacks, Netflix and chill. - BK

push_pass3 karma

Have you hit 50 inches yet?

DRoughnecks3 karma

No, that's why my number remains 50. I will change it to 51 once I get there, if I ever get there. - BK

Earth_Stuffs3 karma

Do you think ultimate can be a sport that appeals to the masses and competes with the NFL, NBA and such?

DRoughnecks6 karma

Yes. It has everything a successful sport needs, we just need greater visibility. We are in a good spot with all the live streaming broadcasts and new media, something that the other pro leagues are implementing. At the Roughnecks, we are really trying to step it up in a market like DFW, that has every major and minor sports team. - BK

jpirog3 karma

Why is Emiko the best person ever?

DRoughnecks2 karma

It is still under considerable debate. - BK

DRoughnecks2 karma

Thanks JP! - EF

Sebisteel3 karma

How would you guys suggest a newcomer to practe and eventually master how to cut and when to cut?

DRoughnecks4 karma

Good question, Sebisteel. I would say understanding timing is the key to proper cutting. Timing is a result of knowing both your thrower and the position of your defender. - BK

ljhao6253 karma

If you can get any one player to join Dallas right now from any club who would it be? It can be the same for all 3 of you or even 3 different players.

DRoughnecks6 karma

Matthew Ichabod Rehder and it wouldn't be for his skill on the field, it would be for his hands off the field. He's good at massages. ;) - BK

inexorableskippy3 karma

What club teams are each of you thinking of playing for this summer?

DRoughnecks5 karma

Revolver, Bravo, or Rhino. Jimmy and Dylan have been bringing up very powerful points about their respective teams and I am far away from San Francisco. - BK

gmiley3043 karma

Would you rather fight seven duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck?

DRoughnecks4 karma

Definitely duck size horses. A horse sized duck is terrifying. -JM

calaruba443 karma

Do you and your teammates have plans to promote the women's game, or address gender inequality in the sport? Is this something that you have already been working on? Do you and your teammates have conversations about privilege?

DRoughnecks7 karma


This is something I think about a lot. Gender inequality is a reality and working to lessen that inequality is important to me. I think we need to get more Women a platform within the AUDL to work towards a more equitable league. We talk about inequality a lot, as a small step we have plans to help push and promote the All-Star tour again this summer. If you don't know about it, go check it out. http://www.allstarultimatetour.com/

Would love to have more discussion outside of this forum to work towards gender equality. -JM

mxcryno3 karma

What kind of advice would you give to someone who has aspirations to be on a semi-pro ultimate team post-college?

DRoughnecks11 karma

The best way to make a team is by being an athletic defender and trying out for a team that might not have the strongest roster. See: AUDL Power Rankings. -BK

ruffnecksthrowaway3 karma

Beau, it's been a long time since the Flyers game. Beth wants to know: does she still have all your love, forever and ever?

DRoughnecks5 karma

" "Who is Beth" -Beau " -JM

LivingInTheVoid2 karma

What's your favorite type of throw To make in a game and in practice?

DRoughnecks6 karma

My favorite throw is the huck that hangs out in front of the receiver for what seems like an eternity, allowing such athletes as Cassidy to run under and make SportsCenter Top 10 plays. - BK

rmc30962 karma

What is your guys favorite moments from playing ultimate in college?

DRoughnecks7 karma

Going with a championship was definitely the cherry on top. One of my favorite games from College was quarterfinals against Pitt in 2011, we had lost to them twice already that year and getting over the hump on a big stage was really special. -JM

Imeilujop2 karma

Hey guys.

We played loads and loads of ultimate at elementary school in the 90's and it was really hip and cool at the time. When seeing kids nowadays, it seems like they even don't know what Ultimate is. Has Ultimate (as a sport) experienced downhill from the 90's, or is it just me imagining things? Has Disc Golf stolen the spotlight from Ultimate?

Greetings from Finland, and all the best of luck to your team!

DRoughnecks4 karma

I think it has been on an upward trajectory, Pro Leagues being featured on SportsCenter has brought visibility to the masses, the All Star and Nexgen tours have showcased the best college talent, and USAU has done a good job of developing youth ultimate around the country. Participation numbers keep increasing... -JM

turner102 karma

Who is your favorite teammate on the Roughnecks and why is his name Muffin?

DRoughnecks7 karma

It's not. See Matt Jackson. - BK

lifesaver642 karma

Besides the great American players I already know about, what teams/players should I try to see playing in London?

DRoughnecks8 karma

Look out for Japan - Matsuno. Also look out for Cupcake on Australia because his name's cupcake. - BK

OpenSide-Clogger2 karma

Disappointed that this answer didn't come from Jimmy.

DRoughnecks12 karma

It did come from me, Beau took my answer because he doesn't know anyone's name. -JM

DRoughnecks2 karma

From Twitter: @swisschris19 1h1 hour ago

@DRoughnecks how does Dylan get his eye black so perfect every time for every single game does he spend 5 mins on it lol #AskTheRoughnecks

FireLiesWithin2 karma

What kind of injuries do you guys get?

DRoughnecks13 karma

Shoulders, ankles, knees, hamstrings and the worst and most painful of all, pride. -BK

adelenetan1 karma

Beau, what is Jimmy's favorite donut flavor?

DRoughnecks2 karma

Jimmy's favorite donut flavors, in descending order, are pistachio, nutmeg and arugula. - BK

Imeilujop1 karma

How much money the best Ultimate players make annually?

DRoughnecks3 karma

Not enough. When I can buy a Buggati and rent out the Staples Center for my birthday I will be closer to content. - BK

Thatfairlynewkid1 karma

Hey guys, I'm a huge fan! I've been inspired my entire career by Dylan's and Jimmy's Callahan videos, and I can attribute much of my early success to trying to copy all of you.

Onto the question: What do you think is the biggest difference between a regional's level club player and a nationals level one? What advice would you give for someone trying to elevate themselves to become an elite level player?

DRoughnecks4 karma

Hey, thanks for the kind words! I think the biggest difference is having an elite skill. It's definitely important to be well rounded, but as a captain it's really hard to say no to someone who does something better than almost anyone else. Find something and excel at it, handler defense, deep throws, breaking the mark etc. -JM

technologythesedays1 karma

Do you know MKBHD?

DRoughnecks7 karma

Yes! We're hoping to do something cool with him this off season involving a Tesla. - BK

bkrekel1 karma

How often do you practice with your team?

DRoughnecks2 karma

We only get to practice once a week, but are able to practice Ultimate related activities such as training and throwing six days a week. It helps to live with other professional Ultimate players who are equally as driven. - BK

NoSheDidntSayThat1 karma

Emi, will/would you organize a short Maeve vs Public Enemy's women game for halftime of a future Roughnecks home game? I think it'd be a fantastic showcase of the strength of the female players in the area.

DRoughnecks2 karma

That's a great idea! I would be out of breath giving commentary in the third quarter, but it would be worth it. The women are the best part of our teams. - EF

Letspartyman1 karma

When will we be watching ultimate disc in the Olympics?

DRoughnecks1 karma

2024 - JM

DRoughnecks1 karma

  1. I will still be playing. - BK

adelenetan1 karma

Do you guys see yourself playing in the AUDL finals? If yes, with which team?

DRoughnecks2 karma

That's the plan. I would love to play against San Francisco. It would be an epic blood bath painted upon the walls of caves for generations to come. - BK