EDIT: thanks for your questions! it's been an hour and a half of frantic typing and we gotta roll out... but if you're just stoping by, there is a lot u could find out about us below if ya want! STAY RAD, matt and kim.

Ayyy it’s MATT and KIM we’re the indie music duo who have a VMA for getting naked in public, are in the Guinness Book of world records for taking part in a meme (Harlem Shake) and once got physically accosted by Dave Grohl (in a loving way.) We just released an EP called WE WERE THE WEIRDOS.

On Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5X9W0UYcGJbdVLIhztzfuH

On iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/we-were-the-weirdos-ep/id1106176450

On Google Play https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Matt_and_Kim_WE_WERE_THE_WEIRDOS?id=Bzqmrnxns453sxpu3lgnbtq7kgy&hl=en

We’re gonna start answering your questions at 6 PM EST. We decided to start drinking so we can officially regret our answers later. Also knowing kim, language may not be suitable for all ages. But then again this IS reddit, so if you’re here… there is probably NOTHING you haven’t seen! Verification for us from Betty White: https://twitter.com/mattandkim/status/727235130406916097

and FINALLY don't forget to check out the /r/mattandkim subreddit!

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hummingavioletsky354 karma

I love your music, I love seeing you guys live, but to me, what sets you apart from other musicians is just how in love with living you guys are.

What gives you a reason to booty-dance (kim)/sing at the top of your lungs (matt)?

mattandkim340 karma

I mean from a show perspective is literally just seeing the audience excited, i'm telling you people jumping around and sing songs WE wrote will never NOT make me excited. Sometimes we do rehearsals with our crew in an empty room and try to do the set a few times and it's almost IMPOSSIBLE with no one there. Really is the audiences energy that keeps us going.

growerowe234 karma

When and how did you both meet? With your new album released, what was the weirdest thing you did as a kid? Thanks!

mattandkim842 karma

Matt and I met at Pratt Institute. I saw him from across campus and said to my friend that i was gonna fuck the shit outta him! I DID!!! -k

pi3Eat3r52201 karma

mattandkim169 karma

looooooll haha -k

runpinto5k207 karma

Hey guys!! Huge fan you two are my favorite band. My question for you two is: why don't you guys play 5k anymore, and was that song written for Kim? Oh also when did you write 5k? Thanks you guys, you're awesome

mattandkim266 karma

you think we should? i'm just not sure how many people know that song anymore... yeah kim wrote it about her running years in high school and then into college, it was one of the first three songs we ever wrote! -m

rememberalexandra123 karma

Have you done all the positions in Its alright?! If so, 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

mattandkim203 karma

WE HAVE TRIED but my flexibility is shit! i'm working on it but can just finally touch my toe for the first time since being a teenager... gonna have to go back to it! -m

greenteasoda122 karma

What was life like for you before the band and how has it changed since finding success?


mattandkim868 karma

here's the main difference. Kim and i used to never even be able to buy two bagels with cream cheese. A bagel with cream cheese was three cost three times as much as without. We'd buy one toasted with, and one toasted and sliced without cream cheese, and then we would swap half so we could both have a little. Now we just buy two with cream cheese, that's the main difference. -m

xandersingh121 karma

Where can I inquire about posting an ad with Kim's Dating Service?

mattandkim198 karma

Xander i tried pimping yo ass out but you are so shy and sweet!! Ladies of REDDIT meet Xander. He is cute, funny, smells good, makes awesome music but for some reason never picks the right girl! -k

yesk119 karma

Hi m&k! I have a question about Spotify. There's a controversy about how artists get paid through the streaming of their music on the website/app/etc. My brother has a very small indie band and he didn't even know that his music was on Spotify, so it's safe to say that he hasn't seen any of the potential money he should be making from the streaming of the band's songs. Is this something that his record label only sees or do you think that you need to have a bigger name and more streams to make any sort of profit on it? Is there any upside to releasing music on Spotify, or is it really just a necessary thing you have to do to get your music out there. I love Spotify but I also love the artists I listen to (including you) and I want to make sure that they are still making money even though I didn't buy the album.

You guys are awesome and I think Kim is my spirit animal.

Edit: sorry this is not a fun question!

mattandkim363 karma

i honestly don't even know how much we earn off spotify or any streaming service... We just like having people listen to music we've made and want it to be easily accessible. I'm always using spotify and i'm bummed whenever something i like isn't on there. When we started as a band it was putting music on Myspace which was just a great universal platform for people to get to hear your music for free... we want to be wherever you listen, so let us know if there is anywhere we are not! P.S. this tequila is catching up with me so sorry for any rambling! -m

thingswerentallbad113 karma

What's your favorite thing about each other?

mattandkim362 karma

Matt's dick! HA... well that is one of my favorite things. Seriously how can i choose one? Fuck how can i even choose 20? Matt is fucking awesome. I mean besides being super fucking hot he is really funny and the kindest person you will ever meet! I know you want to vomit a little right.... but that is the weird thing cause he is so kind but yet you don't want to vomit! I would compare him to a unicorn at the end of a rainbow with a pot of gold and three wishes!!! -k

the3ysmen87 karma

Have you guys thought about remaking/remastering Blazing Dynamite, Jesse Jane, or Verbs Before Nouns from To/From? I love how different Silver Tiles sounds from the original version.

Obligatory /r/mattandkim plug

mattandkim88 karma

hey! yeah i love those songs... we recorded them in our practice space on a cassette four track, should we re-record them or just make them more available. -m

Dinosaur_Eats_Pizza17 karma

More available for sure.

mattandkim94 karma

note has been taken, we will re-record those songs and at least just to see what it would sound like! -m

Itz_only_smellz_bro76 karma


What's your number one period craving?

In Philly this summer you told us that you had period boobs and the whole crowd cheered, including my fiancée who was on her period. That was he moment she realized she liked Matt and Kim.

Matt and Kim,

Hey Now is potentially our wedding song. If we send you guys a 9/17 wedding invitation, will you send us a reply?

mattandkim142 karma

Ok my period cravings change every few months so it goes between sugar and salty.... on the sugar front it's any jelly type candy but my go to is jelly bellys. Actually typing this out is now making me crave jelly belly's and i have a giant bag in our bedroom but my lazy ass can't walk up two flights to get them. Now on the salty side i am into either popcorn or like a kettle chip! But the salty side only happens like every three months. Can we just stop and think about how fucking weird the body is? You crave shit, get super fucking emotional and then you bleed for 6 days and you can't put a band aid on that shit!!! I mean your boobs get big which i like to think as a nice way to change it up in the bedroom. Could you imagine if a guys dick got big or small once a month... i don't think they could handle it. Sorry i am rambling here!! - k

colorshow71 karma

Kim, how you get dat booty?

mattandkim171 karma

i will say this.... SHAKE WHAT YA MAMMA GAVE YA!!! My mom's got a booty so i think it was just passed down to me. THANK YOU MOM THANK YOU SO MUCH! She did also passed down my itty bitty titties but i love them and wouldn't want it any other way! -k

IamLuke55569 karma

Hey you guys are my favorite band ever and you actually are what my girlfriend and I first bonded over, so thanks for that. :)

I wanted to ask you guys how you stay on top of social media so well? You've favorited a couple of my tweets and Kim even dm'd me when I asked if I could use "hey now" in a video. As busy as you guys are, you seem to put so much effort into talking to your fans and I think that's amazing. How do you do it with such a busy schedule?

mattandkim152 karma

I will admit i do a lot of my social media responses when i am taking a shit and i shit at least 4 times a day so that is a good amount of time!! I always try to stay on top of it. I mean we get to do what we get to do cause awesome people like you listen to our music and come to our shows. We owe everyone who is part of this a huge thanks so i love being able to let you know that i've seen a tweet or message and i love the fact that we can talk via DM. I mean think about before all of this stuff existed how hard it would be for the musician and the person who liked that musician to actually communicate. -k

thingswerentallbad52 karma

What's the scariest thing that's happened since being in the band?

mattandkim144 karma

Back in the day when it was just matt and i traveling in a van. We were leaving Flaggstaff AZ heading to San Diego CA. The van had been making weird sounds the day before but we just ignored it. As we were leaving the show the breaks went out.... We couldn't stop! Luckily it was really late at night and no one was on the road. Also somehow the hill we were on lead to a repair shop. So we franticly pulled the van into this shop parking lot and slept in the van. It was the fucking coldest night of our lives too! -k

orangejulius45 karma

What's your most embarrassing moment while performing? How did you get through it?

mattandkim86 karma

I can honestly say i don't think i have ever been embarrassed while performing. I even once tripped over our riser while running to stage, did a flip roll, took out one of our stage fans and some how popped back up! I mean don't get me wrong i laughed at myself for awhile but i wasn't embarrassed. But thinking about it I don't think I really have ever been embarrassed off stage! HA! - k

beatlesboy6741 karma

Why is there a reference to Kevin Bacon (or at least it sounds like it) in Let's Run Away?

And as an Atlanta native, I have to ask. What was it like to record here? What were your favorite places in the city?


mattandkim39 karma

well the question is what's NOT to like about kevin bacon, i mean his last name is BACON for CRYING OUT LOUD -m

Dinosaur_Eats_Pizza15 karma

Your song proves Bacon goes good with anything!

mattandkim53 karma

dinosaur u r a genius -m

panicisperfect40 karma

Hey guys, this is Panic is Perfect. We had so much fun playing with you in Pomona 2 weeks ago. Congrats on your new EP, it is lit! How was the food from the not asshole businesses in North Carolina? Did you have to turn down any tempting but bigoted sandwiches?

mattandkim45 karma

Hey guys!!! we were really lucky to not go into any asshole businesses. We did our research and made sure every place we went to did not support the HB2. We even found a really awesome coffee shop that we might not have hit up...because it was out of the way... but they had an awesome statement on their website about that stupid bill! Hope you guys are awesome and the drive wasn't too bad on the way home! - k

thingswerentallbad34 karma

What is your favorite date you've ever been on?

mattandkim101 karma

Matt's gonna say he's never been on a date... He said when we first got together we were hanging out. But we went on dates. One of our early dates was hanging out in Prospect Park trying to fly a kite we bought at a 99cent store. Matt actually ended up getting it up and that was impressive! But who am i kidding he had me when i spotted him across campus! -k

DetectiveZ29 karma

Hey guys, huge fan! Saw you once in Montreal when you opened for Passion Pit, and then once down in Burlington about a year ago! Definitely waiting on another opportunity to see you guys again very soon. Love your KING hoodie as well!

You guys have some of the best music videos out there! Are you two usually the ones who generate the ideas for them, or is there a team/braintrust who helps you out?

Also Matt, how do you feel about folding clothes?

Thanks for doing this!

mattandkim42 karma

thank you!!! yes most of the ideas of our videos have been things kim and i have come up with but have def have worked with a number of awesome people on executing them... I went to film school and love working with visuals. been thinking about starting a new YouTube channel just to make more stuff, but not sure what we should make? any of you have any ideas? -m

CoffeeToPaper23 karma

Hey Matt and Kim. Big fan.

Series Query: Was wondering why you tended towards your 'Grand' style with your latest EP instead of continuing with your progression as artists, as you kind of did with New Glow. Still loved the EP and have been playing the fuck out of it.

Not So Serious Queries: What is the most hipster thing you two have done? How hard was it not to get a hard on when shooting Lessons Learned? Who said I love you first?

Love yo faces and can't wait to awkwardly walk into you on the streets of New York/Brooklyn/Williamsburg.

mattandkim46 karma

Well i don't think being a musician is about moving in one direction, we kind go backwards and forwards, low fi to hi fi and back, just whatever is exciting us at the time.

And very easy not to get hard when its below freezing out!

JonnyDL19 karma

You guys coming back to Kelowna, BC anytime soon? Loved seeing you at Kelowha a few years back when Matt fell in the lake, and Kim shook her booty right in my face. It was a wholesome show.

mattandkim34 karma

Oh man i want to!! Let me tell you i still every now and then think back to the time matt fell in the lake and i laugh.... i laugh a lot!! - k

imp3rial118 karma

Can we have triple or quadruple the amount of confetti at FPSF this summer? Maybe even throw in some glitter?? It's the beginning of summer and we have to start it right.

mattandkim20 karma

hahaha i'll see what we can do. -m

jokmor17 karma

Matt - when are you gonna pop the question?

Matt and Kim - have you guys actually "performed" in all of the positions shown in "It's Alright" music video? ;)

Kim - How long do you think you guys are going to keep being in the band for?

mattandkim38 karma

Shit if we could be a band forever that would be fucking sweet!!! I hope we can keep being a band till we can't do it no more! -k

alecs_18217 karma

What advice do you have to high school kids looking to go to Pratt?

mattandkim48 karma

FUCKING DO IT!!!! I went to a few different schools and ended up at Pratt. It is an amazing school and out of art schools in NYC it is the only one that has an amazing campus where students hang out with each other. Other schools in NYC have buildings spread out throughout and you don't get to really interact with different majors. If that was the case i might not have met matt! Also side note... matt and i live near pratt and we sometimes grab New Grace (best Chinese food in the area) or Bergan Bagels and go sit on campus and eat! -k

Dinosaur_Eats_Pizza16 karma

Chunky or smooth?

mattandkim44 karma

when it comes to peanut butter i'm chunky ALL. THE. mother f'n WAY.
but what else can we apply this question too? -m

NoogaRooer16 karma

I know you guys are on tour with Ellie Goulding while she is at Bonnaroo. Do you guys get to hang out at Bonnaroo too? And if so, can we party together? Thanks!

mattandkim28 karma

No we are probably going to have other shows at that time but Bonnaroo is fucking awesome and i hope they have us back again!! -k

mattnkimrgoals16 karma

who knew Kim was such a cute motherfucker?

mattandkim55 karma

i did :) -m

Pixarfanboy16 karma

Hey Matt and Kim! I have been such a huge fan of you guys over the past 2 years and I even got to see you live 3 times last year. My question is what is your favorite thing to see in the crowd during your shows?

mattandkim41 karma

MOTHER FUCKING CROWD SURFING!!! MOSH PITS!!!! ALL OVER CRAZINESS! If those three things happen throughout a show i am fucking stoked!! We seriously feed off the energy of the crowd and when that energy is visual like that it means i want to step up and get crazier! If i was to pick one i'd say i love to see crowd surfing... but not dick down... unless you are into that! -k

Alexsebold14 karma

Who wins in a fight? Cap Am or Iron Man? This is urgent

mattandkim34 karma

iron man, only because humor can be someones strongest weapon! imho. -m

investedinterest14 karma

You two are undeniably the coolest people on the planet! I couldn't stop smiling when I first listened to your new EP.

Question! If your careers weren't music, what do you think you'd be up to?

mattandkim36 karma

Man that is a good fucking question that i hope i never have to really think about! HA! I mean i do have the best job ever. But i think if for some reason we couldn't make music anymore i would like to make art. The nonconventional jobs.... man what if i said i really wanted to be a stocks analyst? That would be fucking weird!!! -k

TheSpruce_Moose13 karma

LOVED you guys at TUFTS yesterday. Met you after the show (on Concert Board) and was so pleased with how genuine you guys were. You guys fucking rule. Also, @Kim: I'm the one who the torch is being passed to--I know they let you in on the secret! So the question is, will you come back, and what's the best college show (or otherwise) that you've played??

mattandkim9 karma

Fuck Yeah!!! Will you have us back? Also CONGRATS!!! I wish they actually set something on fire and handed it to you! Oh man asking the show question is super tough. We do so many shows that it is like saying take the last 200 days and tell me which one is the best. We have so many awesome days its hard to pick! -k ps did you study for finals or did you party after we left?

Dinosaur_Eats_Pizza13 karma

If this were my IAma, what would you ask me?

mattandkim19 karma

what did you have for breakfast this morning? -m

bspoon1212 karma

Hey guys! Big fan of your music and you of performances ! I've been to quite a few shows like Providence, RI and Boston. In the Boston show you had people giving you thongs and in Providence there was a custom bikini with both your faces on it. My question is what is the weirdest thing you've guys ever had thrown to you at a concert?

mattandkim25 karma

I would have to say the weirdest thing was a birth control pack! I don't know if they were saying we should be protected or shit maybe they were saying put a baby in me. But yes that was weird!! -k

Secretaylorswiftfan12 karma

What are both of your thoughts on toe socks?

mattandkim35 karma

Ok i love when matt sticks his fingers between my toes. Something about that feeling is pretty awesome... but toe socks.... aww HELL NO! That is as bad as those toe sneakers. -k

rememberalexandra12 karma

V. serious question: Snuggle or personal space?

mattandkim33 karma

Well we did share a bed made for one person for about 3 years so we're ok with sleeping close -m

pestolovah11 karma

  1. What are your two alcoholic drinks of choice?
  2. What are your two un-alcoholic drinks of choice?

mattandkim19 karma

Tequila is my number one, i'm all about it being an upper and not a downer. Beer, i love beer, trying to chill on those carbs tho... non alcoholic? gonna have to go with LA CROIX PEACH PEAR for both one and two! -m

GraceFaceLace10 karma

Hey guys, HUGE fan here. Last time, I've seen you was Fort Lauderdale last November.

I know you guys are so great to your fans, so just wanted to know what has been your favorite fan interaction?

mattandkim22 karma

Oh man that is hard to say....we have some fucking awesome fans. I was really happy once when in Florida to meet a fan who i was DM with while she was fighting cancer! She had been so fucking strong and positive during the whole fight! It was nice to meet her face to face and give her a hug!! -k

tonersceptile9 karma

How much longer do you guys expect to keep producing music for? Hopefully a long time to come!

mattandkim17 karma

I don't think i could ever NOT make music, kinda want to start writing songs with/for other people too... who do you think would be a good match? -m

Lizgal11 karma


mattandkim19 karma

rad gonna look up jon bellion and cherub... what do you think DMX is up to right now? anyone got any ideas?

Thaksin_Shinawatra9 karma

-Any chance we can get you to play a show in Bangkok?

-What are you doing tonight?

-Would you follow me on instagram?

-Whats your favorite place to unwind after touring? (not counting home)

-NYC bar recommendation?

mattandkim15 karma

I would love to play a show in Bangkok!! Do you think people would come out?
I think we are getting drunk with friends. We haven't been in Brooklyn in awhile so we are dying to get out and see everyone! Are you funny on instagram? I mean really funny?
I can't say cause we never go anywhere but home after tour. We love to be in brooklyn so that is where we head. Montana's in Bushwick! Ask for Fletcher!! -k

TallManRyan9 karma

Hey, Matt & Kim! This is kind of a question for both of you. Which music video has been the most fun to be a part of? Personally, Lessons Learned is my favorite!

mattandkim39 karma

i think shooting the Cameras video where we are beating each other up was the funnest... it was like getting to be in an action movie for a couple days. kim did ACTUALLY punch me directly in the nose, which was the only time i've been punched in the face in my life... so that was pretty exciting. -m

sex_with_a_panda9 karma

How would your lives be different if Matt was Kim and Kim was Matt personality wise?

mattandkim13 karma

ha, this is an interesting question... i think kim being kim get's away with her vulgarity better then if it was me. -m

Jab10028 karma

What can you not survive without while on tour?

mattandkim19 karma

The realistic answer...cell phone! I would like to shoot something where us and our crew can't have cell phones for a tour. I think people would actually break down!! I wouldn't know how to figure out where i was going, get food, find coffee, shit think of all the awesome memes we would miss! I say a whole tour but knowing all of us we wouldn't last 2 days! -k

Phallicmallet6 karma

What are you favorite genres of music?

mattandkim17 karma

for kim i know it's Hip Hop and Punk... for me its those but also more indie, electronic, i love having Jazz and old blues on when in the house... i pretty open. -m

Falconjb6 karma

Two questions! Who is playing the guitar in Fall to Pieces? Also, would you guys endorse my Matt and Kim cover band, Pat and Jim?

mattandkim18 karma

Yes but whoever plays drums has to dress in drag!!! It's matt who plays guitar in Fall to Pieces! He looks so fucking hot playing the guitar!! - k

anniegeelovesjared6 karma

Hi Matt & Kim, I'm from Manila and I saw (and only heard about) you guys from Coachella a few weeks ago. How does it feel knowing you have fans all over the world?

mattandkim5 karma

well that is fucking awesome! I was just in an art show in the philippines. I think it was in Manila but i'm not exactly sure. So i have never been there but my art has! Next time i have to go!! - k

pi3Eat3r526 karma

first off, let me just say I can't wait to see you guys at Govball, been dying to get to a show forever! (do you know which stage you guys are on yet?) :) Matt, Whats the craziest thing that's ever happened at one of your shows, or life in general? TMI Kim, whats the weirdest place you guys ever done it?

mattandkim20 karma

I don't know about GovBall yet... i think it is on the lineup page but I can't remember what the stage is called. As far doin it! We once did it up in the woods in vermont... not that that is weird. I did have my period and had to toss a bloody tampon out. Which i felt guilty about cause it was littering and it also made me think if someone was hiking through how bummed they were going to be when they came across that tampon. Hey maybe a bird used it for a nest... that makes me feel less guilty! But yeah the weird part wasn't doing it out in the woods the weird part was there were these giant horse flies that kept biting us while we were doing it! We both had these giant bites all over our asses! TOTALLY WORTH IT!! - k

saragoo6 karma


Who's farts smell worse?!?!?

You guys are awesome, keep it up :D

mattandkim14 karma

yeah i gotta say it straight up mine are the realest. But bizarrely kims coming over to my side... watch that dried FRUIT! -m

lvest6 karma

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

mattandkim18 karma

Make lots and lots of stuff!! wait are you talking musician or fine artist? Well either way i think doing as much as you can. When we first started we were playing so many shows and it helped us grow and figure out what works and what doesn't (getting super fucking drunk before a show doesn't work... who knew!) If it is a fine arts question i say make lots and lots of work. With each piece you learn/discover something new. When i am making art i make a fucking shit ton and then edit out! -k

shutterbug7115 karma

I've been bringing my daughter to your shows since she was 10 (now 15). As a result she skipped over boy bands and has A1 taste in music all around. Does it bother you when kids are there even if I don't mind explaining fisting on the car ride home? Also, please stop calling me 'Mom'...I feel old.

mattandkim10 karma

We do put a disclaimer on our shows announcements saying while it is all ages it may not be suitable for all ages. It depends what a parent is comfortable with! I think it is great to talk about all that stuff and for kids to know. My mom was always very open with me about that stuff. I will say any parent that DM's me and says they are bringing their kid i do say you might want to rethink that! But again if you have a fully open dialog with your kid and can be honest with them i think the relationship is stronger and they will go to you with any question they have down the line. That being said i don't have kids so i have no idea if my ideas are the right ones! - k

BigBoy10185 karma

Hey Matt and Kim! Huge fan!

What is your favorite part of Brooklyn other than home?

mattandkim4 karma

PROSPECT PARK, well and McCarren park on a sunday when lots of people are hanging out -m

robotmovies5 karma

So you're basically my favorite band. the thermals are my other favorite band. I was super excited to see you tour together, but I showed up late and missed the thermals completely. You still put on a kick ass show in Tempe that night though. My question is what was it like touring with the thermals? Will you please go on tour with them again, and I promise I won't F it up this time and miss one of the bands?

mattandkim7 karma

They are so fucking awesome! We have been fans of them for a long time so it was so great to have them on the road with us. I was actually texting with Hutch the other day! They were here in NY but we were in North Carolina! They are touring now so go look up there schedule! -k

rainy_raven5 karma

Off the top of your heads, what are your three most favorite songs?

mattandkim16 karma

Man i don't know if i can name 3 cause i there are so many fucking awesome songs out there... but if i was to pick one all time favorite it would have to be T.I - Bring em out! - k

pestolovah4 karma

This one's for Matt: who cuts your hair?

mattandkim12 karma

mostly my dude andy at Persons of Interest in carol gardens brooklyn! -m

jonahscallon3 karma

Hey Matt, I was just wondering if you enjoyed the cookies I sent over snapchat last week?

  • Jonah

mattandkim8 karma

ha i remember that snap! i could go for some cookies right now... -m

rugski3 karma

Want some spaghetti in Tennessee?

mattandkim7 karma

what type of spaghetti are you talking? I have been really into just straight up spaghetti and meatballs lately! I think you just helped me decide what I'm having for dinner tonight! - k

whatabitchlol1 karma

When are you guys coming to Toronto?!?!

mattandkim6 karma

IN JULY!!! Wait i think its july! i know its this summer! - k

CoachC151 karma

Hey Guys! I'm the kid in the wagon from the CYBM video! "We Were the Wierdos" is incredible!

It got me wondering, what things were you guys know for back in high school?

mattandkim3 karma

Oh shit!!! That was one of my favorite shots!! Well matt was into punk and he did video stuff back in high school. That is what brought him to Pratt Institute. For me a was a raver and a runner. Those two things don't really mix! - k

DietCokeHeads1 karma

Hey Matt and Kim! I love this new EP! What's the best gift you've ever gotten from a fan?

mattandkim6 karma

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies!!! When on tour i found some girl scouts but they were out of thin mints. So i took my sadness to twitter in hopes someone could tell me where some girl scouts were posted up. Instead a fan brought me a box and threw it on stage at the show! I ate the entire box that night! -k

HowardlyLion1 karma

KIM-We met in Paris! I'm wondering, did Matt hold up his end of the bargain and take your phone (in place of his broken one)while you got a new one? ;) (I saw the handshake, don't forget!!) Also-Thanks for the AMA!

mattandkim2 karma

No he ended up getting his screen replaced! But now i am going to use this to get a new phone!! HA! - k

RJBalderDash1 karma

Saw you guys in DC at the 9:30 club and again at Firefly. You have been one of my favorite acts that I have told I will always see when in town. So thanks for everything you two do!

My question is how do you two deal with each with the endless amount of time you guys spend together on tour, in the studio and then as a couple?

mattandkim10 karma

i don't know, by all accounts you should have read about us KILLING each other years ago... but i think we both keep it easy going and respectful and it just works in the words of dj khaled... that's key. -m

Cantwell12341 karma

Whats some of your favorite lyrics you have written?

mattandkim12 karma

"I think it takes a pile of bricks for us to make a home, and i'm not sure but i think mountains grow from just one stone." - BLOCK AFTER BLOCK -m

Oprahs_Mingie1 karma

Hey Matt and Kim,

What are your favorite "Go-To" kinda beers?

mattandkim8 karma

Budweiser, pacifico, negra modelo... how bout u? -m