Hi reddit, looking forward to chatting with you again. You may know me as Ragnar on Vikings, which comes back tonight on History. I’ll be back here at 11AM to start answering.

Edit: Let's get this started. http://imgur.com/UMDWWIM

Edit #2: Thanks so much for having me and thanks for your questions. Lagertha gets naked on tonight's episode.

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Only_Reads_1st_Names853 karma

Hi Travis.

You're my favorite drummer ever! Does Blink-182 have any plans for a new album in the near future?

TravisFimmel1549 karma

We're coming out with a new album and I'm so exited. I've got a new tattoo on my neck, can't wait for people to see it.

ellens_rn754 karma

Hi Travis! Great work on the show, you're awesome. If you were a Viking in real life, what is the first thing you would pillage?

TravisFimmel2856 karma


CassiusTheDog545 karma

Travis! Trying my best to get my halloween costume to look like you (this was last year): http://imgur.com/mJptfty Got any tips for me?

TravisFimmel845 karma

Looks great. Needs more dirt.

JelleC310 karma

Hi Travis. Looking forward to season 4. Would Ragnar rather spend a Valentine's Day with Athelstan or with Lagertha?

TravisFimmel873 karma

Probably a day with Athelstan and night with Lagertha.

SpaceChicken08223 karma

Hello Travis! There are many Vikings fans that sense a subtext in the relationship between Athelstan and Ragnar, in that is was oftentimes implied that it could have been more than just platonic. Was this intentional on the part of Hirst, and could it have played a part (even minutely) in Athelstan’s character being written out? What’s your take on the whole thing?

TravisFimmel592 karma

We had an off-screen moment...

stephie664210 karma

Travis, thank you so much for bringing Ragnar to life, I can't imagine anyone else playing this character.

  1. Who was your favorite character this year?

  2. Can you talk about some on set pranks?

  3. How sad are you that the Athelstan/Lagertha/Ragnar sandwich never happened?

TravisFimmel376 karma

Athelstan is my favorite character...he's dead though.

HollyHobbLe171 karma

What's some behind the scenes information that fans of the show might not know?

TravisFimmel438 karma

Alex kissed Katheryn... they had a thing.

Frentis161 karma

Hello Travis

Firstly thank you for doing this AMA. Is there anything you wished could be part of Vikings? Be it a scene that got cut, a area you'd love to shoot in, something story wise or what ever.

TravisFimmel548 karma

I wish we could have invaded Australia.

sortashort138 karma

Hi Travis. Thank you for answering our questions! Huge fan of Vikings and looking forward to Warcraft.

Q: Are there any similarities between playing Ragnar and Anduin?

TravisFimmel495 karma

They've got the same teeth.

aziminski138 karma

Hey Travis,

I'm really interested, if you could bring any 21st century item back in time for Ragnar to use, what would it be and how would you use it?

TravisFimmel527 karma

A tractor and porn.

penngi130 karma

Hey Travis,

I can't tell you how hard I'm fan-girling today. I'm very excited for the start of Season 4 tonight. My question has two parts:

1) What is your favorite and least favorite thing about playing Ragnar?

2)How can I become one of your shield-maidens?

TravisFimmel113 karma

It's all been great experience getting to know everyone.

Razello130 karma

Any chance Ragnar will meet Athelstans son Alfred?

TravisFimmel254 karma


kamahaazi120 karma

Hey- big fan of the show since s1, and I have to ask have you stolen any props from set? Or been given any?

TravisFimmel281 karma

I stole Athelstan's cross... and then i caught.

Jess1491113 karma

Hi, been a fan of the show since the beginning... how did you prepare for your role in Vikings?

TravisFimmel428 karma

I shower. Shave my head.

backstept109 karma

Will we see any baby goats this season?

TravisFimmel312 karma

No, we ate them.

NooNar81106 karma

Which Ragnar beard was your favourite? Season 3 was mine....the bigger the better!

TravisFimmel195 karma

I agree, season 3.

Mrfrenchypower106 karma

Hey Travis!

How was it to film season 4 without George?

TravisFimmel240 karma


ZakiUchiha106 karma

Hey Travis. What was your first reaction to playing a viking in a TV show?

TravisFimmel591 karma

It's good to have a job.

Twixx0101 karma

What is love?

TravisFimmel349 karma

Great song.

Chelvie69101 karma

Great show, love it, wife loves it, and thanks for doing the AMA.

So, now that that is out of the way, what is your favorite creature comfort when you guys are out shooting?

TravisFimmel245 karma

Soup. Just get some soup. Hot soup.

Dawna71591 karma

Hey! Just want to say first that I LOVE Vikings! Best show ever, and you are such a talented actor! I was wondering in what ways are you similar/different to your character of Ragnar? Also what are some of your favorite scenes to film?! Thanks! :)

TravisFimmel244 karma

My favorite scenes were whenever we were shooting outside. Ireland is such a beautiful country.

Jess149167 karma

What is your best memory from working on Vikings?

TravisFimmel199 karma

The Irish people.

Lovelyfun77766 karma

What is the best pet in the world?

TravisFimmel255 karma


SpaceChicken0857 karma

What breed of dairy cattle do you raise, and can you tweet some pics of you with cute calves sometime? #betterthanlambs

TravisFimmel168 karma

Black and white ones.

SpaceChicken0854 karma

Do you miss George Blagden? Have you watched any of Versailles? He really does a great job! His character has sex with so many different women it’s impossible to keep track of them all. He also has a faaaaabulous scene wearing guyliner, Beyonce hair, and tights with a golden tutu.

TravisFimmel85 karma

I do miss him, but have not seen the show.

solaursi52 karma

What is that # in your pic? http://imgur.com/UMDWWIM

TravisFimmel110 karma

It means "Everybody is well" in Jakanta.

kpbergman46 karma

Travis - Big fan of Vikings and looking forward to the Warcraft film! Both sad and excited to see you leave Vikings because I know they'll make your departure epic! Questions: Who is the most fun to be around on the Vikings set? How do you manage to stay is such great shape? Did you play much of the Warcraft video games? Keep up the great work and best of luck in the future!

TravisFimmel73 karma

The whole crew is great to be around on set. And the weather keeps me looking in shape.

Lurkalo44 karma

Would Ragnar rather farm or fight?

TravisFimmel147 karma


Garborg9739 karma

Have you learned anything about Norse Mythology/Culture that you think are really cool, during the series?

TravisFimmel101 karma

I love how adventurous myths are.

bluecollarclassicist35 karma

Hey Travis! I love your show and I'm excited about Warcraft! Thanks for doing this AMA.

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

TravisFimmel82 karma

I like the one with 3 flavors. Old school, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla.

msstark34 karma

I actually know you from Tarzan!

How weird/cool is it to have people "know" you, people you've never met before?

TravisFimmel60 karma

Very weird.

tijuanaiguana34 karma

hey travis, and show you're currently watching that you're obsessed with?

TravisFimmel119 karma

Still watching Sopranos.

Turtlesgirl0434 karma

Hi Travis! I'm super excited for the start of Season 4 tonight! I'm making a pot of soup, drinking my favorite wine, my hubby will build a fire and we'll cuddle on the couch to watch...perfect night at home! What's your perfect night at home?

TravisFimmel172 karma

You had me at soup.

youremymemoo33 karma

Are you tired of eating chicken yet?

TravisFimmel91 karma

A long time ago. About episode 2 of season 1.

Alexandra8033 karma

Hi Travis, If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be? What's your favourite movie and book? Do you really like vegemite? kisses from Poland :***

TravisFimmel145 karma

I like the kisses better.

celtic_princess32 karma

Hi - I'm totally snake-phobic: so much so I could hardly watch the trailer for this season. Any tips on how to make it through watching Season 4?!
A big thank you - was given a box set of Vikings to watch after major surgery last year. Laid up in bed for weeks and couldn't even play with my wee boy. Vikings really cheered me up. If I'd known you guys were down the road (I'm up N Ireland) before 2015, I'd have come by to try to get some selfies...

TravisFimmel108 karma

Go and play with your son during the snake bits.

LittleAussieFarmGirl32 karma

You are well known for your pranks. What is the best prank someone has pulled on you?

TravisFimmel114 karma

Alex pulled my chair out from under me at Comic Con last year...

Thorvas31 karma

Hi Travis! Huge fan of your work in Vikings and looking forward to seeing you in Warcraft come summer!


My questions is: Based on what you've learned in your time as Ragnar, how well do you think you'd do if you suddenly had to live the rest of your life as a viking in the viking era?

  Much love from a Norwegian Warcraft player

TravisFimmel74 karma

I wouldn't last very long. I'd die in the cold.

ReggieDubois12730 karma

Hey Travis! I always like to know what an actors favorite movie is. Besides your own, what is 1 movie you can never get tired of watching???

TravisFimmel87 karma

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

JustForRagnar29 karma

Favourite childhood show of all time?

TravisFimmel117 karma

Astro Boy.

marcelalothbrock29 karma

Hi Travis. Love you! Question: Do you would like be a real viking? With all batlle and blood and death?

TravisFimmel120 karma

No I wouldn't last very long. I'd last one fight and then be dead.

lastbosnianjedi28 karma

Hello Travis, first off, my girlfriend and I are big Vikings fans. My girlfriend is an especially huge fan of you, and points out at a regular basis how much you are better-looking than me, but it's fair, I mean even I have a small man-crush.

She would like to know if you have a favourite dog breed, and if you like Border Collies specifically?

TravisFimmel98 karma

Whatever ones don't poop on my lawn.

StormCrow177027 karma

If you couldn't die of old age and had to travel back in time, what time period would to go to?

TravisFimmel106 karma

American frontier. Cowboys. The Wild West.

Renee696925 karma

Are your eyes truly that blue!?

TravisFimmel88 karma

No, I wear lenses. Kidding.

SarahT12325 karma

Hi Travis, love the show. You are an outstanding actor. What drew you to the role and what is your favorite thing about Ragnar?

TravisFimmel64 karma

Just a great script by Michael Hirst.

OfOnAdventure24 karma

Hi Travis! Love the Vikings show, it takes place right in my backyard and kind of feels like a exciting history lesson sometimes aswell. How are you today?

TravisFimmel46 karma

Very good, thanks!

LittleAussieFarmGirl20 karma

G'day my fellow country Victorian! I'm wondering if you are still interested in making Aussie films/tv? And if you could work with any Aussie who would it be and why?

TravisFimmel66 karma

I'd love to work with Ben Mendelsohn.

Jess149120 karma

Can I ask you, have you ever been in the Czech Republic? ...

TravisFimmel46 karma

Yeah. It was great.

Yankfan5420 karma

Huge fan of the show Travis!

What was your favorite season of Vikings?

TravisFimmel84 karma

This upcoming season is my favorite.

Timo197917 karma

Hi Travis, If you were us, what question would you ask yourself?

TravisFimmel83 karma

"What's it like having a beard?"

Baconandbeers16 karma

Huge fan Travis! Did you enjoy your cookies today?

TravisFimmel46 karma

Yep! Can't go wrong with a cookie.

tashamarielawrence16 karma

Hi Travis, You've mentioned enjoying the horses and other animals on set. Do you have any horses on your farm back in Australia?

TravisFimmel37 karma

No, I have on in America though.

ReggieDubois12715 karma

Favorite place to go camping?

TravisFimmel68 karma

The Murray River.

AlienShine14 karma

How did you get into Harodim, is that out of your own interest ?

TravisFimmel35 karma

I needed a job.

Nexuss7113 karma

Do you think your son Ivar the Boneless will have the chance to walk one day ? Great show btw !

TravisFimmel39 karma


SamuraiMonkey00713 karma

What is your best childhood memory? What were you like as a kid?

TravisFimmel46 karma

I was outdoors always. That was the best.

Jess149112 karma

What was it like working with Clive Standen?

TravisFimmel36 karma

Great, I love working with him.

Creepyeyebrows11 karma

Okay two questions: 1]If you were in ragnar's place, as Travis, would you forgive rollo for the second time for betraying you? 2] who would you (kill, fuck, marry) from the characters of the show? Anyways I love you and ur acting. Hope you'll have a wonderful year full of success ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

TravisFimmel43 karma

No. I don't care if he betrays me or not. I'm going to try to punch him in the face.

Jess149110 karma

What is your favorite music band?

TravisFimmel15 karma

Stephen Rowe.

Evil_lil_Minion9 karma

Hi Travis, really enjoy Vikings, you do a great job of portraying Ragnar. I've read that you're an Australian rules football fan but what are your thoughts on American Football?

Where is your favorite place to surf?

TravisFimmel26 karma

I like American Football, great fun. Australia is the best place to surf.

JosefTheFritzl9 karma

We almost have the same reddit birthday (day we made accounts here). Mine was yesterday, yours is today!

What is one core moral philosophy that you feel is important for every person to have?

TravisFimmel50 karma

Everyone should have a love for rabbits.

HeatherC4fit9 karma

Hey Travis! Where is your favorite place in the world to visit, besides home? And, where would you like to visit that you haven't been yet?

TravisFimmel31 karma

Anywhere sunny, would love to go to Brazil.

Jess14919 karma

What book is your favorite?

TravisFimmel24 karma

The Outlaw.

deetz239 karma

Hi King.. I mean Travis.. Love your work.. What are some things you and some of the other cast like to do when you are in Ireland and not filming? Also how was it filming more than 10 episodes this season?

TravisFimmel38 karma

I like to go fishing.

quinnby1238 karma

Hi Travis how do you like Ireland?

TravisFimmel28 karma

I love it.

thenetworkingmom8 karma

Hi Travis, you seem bored hehehe..But I want to ask you if you prefer movies or television..would you do another television series? Have an awesome day!

TravisFimmel28 karma

TV because you can watch it at home.

LittleAussieFarmGirl8 karma

I saw you a couple of times when you were home over the holidays but was too shy to come and say hi. Where's your favourite place to holiday?

TravisFimmel27 karma

I just like to be home.

Lovelyfun7777 karma

So, Travis, chocolate or pizza? 😶 What's your most favorite dish?🍩

TravisFimmel33 karma

They're both good... but chocolate. But I love steak and veggies.

johnsant19874 karma

What was your everyday morning ritual before getting on set?

TravisFimmel19 karma


AllyKado2 karma

Have you ever seen artworks dedicated to you on Twitter? Would you follow the people, who make them?

TravisFimmel9 karma

Not on Twitter, but they all look beautiful. I mean, mysterious and exotic.