My short bio: Hey Redditors! I'm John Carney, director of Once, Begin Again and my latest film Sing Street. I'm here to answer any of your questions about music, films, creativity and anything else on your mind.

Right now I'm excited that Sing Street will be in UK cinemas this Friday, May 20th.

Here's the trailer:

Update: Thanks everyone! I'm off to a Q&A Screening of Sing Street but thanks for the chat.

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liamquane8 karma

Hi Mr. Carney I love all of your films I'm a huge fan! Can I ask do you have any directorial advice?

RealJohnCarney13 karma

Make a movie on your iphone. Start tomorrow.

liamquane5 karma

Where did Falling Slowly come from? :~)

RealJohnCarney7 karma

The ginger head of Glen Hansard!

liamquane3 karma

How do you give direction? Do you keep it simple or go very in depth and complicated?

RealJohnCarney3 karma

I keep it simple. The biggest direction is in casting the movie. You cast the person you think can do the job you need doing. I only ever got that wrong once.

liamquane3 karma

Begin Again was like a love letter to indipendent filmmaking, with the main characters going on location to record. Was the film supposed to be a love letter?

RealJohnCarney3 karma

Yes. It was. That's a good analogy.

liamquane2 karma

What was it like directing Kiera Knightly?

RealJohnCarney6 karma

God love her, she does try.

Ehh_Embb2 karma

John, I have this really nasty plantar wart on my big toe. Any advice on how to get rid of it?

RealJohnCarney2 karma

Foot hygiene is of particular interest to me.

thecabbagemerchant2 karma

Hey man! I just watched Begin Again. Loved it! When writing the script, how did you incorporate the many songs used in the film? Do you you write the songs in tangent with the script, or do the songs come before/after the story?

RealJohnCarney5 karma

Hey duder! The songs tend to come at the same time as the script. That way the two things seem married. Bad films tend to cram in a bunch of songs in post production and then call that a "soundtrack".

liamquane2 karma

What is your screenwriting process like, do you plan methodically or just jump straight in?

RealJohnCarney2 karma

I try to write the story first. Like in prose style. Then pitch that to friends, family, taxi drivers, the dentist, whoever. See if I have something.

Not_Quite_Cool2 karma

What was it like going from a slick Hollywood production with A-List stars to a smaller, more intimate film like Sing Street?

RealJohnCarney3 karma

It was great. It was what I needed after the madness of making a film in NY. It's a lot of fun. But a very different approach than what I'm used to

GaiaP2 karma

Would you ever hand one of your own scripts to another director?

RealJohnCarney5 karma

I don't think so. Not unless I could be on set. Directing.

Not_Quite_Cool2 karma

Did you have involvement with the Once Musical? If not, did you get a chance to see it?

RealJohnCarney3 karma

I did indeed! It was great. I love where john tiffeny took the show

DirtyDC742 karma

is it right that Sing Street is based on your life growing up? Are you Cosmo?

RealJohnCarney3 karma

I am not Cosmo. For a start I was way better looking that that kid in the movie! No, seriously, I wasn't half as confident as the kid in the movie. There's a lot of wish fulfilment in the film.

AJHewson1 karma

Are there any parts of the film that are actually based on your own personal experiences?

RealJohnCarney2 karma

A few. But not all of them. Ferdia is way more confident than I was as a kid. So there's lots of stuff I did in real life that he wouldn't be believable doing.

liamquane1 karma

Do you have any screenwriting advcie?

RealJohnCarney2 karma

Tell the truth.

j_haseltine1 karma

Do you ever miss the early days of The Frames?

RealJohnCarney5 karma

Nope. I couldn't stand being in a band. It didn't suit me. And I wasn't the lead singer, which killed my ego! I was on bass. In the background! Hell!

GaiaP1 karma

What music are you most enjoying at the moment? Any good tips?

RealJohnCarney4 karma

No. Rock n roll is dead. It's all too safe and cosy for me these days.

subbypal1 karma

what were you like as a student?

RealJohnCarney2 karma

I was a rubbish student.