Alrite, I’m Karl Pilkington and I'm on reddit to promote my book More Moaning. It's all about my last lot of travels when filming Moaning of Life 2. Don't be thinking it's not worth reading if you've seen the series. It's got about 80% more stuff and thoughts in it. You can read a free sample on amazon here:

Right....what do you wanna know?

EDIT: Right. That's the hour up. Sorry if I didn't answer your question. I might nip back at various points and answer some when I've got nowt else to do. Cheers for bothering to come here. Enjoy my new book if you get it. See ya.

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Benjamin-Cat2953 karma

Is this your real son? Your Son?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA3647 karma

Horrible that.

Hicko112385 karma

What life lesson have you learnt that everyone should know?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA6170 karma

If you put your finger in and out of your ear it makes the sound that Pac Man makes when he's eating.

aaandrewwww2278 karma

In a age where literally everyone has a camera in their phones, how is it possible that no one has ever gotten a definitive picture of Suzanne out in public with you somewhere? Not saying she doesn't exist; it is just remarkable that not one picture has surfaced in 15 years.

Karl_PilkingtonAMA5580 karma

No one wants her picture.

Humange1793 karma

With the news about the gorilla being shot in the Cincinnati zoo, what is your take on the situation? I miss monkey news.

Karl_PilkingtonAMA6177 karma

It annoyed me that. There's only about 700 gorillas in the world and yet there's loads of kids.

Karl_PilkingtonAMA1559 karma

Right. That's the hour up. Sorry if I didn't answer your question. I might nip back at various points and answer some when I've got nowt else to do. Cheers for bothering to come here. Enjoy my new book if you get it. See ya.

nevermind_me_1523 karma

Hi Karl,

You once said that you disliked making the podcasts because they felt like a waste of time, or that they didn’t fulfil your need for purpose. Just in case you still feel that way about purpose, I hope you realise just how much joy your books, TV shows and podcasts bring to so many people around the world. Whenever I’m having an awful day, I turn straight to one of your shows and I’m instantly smiling again. It’s like magic.
You make people laugh, Karl. You make them happy, and there is no greater legacy a man could ever leave for this planet than that.

Thanks for doing this today, and I can’t wait to read your new book!

Since I have to ask a question: what is your favourite cheese?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA2254 karma

Cheers for that. Most people who know me can't be doing with me. I'm glad people liked the podcasts but I don't think we should do anymore. We did enough of them. If we had done anymore they would have just been garbage. Everything has it’s day. Everything has to come to an end. It’s the fact that life comes to an end that makes it worth living. Imagine living forver. It would do my head in.

Eroborus503 karma

I used to work in a supermarket, ASDA. It was night shift and really depressing but the only ray of joy was listening to the podcasts. I second this Karl, and if you're reading this...I owe you a pint.

Karl_PilkingtonAMA1079 karma

Asda do the best pies. Hollands meat pies. It's the only thing I go in there for.

larry_b_s_zombie1487 karma

Hi Karl,

The little Reddit community that loves everything you've done (and that still goes under the name /r/rickygervais) usually debates about what happened between you, Steve and Ricky, as the impression we get is that things are a bit sour, particularly between Ricky and everyone else. What can you tell us about it?

I guess friendships have to end, right?

Thank you for making this AMA. Listening to you gave me a bit of a Manc accent.

Karl_PilkingtonAMA3199 karma

Alrite. How’s it going. First answer. We ain’t fallen out but I hardly ever see either of them. Doing the podcasts used to mean we had to meet up but since we knocked them on the head we’ve just been getting on with our own things. Can’t say I’ve missed them that much though to be honest. One of the last times I saw Ricky he farted on my head so I’m not in a rush to meet with him anytime soon. Steve sent me a photo of him the other day and he’s now totally bald! Not sure if he’s ill or he’s shaved it for a part in a film.

Did that even get posted?

Hicko111258 karma

Any tips on keeping a happy relationship?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA4142 karma

Work away a lot.

screamadelica_1129 karma

Hi karl! Huge fan of everything from xfm to books to moaning of life. When are you gonna make a nature and animal based program? Youve said before youd love to do the attenborough thing, and all your fans would really love watching it! Anyways, hope youre well, and please keep giving us your very enlightened view on life :) from ross!

Karl_PilkingtonAMA2249 karma

I couldn't do it. I'd keep stepping in saving animals that are under attack.

blacksabbathiskool1104 karma

Hello Karl, was filming An Idiot Abroad worth it?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA3019 karma

I have a lot of memories from those trips and that's what life is about innit. So yeh I suppose it was. Never will like the title though.

Doopington964 karma


Any monkey news knocking about?

ohchimpanzeethat1501 karma

Weird, innit?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA2239 karma

It is yeh.

ThelwellJamie844 karma

Hi, Karl! Are there any people with any physical deformities that you have discovered recently that has caught your attention, since you are into that kind of stuff? (eg, two headed man, three legged juggler...)

Karl_PilkingtonAMA2746 karma

Just that story about the fella who's gonna have his head put on a different body. Full respect if the surgeon pulls that one off. I'm chuffed if I manage to poach an egg without breaking it.

jackbrux844 karma

Do you ever listen back to the old XFM show? They are very popular, how do you feel about people listening to stuff you were talking about 15 years ago when you thought you were broadcasting to a few hundred people?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA1478 karma

I don't get what the fuss was about.

Cooljol767 karma

Rockbusters thread!

So, uh, the Jamaican fella, he's doing a bit of gardening an' that but steps on a tool, he steps on a tool and gets hit in the face. What's that all about?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA1277 karma

D-rake. Good one that.

Karl_PilkingtonAMA578 karma

D-rake. Good one that.

MyAssDoesHeeHawww651 karma

Considering your assessment of the Alright Wall of China, what would be your pick for the 7 Wonders of the World ?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA2122 karma

I don't think there should be any wonders as soon as anything becomes a wonder it tends to get ruined.

diabolix17640 karma

What do you think of the immune system?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA1216 karma

It still blows my mind.

Okcra592 karma

What's your opinion on the potential manned mission to Mars in 2024? Is it worth it?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA2196 karma

You wouldn't get me going. Too much of a change for me that one. I can't handle it when Suzanne buys whole milk instead of semi skinned.

Doopington573 karma

Alrite Karl, how's it going?

A couple of questions for you mate.

  1. What was your favourite and worst "weird local food" that you've eaten on your travels?

  2. Have you fixed your boiler yet?


Karl_PilkingtonAMA2293 karma

The boiler got on my nerves so we moved. It was the easier option.

Worse food was probably that old fish I had in Japan that was 100 years old or something. I don't think they've heard the phrase 'There's plenty more fish in the sea' over there.

islandpains569 karma

On your travels, have you ever met anyone more odd looking than Steve Merchant?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA2160 karma

I could do a programme about that. A search for something weirder than Steve. It would run longer than Coronation street as I don't think there's anything out there that is.

abcwjl568 karma

Most memorable moments for you on XFM?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA1394 karma

Probably almost choking to death when I was having grapes shoved into my mouth to see how many I could fit in. I don't think Terry Wogan ever got to do that.

6comesafter7532 karma


Karl_PilkingtonAMA2087 karma

Well it was either this or go on Loose Woman.

livelongandjohn493 karma

Hi Karl, how's it going? So, tell me, what was your worst experience on your shows? Thank you so much for doing this, and maybe one day come to Portugal!

Karl_PilkingtonAMA1659 karma

Having the shits while sharing a room with five chinese fellas on a boat going down the yangtze river.

BookerTeaBag455 karma

Alrite Karl, thanks for doing this AMA and absolutely adore you as a TV personality.

My question is, of all the travelling you've done, seeing places the masses flock to. Is there anywhere in particular that you actually can't get your head round why people love going there and if so, why?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA2095 karma

Vegas. I hate everything about it. Everything it's about and the people it attracts. The hotels are too big as well. It took about ten minutes to get from the reception of the hotel to my room. I felt like I should have offered the fella who carried my case a bed for the night it was so far.

sxehoneybadger451 karma

Did Aunty Nora ever beat her 5 minute fart record?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA1478 karma

She may of done but her hearing isn't as good as it used to be so she probably doesn't know if she has beaten it or not.

TheDirector11439 karma

Alrite Karl, you've written a lot of books now, have you found its got any easier? How do you keep coming up with ideas?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA1049 karma

No it's got harder. This last one was a right pain. I never know if I've written about a thing before or if it's a thought that my brain had just come up with.

angulardragon03422 karma

Alrite? Did you ever manage to drool yourself dry?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA1030 karma

No. I got bored before I went dry. Tellin ya. I could water the garden with my goz.

Blobbin1337396 karma

Hi Karl, What's your favourite story about a monkey?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA1197 karma

The one where he worked in a train station. He worked everyday up until he died.

JLa264386 karma

Any future projects you could intrigue us with?

Huge fan of An Idiot Abroad, by the way. No matter how many times I watch it, I find myself laughing hysterically. Cheers.

Karl_PilkingtonAMA550 karma

Nowt going on. I've only just finished this book so not really had time to think about anything.

Tarnwyn365 karma

Hey Karl hows it going mate. Just wanted to know what your favourite biscuits are? cheers.

Karl_PilkingtonAMA860 karma

Changes a lot. Going through a ginger crunch phase at the minute.

DoubleTeam342 karma

alrite karl. now that you've seen the world a bit, do you agree with Steve that travel broadens the mind?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA852 karma

Yeh I think it does.

dumbdoofys339 karma

Karl, what are your thoughts on mineral water?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA812 karma

I don't drink enough of any water. I think the only time I have it is when I'm having headache tablets.

Ironfruit318 karma

You do a lot of complaining about your various adventures, however you do seem to enjoy some of them. Which would you say has been your favourite?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA745 karma

Being with a man called Daniel who lived without money in Moaning of Life series 1 and being with Rob who dressed up in a rubber woman suit in series 2. Both were really decent blokes.

Huzzabul308 karma

Hey Karl, If you ruled the world for a year, what would you do to change it?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA1198 karma

I'd get rid of bagpipes. Horrible noise. And I'd get rid of Bank Holiday mondays.

The_Busking_Bard302 karma

Any opinion on the upcoming EU referendum?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA960 karma

Can't make up my mind. It's like I'm doing the Hokey cokey. One day I'm in and then I'm out.

peggidypegg276 karma

Alrite Karl.

Don't really have a question. Just wondered if there's anything you particularly want to moan about today?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA1161 karma

Magazine racks. Get rid of em. Just a little storage area for crap.

tristansmall262 karma

How's it going?

You've been a presenter, book writer, radio producer, newspaper boy. but if you could literally pick any job, what would you choose?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA755 karma

Plumber or electrician or some job that you can use yourself in everyday life.

RT_Ryanlloyd245 karma

Hi Karl, we know how much Animal Cruelty upsets Ricky, but do you have an opinion on the matter?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA713 karma

Yeh I hate it. No need for it.

Karl_PilkingtonAMA381 karma

Yeh I hate it. No need for it.

Takiller219 karma

Hi Karl,

Have you ever had the urge to recreate the 'loch mess monster'?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA369 karma

Nah. I was proud of that though.

ummcheese218 karma

Is there any chance of you taking up more of a presence on Twitter? I know you think it’s daft but it seems like it would be a great format for you to share your nuggets of wisdom with the world in real time. Thanks!

Karl_PilkingtonAMA609 karma

More chance of platting snot.

safclyndz204 karma

Alrite Karl,

If you had to give up one of your five senses, which one would it be and why?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA768 karma

Probably sense of touch. I'd say I've experienced touching most stuff I'm ever going to touch in my life.

HelenVonBiscuits203 karma

Karl, is it true you're 3/4ths Puerto Rican?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA815 karma

It's weirder that we all sure 50% same DNA as a banana.

yegee201 karma

Hi Karl, what would/do you say to people who think your persona is an act?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA660 karma

Not really arsed.

joshy2209193 karma

Alright Karl.

How has being on tele changed how people interact with you when you pop to the shops before doing a bit of DIY?

Also is the boiler sorted?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA519 karma

Yeh. It's harder to get money knocked off things now as people think I'm made of money. It's just one of the downsides I suppose. Like a builder having rough hands. Part of the job innit.

Graphitetshirt190 karma

If you were a bug what kind is of big would you be?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA488 karma

Peacock Spider.

tombuzz123176 karma

What's you're favourite thing on toast?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA514 karma

cheese and beans.

Worst_Username_Yet158 karma

Where is one place you would never want to go back?

Also, where would you want to go to again?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA409 karma

Wickwar in the Cotswolds. Suzanne booked a weekend there. There was nowt there and what was there was shut.

Kenzorrr146 karma

Small callback to the xfm days..

Are you keeping up with the music nowadays? Any favorite bands?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA273 karma

Nah. Mainly listen to old stuff.

kilp_floors146 karma

can you clear this up for us and remember what the fuck was ricky doing in this clip?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA265 karma

I've no idea. It was over ten years ago.

JosephMack99110 karma

Alrite Karl! Been a big fan for years! Love the Audiobooks. I was wondering, if you were allowed to take one Musical Artist's discography onto a desert island, who would you choose?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA199 karma

Acker Bilk.

LostSafari90 karma

Do you prefer Killing of Georgie Part 1 or Part 2?

Karl_PilkingtonAMA183 karma

Part 1. Not sure what Rod was thinking with Part 2. It was always gonna be tough to top part one though.