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spitlets235 karma

Whoa. No questions but holy crap where did the time go? I last remember you as a little kid playing Hey Jude. I feel so old now. Congrats on your successes!

Sungha_Jung96 karma

Time flies (: . Thanks for your support!

OddTuning47 karma

Do you like to play League of Legends?

Sungha_Jung76 karma

Yes I Do ! (:

T1Scorpio19 karma

Really what's your rank? O: do you happen to stream? do you follow competitive League scene? sorry so many questions xD

Sungha_Jung53 karma

Silver Division II , I don't stream but i do play for fun (:

PinkySlayer45 karma

When are you gonna cover free bird?

Sungha_Jung38 karma

Sometime soon hopefully. I've been super busy practicing other songs.

jarjack44 karma

how much money do you make from youtube views?

Sungha_Jung86 karma

Roughly $1-5k. Some videos get 50k views, while others get 1M.

meatpoi41 karma

How old were you when you started? And what is your best advice on how to take playing to the next level? I've been watching you for years, simply amazing!! Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing your talent with the world!

Sungha_Jung69 karma

Started when I was 4.I played for fun but as time went on , I started dedicating most of my time to guitar. Best advice to take playing to the level is to be better than you were yesterday (Always tell myself this). And thanks for your support! Love my fans :)

manyouswear14 karma

You play exceptionally well. Can you or have you tried singing and putting vocals to your playing?

Sungha_Jung79 karma

Ive tried. But I am not a good singer :( . So I let the guitar sing for me!

teachmefrench33 karma

I have such a hard time with bar chords. I feel it's severely limiting my progress. What kind of advice would you recommend?

Sungha_Jung57 karma

Keep practicing !. Your fingers will eventually build "muscle" to play those bar chords. Good luck! (:

Twyelyght21 karma

What would you say is your favorite song to play?

Sungha_Jung53 karma

I'm Yours (:

DukuBoxing20 karma

Did you get alot of girls growing up?

Sungha_Jung151 karma

Yes. But Im not really interested because Im only interested in things that make me happy.


aziaddict16 karma

Been your fan from Sophomore year, just curious who is your favorite girl group ? ㅋㅋ

Sungha_Jung55 karma

2NE1 (:

Xeraphiel16 karma

Why are you so good? T-T

Sungha_Jung43 karma

Practice, practice, practice. Even if it's only a few minutes of practice !

miztertrollzor15 karma

Are you going to plan to have a concert in Hong Kong?

Sungha_Jung25 karma

Yes! Already planned. October 10th. :)

SeaRollz15 karma

Thanks for doing this! You really inspired me to play fingerstyle back when you held your concert in sweden! My questions are:

  1. How much do you practice everyday?
  2. How can I, as a avid fingerstyle guitarist learn to stop making mistakes?
  3. Will you ever come back to sweden? (My mom asked last time you came and you said no)

Thanks! :)

Sungha_Jung38 karma

I practice almost 7-8 hours (With breaks) A day. But i started off with 1 hour a day, then 2 hours, then 3, etc. Start small at first.

To stop making mistakes , play some songs slowly. Once you get comfortable with playing it slow , build the speed. It's all practice (:

I am probably not going back anytime soon unfortunately :( . I've been super busy with other concerts and composing songs.

CapriciousCake9 karma

Hey man thanks for doing this, love your work. What would you say is the hardest song you've ever had to learn how to play?

Sungha_Jung29 karma

Hmmm. Most of the songs were hard to play. But the hardest song i've ever played was Payphone by Maroon 5. Took forever to learn!

JetSet049 karma

You are my hero!!

Do you do your picking nails yourself? Are Lakewood guitars your favorite sounding guitars?

Of all your original songs, which is your favorite? Mine is Felicity! How long does it take you to compose a song? What's your inspiration for your compositions?

What's your favorite arrangement of yours of someone else's work?

Which piece of yours is your most difficult to play?

Sungha_Jung13 karma

Yup. And I love lakewood so yes! It takes me around 1-3 months to compose a song (Fingerpicking, strumming, etc) . David Goliath's arrangement is my favorite so far. (:

young-money-bogan8 karma

Can you play any other instruments - particularly ones that aren't strings? I love your work :)

Sungha_Jung26 karma

I used to play the drums when I was younger. I kinda miss playing it. I might start getting into drums again (: (While still playing guitar of course)

jeepbrahh4 karma

I have been an on/off acoustic player for about 3 miserable years. I try so hard at times to get better, and play songs, and push myself to learn, going on a week long binge, but I get so frustrated with it all and then stop all of a sudden because I dont see progress. Any advice to end my stupidism?

Sungha_Jung14 karma

Don't quit. Learn to enjoy/love playing and you will progress without even trying too hard :)

kermitthedog113 karma

Who encouraged you to start posting videos on YouTube?

Sungha_Jung3 karma

I started playing around local shops. Ive had a crazy amount of attention. A lot of people told me to start a YouTube channel so i did :)

cyclogon3 karma

Which is your favorite of your covers? My favorite is your cover of Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift - you arranged it so well! The harmonics are beautiful.

Sungha_Jung6 karma

I have a lot of favorite covers!. But my favorite would be Viva La Vida - Coldplay :)

psychicadvisor2 karma

I've been a fan since you've been posting videos as a kid! What is your advice about gear/guitars in general? Do you think having an expensive guitar and gear is necessary to advance playing? Also do you spend time also improvising rather than meticulously covering or writing songs? Thanks man can't wait to see you keep on rocking.

Sungha_Jung10 karma

Expensive guitars / gear is not necessary to advance playing. It's all preferance (: . I always improvise on my songs . Thanks for your support (:

WhammyKablammy2 karma

Hey Sungha, I've seen you play mostly with Trace Bundy. How was it to take the stage with another amazing artist at such a young age?

Sungha_Jung3 karma

Honestly , I felt really nervous. The fact that an amazing artist is right next to me makes me have all kinds of emotions. But overall it was super fun :)

damnyousarah2 karma

Hey! Big fan of your videos! One of my favorites is your Canon Rock. Do you listen to a lot of classical music in addition to modern music?

Sungha_Jung3 karma

Yes! . Classical and Old schools :)

eaticecream2 karma

Do you go to school and do you plan to go to college?

Sungha_Jung8 karma

Currently going to school , But it's difficult managing time playing guitar/producing videos and studying. So college might not be a plan.

bowyer-betty2 karma

You seem to like to play with other guitarists. Would you consider playing with Tommy Emmanuel?

Also, how long would you say you've been working on the percussive aspect of your playing? It's really clean and your timing is perfect, and it doesn't seem like you even have to put much effort into it.

You're doing God's work man.

Sungha_Jung3 karma

Of course! And 15 years of dedicated time practicing. It really pays off. Thank you for your support (:

lilyhuynh2 karma

do you still keep in touch with Megan Lee?

edit: also will you add me on league? :D

Sungha_Jung4 karma

Havent heard from her in a while.

And yup! Comment your user :)

JetSet042 karma

Can you recommend me a microphone to record songs for YouTube like you did when you were younger?

Any pointers when it comes to recording would help a lot!

Sungha_Jung8 karma

I used to record with the standard microphone that was built in with my camera. Then i moved onto the snowball microphone.

As for recording , make sure you have a good quality video , and good lighting (:

Swurgern2 karma

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Sungha_Jung8 karma

Being happy :)

astronautjeff2 karma

Whats the most common guitar tuning you use?

Sungha_Jung2 karma


allcallday2 karma

Do you have any tips on where to begin learning how to play guitar more seriously? I have been stuck learning guitar through song tutorials on YouTube or tabs on the internet! I really want to be able to play more stuff the way that you do!

Sungha_Jung7 karma

Start with a beginner song. (I would reccomend a song that has simple finger picking). Then build from there. I started with Hey there delilah when I was a beginner. Good luck! :)

Blake14051 karma

My god, you are already 19 years old? That is unbelievable to me hahah, as with everyone else, I have basically grown up listening to your music :). You definitely deserve all of your success, and all that comes in the future, thank you for being so dedicated and amazing at your art.

My only question, is how do you stay motivated to continue playing? What keeps you going?

Sungha_Jung2 karma

My fans keep me motivated! People like you who support me through my progression is what keeps me going :)

Phlebotamethyst1 karma


Sungha_Jung1 karma

I took some guitar classes when I was young. Try to make some time to go to classes. They really help a lot. More than YouTube in my opinion. :)

MasterInceptor1 karma

Your cover of River Flows in You blew me away and inspired me to get serious about learning guitar, and I can't thank you enough for that. I've watched so many of your videos so many times to learn from your techniques.

If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to ask you some questions about practice techniques and drills to really get proficient at right hand techniques.

  • I've been using just the flesh of my fingers to pluck the strings. Should I get finger picks? Is just a thumb pick good too?
  • What exercises do you feel are most effective for building thumb independence?
  • How do you prefer to alternate fingers while strumming the same string?
  • What you you recommend for switching quickly between strumming chords and picking strings?

Your wisdom is greatly appreciated. It's amazing to think with the internet I get a chance to ask a guitar master personalized questions.

Sungha_Jung3 karma

1.I highly recommend finger picks. Even if it's just for your thumb.

2.Practice and dedication :)

3.As long as the same chords are being played , Then it wouldn't matter :)

4.Play slow at first , and continue to speed up after practice !

Hananakajima1 karma

Hello Sungha! Thanks for all the music and taking the time for an AMA. My questions are, do you have any warm-up or stretching routines you recommend? Also, do you have any songs you would recommend to someone beginning to learn fingerstyle guitar?

Sungha_Jung2 karma

A Beginner song I would reccomend is hey there delilah :) . As for warming up , I would start by playing slow .

Yodute1 karma

Hi Sungha! What is your best tips to achieve a great tone when playing fingerstyle? I love your tone

Sungha_Jung2 karma

Have perfect finger placement. Practice on form :)

Puchongz1 karma

Hi Sungha! Been a fan and subscriber since something like 2007(?). Recommended your channel to loads of my friends! I'm from Brunei and was so excited when I heard you were coming, and so disappointed when I heard the concert was cancelled. Apologies on behalf of all your fans here for our stupid laws.

Question: have you seriously considered singing? Are you taking singing lessons?

Sungha_Jung2 karma

Havent taken singing lessons. But I do plan to take some next week. Im working on my vocals at the moment and trying to improve !

TightLittleWarmHole1 karma

Are you still glad that you took this career from such a young age? Besides doing music, what do you imagine your life would be like today?

Sungha_Jung5 karma

I am more than glad I toom this career. Words cannot describe the feeling. If It wasn't for music , I would probably be playing league of legends all day lol

TightLittleWarmHole2 karma

Wow okay I know you're already really awesome, but the fact that you play League just makes you even MORE awesome! Would you add me? Haha

Sungha_Jung2 karma

Yup ! Comment your user (:

throwthediary1 karma

Omg I watched you when I was in middle school and now I've graduated college. Best wishes for even greater success!

2 questions:

1) Your playing started attracting attention when you were quite young. When did you become aware of the concept of "fame" and views?

2) Did you or your parents/teachers have more control over things such as media appearances, concert scheduling etc as you became more well known?

Sungha_Jung4 karma

  1. I became aware when my views started to increase a lot! It motivated me to continue to play !

2.My parents supported me 100%. Arranged my concerts, Helped me set up my equipment when i first started. So they did have control but in a positive way :)

lordshadowbob1 karma

WOW its you! I have only one question. What made you pick up a guitar for the first time?

Sungha_Jung1 karma

Parents bought me it when I was bored at home! I enjoyed playing it from the start

Prz871 karma

First off- Big Fan from India! My Fav is She will be loved - Maroon 5. Do you have any plan to release tutorial videos for your cover? may be you can collab with some youtubers/trainers to do that for you.

Any plans to come to India yet?

Also, how was it like to play with Eric Clapton? Keep Rocking!

Sungha_Jung3 karma

Thanks! I plan on relasing some tutorials but i feel like it would take a few months(Due to being occupied with composing songs/concerts) . I also might collab with Gareth Evans sometime in the future.

Im also planning to book flights to India to perform . Im estimating around August if I can! :)

Eric Clapton is a really friendly guy . I enjoyed the experience!