So pumped to talk to you guys. I recently discovered there are a good number of Flogging Molly (and punk rock) fans on Reddit. I'm free for the next 2-3 hours so seriously ask me anything you want (don't hold back). Here I am / proof.

If you don't know who I am, which I suspect most of you don't, I've been playing music since I was 7 years old (that's 40 years ago, shit) and we started Flogging Molly almost 20 years ago. We play Irish punk rock, most people know us for our song "Drunken Lullabies".

I play banjo and mandolin in the band and I can play almost any string instrument. I'm actually the only musician to have a signature Fender banjo and/or mandolin. I love playing these old-world string instruments and using them in modern punk and rock settings. It's a lot of fun and it is an interesting niche with lots of room to innovate.

One thing people have gotten a kick out of is my home studio. I've had a home studio for a long time and made a lot of improvements over the years. If anyone has questions about setting up a home recording studio, I can probably help.

I was also in a band prior to Flogging Molly called Nickel. This band gained an interesting cult following due to our appearance on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We were on the episode 3 of season 2, which introduced Spike to the show.

I know people hate when artists talk politics but I am a Bernie Sanders supporter. I'm actually spending a bit of time in the SandersForPresident subreddit this morning with some awesome people and I am also trying to raise money for the campaign here.

So, that's about it. Ask me anything.

EDIT (2:40PM EST): Taking an hour break to go pick up my daughter from pre-school. Will be back to answer more questions!

EDIT (5:00PM EST): Thanks so much for all of the questions. I am still answering a few and may check in later tonight or tomorrow. Will try to get to as many as I can. Cheers!!

EDIT (12:37AM EST): Just answered a few more questions. Not sure if I will have more time tomorrow but thank you so much to everyone who stopped by. Today was an awesome experience for my first time on Reddit. Cheers!

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drake072716 karma

Whats one of the most memorable tour stories you can recall?

BobFromFloggingMolly29 karma

One of the ones that always stick out in my memory was one of the Times we were playing the Redding festival in the UK and after we had finished playing the bus driver on our tour bus told us we had 1/2 hour to get our gear off and he was leaving. Apparently we had brought road cases on the bus (instead of putting them in the luggage bay) and he didn't want his unfinished wood floors to get scuffed, and he was done with us. So we got all of our gear and clothing off and piled it up in a parking lot on the side of the road outside of Redding and waited 8 hours in the UK drizzle until we could locate a new bus to accommodate us and make the drive out to pick us up. Other bands and fans kept bringing us umbrellas and food throughout the evening. It was a pretty woeful situation.

Points_out_shit8 karma

Hey, at least other people brought you stuff, you know? Could've been worse

BobFromFloggingMolly8 karma

Very true.

gonothebrave13 karma


Hey man, I've seen you many times and have even had the chance to meet you a few times. Something you said to me outside the House of Blues in Dallas years back has stuck with me ever since. We were talking about the state of the music industry and how so many newer bigger acts just seem fake and dishonest. Something to the effect of "I think that most people have a built in bullshit detector. They can tell if something is real or not." Im not sure why that's always stuck with me but just the sincerity of the conversation was memorable.

I've always considered Flogging Molly to be a very sincere and honest band. From the lyrical message and the bands never ending drive to keep touring and playing to the fan base. How do you guys keep your cool through the constant tour schedule? It always seem like you guys are having the best night of your lives onstage.

Also, another question If I may. Whats flogging molly's recording process like? Do you guys write the songs together or does Dave write the structure of a song and then bring it to the band.

Also, Also, How was the salty dog cruise?!

Anyways thanks for everything man you've been a big inspiration to me.


BobFromFloggingMolly10 karma

First off, Thanks man!

As far as keeping cool, it really helps to love what you do, and it also helps to have fans who are willing to come to the shows year after year and really give it all they've got. It makes it a lot easier for us to keep up our enthusiasm!

Our writing process is a lot like what you guessed, sometimes. Sometimes it's a riff that grows into a song. Sometimes it's something we all just sit in a room and bash out for a day. We've been at it for a long time, so at this point it happens in any number of ways, but with Dave being the lyricist, it is always tied to what he's singing about.

The SDC was epic. Thanks for asking. It definitely proved itself that last year's wasn't a fluke! Such a great group of fans and bands, it's definitely an honor to be able to put it on again!


roblnck9 karma

Hey Bob. You guys are my absolute favorite band. All of you are the most humble people I've met. Dennis usually lets me hangout when you're in NY. We've met a few times, I'm Rob from Queens. What happened to George? Also, please tell Dennis that I said hello.

BobFromFloggingMolly5 karma

Hey Rob,

George just needed to come off the road, it was getting to grueling for him. We all wish him the best.

I'll tell D you said hello and hope to see you soon!

CupOfJoe549 karma

Hi Bob! A few years ago you guys played a big festival show in Baltimore (with Weezer) and I was lucky enough to be in a local band that won the opening spot on the main stage. After the show, I kinda just barged up to you as you were chatting up some women, and forcefully shook your hand telling you how awesome it was to be on the same bill as one of my favorite bands. The women wandered away as I did so….and it’s haunted ever since. So…3+ years later, please accept my apology!

Now that’s off my chest, love the new single! Any plans for a new full length album this year?

BobFromFloggingMolly14 karma

No harm, no foul my man. I've got time for everyone!

Yes we are hoping to have the new record out by next spring, hoping to get into the studio in the fall, but we might be letting a few things trickle out before the record is released. Keep listening, and thanks!

BendlessLove9 karma

Thank you for the many years of fantastic music.

My wife wants to learn the mandolin, Do you happen to have any youtube mandolin tutorials?

BobFromFloggingMolly12 karma

I don't, but that's a great idea. I'll see what I can do to get some up! Tell you wife she's chosen wisely!


BigRonnieRon4 karma

You should! Would be nice to have a Celtic themed instructional dvd/web video series. I love bluegrass, too, but I imagine most people who don't approach the instrument as musicians would prefer to see something in the context they've heard the instrument.

FYI, there's a couple of sites that act as online marketplaces for that sort of thing. and there's a new company . No idea what their contracts look like. You may also want to just do a more traditional book + CD on Celtic Mandolin with Dummy's or Mel Bay.

P.S. If you do any of these and make any money, you owe me dinner next time you're in NYC

BobFromFloggingMolly4 karma

Good to know, would love to help teach.

mikeo1199 karma

What's your favorite bands to go out on tour with?

BobFromFloggingMolly17 karma

We've been really lucky with the bands we've been able to tour with over the years. The list is pretty long:

Foo Fighters

Green Day

Joe Strummer

Gogol Bordello

Rev Payton's Big Damn Band

Bedouin Soundclash



Skinny Lister

Devil Makes Three

Street Dogs


Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Social D

Steve Soto

Sean and Zander

It's a lot of great bands, and there are so many more that we've had the privilege to go out with and I hope we get to tour together with again!

todayilearned837 karma

What happened to George?

BobFromFloggingMolly11 karma

it's a tough thing to comment on. The short answer is that I think the road life was wearing on George too much, and he had to pull out. It's been tough, since we've all been together for 17 years doing this, and this is the first time we've lost anyone. But we wish him the best and hope he's happy! George is a great guy, father, and drummer.

On a brighter note, we've really been enjoying playing with our new drummer Mike Alonzo. He and Dave were friends from back in the late 80's and he's fit in really well, and has been killing it at the shows we did over these last few weeks.

jonincalgary6 karma

Have you got a preliminary list of bands for the Salty Dog 2017?

Just got home from being on the boat!

BobFromFloggingMolly4 karma

Not just yet, but it should be within the nest few weeks, so keep your ear to the ground!

jonincalgary2 karma

Awesome thanks!

We are booked for 2017 but I see we are going to Key West and Nassau... are you guys hoping for a beach show again like the last two years?

BobFromFloggingMolly4 karma

We are definitely looking to do a beach show. Something about looking out at all the people waist deep in the warm Caribbean waters watching the show. Can't be beat!

Darkchyylde6 karma

What do you listen to when you want to chill and relax?

BobFromFloggingMolly21 karma

I listen to maybe the first Portishead album to really chill out, but Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Van Morrison all foot the bill pretty well.

UberTheBlack5 karma

What was the inspiration for the song "What's left of the flag for me?" It's one of the older pieces, but that song alone turned me into a fan back in 2002.

And, as a related question: most artists as you know, have some sort of signature in their art. When do you think Flogging Molly really does to leave its signature with each production?

BobFromFloggingMolly6 karma

It's really a song about Dave's dad, who died when he was 10. I think it sets the loss and rage he felt losing his father against the backdrop of loss and rage and violence of the Irish struggle against occupation and the futility of the sectarian battles. It's kind of showing the futility of killing each other when we all suffer deaths loss one way or the other, so why help it along. Or at least that's my take on it.

Thanks for asking!


BigRonnieRon5 karma

What's your tin whistle player using? Any idea? I can't play pipes anymore and am about to break down and get one.

BobFromFloggingMolly6 karma

Hey there, I think Bridget has a couple of Walton's and a few Clarke's tin whistles. I think if you stay away from the absolute crap ones, you'll probably be fine.

MorkDantonio5 karma

Have you ever received backlash from Irish punk bands/fans for being American and playing their music? Also, how put-together is Shane MacGowan nowadays, if you've ever met him? My roommate got to see The Pogues a few years back and loved it.

BobFromFloggingMolly6 karma

Not really, I think that every one knows that Dave's from Dublin so it doesn't come up.

Shane's all right, all things considered! I've met him and we've played with the Pogues a number of times over the years in different countries. They never disappointed me!

todayilearned835 karma

I noticed that you guys have a great love for New Orleans. Any particular reason why?

BobFromFloggingMolly10 karma

Mostly it's just a great town for music. Great people and a deep appreciation of all musical styles. It makes for a great place to put on a show!

TheBeardedMann4 karma

Why Bernie? I personally feel he is the exact opposite of what punk rock is about...more government control over people's lives. Bernie is the anti-Anarchy Burger.

BobFromFloggingMolly21 karma

You know I think people confuse control with support. What Bernie is trying to do is create a government that can support people's lives and needs, and not one that controls them.

Things like healthcare and a decent wage are just things Americans should have going for them in my opinion.

Thanks for asking and keep up the free thinking mentality. Discernment and engagement are the most punk rock traits in my mind.

TheBeardedMann3 karma

I see your point. I don't support Bernie (Rand Paul fan myself) but I do hate when people say he's trying to destroy America and it's values. Really? The guy is trying to give everyone healthcare and a college education (Which I don't think that is a right everyone should have. Emergency medical services, yes. Able to go to the doctor for a cough for free, no.). He just has a way different view on things.

Anyhow man, if you have a chance, check out Some Celtic Rock you may enjoy. They had a kickass show last year with Dropkick Murphys on Fremont Street in Vegas.

Take care.

BobFromFloggingMolly2 karma

Thanks man,

I like Rand too, but he's not in the mix this year. Thanks for the heads up on the Angry Brians. I've heard them mentioned in good company, but have yet to hear them. I'll definitely check them out.


wornleather4 karma

Who do you consider to be the best mandolin player right now and who influenced you as a budding musician?

BobFromFloggingMolly9 karma

Chris Thile is pretty good, but I'm partial to Ronnie McCoury.

I grew up on the Beatles, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Talking Heads, X. Circle Jerks, DK, The Who, Bowie, The Stones, Motown. It's a pretty long and eclectic list.

Bardfinn3 karma

Hey! Would you ever consider using Fig for a Kiss as a melody to back lyrics to a song? It's my favourite melody, and I collect music where it's used.


BobFromFloggingMolly3 karma

I'm not familiar with that tune, but thanks for the heads up. I'll check it out, and then who knows?

NDaveT3 karma

Did you ever listen to the bands Cordelia's Dad or Boiled in Lead? I'm about your age and they were my go-to folk-rock bands in the 90s.

(By "folk rock" I mean rock bands inspired by traditional music).

BobFromFloggingMolly3 karma

I've not heard them, but thanks! I'll look them up and give it a listen. I'm always on the lookout for new music!

TheNotoriousBEN3 karma

Are cellphones at shows as annoying for you as it is to me?

You guys rock - thanks for your music.

BobFromFloggingMolly2 karma

Short answer: yup.

Thanks for your support!

Rusty_Triforce2 karma

Hi Bob! I am raising my children to your music and I am very much looking forward to taking my oldest who just turned 7 to see you this summer for his first concert.

A while back you released you signature mandolin and it compelled me to attempt yet another instrument that I will unfortunately never master. I noticed it was made overseas and sadly had 'MADE IN CHINA' very noticeably stamped on it. What was the decision to have this made there versus something domestic?

BobFromFloggingMolly1 karma

The main reason is to produce something of reasonable quality and still have it be affordable to most. The lines that Fender runs at any of its overseas facilities are directly controlled by Fender. They pay their employees according to their standard and those employees are trained directly by Fender and only work in their product lines. I've been assured by my people at Fender that everything there is in the up and up, and it's still markedly more affordable to produce them overseas. Not only that, it's pretty hard to find anyplace to produce instruments in the USA that aren't hand built and therefor really expensive. So although it isn't what I would necessarily want, it makes the most sense in order to get instruments into the hands of people who want to play them!

Rusty_Triforce2 karma

Well you just made my month with your reply! I have never have had many opportunities to converse with someone I look up to so much. Hope to meet you in person someday!

BobFromFloggingMolly1 karma

Thanks for that. Anytime! Hope to see you out one the road somewhere soon, and bring the kids!

lostmylizard2 karma

Do you also play the Irish bouzouki, and is that the same as the mandocello? I like the sounds on the lower end of the mandolin family and think about picking up an instrument sometime.

BobFromFloggingMolly1 karma

I do! The Bouzouki is mostly the same as the octave mandolin. The Bouzouki is usually tuned GDAD (or sometimes GDAE) and will have octave courses (the two strings in each pair are tuned an octave apart). The Mandocello has a slightly longer neck than the bouzouki and is tuned CGDA. The tuning gives it a lower and richer sound than the bouzouki, but the octave courses of the bouzouki have a bit more shimmer.

Hope that helps!


lumpking692 karma

I'm sure I'm to late, I always am for these things. But I just wanted to tell you that "Black Friday Rule" might be a perfect song and the album it belongs to much be pure fucking gold.

I can't tell you what that song means to me or how much I love it. I'm a very big fan and have been since I discovered you guys on Conan many many years ago!

I'm curious how you felt your Conan appearance went? Did it help? Were they nice to you? Did you get to hang out with Conan or the band? I'm sure I'm to late, I always am for these things. But I just wanted to tell you that "Black Friday Rule" might be a perfect song and the album it belongs to much be pure fucking gold.

Just wanted to thank you.

BobFromFloggingMolly1 karma

Don't worry, you're not too late! We all thought our Conan appearance went great. Did you see the one we did in the old NYC studios or the one in Burbank? Our first appearance in NYC we were so nervous, I think we played Salty Dog at warp speed. We nearly sent the audience back in time! The second appearance we played Saints and Sinners, and we played much better on that one .We got to hang out before and after the show and did get to hang out with the band quite a bit. Everyone was nice. La Bamba was the most engaged guy in the band though, He was really into it

ChuckEye2 karma

I've got an electric mandocello on order from Eastwood. Have you done much with lower range instruments in the mando family? (Bouzouki, Cittern, Octave Mandolin, Mandola, Mandocello, etc?) or do you tend to stay in the upper range?

BobFromFloggingMolly4 karma

I have the same Eastwood! Aqua blue?

I love the lower register mandolin family and have a bouzouki, mandocello, and octave mando lying around. I love how the octave mando gives the same vibe as a bajo sexto and the bouzouki can act like a 12 string guitar, but a little more controlled. Keep up the good work, you've definitely made a wise instrument choice!

copper_jacket_off2 karma

Does Matt still find time to skate on tour?

BobFromFloggingMolly1 karma

Oh yeah, Matt still skates on tour. Not quite as much as he used to though, we need his wrists unbroken to squeeze that squeezebox! Cheers!

cockbloctopus2 karma

Hi Bob. Which Flogging Molly album is your favorite? Also, what is a deep cut you guys don't play live very often but would like to, and how are the setlists determined?

BobFromFloggingMolly2 karma

I actually have two favorites: Swagger and Float


__fastcall2 karma

Cant wait to see you at the hurricane festival this year! My older brother brought me to your music 11 years ago. I was 10 back then and loved it from the start. Finally I get to see you :)

What was the weirdest gig you have ever played?

BobFromFloggingMolly1 karma

We played our first tour in Italy and in Milan we played a vampire themed Club and restaurant called Vlad or something. All the tables were glass topped coffins with dummy vampires inside. Totally done to the hilt. This would have been wierd enough, but on top of this we played at like 4pm on a Sunday. So we're in a goth club, it's light out, the neighborhood is dead and like 8 kids show up. It was laughable. But I recognize and remember every one of those kids when we go back and play now!

Zoogin2 karma

What's the story behind If I ever leave this world alive? As a travelling student it has meant a great deal to me. Thanks!

BobFromFloggingMolly2 karma

It's really just a song about how hard it is to have people fall out of your life. It covers a lot of ground emotionally. I imagine you get it.


Merriwinter2 karma

I really love your music because there is just something about a banjo that is really high-energy and compelling in music. Do you know of any other artists, be they popular or not, who can really bring out the energy of the banjo in modern music? Thanks in advance, just recently found out you existed!

BobFromFloggingMolly1 karma

it depends what you mean by "modern" music. The banjo is definitely a high energy sound, it's one of the naturally loudest instruments out there, which helps it a ton. It seems to be growing in popularity again with the youngsters, so if you keep your eyes out, you might find some other players out there! I'm a big fan of Jeff Darosa's playing in Dropckick's and Cooper McBean from Devil Makes Three.


ChickenBros2 karma

You mentioned in the original post that most people know Flogging Molly best for Drunken Lullabies. That's the only song of yours I know, but I love it.

If you had to pick one other song by Flogging Molly that you think would have the best chance of piquing my interest and turning me into a devoted fan, what would it be?

I'll listen to the rest of your discography regardless as I do love DL, but I'm curious what you would choose if you could only pick one other song.

BobFromFloggingMolly1 karma

The other two songs that people always love are either "If I Ever Leave This World Alive" or "Float" Try those. They're a little more mid tempo too, so you get to hear another side of the band.


derRaiden2 karma

Have you been contacted for Pinkpop this year? You had a great gap in your schedule for Pinkpop and you've always been a great act here. I also submitted you guys as an act to perform this year in Pinkpop's annual contest and they usually try to contact as much submitted artists as possible, so I was wondering if there has been any contact?

Also, after the release of The Hand Of John o' Sullivan: can we expect a new album soon?

BobFromFloggingMolly1 karma

No, no Pinkpop this year, but a pretty good chance of either Pinkpop or Lowlands next year I would think. Yes, you can expect a new album. Soonish!

bocabum2 karma

Hey's your favorite school teachers from Florida (bringers of the bowling shoes, great breakfast mates for a cruise...)...I was just reading through some of the stuff and noticed the home studio comment...what software do you use to record? Also, have you appeared on any other band's albums that I might not know about? -Sean

BobFromFloggingMolly2 karma

Hey Sean,

Good to see yo both on the cruise!

I mostly use Logic to demo up songs and Protools to record. I've played with a few other acts. I did some mando for John on a Goldfinger album a while back and I play with Gregory Alan Isakov every once in a while.

See you soon sir!

BigRonnieRon2 karma

Why no tone knob on your signature mando? Seems a bit different to me. I'm looking at it now. Anything that sells it versus the garden variety FM-62 SCE ?

BobFromFloggingMolly3 karma

I had it removed because I never really used it. With acoustic instruments I don't like to fiddle with the tone using a pot on the instrument, as it's a bit too blunt of a tool. I prefer to have a more detailed EQ to handle the tonal shaping, but I'm mostly a fan of how they sound just as they are. I try not to deviate from the original tone too much, just try to make it louder!

LTL_DMON2 karma

Any hints as to when we'll get some more information on the next album? Hand of John L. Sullivan is great!

BobFromFloggingMolly2 karma

Glad you like it! We're plugging away, hoping to have it finished by the end of the year. Keep your eyes out.


mickeymov1 karma

Hey Bob, came over here after seeing your post in r/SandersForPresident. Very entertaining read over there, go Bernie!!

Been a big punk rock fan since middle school and Flogging Molly was one of the first bands to reel me in. I've seen you on huge stages (Lolla), medium stages (PNC Pavilion), and small stages (Bogarts). Each show is distinct and fantastic. Can't wait for the new album!! Heard Jericho over the summer live and The Hand of John O. Sullivan is a beer-guzzlin punk kick asser. Also, you're an incredible musician and have always been the part of Flogging Molly that makes me wanna mosh. Will there be shows added into the tour? I'd like to see y'all in Columbus. Peace, brother

BobFromFloggingMolly2 karma

Hey there, thanks man.

I think the shows are all booked out for us for the year, mostly because we need to get in the studio and record the new album, but once we hit the road with that, we'll definitely be back through Columbus again.


BigRonnieRon1 karma

Can you tell us a bit more about your gear and such?

BobFromFloggingMolly3 karma

Sure. On stage I play my Fender Signature model mandolin and banjo. The mando is a tele shaped arch top with a piezo bridge. The banjo is a plectrum style resonator banjo with a flat top head and I tune it the same as a tenor. I use D'Addario strings and Dunlop yellow tortex picks. My amps are either a Fender Vibrolux blackface reissue or one of the new ProAcoustic solid state amps. In my pedal chain it's just a tuner and a boost pedal for the mandolin and just a tuner on the banjo.


Yondude1 karma

What's on your playlist at the moment?

BobFromFloggingMolly3 karma

1916, Larry and his Flask, Devil Makes Three, León Larregui, Bob Mould, Radical Face, Autolux, Nathaniel Rateliff, to name a few...

TheBlackAdept171 karma

Hey Bob!

Thanks for doing the AMA. :)

1) How's progress on the new album coming? Any updates?

2) What's one string instrument you play that you haven't played yet for a Molly song that you'd like to try bringing in?

3) The new single was released on Vanguard records. Has the band signed to a new label, or is that working somehow in conjunction with Borstal Beat?

BobFromFloggingMolly3 karma

Hi there,

Well the album is coming along well, just have a chunk of songs we want to work on before we get into the studio. We've got just an albums worth now, but would like to have more than we need.

The one instrument would be the pedal steel guitar, but I'm not good enough just yet! I'd also like to sneak a sitar in there somewhere.

I'm not sure how Borstal Beat will work into any future record deal, we've been in talks with Vanguard for a while, and they're helping us with the new single, so we should have some news on that in the near future.


brownsfan7601 karma

Hey Bob, longtime Molly fan. I've been to 7 live shows including 3 St. Patrick's day ( Tempe & L.A.) a new years Wiltern......and one really long road trip to ACL for the rainstorm. At ACL in the pouring rain you opened with no more paddy's lament, every time I hear that song it takes me back to that moment. Is there any song ( by any band) that instantly makes you recall a moment of your life? Also Feel the Bern!!!

BobFromFloggingMolly3 karma

Hey there and thanks for the question.

There are countless examples of this for me. I think it's one of the things that music does best is teleport you back in time. Here's an unlikely one though. The song "Minute by Minute" by the Doobie Bros. totally transports me back to laying in the trunk of my families Chevy Caprice Estate wagon driving to drop off my grandmother back home one night after a day with our family.

evilpez5181 karma

Hello Bob. Thank you for doing this. It is amazing how easily accessible you make yourself to your fans. My husband and I were on both Salty Dog Cruises. We have seen Flogging Molly countless times and it amazes me how all of you interact with your fans. In August we will be seeing you play at the Coney Island amphitheater. Coney Island is a special place for my husband and I. We've spent years at the beaches and parks and watched all of its transformations (good&bad). In 2014 we were married in front of the Cyclone (only thing that could have been better was if you had preformed the ceremony haha). Seeing Flogging Molly as our first show at the new amphitheater will be another great memory for us in Coney Island history. It will also be the first time that my mom will see you guys live. We are loving the new single Hand of John L Sullivan. Can we expect any other new material to be played during your summer tour?

BobFromFloggingMolly2 karma

Congratulations! Well, we will surely be bringing out new material as the year goes on. We always like to gather the feedback from the crowd when we're working on material. It really helps us work out the kinks! The more we're able to play the material live before we get into the studio helps us really get it down right as well.

RCT_Longstreet1 karma

Hi! /u/BobFromFloggingMolly

I saw you guys twice, second time was Klokgebouw in Eindhoven, and it is still in my top 5 of concerts, We ended up dancing with some guys from the band for about half an hour after the show, until i had to run to catch the last train (which we missed and got stranded somewhere). Can't wait to see you guys again in a more concert setting, instead of a festival.

In any case, question time, what made you play banjo / mandolin in the band instead of any other instrument?

BobFromFloggingMolly2 karma

Hey there,

That show at Klokgebouw was epic. I can't wait to play there again! Sorry you got stranded though.

I guess I got into less common instruments because I grew up playing guitar and bass in LA. I was never very interested in being a speed shredder on guitar, and that's what was in demand in town when I was younger, so it seemed like I had better figure out a different angle. I had collected a lot of old folk instruments when I was younger at swap meets and second hand shops when I was a kid, just because they looked cool, so I guess I just naturally gravitated toward those kinds of things.