Hi everyone! This is Steven Seagal (yes, really!) live from Bangkok and I’m ready for your questions.

I kick some serious ass in my new movie CODE OF HONOR, in theaters and On Demand tomorrow, May 6th.

You can see that trailer here: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/lions_gate/codeofhonor/

EDIT: That's all the time I have. Thanks for chatting with me. I had a great time.

My Proof: https://twitter.com/LGHomeEnt/status/727590623075696640

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seismicor32 karma

How do I start if I want to learn Aikido?

stevenseagalOFFICIAL74 karma

Go to an Aikido dojo and train with a teacher.

Anonasty24 karma

How do you like Bangkok? You are the legend. I am also again here and I will buy you a drink, it would be a honor for me. Send me pm.

stevenseagalOFFICIAL35 karma

I love it. I like the culture, the people, the architecture.

MotherFuckingCookies12 karma

Mr Seagal, what would you rather fight. 100 mice sized Steven Seagal's or 1 Steven Seagal sized mouse?

stevenseagalOFFICIAL30 karma

One body rather than 100.

juggilinjnuggala10 karma

Will we ever see you in full action in a MMA event?

stevenseagalOFFICIAL35 karma

I'm a little bit old for that; I'm in my 60s.

granmastaspitz6 karma

Sensei and Team Seagal, much thanks to you amazing works through the years! I'm very excited for your new film Code of Honor. What is your personal code of honor?

stevenseagalOFFICIAL25 karma

To be kind and polite to everyone. To help those when you can and be courageous in the way you help people.

Jlew4516 karma

Any advice for young actors?

stevenseagalOFFICIAL15 karma

It's a very hard road to hoe and you're gonna have to be patient and understanding and understand whoever gets the role isn't necessarily the best but who you know.

pinkboy1086 karma

Big fan!

Which action star were you first star-struck by at the beginning of your career?

stevenseagalOFFICIAL15 karma

I was a fan of action movies, all of the action movies directed by Japanese director Akira Kurosawa.

siahbabedblsiah2 karma

Thank you so very much for taking the time to take part in an AMA here no Reddit!

I have two quick questions:

  1. What does your daily routine look like? (I ask because I've always admired your calm state of mind/peaceful way about yourself. I want to find a similar level of consciousness)

  2. I'm a band teacher, and appreciate that you're a musician. Outside of guitar, did you ever learn any other instruments throughout your life?

stevenseagalOFFICIAL2 karma

  1. I'm a Buddhist, I meditate, that keeps my calm-ness. From day to day, my routine can change.

  2. I started out as a drummer.