Hi I like do sexy things on appropriate occasions. If you are seeking any advice pertaining to relationships or about fucking let me know; otherwise any questions about science, art or the nature of existence are fair subjects as well.

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onlypatman2507 karma

I'm kinda high, so if you were me, what would I ask you? [EDDIT] Frist gilding no less!

ReggieWattsAmA3109 karma

That exact question.

yesitisihere1834 karma

If a kid refuses to sleep during nap time, are they guilty of resisting a rest?

ReggieWattsAmA1119 karma


bestaccountof20151171 karma

What is the maximum height a Fuck Shit stack can be?

ReggieWattsAmA1559 karma

2.6 meters

legalize311ranch780 karma

If you had to erect a seven-foot statue of one person in the world in your living room who would it be and why?

ReggieWattsAmA2011 karma

It would probably be Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka.

medauros776 karma

what's the meaning of life? what's the point of all that is?

ReggieWattsAmA2705 karma

The point of all that is is to know that there is always the antithesis which is all that isn't. And in knowing so...you must accept the paradox.

seandotosull741 karma

Hey Reggie. How do you think Weird Al will do with the Comedy Bang Bang gang?

ReggieWattsAmA857 karma

He'll do perfectly!

h3lme7727 karma

As a drummer, I'm amazed at your timing and ability to loop so perfectly. Do you have any advice for keeping time besides practicing with a metronome?

You're a super talented and hilarious guy, keep being excellent!

ReggieWattsAmA1396 karma

For good loops, make sure that you keep playing past the point when you create the loop, and make loops that are longer than one pattern.

Gravitard678 karma

How can I be a better cowboy?

ReggieWattsAmA1980 karma

Be courteous and considerate, but stick to your guns when it comes to the thunder of the range.

oolong4life623 karma

Beatboxers or beatbriefs?

ReggieWattsAmA758 karma


Ocolgan26549 karma

When did you realise that your voice could do all those things?

ReggieWattsAmA959 karma

It was a slow, organic process throughout my life.

uendelig401 karma

what is consciousness?

ReggieWattsAmA1157 karma

How did you know the answer already?

eclecticmethod363 karma

what do you loop with?

ReggieWattsAmA622 karma

Line6 DL4 and an EHX45000

nousoul363 karma

Reggie, who was/is your greatest teacher?

ReggieWattsAmA946 karma

The universe.

JOplinger343 karma

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

ReggieWattsAmA752 karma

It is not. It is definitely not a sandwich...

Tynocerus326 karma

What do you think is a key element to a great conversation, Reggie?

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937o5313 karma

What sort of inspirations did you have in helping you become who you are today?

ReggieWattsAmA735 karma

Carol Burnett and Miles Davis

The_mighty_James259 karma

Am I fuckin? Also thank you for everything you do.

ReggieWattsAmA390 karma

Actually you are!

nickfinnftw254 karma

Yo Reggie, what should I name my sex robot?

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AmmonM191 karma

What books are you reading lately?

ReggieWattsAmA436 karma

I don't really ever read books.

OptionK188 karma

Do you like guacamole?

ReggieWattsAmA253 karma


mcfattykins186 karma

Who's your favorite rapper?

ReggieWattsAmA408 karma

Run from Run-DMC

couldfillabook172 karma

Hi, Mr. Watts! Any chance that the songs in the videos you posted on JASH will make it onto an EP or a proper album? I think they're fantastic, and would gladly buy them if given the opportunity.

Also, what are the similarities and differences between being on Comedy Bang Bang and The Late Late Show?

ReggieWattsAmA204 karma

That's a good idea, I'll check on that.

dj_325156 karma

Did you actually drop L at the beginning of your set at Electric Forest in 2012 or was that just part of the act?

ReggieWattsAmA240 karma

No, I did not

Stephimc146 karma

Hi Reggie!

Was the music you preformed on Comedy Bang Bang! scripted or improvised?

ReggieWattsAmA264 karma


papahawk145 karma

Hey Reggie, I'm trying to hook up with a girl at my place. What record do I put on to seal the deal?

ReggieWattsAmA356 karma

To seal the deal...assuming that the deal to be sealed is voluntary, I would say TRAM - Heavy Black Frame

agolden144 karma

who are you voting for?

ReggieWattsAmA781 karma

If I vote I would vote for either Bernie Sanders or John Kasich.

mookpool141 karma

What new music are you listening to these days?

ReggieWattsAmA293 karma

The Guerrilla Toss EP. "Realistic Rabbit" is the tune to do.

thederpybanana136 karma

Pancakes or Waffles?

ReggieWattsAmA368 karma

Pancakes...more adventure in pancakes


Do you find Improv to just flow on its own, like when you are out with a bunch of friends and the conversation seems like it is in control of itself? Does it seem to need no thought, it is just you coming through? (Not to imply that it is something anyone can do, or should be doing!)

ReggieWattsAmA260 karma

Ideally, it should flow as you described. You should feel as though you are watching your own performance in a way.

DeLuca2400107 karma

Hey Reggie any girl advice?

ReggieWattsAmA660 karma

Don't wear too much eyeliner, it might take away from your personality.

somuchmany98 karma

Hi Reggie! Do you ride a bike, and if so, what kind?

ReggieWattsAmA168 karma

Not as much anymore, but I love my 2 speed Brompton.


How is the future of art affected by our ever-shortening attention span?

ReggieWattsAmA434 karma

Art is indestructible and will always find its way into the hearts and imaginations of those who receive it. It exists beyond time.


What things do you find to be not funny? What lines should not be crossed, either personally or professionally?

ReggieWattsAmA382 karma

I don't think actually being mean on stage is funny.

HiKevinDurant93 karma

Hey Reggie! Big fan! I actually grew up next to Wally Jr.'s parents house (Wally and Monolie (sp?) and I also graduated from Great Falls High in 2014.

My dad is also a cable guy who has installed at your mother's house a few times as well.

My question is, what is your favorite thing about Great Falls? What do you miss most?

ReggieWattsAmA174 karma

I miss doing concerts in the dark inside the caves.

TheCaptainRedbeard82 karma

Hey Reggie! What was it like being on TED? How was the crowd and what were the circumstances that led to you being there?

ReggieWattsAmA222 karma

It was one of the greatest of honors to be amongst some of the greatest minds and problem solvers in the world. Very fun to dismantle constructs.

Sixstringeek79 karma

Still play any games right now? New Diablo Season?

ReggieWattsAmA331 karma

Right now just Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and The Division

toeofcamell72 karma

What's it like having 5 names? Is it ever annoying? I love your stuff, huge fan

How much time and what product do you use in that insane mane?

ReggieWattsAmA179 karma

Having 5 names really feels like you've made it in life.

ElMangosto71 karma

What was your weirdest aspiration when you were younger?

When I was 8 I wanted to be a rollerskating clown.

ReggieWattsAmA180 karma

I wanted to be an Aeronautics Engineer.

evandunn70 karma

Reginald, do you have a particular source for all those tee shirts you own with the suitably absurd text phrases?

ReggieWattsAmA144 karma

I come up with the names and words and have my friends at Dark Igloo handle the printing.

legoracer63 karma

What do you consider to be your favorite Kanye West album?

ReggieWattsAmA795 karma

I've never listened to a Kanye West album. I know he's incredibly talented but unfortunately his lack of awareness and consideration of others is an extreme turnoff.

martydertz61 karma

What is the difference between science and art?

ReggieWattsAmA191 karma

They are both interchangeable.

Shermzilla55 karma

What is your perfect sandwich?

ReggieWattsAmA147 karma

Fake ham and cheese

BabiesGotTheBends51 karma

What's your fondest memory between you and Scott Aukerman?

ReggieWattsAmA131 karma

Us realizing that we're both fans of the band known as "Jellyfish".

legalize311ranch43 karma

Who are your favorite comedians currently?

ReggieWattsAmA156 karma

Sarah Silverman, Chelsea Peretti, Johnny Pemberton, Kate Berlant, and Jon Dore!

anfony23640 karma

Are you fuckin?

ReggieWattsAmA113 karma

In another dimension!

datums37 karma

You had an admittedly uncommon childhood. How did that contribute to the person you became?

ReggieWattsAmA84 karma

I didn't have any baselines when it came to what I could think about. And that gave me a lot of freedom to explore who I am.

TheWinkyP31 karma

Hey Reggie, big fan, love your work. What's your favorite meme and/or film?

ReggieWattsAmA100 karma

Marcel Marceau

snakesnakesnaaake30 karma

Favorite snack you've concocted while having the munchies?

ReggieWattsAmA126 karma

Unsweetend hemp milk with a few drops of Stevia.

jalves052929 karma

How do you know if you're really fucking ?

ReggieWattsAmA92 karma

You really have to be aware of the fact that you're doing it and be amazed by that, yet no lose focus so that you are no longer listening to yourself and your partner.

kree828 karma

Would you ever consider taking a break from your career and becoming an educator? What subject would you like to teach? Just wanted to let you know that I have showed some of your clips to my students and they enjoyed it, "...I dunno whats it about but I love it!!!"

ReggieWattsAmA57 karma

Yes. Improvisation

forgotmypassword74320 karma

I've seen you perform with Karen at El Cid several times. It's so great every single time.

Do you guys pretty much just improv the whole thing? The band plays together so well even with crazy syncopation.

ReggieWattsAmA40 karma

We have some "starter ideas", but it's mostly improvised.

iGadget18 karma

Hey Reggie, as a german you always remind me of Helge Schneider, a german Jazz musician and comedian. Ever heard of him?

ReggieWattsAmA18 karma

Was geht? I will research him right away

kree818 karma

Do you think Tupac is still alive?

ReggieWattsAmA58 karma


TenSpeed8818 karma

As a Great Falls native myself with similar interests, what are the chances we could hang out if ever in the 406?

ReggieWattsAmA67 karma


traunks16 karma

What are your thoughts on immortality research?

ReggieWattsAmA79 karma

It's a noble endeavor, but it tends to miss the point of quality vs. quantity.

kree814 karma

What is your favorite combo in Cards Against Humanity? What other tabletop games do you enjoy?

ReggieWattsAmA74 karma

I love apples to apples and munchkin.

DontTellMeHowToFap5 karma

Is there any reason that you could think of that would make you cut your hair?

ReggieWattsAmA14 karma

If I lost 30 pounds.

kjoro4 karma

What do you like for breakfast?

ReggieWattsAmA10 karma

protein shakes

that_is_so_Raven3 karma

What's your favorite thing about Breaking Bad?

ReggieWattsAmA22 karma

I've never seen Breaking Bad!