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DoormanReigns53 karma

Did Marty Jannetty have to compensate you for the window he broke when he cowardly dove through it to avoid Shawn Michaels?

VirgilAndBrutus42 karma

B: Marty thought he was Marty McFly. Good guy, good friend, still owes me 20 bucks.

fuckfact38 karma


I've heard for years that the 5 year old kid who bounced the basketball for 500 dollars in front of the million dollar man when he kicked it out of the way wasn't a put on. He really didn't give the kid the money. Is that true?

Video for those who have no idea what I'm talking about


VirgilAndBrutus96 karma

V: That kid didn't do his job, didn't deserve to get paid. i don't care if he's 5 or 50, if you don't do your job, you don't deserve that fuck money.

DoormanReigns21 karma

Brutus: Why was the Booty Man the greatest gimmick ever?

Also why do you feel the Dungeon of Doom didn't go on to dominate all things WCW?

VirgilAndBrutus38 karma

B: God, it was the worst gimmick ever, everyone thinking that i'm hooking up with Kimberly Page, but she was passed around more than...

LackingDatSkill20 karma

Virgil how can I get as much fuck money as you? Also can you follow me on Instagram?

VirgilAndBrutus60 karma

V: You must work hard, play hard and learn the fuck money way of life that i live. If you want me to follow your sorry ass, pay me $30 and i'll show you how the first step of greatness becomes your reality.

Geebas16 karma

Hi Brutus - Do you have any stories from your "Barber" days where the gimmick went horribly wrong? Was there ever any of your "victims" who weren't expecting to get their head shaved?

VirgilAndBrutus22 karma

B: None of my victims knew what to expect.

V: I still kept my haircut.

iBunka15 karma

Hey Virgil. If you had won the powerball, what would you have done with all that fuck money? Also what was the best part about working with the NWO?

VirgilAndBrutus66 karma

V: I would have bought a Pizza Hut and attached it to my house and have 4 midgets as my mans slaves while reenacting the finishing scene of the passion of the christ while Marilyn Manson was singing.

VirgilAndBrutus40 karma

V: And it was great being the leader of the NWO cause Ted Turner knew he had the most powerful black man in sports.

lyla239814 karma

Brutus, is this statement really true?

"In retirement he has become good friends with actors Ted Danson and Emilio Estevez, the latter of whom is purportedly training to become a pro wrestler."

VirgilAndBrutus30 karma

B: I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about.

I trained Bonaduci, Bridges and Butterbean. the new Killer B's.

fenderdean1311 karma

Brutus why did you go through so many gimmick changes in your career?

VirgilAndBrutus23 karma

B: Because WWE owned the Brutus Beefcake name so i couldn't use it. So next best thing is to make new characters.

hyena41911 karma

Virgil. The Iron Shiek wanted me to ask from Twitter. How big of a jabroni are you? And did you guys enjoy the Rumble?

VirgilAndBrutus19 karma

V: About 14 inches.

And the Rumble was good, could of used some more black star power if you ask me. But i enjoyed it always.

yawa_ssot9 karma

Thoughts on Sunny getting that "fuck money"?

VirgilAndBrutus41 karma

B: I can tell you some stories about Sunny that would get me divorced by the morning.

V: Sunny called me and wanted to change her name to midnight because she wanted some of this chocolate thunder. But i said baby, you go first, and I'll show people what the king of the jungle really looks like when i'm ready

soulruler9 karma

Was it weird to go from the flamboyant and open Soul Train Jones to then the silent Virgil bodyguard character? Who came up with this gimmick?

VirgilAndBrutus22 karma

V: Bro, I did my job, did what i was told, kept my mouth shut and performed. You coulda put me as Nanny McPhee and I wouldn't have a problem with it.

The Virgil character didn't have to speak much, but got more heat than anyone in that building.

Hardcorehanna9 karma

Hey Brutus do you have any memories of working the Florida territory? Jim Dalton wanted me to tell you he said hello and he hopes all is well

VirgilAndBrutus15 karma

Brutus: Love working Florida, Pensacola is my second home, lots of memories. So many beautiful girls, so little time.

Fit_Official8 karma

Virgil, did you ever win a match in the nWo? I honestly can't recall a single one. Fucking sham booking for the best bodyguard in the biz.

VirgilAndBrutus14 karma

V: I took down a few. Couple legends... Reno Riggins, Kenny Kaos, Bill Goldberg.

Sabrielle248 karma

How was Vince McMahon as a boss?

VirgilAndBrutus18 karma

Brutus: Vince was a pretty good boss as far as I'm concerned. Marketing genius and thank god for Vince because someone else may not have had the vision to put the talent pool together, with the help of Hogan. So, he was able to turn it into a billion dollar industry. You had your moments when you were pissed at him, but that's every boss.

ygoraphobic6 karma

Virgil: The Iron Shiek says you're a jabroni, how's that make you feel?

Brutus: Which was more fun, the Barber or the Zodiac?

VirgilAndBrutus16 karma

V: Sheiky baby knows his time and place, but now is my time to shine. I'm the black Oprah.

B: The Barber all day, worldwide fame, 9 Wrestlemania's, what else do you want me to say

DoormanReigns6 karma

Brutus, who in WWE now, most needs a haircut?

VirgilAndBrutus13 karma

B: Heath Slater and Daniel Bryan

cashcow16 karma

What's the worst wrestling injury you've ever had/witnessed?

VirgilAndBrutus11 karma

B: The Sun Dome in Tampa, some guy broke his neck. Young guy, can't remember his name, broke his neck and paralyzed for life.

EvanSt195 karma

Wow, nostalgia. What are some of your most memorable matches?

VirgilAndBrutus15 karma

V: Greatest wrestling match of all-time, regardless if i was in it or not, was me vs. Nailz at Summerslam.

B: Beating up David Sammartino at Wrestlemania. Chopping off Adonis' hair at Wrestlemania 3. Slapping Hogan on his bald head.

VirgilAndBrutus9 karma

Ending Mr. Perfect's perfect streak here in Toronto

VirgilAndBrutus14 karma

Challenging Rob Ford down at City Hall

EvanSt195 karma

Speaking of Hogan, have you ever heard him say anything racist or was he a pretty alright guy?

VirgilAndBrutus24 karma

B: The Hulk i know isn't a racist

OhHelloClarice4 karma

Virgil when will you be coming to the UK to spread the word about that #FuckMoney?

VirgilAndBrutus8 karma

V: I'm waiting for the right deal to come my way, i'm ready for the UK. I'm ready ready ready for that pound UK fuck money.

Working on my one man show, and let's get some of those UK promoters to see what kind of gold big Virgil's got.

Suplewich3 karma

Hey Virgil, still want that fuck money?

VirgilAndBrutus10 karma

V: Always live, always die, always pray for that fuck money

brthurr3 karma

Virgil, do you own any other clothes or just the Under Armour sweats?

VirgilAndBrutus10 karma

Virgil: I own under armour sweats and Versace gave me his wardrobe before he died

AbeLinkedIn923 karma

Brutus: This may be a dumb question, but I was watching the 1987 Slammys on YouTube and saw the Stand Back bit with Vince and other wrestlers like you, JYD, Macho Man, etc. backing him up as a band. I know Hogan has some bass experience, but did you or any of the other WWF talent have any musical chops or did Vinnie Mac gather the most over people to back him up?

Virgil: What was your favorite moment working with DiBiase? I met him at an indy show back in October and he seemed like a great guy, but I'm still curious about your best moment working with M$M

VirgilAndBrutus7 karma

B: Vinny grabbed the best of the best that he can get. I had a little bit of musical background from growing up, but it was just the most over guys Vince can get.

V: My favourite moment with him was every moment, everything we did turned to gold. We were the most over guys in the company and always had a great time.

There was that time when me and Ted and Savage and Andre climbed Mt. Everest. Good times.

Hardcorehanna2 karma

Hey Virgil any truth to the rumors that you got the bodyguard gig by showing Pat Patterson your giant dong?

VirgilAndBrutus11 karma

V: Patty Cake patty cake, baker's man, bake me a fuck money cake as fast as you can. HELLS NO

azriphale2 karma

You guys must both have aches and pains. What's the worst lingering injury you have to deal with?

VirgilAndBrutus7 karma

B: From my accident. My head injury.

V: I once fractured my skull and chipped a nail during a match with Hogan in the Tokyo Dome. Where we sold out me vs him, 170K people.

DoormanReigns2 karma

Brutus: Why was that water Hogan touched not hot? Did the Dungeon of Doom not pay their gas bill that month?

Edit: Reference

VirgilAndBrutus9 karma

B: Hogan stole all the money and bought a boat with it... and a beach house

DoormanReigns0 karma

Virgil, how do you feel about your large following in the gay community?

VirgilAndBrutus12 karma

V: Hey, it's large for one reason. 14 and a half.