Hey guys, Uncle Joey here!

Just kidding (kind of). My name is Dave Coulier and I've done a few other things besides Full House. For instance, I'm on the Full House spinoff Fuller House now, too, which was just picked up for Season 2 on Netflix!

But seriously, you can also check out The Adventures of Jimmy Bugar, my new musical storybook. It's about 10-year-old Jimmy Bugar, who wants to be in show business. Jimmy lives in Nose-a-Scotia with Sugar Bugar who works at the popular dining establishment Little Sneezers. It's the hilarious story of Jimmy, and features songs from my Fuller House colleagues - including John Stamos, Lori Loughlin, and Jodie Sweetin.

I wrote the book and the 15 songs, including music, that are embedded in the book. It's available for iPad, and each song coincides with illustrations in the book, available as a digital download at the links below. There will be a version for Amazon Kindle Fire and iBooks/iTunes for iPad, and you'll be able to hear the songs as directly embedded in the book, and follow (or even sing!) along with the dialogue and lyrics.

Digital Download links are here:



Google Play

You can read more about the book in this People article or this KLTA Morning News Link.

AND - watch the promo here!

Check out my newly verified instagram channel.


PS - I'm here with u/courtiebabe420 in person doing this AMA today, as well.

Edit - Thank you guys for talking to me today. It's been a lot of fun getting to tell my stories, relive some old memories and talk about all of my projects. I might check back in to follow up, so feel free to ask more questions!

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Empigee36 karma

How did you react when you first heard Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know"?

RealDaveCoulier50 karma

I... uh, how did I first react?

I thought "What a killer song." And then I thought "This woman's voice sounds familiar." And then I thought "Uh-oh, some of this stuff sounds very familiar."

Alanis is once the nicest, coolest, funniest most talented people I've ever met.

Dr_Jerkface18 karma

Did she really go down on you in a theater?

RealDaveCoulier43 karma

The theater thing never happened.

Although a man can dream, can't he?

drake072722 karma

What is the greatest prank you have pulled on Bob Saget or John Stamos?

RealDaveCoulier112 karma

Oh gosh.


It was for Bob's 50th birthday. And we kidnapped him and took him to Vegas. When we picked up Bob, I got naked and sat in the limo and waited for him. And when he got in, laughs - this is horrible, I put my weiner through a hole in John Stamos' 8"x10" picture and it made everyone laugh. Bob took a picture of it. We went to Vegas and met Stamos at the hotel, gave the picture to John. He stuck his tongue through the exact same hole and then Bob showed him the picture he took! laughs

SpareLiver21 karma

So, people noticed that Joey is wearing a wedding ring in Fuller House. Did he marry Michelle?

RealDaveCoulier26 karma

I did not marry Michelle, nor did I marry Kimmy Gibler! hahaha

YouSophisticat18 karma

Was it hard keeping a straight face working with Saget knowing that in real life he is a pervy, dirty, man?

RealDaveCoulier29 karma

We made each other laugh a lot.

We also got in trouble for it a lot.

suaveitguy16 karma

Did you watch 'The Unauthorized Full House Story'? Must have been surreal, especially if it wasn't accurate. The photos were weirdly uncanny.

RealDaveCoulier20 karma

I did, and it made me laugh hysterically.

I was on the Surreal Life with Flava Flav, and The Unauthorized Biography was more surreal than the Surreal Life.

nick9267514 karma

How did your Cut-it-out catchphrase come about? That was my favorite part of Out of Control as a kid. Can you shed any light into that early part of your career?

RealDaveCoulier19 karma

I stole it from my good friend Mark Cendrowski. We've known each other since we were 9 years old. And he now directs the Big Bang Theory TV series.

mracidglee10 karma

Did the hand gestures come from him too?

RealDaveCoulier18 karma

Yes! He says that I still owe him royalties from that!

suaveitguy13 karma

I think it was Kevin Pollack talking about Joey Gladstone being a hugely sought after role for comedians at the time, do you recall the competition? No doubt it came with a pile of personal and financial benefits, but Full House must have come at a price too? Did its wholesome corniness make your life harder dealing with other comics then or since?

RealDaveCoulier25 karma

When you're a comedian, and you're struggling, you pray for a Full House every single day of your life. And so it's been a gift and now Fuller House is an even bigger gift. It opened tons of doors for me.

Sirnando13813 karma

is the Jackalope real? I promise not to tell.

RealDaveCoulier19 karma

Um - we're gonna have to leave that open for discussion over many beers.

Pathian12 karma

Hi Dave! What's your favorite backstage story from the original Full House run?

Bonus: Favorite story with Bob Saget?

RealDaveCoulier21 karma

I threw my underpants up on top of my dressing room and then it become the Friends stage, then when we went back to do Fuller House, I wen tin search of my underpants and climbed up on top of the dressing room to see if they were still there.

And they were GONE! Someone stole my underpants.

And people are going to wonder "Well why did you throw your underpants?" and the reason I did that was because I was making Bob Saget make. There are limited options to making Bob laugh and one of them is taking your underpants off and throwing them on top of your dressing room.

Dispersions12 karma

Which comedian do you admire most?

RealDaveCoulier22 karma

Living or dead?

Robin Williams was a big influence. He was always very kind and complimentary to me. Very supportive - loved him!

Jackie Gleason, George Carlin and Richard Pryor.

suaveitguy11 karma

You were cast on SNL! What a dream come true. Then you didn't get hired, because they already signed Dana Carvey? Can you describe that situation? Must have been very disappointing.

RealDaveCoulier25 karma

I did a screen test at NBC, my manager Brad Grey called and said that he had talked with Lorne Michaels and Lorne said "It's going to be great to have Dave with us in New York this season." And then I told everyone in my life that I was going to New York to be on SNL and then Brandon Tartikoff decided that Dana Carvey and I were too similar.

Then I had to call everyone back and tell them "Never mind." Six months later, I read a pilot titled "Full House." I would have never been on Full House had I gone to New York to be on SNL.

suaveitguy10 karma

Who roasted Bob Saget the best, in your opinion? Greg Giraldo? Any lines that night you remember as particularly hilarious and accurate?

RealDaveCoulier40 karma

Jeff Ross and Greg Giraldo.

And when Cloris Leachman said "I'm not here to roast Bob Saget, I'm here to fuck John Stamos."

X3n0bL4DE9 karma

Longtime fan of Full House here, so I have a question. How many different voices can you do?

RealDaveCoulier22 karma

Depends on what I'm drinking!

Frajer9 karma

How much of the comedy and impressions on Full House were your ideas ?

RealDaveCoulier18 karma

The writers came to watch me do stand-up and incorporated a lot of my act, but when we got to later seasons of the show, they gave me free reign.

suaveitguy9 karma

You were a rookie right on the heels of the historic first L.A. Comedy Store/Improv comedy boom (Jay Leno, David Letterman, Tom Dreesen.) Essentially where stand-up as we know it was created. Were you in on the strike meetings? Do you have any stories of those early days you can share? Did you ever see Steve Lubetkin?

RealDaveCoulier12 karma

I got there right after the strike. And no, he had already killed himself by the time I got there. A tragedy, for sure.

suaveitguy9 karma

With a show that played so often and so long in syndication, were those residuals more than you made in the first place on FH?

RealDaveCoulier17 karma

As I say in my act - "I can buy a new t-shirt every week if I want. Long sleeve!"

suaveitguy8 karma

Who is the toughest act you ever followed?

RealDaveCoulier21 karma

Robin Williams at The Comedy Story on Sunset Boulevard.

Mitochondria4207 karma

I watched Full House when I was younger and now my daughter who is 7 is watching Fuller House non-stop. What do you think it is about those shows that make it such a hit with just about everyone? Also, Ellie says Hi, she thinks you're funny. :)

RealDaveCoulier11 karma

Sounds like Ellie would love The Adventures of Jimmy Bugar! laughs

Um - I think it's a throwback. It's video comfort food for a lot of people. And Full House and Fuller House - I think people feel the love that the actors genuinely have for each other in real life and that's hard to fake.

Did I mention that John Stamos, Lori Loughlin, and Jodi Sweetin are all doing voices in The Adventures of Jimmy Bugar? laughs

lula24887 karma

In what way are you a danger to society?

RealDaveCoulier9 karma

Um - a danger to society? Laughs, evilly.

I don't know.

Um, if I make people laugh while they are driving, could be hazardous, I guess. It's better than texting while driving, though.

suaveitguy7 karma

SNL, SCTV, or Monty Python?

RealDaveCoulier11 karma

SCTV! smiles

Brilliant! And Dave Thomas is one of my best friends.

suaveitguy7 karma

Who took you under their wing when you first started stand-up?

RealDaveCoulier15 karma

Garry Shandling did!

suaveitguy6 karma

You drop a name like that without some stories?! Remember anything you would share?

RealDaveCoulier22 karma

Garry and I used to do a lot of writing together. He had a cabin up in Big Bear, California.

And we would get in a little aluminum boat, go to the middle of Big Bear Lake, and sit there and write jokes for his Tonight Show appearances.

Two idiots sitting in a boat - laughing their heads off.

oneanddone_bitches7 karma

I love the jabs that are taken towards the Olsen Twins on Fuller House!!

What is something that would surprise us on how normal you are? Day to day life stuff?

RealDaveCoulier16 karma

I'm an instrument-rated pilot! I also like to play ice hockey, I play golf. And I love fishing.

KyOatey5 karma

I'm an instrument-rated pilot!

In that case, the real question is, do you have a tailwheel endorsement? (to get to the great fishing spots)

RealDaveCoulier7 karma

I do not. I have a Beech Bonanza Vtail.

suaveitguy7 karma

Wayne Gretzky or Bobby Orr?

RealDaveCoulier16 karma

Um - well, I know both of them. But - they both revolutionized the game. Bobby Orr for defensemen and Gretzky has records that - some of them - will never be touched.

I'm gonna say both.

barttaylor7 karma

How often do people ask you to "cut, it, out" with the hand signals?

RealDaveCoulier18 karma


All the time.

And they always act like they are the first one to surprise me with it. "I bet no one's ever done that!"

Yup, you're right. Customer's always right.

comebackbabyribs6 karma

Hi Dave! Thank you for growing up with me!

Two questions:

Is that the same Mr. Woodchuck? And what is your favorite breakfast food?

RealDaveCoulier11 karma

Thank you!

The Mr. Woodchuck on Fuller House was giving to me by Jimmy Fallon.

Favorite breakfast food - well, I love salmon. laughs I do, I eat it for breakfast all the time!

rbevans6 karma

Hi Dave,

When not acting and making jokes what are some of your hobbies?

RealDaveCoulier9 karma

Flying airplanes, golfing, fishing, and ice hockey.

I love writing musical story books! Like The Adventures of Jimmy Bugar - available on iTunes and Amazon. :)

lovebug506 karma

  1. What was the first day like on Fuller House?
  2. What was your favorite moment of Full House?

RealDaveCoulier11 karma

  1. Awesome. Surreal. But awesome.

  2. See another one of my comments above!

Gooflactus6 karma

Hi Dave,

Joey is actually my favorite character on Full/Fuller House, you were one of the reasons I kept watching the show back then and why I watch the new show now.

Honestly, I think because of Joey, I learned that is was ok to not take life super seriously all the time and it is ok to still act like a goofy kid sometimes. So I really appreciate that.

I have a few questions:

A) How much of a shock was it when you heard Full House was coming back as a Netflix series?

B) What was your favorite impression to do on Full House?

C) What was it like doing the voice of Peter Venkman on "The Real Ghostbusters". Did Bill Murray ever give you any praise/critiques about it?

D) Do you have idea if Joey are married or not in Fuller house?

RealDaveCoulier13 karma

A) It wasn't a shock because we had heard about it for years. People wanted us to do a reunion, so John Stamos was the first one to tell me that there was a deal made with Netflix and Warner Bros. I was somewhat shocked at the overwhelming response we've received worldwide.

B) Joe Pesci as a potato.

C) It was an honor and a privilege. And no, he didn't.

D) He is! And I'm hoping to meet my wife and children this season.

SachinBahal286 karma

Do you have any regrets or anything you wish you had done differently while filming Full House?

RealDaveCoulier7 karma


Mattandviviana5 karma

Are you going to check out the "Olsen Twins Hiding From The Paparazzi" Exhibit in Brooklyn?

RealDaveCoulier7 karma

No, but I think it's awesome. I just won't have time.

Did I mention I'll be on the Today Show tomorrow?! And I'll be talking about my musical story book The Adventures of Jimmy Bugar.


Kids are freaking out for this book, and I'm so happy.

truthaboutcs5 karma

What do you think about the movie Predator?

RealDaveCoulier13 karma

I do a really good imitation of the Predator character.

proceeds to imitate

Uberpwnyexpress235 karma

Did you get to keep anything from the set of full house after filming?

RealDaveCoulier15 karma

I kept the original Mr. Woodchuck. And then my dog Ranger ate his face.

suaveitguy5 karma

With social media, your fans can reach you cheaply and easily. Has that made the interactions any less precious? I would imagine getting a letter in the 80s was rarer when someone had to go to the trouble to researching an address, buying a stamp etc.... so it would have felt a little more substantial?

RealDaveCoulier6 karma

It's the thought that counts.

r3xmund05 karma

Who do you look up to as a child?

RealDaveCoulier12 karma

My dad, cuz he was taller than me. laughs

GeraldtonSteve4 karma

Hi Dave!

Thanks for the AMA. I remember the short-lived "America's Funniest People." I believe you introduced me to the equally short-lived Kriss-Kross duo.

What's your favourite "I'm a powerful celebrity" story?

RealDaveCoulier4 karma

I don't think I'm a powerful celebrity, first of all! laughs

So I guess I don't really have one.

TaylorDangerTorres4 karma

Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin?

RealDaveCoulier6 karma

Charlie Caplin.

hashishandbeer4 karma

How are you?

RealDaveCoulier7 karma

Well, I really want the chance to tell people that if they have kids, or nieces or nephews, or friends with kids, grandkids, students, teachers, anyway - that The Adventures of Jimmy Bugar is the gift of reading, music, and laughter. You can totally give this musical book as a gift, and will be getting kids reading and enjoying music at the same time.

I haven't really found a way to say that yet today, so thanks for giving me the chance!

suaveitguy4 karma

Was it true Bill Murray didn't like Lorenzo Music doing Venkman, and that's how you got the job on Ghostbusters?

RealDaveCoulier6 karma

I don't know if that's true. I do know that the producers wanted the voice to sound more like Bill Murray.

suaveitguy3 karma

Who did you prefer: John Byner, Rich Little, or Frank Gorshin?

RealDaveCoulier7 karma

Wow - Frank Gorshin cuz he was the Riddler!

SachinBahal283 karma

Out of all the voices/impressions that you can do, which is your favourite to do?

RealDaveCoulier4 karma

I love doing obscure voices. Like Albert Brooks or his brother Bob Einstein.

DayOldTurkeySandwich3 karma

Who's going to win the Stanley Cup this year?

RealDaveCoulier6 karma

Gee - laughs

moderator is wearing a Blackhawks jersey, for full disclosure

This could be the season for the Capitals. They are pretty damn good. They are awfully good. And Ovi is a beast. He is a monster.

suaveitguy3 karma

Ever consider writing some sort of children's book? Perhaps about bodily functions? Seems like you would be a natural for it.

RealDaveCoulier5 karma

Have I mentioned The Adventures of Jim - ha ha ha.

johnnynoname123 karma

what ever happened to the guy who played "Hern Berfert" on "Out of Control"?

also--were you REALLY that attracted to CHeech and chong in that movie?

RealDaveCoulier5 karma

He lives in Pittsburgh, and he's a dear friend of mine to this day!

suaveitguy3 karma

Did you enjoy working with Nancy Kerrigan?

RealDaveCoulier5 karma

I did! She has such a great sense of humor.

suaveitguy3 karma

What are some practical tips for giving a good performance in voice acting? Can you go too big?

RealDaveCoulier5 karma

You can go too big. It has to be what the intention of the character is and what the producers, writers,and director want.