My short bio: My name is Bernie Katzman, I'm 71 years young and I've been streaming on Twitch for about 6 months, partnered for 4. Last week you awesome Redditors posted my stream to /r/videos and I got to the front page! Thanks to you, I was featured on Comedy Central's @midnight that night. Here's the first of many ways I hope to give back to the community!

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See me answer questions!

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bashuuu626 karma

If you had to choose between piano and your wife, why would it be piano?

pianoimproman1683 karma

Because piano doesn't talk back to me ;)

BoyAmIMoist351 karma

Who's your favorite modern musician?

pianoimproman746 karma

Coldplay :)

Artyloo1427 karma

Welp, nobody is perfect.

pianoimproman541 karma


profuttbuck321 karma

Could you please play Baba Yetu by Christopher Tin?

Edit: here are the lyrics if you would like to try sing along!
Edit 2: Thank you, that was great!

pianoimproman209 karma

It's being played now! :D

Guailo248 karma

What is the biggest point of your "improv" career?

pianoimproman587 karma

Right now! :D

ckurtis246 karma

what was the last rock concert you've been to?

pianoimproman468 karma

Elton John!

CharlieTheViking237 karma

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

pianoimproman250 karma


Zeptuno222 karma

Who is your biggest inspiration?

pianoimproman438 karma


KyBourbon294 karma

She looking over your shoulder? Blink once for yes and twice for no.

pianoimproman1152 karma

kek ;)

Drassielle181 karma

How did it feel when you were hosted by Mitch Jones?

pianoimproman167 karma

Absolutely amazing :)

TheSlus171 karma

Have you discovered any new music from the video game scene that you really enjoy from requests from twitch?

pianoimproman553 karma

I LOVE the music from Undertale!

Juraaa170 karma

How did you start playing piano?

pianoimproman340 karma

I started at age 3, We did not have a piano and I used to visit my Aunt Minnie who had one. It was a white piano and I heard music in my head all the time. I must have showed talent and Aunt Minnie gave me hers.

princeofbrit159 karma

Hey Bernie, how did you meet your wife? Any dating advices for a talentless pleb like me?

pianoimproman560 karma

We were building neighbors and we met at the garbage! She saw me many times that day and said, "Sir, are you following me?" I then said, "No, but it may not be a bad idea..." We went on a date that night and have been inseparable ever since! :)

For dating advice, you must find your talent! Believe in yourself. Everyone has talent and your talent is attractive :)

pawnto8thsquare157 karma

do you and your wife have a wedding song or special song? what do you like playing for her?

pianoimproman294 karma

He wrote a song for our wedding titled, Love me Mindy

hexyourex126 karma

Bernie! If you could play for anyone alive or dead who would it be?

pianoimproman239 karma

Beethoven or Bach :)

stealthmoe110 karma

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つAMENO༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

pianoimproman95 karma

luv ameno <3

newfangs101 karma

Hi Bernie I've been watching since you had 30 viewers before the crazy raids, you're awesome man. Do you have any advice for young musicians?

pianoimproman215 karma

Never stop practicing and playing. Jazz also teaches us that there are no wrong notes :)

Pyromaniac_91 karma

What's your favorite song you've improvised on stream?

pianoimproman206 karma

Dearly Beloved!

Fuffernuse12390 karma

Heyyy Bernie! You are the most talented person Ive ever seen. when I first saw your steam you you turned my horrible day into an amazing one. Where did you go to college? Also did you serve in the military? And for a fun question. Favorite ice cream flavor?!

pianoimproman154 karma

Master's at Juilliard! No military service :) And chocolate! :D

Thank you so much for the kind compliment! :D <3

pianoimproman48 karma

Juillard, no, I did not serve in the military and chocolate is my favorite

weedface66686 karma

What tv shows do you watch?

pianoimproman189 karma

Breaking Bad!

FakeAccount32762 karma

Ever wanted to live it? Pm ill send you a gift

pianoimproman186 karma


Sv3den56 karma

What was the first piano you bought with your own money? How old were you?

pianoimproman260 karma

It was an electric keyboard! An RMI and it was awesome! I was 23 :) So only 7 years ago ;)

GlaciusTS55 karma

Hello Bernie,

What was the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you during a performance?

Request: Elfen Lied - Lilium on the Steinway (Listen to 1st minute)

pianoimproman88 karma

Falling asleep at the keyboard

ckurtis54 karma

If you could play another instrument, what would it be?

pianoimproman108 karma

The violin :)

noreye43 karma

What is your favourite piece of music you created yourself?

pianoimproman99 karma

WOW, it's a song that Max will cry to. It is called the Max crying song aka, song for Mindy

TF2Dross38 karma

How did you get into streaming on twitch? Also, I have a song request:

pianoimproman94 karma

Our son Max told us about it

forava730 karma

If you got a chance to perform with any artist today, who would it be?

pianoimproman45 karma

Elton John!

eelkire29 karma

What is your favorite food?

pianoimproman81 karma

My favorite food is variety of all

RamsesThePigeon21 karma

Hey there, Bernie!

I have two questions for you: First of all, do you have a piece that you'd consider your "theme music?"

Second, would it be appropriate to request an improvised version of my theme music? I have a feeling it would be interesting on the piano.

Edit: That was truly phenomenal. Thank you, Bernie!

pianoimproman13 karma

ily ramses<3

ckurtis18 karma

of all the students you taught in school, was there one that really stands out for you?

pianoimproman55 karma

Max ;)

mehlicious15 karma

Could you play "Fly me to the Moon" by Tony Bennett?

pianoimproman35 karma

sure, will do now

MatrixSez15 karma

Can you play Reptilia by The Strokes?

pianoimproman5 karma

Now :D

noneEggs11 karma

Do you and Max play video games ? especially musical games ? I thought it 's a good question since you guys are all welcome here on Twitch - one of the best game streaming community :)

P.S : By the way can you give us gamers some more loves by improvising a tragic piece from one of a very famous game : the Lord Gwyn theme from Dark souls game, thanks :)

pianoimproman38 karma

Yes :) We play RL together! And sure :)

BushWookeh11 karma

How did you learn about Twitch, and what made you want to start broadcasting on it?

pianoimproman21 karma

My son Max introduced me :) Sharing my love of music with the world!

thebeastjohnson11 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA, you have incredible tslrnt!

What style of music challenges you the most to play, and which type do you enjoy to play the most?

pianoimproman19 karma

Most likely some difficult classical pieces :) I enjoy all music!

Thank you! <3

princeofbrit10 karma

At what point in your music career did you decide to be a improv musician? What influenced your decision to play your own style over just playing verbatim what the sheet music says?

pianoimproman30 karma

The start of my improv career! :P

What influenced my decision to play my own style? It was a combination of loving to put my own spin on music and appreciating the genius of others :)

CheeseCast9 karma

Grilled cheese or Pepperoni pizza?

pianoimproman38 karma

Pepperoni Pizza!

jefforjo7 karma

What is your favorite music Chord? and why?

pianoimproman28 karma

G major! :D It's a pure, clean and sweet chord!

Taylor8146 karma

Other than Twitch, what has been your favorite gig?

pianoimproman16 karma

I don't have one, sorry!

Frsbrx5 karma

Hi Bernie & Mindy!

Was your music career mostly teaching or were there any big productions you were part of?

pianoimproman6 karma

Heya! Mainly teaching and band leading :)

dem-deutschen-wolke4 karma

What is your favorite key to play in?

pianoimproman4 karma

G :)

Wiserommer4 karma

How many years have you been playing the piano? and could you play bridge over troubled water? thanks

pianoimproman11 karma

68 years! Of course :)

pokemaster263 karma

What is your favorite Queen song to play? And if you played Somebody to Love, I would loose my mind.

pianoimproman8 karma

We are the champions

greekboy3 karma

Bernie! How does Florida living compare to your days in NYC! Also, I'm happy to see you are blowing up! Been a fan from the get go!

pianoimproman4 karma

It's a lot warmer ;)

PaperlessJournalist3 karma

What is one band or musician that you listen to that would probably surprise us?

pianoimproman9 karma

I have no idea :O

wickedwacker3 karma

What would you play to cheer someone up?

pianoimproman5 karma

Something silly like Cantina Band!

DukeNewcombe1 karma

Hey Bernie! Your stream has to be one of th emost uplifting and amazing streams I have ever seen on twitch, and also makes for an excellent channel to study to! Your uplifting attitude and unquestionable passion for music makes me smile every time I tune in!

My question for you is ever since being hosted by Mitch Jones and having your stream blow up on reddit, how do you keep up with all of your song requests as well as the Twitch chat?

pianoimproman3 karma

Max & Mindy & Mods do it all :P

Cattect1 karma

How old was Mindy when you two met?

pianoimproman1 karma

21 :O

mehlicious0 karma

OK Bernie, here is a different kind of question. If you could summarize your life as an instrument, what instrument would you be?

pianoimproman6 karma

Piano :D