We're back for day 2 of 3 of the AVN Adult Expo!
Today we're going with a Japanese theme in conjunction with and our site Hump the Bundle. R18 has kindly given us access to their beautiful models.

90% of these girls speak NO English! So this is a one of kind very rare opportunity to run an AMA with them.

We'll begin with three of Japan's top pornstars ever!

Hitomi Tanaka at ~2:15 PST
Julia at ~3PM PST
Anri Okita at ~3PM PST

R18 has brought 13 models straight from Japan, and we'll be here all day getting quick answers from the rest of the girls that are here:

Kurea Hasumi
Ruri Saijo
Riku Minato
Shiori Kamisaki
Moe Amatsuka
Serina Hayakawa
Minori Hatsune
Kaho Shibuya
Chinami Ito

We are doing this in support of Hump the Bundle, our porn bundle site for CHARITY! If you like Hitomi, you'll like our latest bundle.... :)

Best Proof EVER:

Hitomi Tanaka SFWish
Anri Okita SFWish
Kaho Shibuya SFWish

We'll post more proof in a minute!

EDIT: Taking a small break and we'll be back with more models soon. Keep the questions coming in for the rest of the girls!

EDIT: Annnnnd we're back!

EDIT: We have a lot of footage from today, will do our best to get some of it posted. Our youtube account got banned, so we'll have to find another way.

Epic Hitomi Tanaka boob shake GIF in slow motion we shot today
Kaho Shibuya boob shake GIF
Short quad split version
Hitomi meets her match! (warning sound)

We're hoping to get more videos like this because it makes for a better AMA. Much more context than text posts.

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PanKing92769 karma

@ anri and hitomi

Your film, MIRD-150, was a huge hit with western audiences and in my opinion its the best jav film of 2015. Do you have any plans on doing another movie together?

parasocks571 karma


We just looked up this video with Hitomi and she said AHHHHH!

That's with my friend Anri, we are literally best friends in real life. Yes I want to work more with her, but we haven't shot anything yet.

"Anri's pussy is very yummy" she says. haha.

So good.

PS: /u/PanKing92 look for a surprise tomorrow from us. :)

jaxspider174 karma

We westerners love your JAV videos. Is there any way for you to release uncensored version in the west?

parasocks304 karma

Hitomi said it could affect her contracts and work in Japan if she ever did uncensored, so it's not something she wants to do right now

parasocks252 karma

Julia: I've never done any scenes with them.. Well just one.. Her face really lit up when I asked if she wanted to.. Yes!

She wants to because they have the huge breasts and she wants to get stuck inside the boobs

TbanksIV126 karma

The man himself.

parasocks158 karma

We're Redditors ourselves, so we made sure to tell /u/PanKing92 in advance. My momma didn't raise no fool! :)

parasocks52 karma

Kaho Shibuya: I asked her if she works much with Hitomi and Anri or wants to:

I actually did a movie with Anri but never with Hitomi. She would love to do more with them, especially a threesome!

HaikuberryFin292 karma

From your perspectives,

is the lack of tentacles

in U.S. porn weird?

parasocks246 karma

Aika: She doesn't think it's strange at all, conversely it's really weird to have tenticles.. She's actually going to be shooting one for the first time next month, and is excited about it

PoppyOncrack267 karma

To Hitomi: what's it like being an extremely well-endowed Asian lady, and secondly, can you crush objects with your boobs?

parasocks555 karma


I get a lot of comments and looks, from both women and men saying my tits are so big and fake, but they're real! I just take taxis straight to the shopping mall, shop and go straight back to avoid all the problems.

My grandma has very large breasts, but my mom has small breasts. So sometimes my mom puts my bras on her head like a hat! She's crazy.

Yes I can crush cans.. (she literally has a can in her breasts right now and is crushing it.. we'll post the video when we can) haha

parasocks191 karma

Anri: I've never crushed a can before, my tits are very soft and smooth, everyone always tells me how smooth they are so I'd be afraid to cut them!

Hitomi has EXTREMELY big breasts, but I'm still huge in Japan. They say it's like 0.0001% of Japanese girls that have breasts this big there

parasocks44 karma

Kaho Shibuya: My breasts are size 65K in Japan, maybe 32G in US, and it's very hard to find clothes for me in Japan that fit. There's no bras. And I'm short so that makes it hard too. I'm so unproportioned!

Gold_Ultima266 karma

Would you rather the Japanese porn industry move away from censoring genitals or is there a reason you personally prefer it?

Have any of you ever considered moving entirely over to North American studios?

parasocks362 karma

Julia: Well, personally she doesn't really care. But in the Japanese market, maybe it's better because people are used to it and it leaves something to the imagination.

Even if there is no mosaic, I'm very confident in my pussy.. Maybe some other girls would be scolded for their pussy appearance, but my pussy is beautiful and that wouldn't be a problem for me. Maybe. Maybe.

parasocks249 karma

Anri: If the Japan law is okay for them, it's okay for me too. If it wasn't there, I think people would enjoy it more and it would be more free, but sometimes on the other hand people say they can imagine more. It leaves something to the imagination.

I'd think about it if I was offered to move to America, but for me I get more people from China asking me to go there and shoot there. I have a lot of Chinese fans and they ask me to move there sometimes

parasocks135 karma

Kaho Shibuya: I kind of prefer it. But sometimes I just want to take it off. The first time I watched porn it was American porn and I was a virgin so I wanted to see it too!

parasocks126 karma


If the videos are only played in Japan, then maybe it's better. But if they're shooting the videos for other markets, maybe it's better no mosaic. I like the mosaic, it's very small and works well in Japan.

parasocks15 karma

Akai: It's better to have it. Because it's kind of disgusting if you don't have it!

MattBaster239 karma

Do those pixillated peckers hurt?
Also, do those long high pitch, trademarked 'squeals' come naturally, or do you have to practice them to get it right for the camera?

parasocks281 karma

Hitomi is HERE!

Because my tits are natural and verrrry soft, they don't hurt at all! Only thing painful is her neck, so my neck is very bad. My breasts are 7 kilograms!!

All the sounds I make are real. I love sex! No practicing that's crazy

parasocks246 karma

Anri: If I run they hurt, or if I do doggstyle or reverse cowgirl it hurts sometimes.

I do more squealing and screaming in a big scene and make more sounds. When I have sex in real life, the guy I'm with doesn't want me to be noisy like a porn actress, more natural. But honestly I prefer to be noisy haha

parasocks165 karma

Julia: All are true! In private it's not as high pitched. The pitch is lower, and try to avoid it being heard by neighbours!

parasocks107 karma

Aika: Half natural, half fake! In private I'm very shy and don't do that

parasocks5 karma

Kaho Shibuya: Yes they hurt sometimes, especially when I have to jump up and down and shake them and stuff.

She doesn't practice, it's just natural.

Since I started in porn a year and a couple months ago I haven't even had sex once outside of the industry so no! I'm still new,I don't think people know me yet.. I was kind of scared to come here!

SheWitnessedMe225 karma

Hitomi, How do you feel about Matt loving you?

parasocks89 karma

We got a video for Matt and sent it to him. :) Hopefully he posts it.

BudControl158 karma

Do you believe Donald Trump is the right path for this country?

parasocks286 karma

Anri: Donald Trump? What's that?

Ohhhhh I did see him in the news, he's a very unique guy. I didn't realize who you were talking about. He's pretty famous in Japan too. I think he would be a great President here

parasocks122 karma

Julia: No I've never heard of him, I don't really watch television

frostlycan147 karma

Since there is a shortage of male porn stars in Japan, what is the chance of a foreigner making it into the porn industry there?

parasocks212 karma

Anri: That's my wish!! I hope that male porn stars come and we can do some great scenes together. I really hope there's more of that soon

ohsofancy255 karma

How can I sign up for this??

EDIT: Touché

parasocks460 karma

To our bundle? Just visit the site

My_burner1145 karma

@anri & hitomi: are the high pitch noises natural or does the director tell you to make those noises?

parasocks265 karma

Anri: It's a habit now. Sometimes because I watch a lot of American porn I make air sucking sounds where I suck air through my teeth

parasocks219 karma

Hitomi: Natural! I love sexxxx

mistareez28141 karma

What are your feelings on the Japanese 'rape fantasy'? I lived there a few years and dated a few Japanese women, and it was always a shock to hear 'dame' (which means 'Stop!') as a pleasure word...

parasocks216 karma

Julia: I do a lot of rape fantasy scenes (she's making punching motions with her hands lol) She likes it, generally, but I'd really like to do more scenes where I can fight back instead of just being submissive and getting attacked. I want to fight.

parasocks176 karma

Aika: I think it's awesome, very erotic! And it's much better if it helps to lower the crime rate and stop real rapes from happening

parasocks153 karma

Kaho Shibuya: I like to be aggressive in sex, so personally it's a challenge, because I have to look like I'm hating it but I really like it.. So it tests my acting skills a lot.

cheesecakesarewrong115 karma

To Any of the Girls: Would you ever work with a fan, and could that fan be myself?

On a more serious note: @Hitomi, have you ever had to get clothing custom tailored given your gifted proportions?

parasocks384 karma

Anri: I didn't know, but there was a fan inside one of the shoots and he was one of my biggest fans! I sucked his dick.

parasocks101 karma

Kurea Hasumi: Yes she has done it once.. A 30 person creampie scene!! Before she said that she gets enough sex in the porn industry, now I believe her! She says she shoots about 12 times a month on film so it's a lot

parasocks111 karma

Just waiting on Hitomi to get back from lunch, should be starting very soon!

Playplace_Pooper100 karma

What is your sex life like off the camera?

parasocks293 karma

Hitomi: No sex, only masturbation. :/ I try to keep my personal life a secret

parasocks226 karma

Kurea: After starting this occupation, she hasn't had sex once off camera! Because the male pornstars are better at sex and that's enough for her.

My_burner188 karma

Hi!!!! Huge fan

@hitomi: will you continue to work with scoreland? And will you go beyond modeling to do hard core with them?

@anri: will you ever work with a North American studio?

parasocks116 karma


Yes I've done a lot of work with Score, I'll be in Miami I think in March to shoot with them. No I won't be doing hardcore with them.

I won't ever do it. I respect the rules of Japan and so it's mosaic. If I do non-mosaic porn, then I might lose my contracts in Japan so it's not worth it. But maybe in the future.

parasocks93 karma

Anri: No, I've never worked with an American studio yet, but I wish to. I hope this year!

parasocks84 karma

Julia: I want to work in America, but I can't speak English! So maybe it's hard.

parasocks73 karma

Kaho Shibuya: I've never worked in America but I would love to! And I've never worked with a foreign actor before either. So lots still to do.

(her english is practically perfect btw!)

Kainpt79 karma

@hitomi your breasts have grown a bit since your debut, is the prospect of growing even bigger an exciting prospect, and do you have a limit on how big you're fine on growing, should you continue to do so?

parasocks144 karma

Hitomi: Yes I think they're still growing, for sure they keep getting bigger. Just recently my breast size went from J cup to O cup!

D-Voice70 karma

To Hitomi: Have your breasts ever gotten in the way of anything in life?

To all the girls: What's your favorite Pokémon?

parasocks199 karma

Hitomi: Yes!! Everytime! Every day! Sleeping is hard, I take off my bra to sleep, but if someone knocks on the door I need to get all my clothes on. If I'm sleeping naked, sometimes my dog steps on my tits and it hurts a lot owwww.. My dogs really like my tits though, sometimes they sleep there

parasocks129 karma

Anri: In japan, the clothes are so tiny, soooo tiny,.. I'm tall too, so so it's extra hard to find clothes, even shoes, jeans.. It's very difficult to find things that fit.

(I tyold her to order on Amazon and she liked that idea)

What's pokemon? haha no, Mewtwo the very rare ratty thing.. The White, tall and a little bit like a kangaroo. It's a rare character I think

parasocks112 karma

Aika: Ehhhhhhhhh.. Usokki

parasocks90 karma

Julia: Pokemon?!??!?! She doesn't play Pokemon and only knows Pikachu

parasocks68 karma

Kaho Shibuya: No basketball for me. Golf. Imagine golf! So I play table tennis, and I also learned a bit of Jiu Jitsu martial arts. She just wrapped her arms around my head and neck and pressed her boobs into my head and practically crushed my neck lol

xXProdigalXx21 karma

So, how do I get your job next time around?

parasocks64 karma

Pry it from my cold, dead hands!

Computerphile201563 karma

What was your favourite JAV to film? And if you're allowed to tell us, what was your least favourite?

parasocks155 karma

Julia: I don't remember the name, but it's about an aggressive bondage film where I was spanking and slapping guys and I really enjoy that. I had fun hitting them

parasocks37 karma

Kaho Shibuya: Ohhh there are so many. Honestly my latest shoot is always my favourite because I love doing new scenes.

chili0160 karma

What are your favorite non-japanese food?

Also best AMA series ever! Julia, Ruri, Aika, and everyone!

parasocks98 karma

Kaho Shibuya: Hamburgers! She just showed me some hot dog and hamburger tricks with her breasts

parasocks58 karma

Minori: Just kind of like Chinese medicine hot pot, not really popular in United States I don't think!

SkullatorNZ56 karma

For Julia, you are very beautiful and I'm a big fan of your work. Do you have any plans to film with western companies? And what's your favourite position for sex?

parasocks127 karma

Julia: I just asked her favourite position while she was changing clothes on the floor, and she laid on her back holding her knees in the air spreading her legs to show me haha

parasocks118 karma

Kurea Hasumi: Interesting story is, she used to have a black guy as a producer/director of porn.. And he told her that her acting and performance would do well in the United States. But the problem is, she heard that anal is important in America and that's what stops her from doing it.

She's making big dick small hole motions with her hands haha.. Doesn't want to get hurt

RealPeterNorth53 karma

What your opinion / position on hairy pussy ?

parasocks141 karma

Anri: My pussy is very tight and tiny, it's Japanese sized. I have a bit of hair because they ask me to leave it like that, but I want to shave it all off.

They do it because it's easier to censor.

I like working with girls with shaved pussies I always watch US porn with no hair!

parasocks111 karma

Aika: She's totally shaved, she just showed me! She doesn't mind working with anyone, but it's not a big deal. She sometimes wonders why the girls don't shave or use lasers to go hairless

parasocks61 karma

Kaho Shibuya: I'm totally shaved, I got the laser thing so I don't have any pubic hair at all. So I feel very at home here in America

mikeromeo1050 karma

How do the ladies like to occupy themselves when not working? Hobbies?

parasocks147 karma

Julia: I love my cats, I spend all my time at home with my cats

parasocks63 karma

Kaho Shibuya: Yes I play guitar.. I started to learn when I joined the industry, because when I started I was only doing one scene a month. So I had a lot free time. Sometimes I play guitar at events like these and sing

S4tisfaction49 karma

For Anri..

What's it like taking it up the butt?

parasocks104 karma

Anri: I haven't done anal but I'm very interested. I have a big question.. Why doesn't foreign ladies get hurt by anal? Japanese girls say it really hurts.. How do they do it?! She's surprised by the differences with US and European anal

parasocks69 karma

Kaho Shibuya: Well, it's kind of a secret.. But this year, maybe in the spring my first anal scene is coming out. I did it once in my real life, and then once on film, and it was totally different.. I liked it a lot. The porn I did was a double penetration scene

SampleTP48 karma

What happened to the Youtube account? Did it get taken down or something?

parasocks84 karma

Bannnnned :/

SampleTP24 karma

Nuts! Are you going to reupload the videos anywhere?

parasocks58 karma

Yes for sure. I think the reason was because there's probably signs and stuff in the background with nudity on them. The girls were all fully clothed so that's the only thing we can think of.

arsklimenko46 karma

Do you enjoy your "movies" after you shot them?

parasocks103 karma

Anri: I don't watch myself, no.. Because I love watching US porn. I'm really interested in the girls here, I love the girls and threesomes. And I love two guys with one girl.. "one in the pussy, one in the mouth.. I like it"

parasocks70 karma

Aika: Yes, a little bit. I don't have a boyfriend to watch with :/

parasocks36 karma

Kaho Shibuya: I only watch the samples, like 30 second cuts or whatever. I watch it once but now I'm shooting 15 movies a month so I can't follow them all.. I'd have to be pretty crazy to follow them all!

parasocks35 karma

Aika: Yes, a little bit. I don't have a boyfriend to watch with :/

parasocks33 karma

Kurea Hasumi: No, I never watch my movies, because I think it's too weird to see myself on a video

parasocks15 karma

Kurea Hasumi: No, I never watch my movies, because I think it's too weird to see myself on a video

ArchangelPT46 karma

Hi Hitomi, big fan.

What the biggest difference between the West and the Japanese porn industries?

parasocks68 karma

Hitomi: The mosaic for sure. And in Japan it's not very accepted, maybe it's more acceptable in Japan. People stare at me everywhere I go!

parasocks37 karma

Kurea: Before I never even watched western porn so I don't really know! I only see Japanese porn

n00bster342 karma


are your boobs natural? if so, are they still growing and when did they start growing?

@both of them

are you two good friends irl or just on cam?

parasocks136 karma

Anri: I am very big friends with her, we are in LOVE, and when I stayed at her home she fingered my pussy a lot. I was very surprised the first time she did that to me in the bathroom.

If we do that in the live show here I think it will be a big hit haha

parasocks69 karma

Hitomi: Yes all natural! They just keep growing and growing, ever since I was little

parasocks19 karma

Kurea: I asked her if she has many pornstar friends or whether it's all people outside the industry:

Yes she has a lot of friends in the industry, for example, Riku Minato, Rei Mizna

Divampa41 karma

What kind of Japanese Porn both of you find creepy?

parasocks86 karma

Julia: Well, not saying creepy because Japanese porn is relatively softcore, but if possible she doesn't want to shoot porn like... overly aggressive S&M type films where I could get hurt.. I want to hurt them!

parasocks58 karma

Kaho Shibuya: #2. She's really interested to learn that scat is illegal in the USA and that peeing is a bit different here too

parasocks41 karma

Minori: I think hardcore S&M, like dripping candle wax and fetish stuff!

GunMoose39 karma

Were your families supportive when you first told them you were going into porn?

parasocks101 karma

Minori: Yes! No problems For example, my younger sister's parents even asked me an autograph!

FuckRepost36 karma

How did you guys get started in the industry? Was it a goal you all had or something by chance ?

parasocks85 karma

Anri: Well, I was in University in England before for Art, and I was already interested in secxual artistic things.. And when I went back to Japan for holidays I met this company and was brave enough to try it. That was 6 years ago!

parasocks53 karma

Kurea: She wanted to become a model, but she's too short to be a model, only 158cm. Besides modelling, she was looking at other occupations, and had an interest in porn. So she had someone introduce her. This is her 4th year

zarkingphoton33 karma

I love your bukkake and gokkun scenes. Do you have any more coming up? Do you like shooting them?

parasocks61 karma

Julia: No swallowing for me. I've only done a few bukkake scenes.

She's making shaving hand motions for all the cum... Personall she says she's okay with that, but sometimes it's on my face too long and gets crunchy and it's hard to wash off!

d1ablo1733 karma

What is something that automatically turns you on?

parasocks139 karma

Kaho Shibuya: Maybe I shouldn't say this to american viewers.. But I like uncircumsized penises. I like the extra skin. I like to pull on it, and put my finger in, and fiddle with it..

parasocks83 karma

Hitomi: I like muscles. Not too too big, but I definitely like muscular guys

ayylmao5430 karma

@Julia Will she ever do interracial porn?

parasocks58 karma

Anri: I'm okay with anyone!

parasocks39 karma

Kaho Shibuya: I love to have sex with foreign guys in my personal life, but have never done it in this industry. I think we can get more intimate because I speak English well, so we can connect on a deeper level

Rapturesjoy29 karma

Question about squirting, how do they get every single 'actress' to squirt like that, what technique do they use?

parasocks57 karma

Julia: Yes I do squirting, but I can only do it during real sex, not by masturbating. So for me the technique is just through sex

x_Mit17 karma

Is the link nsfw?

asdiqweuiapdpquihwea12 karma

I'm pretty sure this thread isn't even safe for work, let alone the videos of the 90% naked ladies that those link to.

parasocks38 karma

In a porn thread, asking if the porn is SFW... :P

Ipoopbabiez16 karma

How do you get into the industry?

parasocks64 karma

Kaho Shibuya: Before I joined the industry I was working as a normal person, I was a newspaper reporter, I graduated from 4 years of University and joined a very uptight newspaper company.. And I was in the sports industry and followed the Japanese baseball teams. I would go to the stadium every single day and wait for the players, I was getting tired of it and writing headlines.. And then I decided to be the headlines instead. I was looking for a place that I could shine.

And yes, I had sex with a few baseball players. :)

parasocks47 karma

Minori: It's interesting, it was my friend who wanted to become a pornstar, and I went with her to the interview and somehow it was me who got picked, and my friend didn't. We are still friends, no hard feelings

b5b0n3614 karma

What's the weirdest thing any of you have done?

parasocks47 karma

Aika: The title had a story where they collected a lot of amateur guys, virgin guys, and help them lose their virginity.. And it was really difficult!!

parasocks46 karma

Kaho Shibuya: Maybe anime and cosplay scenes.. I had to pee every time someone squished my tits.. He abducted me, and then dressed me up in cosplay, and then fake raped me and then I had to pee every time he squeezed my boobs together.. Because I got too excited.. That was a really weird storyline for a porn.

concretetown13 karma

Hitomi, Julia and Anri, who are your favorite western adult actress?

parasocks27 karma

Kurea: (I asked if she knew any American porn actresses at all)

She doesn't really know.. But she knows that Marica Hase does uncensored porn


What are your guy's biggest fetishes?

parasocks24 karma

Julia: I get asked to do Cosplay a lot, and pure love romantic and cute scenes, and a lot of point of view / first person view porn.

The reason I get asked because usually I do something like sex with men, rape fantasy and S&M fetish bondage type stuff. And also a lot of scenes wearing glasses, that's a big fetish in Japan

_LUFTWAFFLE_12 karma

Is there a underground culture associated with your industry in Japan or is it somewhat mainstream?

Also, I can't say I'm terribly familiar with any of y'all work so I'm sorry if this is directed at any of you, but what is with the squeals in Japanese porn? Is that normal in casual hookups there?

parasocks46 karma

Hitomi: The japanese image of pornstars is so bad. It's very hard to be a pornstar, everyone just thinks you are a whore. But it's just work, and I'm NOT a whore! I hate that

TheoQi7 karma

How do you deal with objectifying yourself? Also, do you look as westerners as sort of.... "alien", just like some of us might look at japanese culture. Not in a bad way, just that it's so amazing how different our cultures are.

parasocks20 karma

Julia: Personally she doesn't feel strange about anything, but if she had to pick, she likes it here because people are more open minded and don't overreact. But when it comes to food... Japan is way better.

matafubar7 karma

What is something you would straight up refuse to do in porn?

parasocks21 karma

Minori: Something like.. She doesn't want to do scenes in dirty places, or abandoned buildings.. That's scary for her.

parasocks13 karma

Kaho Shibuya: #2.. scat..

only_afro7 karma

What do you think of netorare?

parasocks13 karma

Kurea Hasumi: It's quite bitter sweet at the same time. And to be honest, she can't understand it, maybe because she's too young or not married, not committed yet, etc

parasocks8 karma

Kaho Shibuya: I looooove netorare.. I get so sexually excited about it. Because I don't have a boyfriend, or husband and I would really love to experience this. I love the feeling to have a ring on my finger, and I have to sex with another guy.. Because I like it but I'm not supposed to and it's exciting.

RawrCat4 karma

I speak no Japanese... what is something romantic that I could learn to say to my girlfriend?


parasocks21 karma

Hitomi: Think for yourself!

vadergeek4 karma

Anri Okita, when you speak Japanese do you do it with an English accent?

parasocks9 karma

Anri: I can do it if they like, it's hard but yes I can speak Japanese with a british accent a little bit!

firebird3574 karma

Hitomi, could you please consider doing a Threeway movie with Siri?

parasocks19 karma

We just had Maserati the famous huge breasted Ebony model in the booth here taking pictures with Hitomi and Anri, so those will probably pop up all over the internet soon

oldbutgold693 karma

To miss Anri, I wanna say you are one of my fav actresses out there.

and honestly it felt to weird listening to you talk in english haha.

what do you think about censorship in the porn industry in japan, do you think it holds back JAV videos from being insanely popular around the world ?

parasocks5 karma

Kurea: For uncensored, she's not sure if she'll do it, because it's usually the "final weapon" used before retirement in Japan. So once you do that, there's no going back. So maybe in the future she'll do it but not now.

She says usually uncensored is not common in Japan, and she's not sure too much about the Western porn and whether it would make Japanese porn more popular

porno_account693 karma

This is more for the humpthebundle people, but will we see a more "kinky" bundle in the future, bondage and the likes?

and girls do you enjoy some kinks and/or fetishes, both proffesionally and in your private life?

parasocks3 karma

We're definitely trying. I'd really like to get a bundle going with Kink, we even have a header image made for it, but we haven't been able to work a deal out yet. Also the guys from would be good.

We spoke with a fetish model yesterday who owns a lot of her own content, so there's a chance there too. She was a total sweetheart!

Will try to get this question answered from the next girl that sits with us here.

HenryHenderson3 karma

What is your favourite NES video game?

parasocks12 karma

Julia: I don't play any video games. A little bit, but I'm not good at the machines or the games.. In the roleplaying games I don't even know where to go!

I have a pet cat, so I just stay home and play with my cats.

Also she was born in 1987 so a bit late to the party for NES

NialsTheAngel3 karma

@everyone: Whats the best sex you've ever had?

parasocks19 karma

Hitomi: All of them, I love all of them

cataractum2 karma

Hitomi, Anri - Why did you decide to go into porn?

(I have nothing wrong with you doing that, i just want to know your thought process)

parasocks6 karma

Aika: I was a hairdressser before, and one day I didn't have enough money to make a living and so I decided to change to this industry

javjam2 karma

To Hitomi: love your work. What is a hobby or interest outside of porn that we would be surprised by?

parasocks14 karma

Anri: She's in deep thought... Bunch of Japanese...

She loves to search on the internet for strange events, creepy weird things, or people.. I love horror, so like murders and eating people and all that weird stuff..

But don't worry I don't have a hobby for killing people, I just love horror and action movies

awkwardboner2 karma

What do you think of circumcised men? I know that most men in Japan are uncut, but it seems like most of the world's women still like circumcised even if they're used to foreskin.

parasocks3 karma

Minori: Nice! Nice! Nice! Nice! Very nice!

Size doesn't really matter, it's good but not important.. But hardness.. That's important!

Drunkery1 karma

What's your favorite science fiction show of all time, and why is it Stargate SG-1?

parasocks5 karma

Anri: I don't know that one, I like American movies like James Bond, Casino Royale, stuff like that

K3nny941 karma

Hi Hitomi iam a huge fan of your Videos. Tell men when will you do uncut porn ??

parasocks14 karma

Anri: I haven't shot it yet, but if Americans want it I'll definitely think about it. It's Japanese law so nothing yet

Roach2791-3 karma

Why is shit always blurred?

parasocks5 karma

It's the law in Japan