Considered as being the best boxer of all time by many.

I'm fighting Vyron Phillips on March 20th at UR Fight, he'll get the chance to win $100,000 if he can beat me."

Buy your iPPV pass to watch our fight:"


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MajesticDean26 karma

Roy, big UK fan here.

My question is this, and I hope it doesn't come across as shitty, I don't intend it to be that way.

Why are you continuing to fight at this point? Are you not worried you may tarnish your legacy? Enzo Maccarinelli wouldn't have been fit to face you at any stage until recently, he wouldn't have lasted a round in your prime. You are a successful rapper, a record holder and in your prime an absolute all time fighter, AND a successful commentator.

Why do you carry on fighting at this point? Is it pride, or search of a cruiserweight title? Would like to know.

Thanks, Roy!

RealRoyJonesJr17 karma

Not worried at all. Can't undo what's already been done!

TheOnlyRightAnswer22 karma

How often did you have to remind Kellerman and Lampley that they've never boxed?

RealRoyJonesJr16 karma

Not too often

theboxingczar13 karma

Why are you ducking me, Roy?

RealRoyJonesJr20 karma

I don't duck anyone.

atrams10 karma

If you were an up and coming fighter today would you pick boxing or MMA?

RealRoyJonesJr23 karma

I still would pick boxing

poppunkandboxing9 karma

You got any excuses tonight, Roy?

RealRoyJonesJr17 karma

No! Never have, never will

parysoski6 karma

do you think success is more determined by hard work, or natural talent?

Do you believe most people can be great at anything if they truly dedicate themselves to their craft?

RealRoyJonesJr5 karma

It's about defining your craft. Once you define your craft, you have to find God and he will take you to the top of where you need to go.

atrams5 karma

what is your dream fight? (can be current or past boxer)

RealRoyJonesJr32 karma

To box Anderson Silva

darthinksmith_875 karma

Hey Roy, a fight that never happened was Bernard Hopkins vs James Toney. Who do you think would've won? Also, I love that HBO has you call fights, interesting to hear what you're able to see that Jim and Max don't see.

RealRoyJonesJr14 karma

In their prime, James would have won. Later Bernard would have won

rkk24 karma

Hi Roy big fan, I used to watch this video before my high school football games.

Who is the toughest guy you ever fought? Who hit the hardest?

On another note I give you one free shot. Where do you hit me to cause the most damage?

RealRoyJonesJr15 karma

Merqui Sosa hit the hardest. Toughest fight James Toney. Ha ha, hit in the neck

Ngd14 karma

Hi Roy, I've been a huge fan of yours since I was little kid and I've always wondered, after having such an amazing career and being considered one of the all time greats, what do you think was your greatest achievement in this sport? Thank you.

RealRoyJonesJr11 karma

Winning the heavyweight title and Thank you.

stealthwealth4 karma

Hey Roy, in your opinion, who will be the face of boxing in the next few years?

RealRoyJonesJr10 karma

I think Terrence Crawford

RedstoneRay4 karma

Is there any boxer from the past you wish you had the opportunity to fight?

RealRoyJonesJr20 karma

Sugar Ray Robinson

klamonic13 karma

Hello, if you could go back to any moment in your boxing career, what moment would you want to go back to?

RealRoyJonesJr11 karma

The night I beat John Ruiz

whogetsthebanana3 karma

Fellow Pensacolian here! I went to Brown Barge Middle School (I’m 30) and one of our custodians had a pair of your gloves hanging from his cart. I don’t quite remember but I think he grew up with you?

Will you ever run for mayor here?

What’s your favorite spot to eat in Pcola?

RealRoyJonesJr9 karma

I don't know if I will ever run for mayor. But there are several places I like to eat in Pensacola, but my favorite place is at home.

parysoski2 karma

How does someone get involved in mainstream boxing promotion?

RealRoyJonesJr11 karma

Very terrible to get into and it takes a lot of money to get into it.

NotVeryOptimistic2 karma

Hey Roy! I've met you a couple of times at the dog track back home a long time ago! Nice to see you on reddit! Do you still have the body head painted whip? haha

RealRoyJonesJr8 karma

No, I don't have it anymore

tht1crzyguy2 karma

Hey Roy, it's been a big fantasy match of mine to see you training Vasyl Lomachenko! Would you be open to training him and what benefits do you see yourself giving him by being in his corner?

RealRoyJonesJr12 karma

Of course I would be interested in training him. It would be beneficial for me and the viewers because I would be entertaining the crowd.

JohnHorner_1 karma

What's your thought on HBO's Boxing lack of quality matches so far this year? Also what's your perspective on PBC and will you ever work as a commentator for PBC if you were offered the opportunity?

RealRoyJonesJr10 karma

If PBC offered and I wasn't under contract I would consider it. But I think HBO has a good selection of fighters on their network

zimmaster41 karma

What are some interesting things that go on behind the scenes at some of the fights that you get to see as a commentator that others rarely get to see?
Also, how/when did you know that "he not getting up, Jim"?

RealRoyJonesJr10 karma

Interesting things behind the scenes is mostly in the fighter meetings during the conversations. You mostly know if a fighter is getting up by the way they go down.

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RealRoyJonesJr4 karma


just2comet1 karma

Sup Roy you're a beast. Let's box. How's life? What boxer are you most impressed with all time and right now Besides yourself?


RealRoyJonesJr8 karma

Muhammad Ali

SimmonsToLA1 karma

Who do you think has the best future in boxing?

RealRoyJonesJr4 karma

Right now, I would say Devin Haney

TheOnlyRightAnswer1 karma

Does Russ Anber cheat at pool?

RealRoyJonesJr5 karma

No he doesn't

parysoski1 karma

if you couldn't be an athlete, what would you want to be?

RealRoyJonesJr8 karma

If I couldn't be an athlete, i would be an actor or comedian.