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KyloRenAvgMillenial344 karma

Which hardware store do you prefer to do most of your grocery shopping at?

shoeniceYOUTUBE410 karma

home depot

sixlounge296 karma

Do you ever get offers from companies to eat their edible/non-edible products as a sponsorship?

shoeniceYOUTUBE276 karma


int3rl0per239 karma

Anything that's an instant "nope, not gonna eat that"?

shoeniceYOUTUBE1109 karma

most green vegetables

pvg123206 karma

will you smoke weed with me when I come to CO for spring break? 3/14-3/19

shoeniceYOUTUBE311 karma


mikejuly24176 karma

Why do you think it is that you have 500K subscribers, but your newer videos are only getting 10-30K views?

shoeniceYOUTUBE306 karma

politics , bad channel tags, titles. i am getting this fixed next week with an expert

MrGritty17187 karma

I'm sorry to say, I thinks it's because you're not slamming liquor anymore. Stay strong and way to fool my ass with your last vid. Thought you were off the wagon again

shoeniceYOUTUBE118 karma


Octawussy46 karma

I read 'titles' as 'titties' at first. Both words work. Definitely need better titles and more titties.

shoeniceYOUTUBE53 karma


scares166 karma

Did you ever find a bug and eat it?

shoeniceYOUTUBE477 karma

ewwwww no

shoeniceYOUTUBE1238 karma

oh yeah, a worm

qjh1kzs140 karma

What medical anomaly keeps you alive?

shoeniceYOUTUBE401 karma

i was born with the stomach of a billy goat

Kevt2364 karma

A Himalayan billy goat to be exact.

shoeniceYOUTUBE94 karma


IAmBecomeGay134 karma

Have you ever messed up a shoot and had to eat something gross a second time to get the footage right?

shoeniceYOUTUBE236 karma


Bulovak384 karma

That story was so vivid and full of rich detail, it was like I was actually there.

shoeniceYOUTUBE308 karma


IAmBecomeGay28 karma

Do you remember what it was?

shoeniceYOUTUBE180 karma

no , oh yeah hostess cupcakes

Homeless_Emperor130 karma

Have you ever eaten anything that you immediately regretted afterwards?

shoeniceYOUTUBE473 karma

an old woman's vjj

Homeless_Emperor93 karma

What was that like?

shoeniceYOUTUBE818 karma

dishwashing at red lobster

waltron1000137 karma

This guy is good

shoeniceYOUTUBE247 karma


alexdi26 karma

... ew. So ew.

shoeniceYOUTUBE46 karma


cakkw_2129 karma

What was the first strange thing that you ate?

shoeniceYOUTUBE328 karma

pack of non filtered camels when i was 4

jax3rir68 karma

Did you get a fever?

shoeniceYOUTUBE648 karma

turned blue as smurfette's pussy

traunks54 karma

You talkin' about cigarettes? Or actual real camels that just don't happen to have filters attached to them? Only asking cuz you're shoenice.

shoeniceYOUTUBE75 karma

lmao, cigarettes

TheEvilGerman106 karma

Have you tried talking to your family since you have been sober? This is the perfect time... would love some videos with your son. "A Very Happy Shoenice Reunion". I think you should give it a shot...

shoeniceYOUTUBE174 karma


Radaniel995 karma

Hey shoenice would you consider drinking some Cochicken? Pour a coke can into a blender and blend it with half a rotisserie chicken.

shoeniceYOUTUBE148 karma


The250079 karma

Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

shoeniceYOUTUBE159 karma

yes, all the time

JokkerHD77 karma

How did you get your name?

shoeniceYOUTUBE172 karma

already asked, lol. my name is chris schewe. called shoe all my life. shoenice since 1992

traunks123 karma

Shoenice since ninety-twonice.


shoeniceYOUTUBE95 karma

yup yup

shoeniceYOUTUBE82 karma


TheEvilGerman6 karma

If he didnt actually answer your question...it started out like "shoe does the nice work" or "shoe brings that niiice weed" it turned into shoenice. He is bad at answering questions lol. But I follow his YouTube like crazy.

shoeniceYOUTUBE56 karma

i am not bad at answering questions

mikejuly2468 karma

Do you ever get sick from the stuff you eat (besides the alcohol)?

shoeniceYOUTUBE126 karma

never, or i wouldnt do it

jax3rir63 karma

How do you think you will die?

shoeniceYOUTUBE514 karma

amusement park ride accident.

MrPIGGY12954 karma

What does your family think of your youtube channel/career?

shoeniceYOUTUBE256 karma

they all faded away. i am the next messiah. its tough hanging. ask ghandi or mother teresa

GhostFace_K22 karma

He abandoned his whole family

shoeniceYOUTUBE91 karma

they booted me. ghostface in da house ! this dude has an epic youtube channel........bahahaahahaa

JackleyW53 karma

Were you happy with how the vice documentary came out? Has it had an effect on your YouTube career or personal life at all?

shoeniceYOUTUBE87 karma

yeah, it was too quick though. it has brought 1000s to my channel

Boura20650 karma

CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT YOUR ACID ADVENTURES? I love you Shoe! I'm hoping to meet you someday. Beirut loves you!!

shoeniceYOUTUBE118 karma

wow, that would be a trip...get it?

temtam49 karma

Have you ever blinked?

traunks221 karma

He ate his eyelids.

shoeniceYOUTUBE93 karma


shoeniceYOUTUBE153 karma

lol, every other tuesday

jj55529847 karma

Do you have any tips for people struggling with alcohol and trying to stay sober?

shoeniceYOUTUBE243 karma

just do something else

xVale40 karma

When are you doing another food slam? Btw, you're a fucking legend, dude!

shoeniceYOUTUBE72 karma

food slam on monday and thankyaw

GETHIGHscores39 karma

Have you ever considered getting studied by science too see how you handle so much?

shoeniceYOUTUBE118 karma

when i am dead

ImProYoYo39 karma

Do you ever plan to take another job or are you going to be doing youtube forever?

shoeniceYOUTUBE123 karma

i am actually disabled from the union with a broken back injury. youtube and tv and movie acting for life. just the beginning

J9qw32 karma

Shoenice, is it true you can shit on command?

shoeniceYOUTUBE280 karma

nope. you have me mixed up with my cousin shitnice

SativaLungz30 karma

Huge fan! I'm a early subscriber, I was wondering were u aware that juicy j Quoted you in one of his songs?

shoeniceYOUTUBE49 karma

yes, thankyaw. so did WWE and stud

jayfatsby8 karma

Whaaaa!?! What song is this??

shoeniceYOUTUBE19 karma

i forget

el_maschingon29 karma

Favorite strain?

shoeniceYOUTUBE213 karma

free ones

Plogee101527 karma

What's the best thing you've ever had?

shoeniceYOUTUBE230 karma

a son

TheEvilGerman37 karma

Well god damn that was a sad reply...

shoeniceYOUTUBE265 karma

chicken parm

marineturndlegofiend26 karma

Shoenice, why so much hate towards the LA Beast?

Have a good day! lol

shoeniceYOUTUBE66 karma

i dont hate anyone. he made a vid busting my ass first, it's all good

TheEvilGerman5 karma

Oh man...L.A. Beast is the worst. On his channel he seems super cool and a guy you could...well just have a beer with. But he is so god damn uppity and pompous.

shoeniceYOUTUBE5 karma

i know, dude needs to chill

jada5624 karma

Ualbany alumni here.... Do you regret chaining yourself to the fountain that one time in protest of fountain day being banned? Also what was the legal outcome of that, if any?

shoeniceYOUTUBE59 karma

no legal outcome, he agreed to turn on fountain for two weeks if i left. and it was all for youtube views

jayfatsby22 karma

Shoenice!!! Love your videos man, long time fan. Well baaaaaasically I have two questions for you:

1) When are car ride/bike ride videos coming back!?!? Loved the one where you told the guy you were looking for directions and when he started to tell you you said "Oh I ain't got the time for your dumbass!! Go fuck yourself penis!!"

2) There used to be a video of you eating a tampon in a Phish parking lot while you were on mushrooms. Was this at SPAC? Are you a Phish fan?


shoeniceYOUTUBE28 karma

car rides back this summer ! phish was at spac or DICKS sporting field. and i couldnt name one song from phish, just love peace, acid and bitchezzz

din0spam0ni21 karma

If thumbs didn't exist, which finger would you rather be used to describe how you look?

shoeniceYOUTUBE24 karma


Bugsfunny1016 karma

Has a doctor said anything to you about this lifestyle?

shoeniceYOUTUBE131 karma

she wont see me anymore after the one night stand. lol. my health is good. i am a tank

noone1115 karma

Have you made it the the 13th step yet? I hear someone left a bottle of liquor there.

shoeniceYOUTUBE27 karma

lool, i jumped over it this time

omgtehvampire15 karma

Where do you live? It seems like motels? Why?

shoeniceYOUTUBE37 karma

i got a house. that was when i was on a self paid for youtube usa tour

wyattman85414 karma

You seem to truly care about your fans which is great to see. Do you feel like communication and interaction with us helps your channel more than the YouTubers who never talk to their fanbase? I'm assuming it cultivates a more loyal fanbase for ya. You rock Shoenice, keep being successful :D

shoeniceYOUTUBE35 karma

i have more loyal fans than any youtuber

wyattman85419 karma

I like to think that's because you're a genuinely good dude who appreciates all the people who watch you. You don't take your fans for granted. You love us as much as we love you.

shoeniceYOUTUBE32 karma

awwww, thankyaw

qweqweteqwt14 karma

will you eat your own jizz?

shoeniceYOUTUBE132 karma

i thought everyone did.....

Ryebread92111 karma

What is your favorite type of Liquor to Chug?

shoeniceYOUTUBE34 karma


SimonThSorcerer11 karma


shoeniceYOUTUBE51 karma

its on liveleak.com youtube deleted it

MillerWoodside11 karma

What's a ball park estimate of how much money you've made from your videos on YouTube?

shoeniceYOUTUBE45 karma

over $100k , lol

cxmpy11 karma

if you could fight any celeb in a cage match for charity, what celebrity would you fight, and what charity would you donate the proceeds to if you won?

shoeniceYOUTUBE52 karma

kid rock. for hungry kids

Cubsguy190811 karma

Are you being blackballed by talent agencies for aspiring actors?

shoeniceYOUTUBE27 karma

nope. i am my own manager

jonasnobros10 karma

Will there ever be collabs with other youtubers?

shoeniceYOUTUBE44 karma

up to them, i am game. i like helping out small tubers but a collab with pewdiepie would be epic

nonpartisaneuphonium9 karma

Which tastes better, men's deodorant or women's deodorant?

shoeniceYOUTUBE46 karma

they are both same ingredients


Would you ever consider doing a video with The LA Beast?

shoeniceYOUTUBE14 karma


Train_Hopper8 karma

Yo shoenice do you have a blog and did you ever get started with twitch?

shoeniceYOUTUBE26 karma

twitch is coming. i have a blog somewhere

boxofmayo7 karma

if we send you 30 gallons of mayo in a bag, would you eat it?

shoeniceYOUTUBE18 karma


RandyRandTheMan7 karma

Would you ever consider writing a book?

shoeniceYOUTUBE38 karma

i actually won awards in college for writing. i am just lazy

Hadobedo7 karma

what is your political standing as of now?

shoeniceYOUTUBE121 karma

doesnt matter. humanity is fucked

evilergoose7 karma

Will you come to the UK and eat 50 teabags? Thankyaw.

shoeniceYOUTUBE41 karma

i hate flying over water

AceTheCrow6 karma

Have you ever wanted to quit Youtube?

shoeniceYOUTUBE29 karma

no. i love the drama in my life from it. anything else would be dull

jonkikong6 karma

What is your favorite band/artist?

shoeniceYOUTUBE37 karma

tech nine

GetSpiffed6 karma

SHOENICE!!!! We are related through marriage!! Your brother recently married my aunt. When he first told me that you were his brother I thought he was joking. Glad to see you're still doing well with everything your stomach has ingested, lol.

Since i'm required to ask a question: Have you ever had to turn down an offer to ingest something? If so, what was your reason?

shoeniceYOUTUBE23 karma

i hate vegetables. congratz on getting into the shoenice family. tell my bro fakyaw

SimonThSorcerer5 karma

Why did you delete your video of: -you eating dog shit -you drinking drinking rubbing alcohol -the video when you were telling people your whole feeding the homeless thing is a scam -you buying marijuana from the money people sent you and the video you tell your subscribers to go fuck themselves (basically ever aftermath video)?

shoeniceYOUTUBE4 karma

it's my channel, do what i want. lmaooooooo. i know who this is. tell by the grammar

SmoothFred4 karma

How are you shoe?

shoeniceYOUTUBE14 karma

epic beyond epiclly good

Patrickfisher14 karma

Will you ever come to Chicago?

shoeniceYOUTUBE11 karma

someday. i went through there a lot on trains

WobleWoble4 karma

Do you see yourself in five years doing the same things that you're doing now?

shoeniceYOUTUBE17 karma


swefpelego4 karma

Shoenice! I remember watching your very first videos. You're awesome!! I check out your youtube page every once in a while to make sure you haven't died from eating anything weird.

What was the most disgusting and unpleasant thing you've ever eaten? And have you ever thought about getting into professional eating competitions?

Thanks for the AMA!

shoeniceYOUTUBE19 karma

bad pussy and yes

shoeniceYOUTUBE13 karma


MandrewTehGreat3 karma

Weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

shoeniceYOUTUBE42 karma

peanut butter and ky jelly sandwich

Dedware3 karma

If you could meet one person dead or alive who would it be?

shoeniceYOUTUBE14 karma

john wayne

Ben_Mueller3 karma

Were you aware that your dishonest reputation caused my business to suffer a great deal, and that I should never have associated myself with a notorious pathological liar like you?

shoeniceYOUTUBE2 karma


GhostFace_K3 karma

How does it feel to have over 500k subs and max your views at about 25k?

shoeniceYOUTUBE0 karma

feels awesome

plebdev3 karma

What are your thoughts on the LA Beast?

shoeniceYOUTUBE6 karma

hes cool

Zippy1avion3 karma

I want you to know that I bought a McDouble for a homeless person. You fed him for a minute. How else can I help the community?

shoeniceYOUTUBE6 karma

epic, do that again

throwaway_FTH_3 karma

Shoenice, my man! Good to see you here. Also the first time I'm actually in time for an AMA...

What is your advice for anyone looking to become big on Youtube, anyone who wants to make Youtube a career? Also, have you ever done an eating challenge in response to another eating Youtuber (LA Beast, for example)?

shoeniceYOUTUBE5 karma

just spam. and be unique

noone112 karma

Are you dead yet?

shoeniceYOUTUBE13 karma


marineturndlegofiend2 karma

Shoenice, could you please share some funny stories about your time in the Army?


shoeniceYOUTUBE5 karma

i have a few on my youtube channel. like in the last 15 uploads

Ninjasquirtle42 karma

Jesus christ man you're still alive?

shoeniceYOUTUBE6 karma

ikr, how did u know my first name?

SimonThSorcerer2 karma

How do you deal with the fact that people are actually only interested in seeing you kill yourself on Youtube?

Now that you "sobered up" (we all think it's a lie) how do you imagine your future on Youtube?

shoeniceYOUTUBE2 karma

hey, keep asking questions ! i am top of subreddit heading to front page !

BMaxwell002 karma

How tall are you?

shoeniceYOUTUBE6 karma


WobleWoble2 karma

How's the dating world?

shoeniceYOUTUBE7 karma

too many

noone112 karma

Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

shoeniceYOUTUBE2 karma

yes, all the time

bob2912 karma

When you gonna bring back public trolling? And do u recommend sour diesel?

shoeniceYOUTUBE10 karma

sour diesel is epic high. and this summer will be return of public trolling

chodemonkeys2 karma

I remember being in LA a few years ago, and you were walking around offering to let people put cigarettes out on your tongue for a dollar or something close to that amount.

Did that shit not even faze you or what? Genuinely curious as to how that wouldn't mess you up.

shoeniceYOUTUBE2 karma

you sure that wasnt nyc. and it doesnt faze me

tokeabow2 karma

what happened to The Weeeezle?!

shoeniceYOUTUBE7 karma

back to reality.

mikejuly242 karma

Those alcohol slams seemed really dangerous. I'm glad to see that you stopped doing them. Did you have a problem with alcohol that you kicked? How many days sober?

shoeniceYOUTUBE16 karma

31 days sober. didnt have any problems quitting. dont even miss it

Radaniel91 karma

Weed is great and all that but have you ever done Acid?

shoeniceYOUTUBE2 karma

about 500 times

Jordan_Goens1 karma

What was the first video game you ever played?

shoeniceYOUTUBE2 karma

space invaders

I3rightside1 karma

Long ago you posted a phone number on youtube and asked fans to call you to do a shout out video where you ate the names on sticky notes? do you remember me? Jack Pottle.

shoeniceYOUTUBE2 karma

lool no

noone111 karma

Whats your favorite weed strain you have tried so far?

shoeniceYOUTUBE2 karma

sour diesel

RastaMcDouble1 karma

Have you ever met any fans? What was the weirdest encounter?

shoeniceYOUTUBE2 karma

hundreds. probably when i run into a family, and the 8 yr old kid loves my vids

alright9231 karma

When is public trolling coming back? Also, what is your favorite video that you've made?

shoeniceYOUTUBE4 karma

this summer and probably my toilet paper in times square

traunks1 karma

How much do you make from youtube? Or can you not talk about it? If not, why not?

shoeniceYOUTUBE2 karma

go to socialblade.com

MiserableMerkel1 karma

Have you tried drugs other then MJ and liquor?

shoeniceYOUTUBE4 karma

acid, mushrooms, robitussin, cocaine,molly,k-9,all sorts of pills

rooowdy1 karma

Would you drink hand sanitizer?

shoeniceYOUTUBE7 karma

no. i did once

kierank1001 karma

Will you ever eat a shoe?

shoeniceYOUTUBE3 karma

too hard

Not_A_Fagget1 karma

What stunt did you regret most after doing it? Thankyaw.

shoeniceYOUTUBE5 karma

trinidad moruga

SimonThSorcerer1 karma

When are you planning to tell your viewers that you are actually homeless?

shoeniceYOUTUBE2 karma

watch my newest vid, yeah, i am really struggling

GoHaNz_3691 karma

Shoenice, long time fam. How often do you do meet ups? I would really love to meet you some day!

shoeniceYOUTUBE3 karma

come to denver. i have met 1000s of fans in 5 yrs

Daemonian1 karma

What happened to your dog?

Also, favorite food?

shoeniceYOUTUBE7 karma

it's with an ex gf in new york. chicken parm

Punk_Bean1 karma

What made you want to join YouTube and do this? Were you considering anything else on YouTube besides eating crazy things? If so what was it?

shoeniceYOUTUBE1 karma

comedy, i started out telling jokes as a resume for stand up or tv spots, its working

Radaniel91 karma

How did you lose your virginity?

shoeniceYOUTUBE4 karma

my babysitter

TheHueman1 karma

When you're not making vids, what are you usually up to?

shoeniceYOUTUBE3 karma

getting high, eating and naps

randomfunnyguy11 karma

Whats the meanest thing anyone has ever said to you?

shoeniceYOUTUBE4 karma

'i sold your bag of weed to another customer'

FrankoDown1 karma

Do you vomit the stuff back up?

shoeniceYOUTUBE1 karma


GETHIGHscores1 karma

How much weed can you smoke?

shoeniceYOUTUBE2 karma

until i pass out

temtam1 karma

Do you consider yourself "weird"?

shoeniceYOUTUBE1 karma