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I'm Robert Herjavec. I'm a Dad, a dynamic entrepreneur and a Shark on Shark Tank! I was born in Eastern Europe, and came to North America when I was 8 years old with my parents. I'm here to talk tech, Herjavec Group, Dancing with the Stars and of course ... shameless plug... about my new book --out today --You Don't Have to be a Shark! Le'ts do this - AMA!

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Vighy1240 karma

Is Mr. Wonderful as cranky off the show as on it?

robertherjavec0072283 karma

Mr Wonderful wouldn't say he's cranky. he would say he speaks the truth all the time... so yes - he's that Cranky. all the time,,

Crobb653 karma

What's Daymond like? He gives me a very down to earth humble feeling

robertherjavec0071650 karma

great guy - great friend - great dad. love hanging out with him. Best guy to go to a club with!

romulusthemule1125 karma

Which missed deal bothers you the most?

robertherjavec0071825 karma

I tend not to look back but BOUQS is one I let slip. The mark up in flowers is insane - I should know. getting married soon. I let that one get away!!

NexusNow1110 karma

How much of the pitches on shark tank are cut? It seems like it's really fast paced, with little time for thought, and I was wondering how close this is to the real thing.

robertherjavec0072064 karma

very real. except the time line. average pitch is about an hour. longest was over 2.5. it all gets edited down to 7-8 minutes

suaveitguy896 karma

How often is your wealth the elephant in the room? Do you have distant cousins over for dinner, casually mention their car broke down cough a couple times and stare at you? Does it make you (overly) suspicious of people's motives?

robertherjavec0071315 karma

i'm not suspicious. I'm pretty good at saying no. and I have far wealthier friends. so really,, their wealth is the elephant in the room.

lilkhalessi879 karma

Does it bother you when people casually bring up your father in their pitches?

As the daughter of hard-working immigrants myself, I always find myself getting annoyed for you when someone attempts to make some shallow connection of themselves or their product to the immense hardships your father faced as an immigrant worker in America. It just feels cheap and manipulative to me, but I am wondering if you feel differently about this.

Thank you so much for doing this AMA!

robertherjavec0071271 karma

doesn't bother me. i'm pretty good at seeing through insincerity

nicholasflynnpolidor718 karma

Huge Fan man, just curious if you have any beef outside of the show with any other sharks? Sometimes you guys seem to get a little heated, is that just for the sake of the show?

robertherjavec0071297 karma

tension is very real. You should see us fight for the bill in a restaurant. the show is 100% us. we have a very powerful relationship with our own money so ya, it gets serious.

vocalghost494 karma

Hey Robert, as a security expert can you provide us with some of your insight into the Apple vs FBI debate. Who do you think was right and why?

robertherjavec0071770 karma

it's a fine line but privacy is one of the foundations of a free and open society. I believe Apple was right to stick to what they believed in.

giggity_giggity479 karma

Hi Robert. Thanks for doing this AMA.

Something I've always wanted to know about Shark Tank: sometimes a shark will make an offer but "I need an answer right now". I've considered that perhaps this was done to limit bidding wars. And yet at other times sharks seem completely content to enter bidding wars. What factors drive the "I need to know now" offers?

Second question I have is, when you were first pitched the idea of the show (Dragons Den / Shark Tank), did you realize that so many people would watch it as much to learn business lessons as for entertainment?


robertherjavec007478 karma

WHO KNOWS! the show, just like all business is fluid and unpredictable. it comes at you full on. sometimes we just feel like it and sometimes we are more comfortable to be "nice". it can turn on a dime. when i was first pitched Dragon's Den I had no idea. no one saw it coming. loved the idea of giving people an opportunity to share their ideas with the masses. can't believe how far we've come!

FreakoutDad453 karma

Hi, Robert! My wife and I agree that you are our favorite shark ... hands down. We love your positive attitude and willingness to have fun. What is your personal reason for having such a positive outlook on life?

robertherjavec007818 karma

what's the alternative? wallowing in misery??? i learned a long time ago that it's good to bring a little sunshine to people's lives. yah - i'm a happy guy most of the time

4cornerhustler422 karma

who wins in a fistfight, Kevin O. or Cuban?

robertherjavec0072411 karma


beanies34406 karma

Would would you like to see changed in Shark Tank?

robertherjavec0071377 karma

Kevin's suits. i'm so tired of all black suits

YouNeedToGo330 karma

Do you prefer orange juice with pulp or without pulp?

robertherjavec007639 karma


neinformirano328 karma

Hi Robert, just wanted to say that you're a huge inspiration to all of us who are struggling to make it here in Croatia. You're a hero. Would there be a way for a non-US startup to be showcased on Shark Tank?

robertherjavec007504 karma

unfortunately for our version of the show you ahve to be based in the US. there are multiple versions around the world though. good luck to you in Croatia! one of the most beautiful countries in the world!!!! we are about to open an office there in Zagreb

snicklepants314 karma

Hi Robert. Do you actually care and get pouty when people choose Mark over you, or is it just for the TV?

robertherjavec0071054 karma

I refuse to answer that. I'm sulking.

Squidssential297 karma

Hi Robert, thanks for doing this. I watched the first ever episode of Shark Tank while recovering from surgery and was hooked. At that time I was a new grad from college with no idea what to do with my life and no background in business. I became motivated to become an entrepreneur largely because of Shark Tank. 8 months ago I finally started my own company and am not looking back. I've already experienced success and am looking forward to the future!

My question for you is, what is your long term goal for the Herjavec Group? Do you plan on selling or do you plan to go public. Also how much of the company do you own currently? I'm curious about how much ownership gets given up when growing a company of that size. Thanks in advance!

robertherjavec007244 karma

i love our company. we want to grow it to be as big as it can be and keep our options open. we're in the hottest space right now

ModeratlyBigTuna264 karma

What's your thought on basic income in the US?

robertherjavec007352 karma

it's challenging. still very difficult. the gap in many ways is widening but I still feel it's the land of immenseopportunity

mjenardo239 karma

Trying to find a 1-bedroom apartment to rent in the city and the good places are too expensive. Any tips on negotiating a good deal?

robertherjavec007715 karma

let me give you Barbara's number. think she has a spare room

GarshAlabaster228 karma

Would you ever consider bringing in Marcus Lemonis as a guest Shark?

robertherjavec007612 karma


sorceofnec194 karma

Hi Robert! What advice would you give to someone who was just laid off?

Looking forward to seeing you tonight at the 92Y! I'll be the one in a shark tie!

robertherjavec007372 karma

nice! thank you. guess I'll wear my shark socks and not my tie -ha! my advice? find your value. identify what you're good add, where you can contribute and pursue it with everything you have. I always say no is just another step on the path, to yes.

sharkinaround154 karma

Hi Robert, What hair product do you use? You have the hair of a Greek God.

robertherjavec007273 karma

which Greek God??

IAmNotScottBakula126 karma

What plays a bigger role in determining which businesses you invest in, your belief in the product, or your belief in the person making the pitch?

robertherjavec007343 karma

always the person first. bet on the jockey,, not the horse.

snugglehistory98 karma

Hi Robert! My dad and I binge watch Shark Tank pretty consistently! Love it!

Out of all the other sharks, which one do you prefer to work with the most in regards to your deals?


robertherjavec007124 karma

every Shark as value in his or her way. i'll partner with any of them if they can help the business.

TIP_ME_COINS94 karma

Do you see Shark Tank as a way you can find companies to invest in, or do you find it a fun thing to do on the side for the sake of a show?

I wouldn't think some of the deals on the show would dent any of the Shark's pocket very much.

robertherjavec007223 karma

it's a lot of fun but, and a big BUT, never mistake when real money is involved, how serious the Sharks are. yes it's really our own money and again - we all love our money very much

safety_kill91 karma

What is your favorite charity to give to and why?

robertherjavec007244 karma

Union Gospel Mission in Seattle. they do great work. and everyone deserves a second chance.

phubner79 karma

Robert, as an accredited investor, what do you think of the new security rules allowing unaccredited investors into 'investment syndicates' & such volatile markets?

robertherjavec007157 karma

investment syndicates are not for the faint of heart!! best investment the average person can make is always in themselves.

kombatwombat0177 karma

What is the coolest thing you've seen on shark tank?

robertherjavec007153 karma

i would have to say hamboards. paddle board for the streets. loved that

WalkaFlocka67 karma

Robert, what is your favorite car you own? What car do you not currently own, but wish you did?

robertherjavec007129 karma

4GT - really hoping to and looking forward to getting one. should be an amazing car. My favorite car would be a 1959 Porsche sport cap. love it. total california roadster.

yahutee59 karma

Hi Robert! Congrats on your engagement by the way. I'm curious about who else you would like to see guest judge on Shark Tank?

robertherjavec007162 karma

Marcus Lemonis. and Gene Simmons. Love that guy

SoSaysAT52 karma

What is one business decision that you have made that you wish you could re-do? Any lessons learned from it?

robertherjavec007178 karma

you can't redo. there's no going back, don't live in the past. look for the future

Theepicman11644 karma

Hi Robert. I'm a huge fan of shark tank and you as a person. You're my favorite shark on shark tank I have 2 questions for you Robert. 1. Have any of the businesses you invested in on shark tank failed, why did it fail and did you get your investment back? 2. What was one of the stupidest businesses idea that came into the shark tank?

robertherjavec00777 karma

haven't had any big failures. some are on life support - but we work to resuscitate them. can't talk about any bad or stupid ideas. one of those situations where best to not look back!

ArianCook43 karma

Any advice on how to properly pitch an idea? What are some mistakes people make that automatically discredit them in your eyes?

robertherjavec007108 karma

false praise for themselves or for the sharks really turns me off.

motivatedsinger35 karma

I love Shark Tank! You're probably my favorite shark.

My question - is/was there ever a time where you struggled with self-doubt? If so, how do you push through so you can make the great strides that you know you have to?

robertherjavec00765 karma

many times. self doubt is one of the quirks of paranoid people. Paranoia, specially in technology is a really good trait to have. I try to stay focused on the goal and minimize the amount of time I let myself feel the negative self doubt.

leontes31 karma

Is there anything about venture capitalism or business norms that you think should involve different etiquette? Seems like you have your own code and seem annoyed when others don't follow your lead.

robertherjavec00745 karma

you have to keep in mind that people have their own way of doin things. that may clash with your way but you have to do what's right for you.

DoctorDeath29 karma

Do you feel like someone could make a decent living selling homemade items off of sites like Etsy or do you think people should invest the time and money creating a brand and investing in their own site?

robertherjavec00786 karma

first you have to make a living. then you can think about building a brand. You will likely have to do both for a while.

suaveitguy23 karma

Would you partner with Kevin O'Leary? Any thoughts on his infamous Mattel deal?

robertherjavec00732 karma

the past is a distant distant thing. idon't know all the details on that deal, I wasn't there. but i would absolutely partner with Kevin - and have!

amatoolbox22 karma

What is the best way to pitch you an idea outside the show? I have a startup company that's breaking into new technologies in regulatory controls and supervision, and I would love to pitch it to someone like yourself who knows the security space and get some honest feedback.

robertherjavec00767 karma

between Shark Tank and running HErjavec Group, I really don't have time for other pitches....but let me give you Barbara's number !!

Brp212321 karma

Robert, what is the best way to provide value to people when networking in a beneficial way if you don't work for them?

robertherjavec00775 karma

networking isn't about adding value. Networking is about making human connections for a future relationship.

scrotumranger17 karma

You've always been my favourite shark along with Kevin. Do you and Kevin hang out outside of shark tank?

robertherjavec00792 karma

sometimes ya. he's actually a lot of fun. After a lot of wine

Muddart8415 karma

I truly admire the strength you showed after your divorce. How were you able to bounce back after something that brought you to such a dark place?

robertherjavec00752 karma

I went to a place that was even darker. my time at Union Gospel mission was incredible - I found a lot of light there.

billtaft14 karma

The editing of Shark Tank often shows you as the most passionate and convicted investor. I often think you really care about the people and product, but often, Cuban or Lori swoop in with a "flashy" pitch and snake a deal away from what seemed to be yours. Is that as true as the show makes it appear?

Cuban is the tech mogul, Lori is the queen of QVC, Mr. Wonderful is the cutthroat. what's Robert's elevator pitch? I don't often see you pitching your value-add to a presentor.

Thanks for doing this!

robertherjavec00738 karma

I love dogs ! no seriously... I'm the best operator for a fast growing business that needs to scale.

HelpAmBear13 karma

Robert, thanks for taking time to do this!

My question is what, in your opinion, will be the biggest commercially-viable innovation in technology in the next 5-10 years?

robertherjavec00726 karma

IOT - it will change access, privacy, security for all , forever. as Steve Case says "it's the third wave"

comment2311 karma

Recently on the show with VPCabs, you mentioned that you had quite the collection of pinball machines. Any one you would like to mention that are your favorites you have?

robertherjavec00725 karma

love pinball. I have an old SpiderMan game that's my absolute favorite.

reddit-seb9 karma

Are you marrying Kym?!😊💗

robertherjavec00713 karma

yes I am!!!

djduni8 karma

I love your show. I watch it all the time, and converse about it regularly with my parents who are also entrepreneurs. Great show.

I run a mobile medical ultrasound imaging start up called Integra Wellness. We specialize in imaging for strokes, aneurysms, PAD in the legs and osteoporosis. As you aren't in the medical field exactly, I wanted to ask a generalized question about entrepreneurship and wellness.

What do you see happening in the world of health and wellness that will be revolutionary in the coming years as it pertains to entrepreneurship?

robertherjavec00711 karma

IOT and privacy will transform this space. the connected world will allow the complete transparency and sharing of medical data. This will be good for most patients but it will bring challenges for privacy and cybersecurity.

jpsmeh8 karma

Is it worth investing in today's stock market? It seems more risky every day, especially for those with lower incomes.. Any stocks you believe could be smart to buy in 2016? (or for those with lower to average incomes)

robertherjavec00727 karma

I feel like there needs to be some disclaimer on this answer! Life is risk. the less money you have to lose, the less you should invest in something outside of yourself.

suaveitguy7 karma

How often do/can you actually apply Management strategy in the moment?

robertherjavec00723 karma

strategy is something you do when you have time. action is what you do in the moment.

Sophie18196 karma

Which DWTS dancer do you think would have the most potential on Shark Tank?

robertherjavec00713 karma

KYM JOHNSON. any other answer would be wrong. she's got the inside scoop. Insider trading much??

sharkaroo18006 karma

What are 5 things you love most about Kym?

robertherjavec00716 karma

she's kind. she's smart. she is passionate about life. she's a lot of fun! and i have to say it. she's breathtaking.

jtc666 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

robertherjavec00729 karma

1 horse sized duck. is the duck wearing Horse Pants?

OhHeyItsPollee4 karma

What are 5 things you can't live without?

robertherjavec00710 karma

my family, my phone, my dog, exercise, my business

SoManySnowFlakes4 karma

How much of your success do you attribute to luck?

robertherjavec0076 karma

I've been very lucky - I've worked really hard. When I wasn't lucky, I had to work harder... and here I am. that's not a coincidence.

_ilikepizza3 karma

What model of vacuum do you own?

robertherjavec0075 karma

there's a vacuum in my house???! I'm going to be in trouble for that one...

thekyledavid2 karma

Can you please write your last name phonetically? I've once argued with someone over how it is supposed to be pronounced.

robertherjavec0073 karma


pivotraze2 karma

I tried to ask this during the Quora session, but you must have missed it :)

What was the process of starting the Herjavec Group, how long did it take before it took off, and what got you into this field in the first place?

Everyone has their own story about how they got into Technology, and I really would love to hear yours. What made you interested in Cyber security in the first place?

P.S. You are one of my inspirations. I actually messaged you on LinkedIn a while ago to tell you, not sure if you saw it though :)

robertherjavec0072 karma

I started Herjavec Group with two co founders - Sean and George. we had all worked together for a long time at previously companies so we trusted each other. Incredibly difficult. Tons of hard work -- took years to find our groove. started with a goal of $5M in sales year 1 and only did $400K. Now we'll do $150M this year and we've scaled to almost 250 people. it's incredible. I fell into my job in tech really. My roommate had an interview that he didn't get -- so I went in and convinced the guy to let me work for free. that was my first job in computers!

Atomicoffspring1 karma

Im pretty you're it's safe to say you are most people's favorite shark. Including my entire family's.You are like a living Cinderella. How much of success do you think is luck (being at the right place at the right time) and how much is perspiration? Also any suggestions to taping into your full potential after giving up on yourself?

robertherjavec0072 karma

I think success is all perspiration. you make your own luck. I've said it before but entrepreneurs are MADE not BORN. you can definitely tap into your potential. it's hard to be resilient but you have to recognize that no matter who you are you will hit bottom. the key is how long you allow yourself to wallow in misery. My favorite quote - Face your life, its pleasure, its pain. Leave no path untaken. - you have to attack your life.