Background: So, Legend Maker has come a long way. At first, it was only a small project named "Zelda Maker', with the intention of matching Nintendo's Mario Maker but with Zelda. Now it's an original product, currently working on raising funds via Kickstarter! It's an ambitious project, sure, but we fully believe we can do it. So, in honor of our Kickstarter launching today, ask us something!

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The team who has a Reddit acount is: /u/NicePasta, /u/TannerAnimations, /u/jaxcheese, /u/mattman32100, and /u/Hagan_The_Dwarf.

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CKlidify4 karma

Why is the Kickstarter's goal $40k? That doesn't feel entirely neccesary tbh...

mattman321005 karma

well from the start there are a ton of taxes, also we have a decent size dev team that are working full time on the game over a long period of time

CKlidify-7 karma

Also you don't need $5000 to make mac+linux versions of the game, especially when you're using Game Maker..

FearReaper91 karma

That's just a goal, it's by no means representative of the actual money required to do that thing.

prolapsingpotato2 karma

Isn't the point of Kickstarter to get money for a specific goal?

FearReaper90 karma

I said that kind of inaccurately; the stretch goals are there mainly just for what they think the maximum costs will be. It's not representative of the actual costs, more what they are predicting it to cost. $5000 would be for the time requires to port it to Mac/Linux, plus the licenses to release on Mac/Linux. At least, I'm pretty sure that's what that's for.

Warlofe22 karma

Will there be a feature to switch different graphic in the game like 8 bit version or 64 bit?

FearReaper92 karma

Not to my knowledge, no. But, there will be texture mods, so you could do that.

Kilowatt72 karma

Are you confident that the game will get positive reviews/sell well?

FearReaper90 karma


drekonil2 karma

When did the development of the game start ? Was there any big changes made to the original concept?

FearReaper93 karma

Development started back in November-ish, as a game called Zelda Maker. One cease and desist letter later, back in January it was renamed Legend Maker, and that's when development started. That pretty much covers both questions.

404IdentityNotFound1 karma

How big do you think the whole game will be? How you be able to share your stuff?

FearReaper91 karma

We're hoping the game will be huge. Not just huge, but big enough for you to make your own full Zelda-esque overworld.

As for sharing things, currently we have the Sub-Reddit (and, when it becomes big enough, I plan on making a sub-Sub-Reddit I have that's not public open for sharing worlds/levels). Beyond that, there's also the Steam Workshop once the game is fully released.

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FearReaper94 karma

Hm, I guess it all depends on how I'm feeling at the moment ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)