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dont_tayzmeh_bro4 karma

Do you wish you lived somewhere else, like America?

Schit_kunt35 karma

I've been to America. And I must say as much fun as I had, I have to say no. No I don't want to live there at all. So sick of tipping.

quantboy9 karma

Is tipping only an American thing? It doesn't exist in European countries- or Australia?

Schit_kunt26 karma

Tipping is virtually non existing in Australia. Been to Europe too. Never tipped.

ivenotheardofthem4 karma

Ha. Was it just the tipping? Can you list a few things that America dies worse that Australia, and a few things it does better?

Schit_kunt25 karma

Worse. The tipping. It leads to so much falseness. Get paid minimum wage need to be nice to the customers to get paid. I couldn't live there with the amount of religion prevalent there also. Christian extremists are not my thing.

Best. Your traffic laws are alright. Right on red is cool. Four way stops are no so cool. Roundabouts have you guys trupmed there.

Bobsprocket3 karma


Schit_kunt7 karma

Fuckin oath. Go the bush chook.

handeythoughts2 karma

Do you wear Ninja gloves?

Schit_kunt4 karma

Fuck yeah I do. Size 9.

AlabamaJesus2 karma

How to all your houses stay standing when you use the metric system to measure the frames?

Schit_kunt50 karma

Metric system rules. A kilogram is also 100mm cubed of water and the same as a liter of water. A tonne is a cubic meter of water cubed. It all makes sense. Imperial is all fucked up. Nothing means anything. It's based on early humans measuring wieght of shit with rocks.

BrentonBartlett20 karma

A tonne is a cubic meter of water cubed

Carpenter confirmed

Schit_kunt12 karma

Haha a tipsy carpenter for sure.

EndangeredMystery9 karma

Machinist from Canada here, we use the metric system to make all of our parts, it's easier to hit tight tolerances and everything is just less complicated.

Schit_kunt12 karma

Metric just makes sense when precision is required

sugarboobies1 karma

Do you use any Tilling LVL and/or I-Joists in your line of work? I live in the states and the company I work for supplies Tilling quite a bit.

Schit_kunt1 karma

Define tilling? Definitely use LVL beams. Strong as fuck.

btmims1 karma

How does it feel, knowing that every other trade can and will do your job?

J/k I've been an electrician for a few years, the things I've seen guys do on jobs when there was a perfectly good carpenter available...

Schit_kunt7 karma

Anyone can certainly give carpentry a crack but all will come unstuck real quick.

f3asttree1 karma

Has a dingo ever eaten your baby?

Schit_kunt1 karma

Nah but a dingo gave birth to my baby once.

LeftBrainAmbassador1 karma

Have you ever worked with traditional German journeymen? I heard wanting to work in 'straya is pretty popular among them because of the pay.

Schit_kunt2 karma

I haven't but I know what you talk about. Great carpenters.

YoIreallydontknowman1 karma

I'm an American looking for an adventure. Are you hiring?

Schit_kunt7 karma

You skilled?

quest8081 karma

What's up mate fellow tradesman here. Glazier to be specific. How are the wages compared to Glaziers down under?

Schit_kunt1 karma

Depends. How much do you make?

Doppelganger-banger1 karma

Howdy there from the D, I'm apprentice in the plumbing industry for small time contractor who does work for corporations. One of our big problems is getting paid in a timely manner do you have any problems of this sort?

With our industries we usually have a tool of which no other people have to complete a task. One of ours is called a basin wrench, what's a tool that no other contractor will have?

Schit_kunt2 karma

Getting paid on time is a nighmare. Cash flow is the most important issue for a small business.

I wish we had our own tool, would stop people from pretending they can do our job.

monstrol1 karma

Gotta love Festool...right?

Schit_kunt1 karma

Festool is pretty good

RastaMcDouble1 karma

What's your favorite Matt Corby song?

Schit_kunt2 karma

Yep. The one that goes oooooooohhhhh, oooooooooohhhhhhh.

linkpunch1 karma

Are you a Scorchers fan?

Schit_kunt2 karma

Don't follow cricket but am a proud perth boy so yeah

pastamonstarasta1 karma

Hey buddy. So, usually there's these issues I face like spideys hiding under architraves etc. I usually silicon those places off. But what's the best way to keep em roaches n stuff off the wooden stuff?

Schit_kunt1 karma

The best way is to not give them a nice home. Foodscraps and shit. Silicone is the best bet I think.

tones20131 karma

How many tradies do you know that have killed themselves?

Also did you work in the mines? What do your finances look like now?

Schit_kunt3 karma

I havent known of any personally but I know of a few.

I haven't lived the full mining fifo life bit I've lived enough to know that shit can get fucked.

My finances are good. I have savings and earn over 100k AUS

greatestNothing1 karma

I ripped out lath and plaster and replaced with sheetrock, now my window casings stick out past the sheetrock, not all at the same length, how do you recommend trimming around the windows?

Schit_kunt2 karma

Hard to say without seeing it or knowing what products are available in your area. Length is not the correct term in this situation so if you seek advice locally, say distance.

Depending the size of the distance, I'd suggest fixing se quad or quarter round moulding around it. The smallest possible size moulding will hide the fact the distance changes more.

Political_nonsense1 karma

Turnbull or Shorten? Dockers or Eagles?

EDIT: Didn't see your username until after I submitted, I now see you may be a Collingwood supporter

Schit_kunt7 karma

Defo dockers. Australian politics? Who's our prime minister again?

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Schit_kunt5 karma

Building a house in the heat sucks. I've been out in the sun on a 52 degree day. That's 125 for you yanks. Birds were dropping out of the sky it was so hot.