Hi! I'm Malena Morgan and if you have happened to surf any of the naughty subreddits like NSFW, realgirls, etc.. you probably have seen me posted many times! I love talking to fans so thought this would be fun to try out.

After the AMA I'll continue answering questions on CamSoda.com live on cam.

Proof: https://twitter.com/MalenaMorgan/status/726908006193983489?lang=en

I'll be answering questions here for the next hour or so. After I'll go live on CamSoda.com at 10pm EST. I'm even cuter live. ;-)

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lcodemanl2567 karma

What would it take to get a date with you?

realmalenamorgan1967 karma

Not possible lol

frowaway082469 karma

Hi! I love your films especially the Nubile films projects and more passionate-style films.

What do you think our strategy should be to win against ISIS in the Middle East?

realmalenamorgan1929 karma

I don't think there is truly anything we can do about brainwashed kamikazes

bronzeagealien1136 karma

Whenever I watch girl-on-girl porn my impression is that the girls are bored out of their mind and would much rather be humping a guy. They all seem gay for pay. Am I wrong to think that?

realmalenamorgan2181 karma

Gay for pay is definitely a thing, but the real issue is that good pussy licking doesn't look good on camera. There's a "cheek to leg" rule to keep your face out of the way... Of course they look bored. Also, I think it's safe to say we are all a little bit desensitized from using too many vibrators.

reddit_army_overseer908 karma

Malena, I am assuming the lack of hardcore scenes is due to having a boyfriend or whatever, but are there other reasons you do mostly girl-girl or solo work?

realmalenamorgan2621 karma

Actually, it was because I was "hot enough to get away with only doing GG" in the words of my agent at the time. BTW I've been retired for almost 3 years. My own personal reasons for refraining from the BG sector included: I can't take size I won't suck your dick unless I love you Why do that when I made more shooting solo than the going anal rate at the time?

Pweg827 karma

Do you have any plans for after the adult industry? What kind of things do you like to do to unwind?

realmalenamorgan1722 karma

I retired almost 3 years ago. I am currently working as a photographer and creative director for Futurola USA, a smoking accessory company from Amsterdam.

To unwind, I take baths, hike and play with my cats. Also, weed smoking helps.

Bah_Allah_Kay726 karma

What is your least favorite aspect of the adult entertainment industry? Also, why do you think there is such a negative stigma attached to porn/pornstars?

realmalenamorgan1524 karma

My least favorite aspect of the adult industry was stinky vaginas.

I think there is a negative stigma attached to porn because it is deviant in nature, and anything even slightly controversial is offensive these days.

Dark_Finn725 karma

How much of the adult entertainment industry (from your observation) is exploitation versus a true expression of sexuality?

realmalenamorgan1871 karma

Well, in accordance with the idea that you can't rape the willing, I think it's a total cop out to say that anyone in the adult industry is exploited by anyone other than themselves. If a girl can't say no, that's her own fault. Other than that, it's all consented.

alexthadisnerd561 karma

Hey malena,

What's the best advice you've ever been given?

Also, what is one place you've never been to that you would like to travel to?

realmalenamorgan931 karma

The best advice I've ever been given, hands down: "Don't argue with drunks or idiots"

I have a lot of places on my bucket list, but the first three that come to mind are Greece, Thailand & Indonesia

SmudgeThePro556 karma

How often do you get recognized irl?

realmalenamorgan1481 karma

At every trade show, and rarely in between. I can tell when people are giving me "the look" that they might recognize me, but they mostly just look confused because I'm out of context... Like seeing your primary care physician out of scrubs

TheLowSpark521 karma

Could God microwave a burrito so hot that he himself couldn't eat it?

realmalenamorgan1013 karma

God didn't invent the microwave, so yes.

Helios0117460 karma

What made you start and retire from adult films?

realmalenamorgan1333 karma

I started shooting scenes after developing a personal interest in webcam turned monetary. I retired because I realized it was like a really fucked up game of STD roulette and I wanted to get out before I contracted anything. All the HIV scares made the idea very real to me. I decided my health was more important than money.

GentlyUsedDiaper441 karma

Hi Malena. I'm not familiar with any of your work, but I am curious: what systemic and/or legislative changes do you believe need to be made to the Department of Veterans Affairs in order to provide an adequate level of service to our troops, particularly in the areas of mental health and psyhical rehabilitation services?

realmalenamorgan2056 karma

They definitely need to do more research on PTSD and the psychological effects of witnessing extreme brutality. It's not fair to plop troops back into society like they will be "fine." Also, I think a lot of the issue is actually in what happens before a person goes on deployment. Since (at least) the 50's, we have been making humor out of violence through cartoons and some sitcoms... How can you expect anyone to know what they're really getting into when they've been trained to minimize the idea of violence since they were a kid?

eatashrimp404 karma

your videos helped me realize that i was gay. just wanted to say thank you for that.

it would make my weekend if you just replied to me lmao. and I guess as an actual question, favorite song on views?

realmalenamorgan529 karma

Lovely! Hello 👋🏽

I don't watch Views

Superflypirate395 karma

What's your best bowling score?

realmalenamorgan738 karma

It was in the 90's, but I bowled a 58 last night 💩

ReginaldLADOO369 karma

Who was your favorite girl to work with and was it Aurielee Summers or Jessie Andrews?

realmalenamorgan686 karma

Asa Akira & Lily Carter

ReginaldLADOO280 karma

No love for Aurielee? Dat ass though.

realmalenamorgan1952 karma

Dat ass dat had shit on it

Get your hygiene up before you fuck people on camera, thanks

Yes, I'm so serious

CipCapCop342 karma

Here some question

  • Whats your favourite food?
  • What is your guilty pleasure?
  • What hobbies do you have?
  • Your passion in life?
  • Future goals?

realmalenamorgan514 karma



I don't have a lot of free time, so my current hobbies include taking baths & hiking

My passion in life... Spreading love

I would like a large portion of my annual income to be from sales of my photography.

SergioButton328 karma

What do you make of peoples attitudes towards sex and sexuality in general?

Love your yoga pics by the way :)

realmalenamorgan521 karma

I think most attitudes of sex and sexuality are too extreme/black & white, even on the more promiscuous end.

wick78296 karma

Have you ever considered doing boy/girl scenes?

Is there much of a pay difference between lesbian and b/g work?

What's your favorite vape flavor?

realmalenamorgan442 karma

I have no interest in shooting BG scenes.

I was on contract, so for me there was. I've heard rates have only gone down... Way down

My fav vape flavor is dewy boba

orgpekoe245 karma

Does size matter? If it does, is it significant? Also you're awesome 😊

realmalenamorgan1126 karma

It does matter, but genitals are like puzzle pieces. It's super easy for a girl to tell you that you have a small dick, but have you ever thought to tell her that she just has a huge pussy?

Also, it's all in how you use it.

alexlikesbubbletea195 karma

Hi Malena!

Who was your favorite actress to work with?

Is there anyone you wished you could've worked with?

I love you.

realmalenamorgan395 karma

Asa Akira was the most fun, Lily Carter was the hottest & I wish I had gotten to bang Jessa Rhodes

DarylsCrossbow174 karma

What's your opinion on Britain leaving the EU?

realmalenamorgan210 karma

I don't know much about the actual functions of the EU, but from the snippet I read, it could be a good decision.

AKA_Sotof152 karma

Cats, dogs or dinosaurs? Choose wisely.

realmalenamorgan284 karma

Cats forever

JRKLLL122 karma

I'm curious about the impact of being a 'cam girl' has on your life outside of it. Parents, friends. Any particular challenges?

realmalenamorgan299 karma

If a person didn't want to be my friend because I like to cam, that's their own problem and I'm better off without them. I live for my own approval of self. The only real challenge is having unconventional work hours in relation to making social plans.

Empigee80 karma

Which presidential candidate would be most beneficial to the porn industry?

realmalenamorgan113 karma

Jenna J Ross is probably a better person to ask that question lol

Natettom7575 karma

Hi Malena, Can you speak to us about what you are going to make on camsoda ? It will be as on streamate or it will be different? You think of stopping definitively streamate or not ? And last question, Periscope misses you or not at all ?

realmalenamorgan132 karma

Tonight at CamSoda will be similar to my regular cam shows, yes. I have no plans to quit Streamate, unless CamSoda is just that awesome.

Periscope died in my mind the second creeps started posting recordings on YouTube.

ReginaldLADOO79 karma

Wouldn't "creeps" record and post your CamSoda and Streamate shows as well?

realmalenamorgan198 karma

There are legal teams for that. Also, the reason why the periscope recordings are so awful is because it's like an hour of me just staring at my screen and saying incomplete sentences. It's just plain weird. Anyone who would want to watch that needs to go outside more.

randomkoreanguy73 karma

Coke or Pepsi?

realmalenamorgan332 karma

Neither, rots your teeth

If I had to choose, I'd go for a Pepsi

moosecakems63 karma

Hi Malena! If you were to dominate any other industry what would be your top choice?

realmalenamorgan122 karma

The weed biz, as I am w/ Futurola USA

icewalrus59 karma

I'd estimate ive dumped about a gallon of cum out to your videos over the years. Thanks, your always the quick 5 min jerk i need to clear my head for the day/studying.

I dont recall seeing anything of yours that is non-lesbian. Is this true or have i just been browsing the wrong category this whole time?

realmalenamorgan97 karma

I'm not a lesbian, I just didn't shoot with guys.

ImaVeggie56 karma

What issue of High Times magazine did the ad for FuturolaUSA, that you photographed, appear?

realmalenamorgan76 karma

I'll have to get back to you on that, I don't remember

marsajib28 karma

Love your periscope you are the coolest. What's your favorite ethnic food?

realmalenamorgan63 karma

That's hard... Definitely a toss up between Japanese & Indian

Cowagner818 karma

What are you thoughts on doing a scene with Aspen Rae? IMHO it would be perfection.

realmalenamorgan45 karma

She's pretty cute, but I don't shoot anymore. I think she started shooting scenes after I had already retired...

claudhigson17 karma

Your favourite movie?

realmalenamorgan74 karma

Let's say Donnie Darko and Inception

-_Chris_-16 karma

Biggest kink?

realmalenamorgan66 karma

Hmm... DP's for sure

Dmcv41016 karma

What would you rather make another porno doing anal or vaginal?

realmalenamorgan43 karma

Neither, I don't have boy sex on camera (lol)

nrspinney14 karma

Hi, Malena. Thanks for doing another AMA.

I love the work you've done with Girlfriends Films. Which GF scene of yours would you consider your favorite and why? Mine is your scene with Jelena Jensen. Amazing.

realmalenamorgan35 karma


My fav GFF scene was with Hayden Hawkins, because we were besties at the time.

DDD_NYC11 karma

Hi M- What made you choose CamSodaLive versus others?

realmalenamorgan22 karma

This is just a trial run.

Pyerce9 karma

Hey Malena just want to say thank you for all the work you've done over the years. If you could choose from all the videos you've done what would be your favorite?

realmalenamorgan32 karma

I think the scene with Asa was my best shoot.

Sid_009 karma

Hi Malena Morgan

Have you ever regret anything you have filmed or out on the internet ?

realmalenamorgan18 karma

I don't believe in regrets, I believe in lessons learned. There were definitely some questionable choices in activity or clothing, but what ever. What's done is done.

hungrylung7 karma

Cats or dogs ? Steak or cake ?

realmalenamorgan16 karma

Cats, cake

Dailynator6 karma

Favorite pizza topping?

realmalenamorgan24 karma

I'm lactose intolerant, but truffle oil when I cheat

DDD_NYC5 karma

Hey M- Flip flops or slippers?

realmalenamorgan22 karma

Slippers are for inside, flip flops are for outside

Mitch_Buchannon3 karma

Will you ever return to solo porn or doing picture sets again? Seems a shame to waste that body behind a paywall I can't bypass.

realmalenamorgan6 karma

By "a paywall you can't bypass" does that mean you're trying to hack streamate? Lol please clarify.

I have no interest in returning to shoot more scenes.

BrokeyaYoke3 karma

Whatchu think of Views?

realmalenamorgan2 karma

On Instagram videos? I wish it was a feature on photos too, creepers

GeneralGravy4 karma

I think he meant Drake's new album "Views"

realmalenamorgan27 karma

Oh, pfft I obviously don't listen to Drake lol. Bring back Jimmy!!

SoonerBourne3 karma

I may not be seeing it on mobile... AMA has been going a half an hour, has there been any response at all from the OP to any questions?

realmalenamorgan43 karma

I'm answering as fast as I can between doing my hair and wondering what the fuck to say lol

NotMyRealAccount3082 karma

Hi Malena, big fan of all your work and I love you periscope sessions. Could you describe your perfect weekend?

realmalenamorgan5 karma

Hiking, grilling & salads, baths, lots of sleep, good weed

Sounds like a great time

burnoverthereburn1 karma

Why are 9/10 adult industry ama's shite?


Could you please explain the Panama Papers to me?

realmalenamorgan73 karma

9/10 of the AMA's are shit because all these questions are bonkers.

punkdoctor1000-8 karma

Do you intend on actually answering any questions today or do you just want the attention of doing an AMA with a NSFW tag?

And do you really think anyone's going to go to camsoda.com or whatever it is?

realmalenamorgan24 karma

How much do you hate yourself to feel the need to ask such rude questions?