Hello Reddit! My name is Yoshiki. I am a composer, drummer, and classically trained pianist. I’m best known as the leader of the band X Japan, which is pretty big I guess. We’ve played the 55,000-seat Toyko Dome 18 times and sold a few million records (30 million singles and albums combined). I’m here in Austin, Texas for SXSW because our film, “We Are X” was selected for SXSW Film’s 24 Beats per Second programming. “We Are X” is directed by Stephen Kijak and produced by Academy Award-winning producer John Battsek of Passion Pictures. Check out the new trailer that just came out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3yJhsrgg4g

I also run a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization called Yoshiki Foundation America, which supports aid to children, their music education as well as disaster relief. Right now, I’m auctioning off my drum set and donating all proceeds to support victims of the largest Earthquake and Tsunami to hit Japan in 2011. For more information, visit the auction page here: http://reuse.yahoo.co.jp/archives/311charity/2016/yoshiki.html

Okay, let’s do this. Ask me anything!

Proof: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CdUn4oCUAAA6keR.jpg:large

UPDATE: Thank you for your questions! I love talking with my fans. Due to time, I'm sorry I couldn't answer all your questions, but looking forward to talking to you again. I will be performing here at SXSW after a screening of the film on Friday, March 18th at the Paramount Theatre. http://bit.ly/1UQMLyD I can’t wait for you to see the film “We Are X.” Visit my website and the film’s website for updates www.yoshiki.net and www.wearexfilm.com WE ARE X! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3yJhsrgg4g



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willams_beard34 karma

Endless Rain is one of the best songs by any band, in any given time. It was actually my first heavy metal ballad song I listened to! Absolutely love the piano solo.

Wish more items were being sold to benefit your charity though: will you be selling any smaller items such as autographed memorabilia?

YoshikiOfficial20 karma

Wow, thank you for saying that! I'll be performing here in Austin at the Paramount Theatre on March 18th right after a screening of "We Are X." I'll definitely be performing Endless Rain that night. If you are in Austin, come see the show! Ok, the next charity auction I'll be listing the small items as well!

nvcplus28 karma

Since you were a part of Dir en grey going major, what are your opinions of their career and success? Would you ever consider collaborating with them?

YoshikiOfficial44 karma

Dir en grey is a good friend of mine. Definitely we should collaborate. Some of the members will be doing chorus part in upcoming Xjapan's new album!

Slicemage17 karma

Hi Yoshiki, thank you for doing this AMA!

I have 2 questions for you:

  1. What is a skill or quality you feel is often overlooked when it comes to being a successful member of a recording studio staff? What sets a good studio worker apart? I went to school for sound engineering and music production and am trying to get a job at a studio :)
  2. Any tips on dealing with anxiety?

I also want to thank you for all of the incredibly hard work you have put into your career. I was lucky enough to see you play with X JAPAN in Toronto a few years ago. Your work ethic and your dedication to your fans and to the charities you support is incredible, and has been a huge source of inspiration to me. Thank you!

Hope you are well - love from Canada!

PS - X JAPAN / BABYMETAL collaboration?

YoshikiOfficial20 karma

  1. Someone who can work 24 hours straight or longer. Then you can keep up with an artist like me..!!
  2. Talking to my dear fans is the best way to overcome my anxiety! PS, That would be cool!

Slicemage12 karma

You do a lot of interviews - what's one question you wish people would ask? What's one you wish people would stop asking?

YoshikiOfficial26 karma

First of all, I love doing interviews because my fans can read what's going on through media. I love the questions involving music! But sometimes I don't mind if they ask me what I eat or who I date... I guess... maybe..

AtherapyPlus11 karma

Where does your real happiness come from?

YoshikiOfficial38 karma

When I eat chocolate! But now I'm on a low carb diet... sad..

ParamountPanda11 karma

Has seeing the documentary changed the direction of the album in any way?

What has been the best part of seeing the documentary and what has been the worst?

YoshikiOfficial19 karma

It was so hard for me to decide to do this documentary film project. It was so hard for me to open that door, which brings me to the history of sadness and pain. But now I'm glad I opened that door. This film gave me the courage to keep going forward. It's hard to say which scene is the best because there are tons of meaningful scenes!

esperade11 karma

Hi Yoshiki! Two quick questions:

  1. How's Pata doing?
  2. When is the new album coming out?

Thank you! We are X!

YoshikiOfficial22 karma

Pata is out of the ICU, but he is still hospitalized. He couldn't eat for a while, he was getting nutrition via IV for over a month. Finally he started eating solid food. Regarding the new album, X Japan members are trying to play Pata's guitar part including myself so album may come earlier than you may expect this year!

suyinn9 karma

X JAPAN is one of the few bands in which the band leader is not the lead singer. We've seen you play drums and piano, but also play guitar and even do some vocals on the Dahlia album. Assuming you had the vocal skills to do so, how would you feel about being a singer? Do you enjoy singing at all?

YoshikiOfficial18 karma

Because I work with amazing singers, especially ToshI, I try not to sing. I may sing if it is the last song of my life..



YoshikiOfficial24 karma

First of all, there are some Japanese people online right now. It is 5am in Japan. How the hell are you guys up? Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate it! 答えは。。夢は必ず叶う!

bt82577 karma

Out of all the music you've made throughout your career, what do you think is the best?

YoshikiOfficial13 karma

I don't think I've created the song I can die for yet, but some of the songs from the upcoming new album may have those. We'll see!

ProsperC7 karma

Yoshiki! I'm so happy you're doing this! I saw X Japan at Madison Square Garden and my mind was blown at how amazing the show was, I can't wait to see you guys live again.

Since you are so busy, what do you like to do in your free time to relax?

Will the new album be released on vinyl at all/ any possible reissues of older albums on vinyl? Thanks so much for doing this!

YoshikiOfficial11 karma

  1. Until I finish the X Japan album, there is no free time.
  2. That's a cool idea- I will definitely consider that.

pEuAsTsSy5 karma

Hello Yoshiki, hope you're doing fine. My question is:

  • If your father was still here, would you ever come to the idea of forming X Japan and how thematically different would it be if yes?

I originally wanted to ask you more about Toshi, hide, and your father, but I figured that would be too personal from someone you don't even know. According to the "We are X" trailer you touched upon all those topics in it so I figured it's better that I watch it instead of asking you about it here...so I'll instead ask you:

  • Will "We are X" be available to watch/buy worldwide?

And for the end I'll simply say something you've probably heard countless times: Thank you for existing.

I've known about you and X for less than a year (you can only imagine how hard it was to find you and X...my country barely imports overseas music, not to mention it doesn't import any from Japan, and Internet was not a thing until like 10 years ago and it was new...so it went from me being a guitar player, then becoming interested in Japanese culture, then starting to learn Japanese, and then I accidentally stumbled across a Japanese guitar player who had covered X...and that's when I saw "Endless Rain" from The Last Live), but I already feel so much for you and the entire band, especially after reading certain interviews...

No other musician beside you has ever managed to make me care so much about him and leave such an impact on me, especially in such short time.

We are X!

YoshikiOfficial15 karma

First of all, this is the trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3yJhsrgg4g This is just a small part of the actual film. There is more story of ToshI, Hide and everything. I'm at SXSW doing some screenings, but I think the film will be out around the world starting this Fall!

patitomdq5 karma

Hi,my #Dearvampire I'm from Argentina. Do you want to came back to Argentina with X Japan in 2017???? Ps I love you with all mi soul,life and blood ♥

YoshikiOfficial9 karma

SURE!! I miss touring South America!

blueskypanda5 karma

Hi dear! Thank you so much for doing this! I just want to tell you how special and wonderful you are, and your work ethic is insane and awesome and something I wish I could aspire to (have any tips?? lol). Your music truly breaks walls and changes lives and moves hearts. My questions are:

What impact are you hoping the We Are X documentary has on people who see the film who are trying to chase after their dreams?

What words of encouragement do you have for people looking to break into the music industry?

How do you like Austin, TX so far?? :)

Love you and thank you!

YoshikiOfficial18 karma

Music saved me from leaving this world. I think you'll see that story in this film. I want people to see "We Are X" because the film can tell people who are dealing with pain and sadness they can still make it through and then keep going toward their dream! The film can tell you that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

BTW I like being here in Austin. Tacos are amazing!

gocchisama3 karma

I want to be honest with you, Yoshiki, i probably consider the epitome of X-japan when Taiji was still here, both in charisma and technique. There were many reasons brought to his departure of the group and after all this time i don't know the truth

Why did Taiji left the group even though X-japan rised to perform to Tokyo Dome? Why leave at the peak of the group popularity?

Rest in Peace.

YoshikiOfficial12 karma

First of all, I really respected Taiji's musical skills and still do. When you are the leader of a band sometimes you have to decide what is best for the band. No decisions are easy. Regarding Taiji's departure, there are some things... he crossed the line of our band's rules, which I cannot talk about outside of the band. To this day I still don't know if the decision was right or wrong, but we didn't have a choice. I'm sorry if I can't give you a straight answer but... I wish Hide was here to answer you as well..

lovexxYouxxx2 karma

Hi yoshiki,love for you from japan. My 3 Questions: 1.When do you perform operations of the hand? 2.Do you do XJAPAN festival? 3.Do you love me? I love you.

YoshikiOfficial7 karma

  1. I have been talking to my doctors and have not come up to the exact surgery date. It all depends on XJapan's upcoming tour. I'm also looking for an alternative to surgery.
  2. Regarding the festival, I'll let you know as soon as things are confirmed.
  3. I love all my fans!

WeAreXJapan2 karma


Hi, Yoshiki-san! This is Aiko frm Japan ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I always have things I'm suspicious of... Is the Yoshikitty a boy or a girl..?!?!

He or she is So Kawaii❤️

YoshikiOfficial6 karma

Mmm Yoshikitty can be whoever you want Yoshikitty to be!