Hi so someone requested this: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/4ksw6j/ama_request_the_creatorowner_of_encyclopedia/

I want to make this as clear as possible, I did not create Encyclopedia Dramatica (ED). I was a sysop on the original .com domain from 2007-2010. Afterward I was part of the team that recreated ED at https://encyclopediadramatica.se and I have administrated this website since 2011.

When I say ED I am referring to both of them as a continuous website, some people may have a problem with that but whatever, most people don't.

There were people in the request thread that were there in the first days. I am not trying to steal their thunder, if they want to come in and answer questions or make their own AMA they are more than welcome. The person who owned Encyclopedia Dramatica for the first 5 years purposefully tried to kill it so I am assuming she doesn't want to do it.

I'll answer some of the questions that were in the request thread in a different comment in this thread.



EDIT: 1:35pm thanks guys that was good. Hope I answered your questions well. I will try to check back later to see if there are any other questions.

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RedditIsAShitehole237 karma

I paid like $60 or $80 or some such shit to get an ED t-shirt posted to Ireland, I expected a blow job or something to come with it but here I am wearing it now and no one is sucking my dick. How can you justify this behaviour?

zaiger441 karma

My girlfriend was ordering chinese food from Eat Street (that I guess is like GrubHub or something like that) and the driver told her that the company keeps the tip that was put on online. She asked Eat Street on Twitter and they said they do not do that and the chinese food place must be stealing from their driver. I assume this is what happened to your blowjob. I will have to consult with teespring or UPS.

zaiger141 karma


  1. How did you get this idea?
  2. Do you need money like Wikipedia does?
  3. Who put all this time & work in it?
  4. Is it profitable?
  5. Ever had any legal issues? (e.g regarding your offended page...) Public Contact Information: If Applicable
  1. Wasn't my idea, I just like the site and wanted to see it continue.
  2. We need money to keep the site going yes. Between ads and donation it is usually enough, when it isn't one of us pays the difference.
  3. A lot of people. ED has been around for like 12 years in one form or another. Articles are written by the users. Just like Wikipedia anyone can sign up and write and edit or write an article. To date there are approx 13,450 articles
  4. No
  5. Other than weev's sockpuppet being tried in Australia in absentia before .com went offline, not really. We comply with DMCA and legal takedown requests.

Public contact information is contact at encyclopediadramatica dot se, Twitter https://twitter.com/EDdotSE or on irc at irc.wtfux.org/ed

Marneus6857 karma

Other than weev's sockpuppet being tried in Australia in absentia before .com went offline, not really. We comply with DMCA and legal takedown requests.

This sounds interesting and entertaining, can you tell us more about that/direct me to some place where I can learn more?

zaiger54 karma

It was over the article on Australian aboriginals. I will try to find the blog post and news articles and post them.

zaiger79 karma


  1. when was your last interaction with girlvinyl? were you around for the girlvinyl/OHI split, and what was your role?
  2. were you doxed or harassed by D.B./the Evers blog?
  3. did the Co$ really kill ODB's cat?
  4. how do you feel about weev?
  5. welcome to bantown.
  1. I emailed her asking for the files while we were rebuilding the site, she declined.
  2. As far as I know my face is still on the front page of it lol.
  3. It was one of the feral cats in his neighborhood that he fed, and that is what he believed.
  4. Weev is my friend, as far as internet people can be friends I guess. He is a quality chatter.
  5. lol thanks but I am not a bantown chatter.

justanadvertisement53 karma

Was there ever any internal dissent / critical discussion about the 'Offended' page? What kind of responses to it have you received, and how do you deal with those?

zaiger72 karma

In the days before .com went offline, the moderating staff was in full damage control mode. They replaced the offended page with flowers and used bots to replace all racial slurs with neutral language that did not fit in the context 99% of the time. This was undone when the site was rebuilt.

The Offended page specifically hasn't had any issues since we took over. There are a lot of youTube reaction videos to it which I thought was pretty cool.

OverKill51550 karma

Legit reason(s) for the .com demise?

zaiger97 karma

Girlvinyl/Sherrod didn't want to do it anymore. She just didn't enjoy it anymore I assume, you would have to ask her. We offered to buy the domain and the files from her but she declined, which is her decision. I hold no ill will against her. There were other sites who were trying to rebuild ED at the time, we were just the only one that survived.

dcred12343 karma

What do you hate most in today's day and age?

zaiger292 karma

College students and the hyper-offended.

jeomastinkt12338 karma

What is your favorite article on ED?

zaiger96 karma

That is hard lol there are a lot. Mediacrat is a classic, the first ED article. Chris-chan is always funny.

There are some new ones that are good too like Trigglypuff, Mansplaining, Trigger warning etc.

Iloveghazi229 karma

I'm pretty sure linking ED on reddit will get you banned really fast, since the info there is considered doxing. Just saying.

zaiger72 karma

ED is soft banned on reddit at the discretion of the subreddit moderators, who know this is going on.

SwayMyHeart33 karma

What are some types of expenses (expected or unexpected) when running a website like yours?

zaiger70 karma

Servers, ddos protection, labor, advertising. We lost a hard drive a couple months ago which cost us 2 weeks worth of site revisions, new articles, images, forum posts etc and kept us down for almost a week while we repaired it.

neolobster24 karma

I don't believe it's you. Can you please post a dong pic for verification?

zaiger60 karma

/hueg 8====D

Iloveghazi218 karma

Why did Twitter ban your previous twitter account?

zaiger43 karma

Someone used the account to post the whois information of Sarah Butts' website, which is against TOS so not really upset with Twitter over it more than the person who posted the tweet.


Do you gusy really hate jews, or is it just trolling for the lulz?

zaiger114 karma

Everything is written with maximum lulz and schadenfreude in mind.

Sargo816 karma

Will there be a article about #DePaul? :D

zaiger26 karma

I hope so. I stopped watching when they all left for the president's office.

Tringamaster5 karma

What's your favorite article on the site?

zaiger17 karma

I don't think I have a single favorite, at least not one for too long at a time. The awesome thing about ED is that even after almost 10 years on the site I still find cool old pages I haven't seen before.

FunerealVagrant3 karma

Oh my god! I seriously get to talk to one of the Mother Brians of ED?! I made a sweet line of T-shirts commemorating ED, long white T's. Homey, you gonna love these muhfukin shirts. They sheeit on the ones you made. Is there a way I can verify them with you, so I can sell them on the legit tip?

zaiger4 karma

Sure send a DM on twitter or email contact at encyclopediadramatica.se

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zaiger24 karma

I won't deny that. There is a line between documenting internet drama which a person has caused and documenting the person who caused the drama that many writers do not understand. However, there are people who create so much internet drama that creating an article on them instead of individual circumstances of drama is the sensical thing to do categorically.