I am a New Mexican glassworker of 8 years. I use a Bethlehem torch and work 33 coe, aka hard glass.

Proof: https://www.instagram.com/p/BEkUZyby5kz

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david8anderson5 karma

What have you made that you were the most proud of?

david8anderson2 karma

Wow. How long did that take to make?

daviinerhymes4 karma

It took a little over 4 days to make.

piercet_3dPrint4 karma

Hi there. Can you make anything cool with optical glass? I have the lenses out of aobut 40 billion failed projector lamps in a pile, trying to figure out what to do with them other than make a death ray.

daviinerhymes3 karma

I am not sure that is a completely different type of glass and glass working.

Bridgesandrain4 karma

If someone wanted to learn this craft, what advice would you give them? Is this an expensive craft to learn?

daviinerhymes5 karma

The initial investment for equipment is expensive but the profit margins are such that you can get a ROI within a reasonable period. I would recommend a small torch to learn on, this would greatly reduce costs of learning. As far as cost of learning, that would come down to the specifics: how quickly you learn , what your making, how efficient your setup is , replacement cost .. ETC.

Bridgesandrain3 karma

Say you want to make something like glass balls. What type of costs are we talking about here? Would you recommend finding a studio to do this that already has equipment needed (if this is indeed a thing that exists)?

daviinerhymes3 karma

Yea there are studios out there where you can rent the equipment for a fraction of the cost. I would recommend this if your making a few glass ornaments or what have you. If your trying to make large volumes of product I would recommend owning the equipment. It would depend on how skilled and how quickly the glassworker can make them but I would estimate, if you bought glass in bulk, under a few dollars worth of glass. Your only other costs would be propane and oxy.

rallish4 karma

Does glass really come from sand?

daviinerhymes3 karma

Yes the main ingredient to all glass would be silica.

payno_attention3 karma

Have you gotten sick and or high from glass fumes? I have heard this is a fairly common thing.

daviinerhymes6 karma

No, luckily. I always try to have good ventilation. There are a lot of hazardous fumes. Especially when using precious metal fumes.

CharlesEC13 karma

How did you start working with glass? Also, have you ever got accidentally burned by molten glass?

daviinerhymes7 karma

I am a second generation glass worker. So , my mom introduced me into glassworking. As long as i could remember i've been around kilns and glass. I decided to work with a torch after seeing Lewis Wilson demo in Vegas. I have gotten burnt by molten glass many times, its really not that bad.

Blackbearbutt2 karma

Do you make most of your pieces for smoking or is there a market for other types of glass art?

daviinerhymes3 karma

I make mostly pipes. There is definitely a market for fine art, if the work is great.

CheesyGenie2 karma

Who creates your favorite pieces in the industry? Mad respect. I love glass and tried it a year or two ago and was shocked at how hard it was. Your work is awesome man!

daviinerhymes3 karma

banjo , salt , elbo , Big Z , Snodgrass , lewis wilson , emilio santini

automatedalice2682 karma

Hi, I started this week with my first lesson glassblowing in a glass studio. The first assignment was making a ball of glass. We used several ovens to melt the glass (and an oven to cool the glass).

It's a bit like magic working this hot melted glass, but overall it's hard work! I like it a lot and am looking forward for the next lesson.

Do you work together with European glassblowers? Or exchange technics with other glassblowers? What is the most difficult piece you made?

Keep on enjoying the glass work!

daviinerhymes1 karma

I've never actually worked with European glass workers, although I would love too learn some style from them. I do exchange information with a lot of glass workers in NM. The most difficult piece i've made is this Sherlady -


Johnnyfiftyfive1 karma

Is drinking on the job in your line of work something people often do ?

daviinerhymes3 karma

I can only speak for myself, I've had a few drinks at shows before. Its not super common, but Ive seen glass workers have a couple beers during a webinar while teaching. Excessive drinking is obviously out of the question.

Mcfinley1 karma

Where in New Mexico are you based? I usually stop by Santa Fe once a year on the road up to Taos!

daviinerhymes1 karma

I am based in Grants , NM. 1 hour outside of Albuquerque.

DatzDillinger1 karma

What piece you made took the longest? And do you have a picture of it? Thanks!

daviinerhymes2 karma

This piece took me about a week. Its not boro but it took me the longest.


liekpizza1 karma

What was the first thing you made?

daviinerhymes2 karma

A glow in the dark marble.

HoodooGreen1 karma

What kind of mathematics goes into your glasswork? Are you trying to harness the vortices flow patterns to minimize "leakage"?

daviinerhymes2 karma

I put a lot of thought and math into designs, but I am not currently at a high enough level of understanding to adequately apply these principals. I do look forward to learning more and improving the recycler design in the future.