Hi everyone, most of you know me as Carter Hall AKA Hawkman on “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” “Arrow” and “The Flash.” But, some of you may remember me from “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” as Whiplash or from my other shows, “Reckless” and “Revenge.”

I was also in the films “Knight and Day,” “Streetdance 2,” and “White House Down,” with Channing Tatum. Was there a dance-off? You’ll have to ask me…let’s do this!.

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UPDATE: Thanks everyone! I had a blast, but I have to go. I really enjoyed this opportunity. Feel free to follow me on my social media stuff and continue the conversation! Be safe, and well, and happy. And ice cream. Coconut ice cream.

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sonofodin2519 karma

Awesome to be talking to you, loved you as Hawkman in the crossover !

Question: Do you prefer The Flash or Arrow ?

Falk_Hentschel33 karma

The Flash is a lighter show with lots of humor, and at the moment that's what I'm drawn to.

Minifig8114 karma

How much fun is it to work around Grant Gustin? How much do you guys get into the roles you're playing? Finally; What books are you reading and what books do you recommend?

Falk_Hentschel31 karma

I "ka-kah!" all the time and Grant never stops running. We're pretty serious about our jobs. =)

All jokes aside, Grant is a blast to work with, especially since he doesn't take his job too serious, but yet is a true professional.

Books: I just devoured Ken Follet's Century trilogy. If you like history, go get it!

notyetalegend12 karma

Will we get an Atom x Hawkman friendship like the one that exists within the comics?

Falk_Hentschel30 karma

That would be a question for the writers. If I was writing he would be friends with EVERYONE!! And eat ice cream in every scene. =)

Dourden198510 karma

How familiar were you with Hawkman before you came aboard? If you were familiar with him would you have liked to gone with his alien version as opposed to his reincarnated Egyptian version?

Falk_Hentschel21 karma

Before I came aboard I knew of the two versions, but I prefer the reincarnated Egyptian version. A character that's 4 thousand years old...nothing beats that!

indigo158 karma

What initially drew you to the character Carter/Hawkman, and what is your favorite thing about playing him?

Falk_Hentschel18 karma

I was familiar with him, and the fact that he was 4,000 years old. In my mind, he's the "uncle to society". He gets to see humanity grow and fall forever. That's a fun character to play around with.

indigo158 karma

Do you get to do many of your own stunts on Legends of Tomorrow?

Falk_Hentschel11 karma

YES! I love flying on wires! Due to time restrictions and studio insurance policies, I had to give up some of the stunts, which in all honesty I was pretty bummed about.

MrALTOID7 karma

Let's say you just won the Powerball ($528M), what things would you do right away and then long term?

Falk_Hentschel26 karma

Great question!

Buy property and make sure I can live and never need to worry about getting a job again. Then, make my own studio, finance films that need to be made, and give other people an opportunity to make their dreams come true.

Also ice cream. Lots of ice cream. Coconut in particular.

chainsawx727 karma

Does being a super-hero on TV suck all of the fun out of the idea that you ARE Hawkman? I would love to be Hawkman, but then I think that it probably is very hard work. Also, the show should donate at least one Hawkman costume to you, for parties and stuff.

Falk_Hentschel13 karma

I agree, I should definitely have one costume, but preferably three because I hate doing laundry.

But to answer your real question, it would definitely be cool to be able to fly around and be immortal, but it's also cool to hang on wires and pretend to be a superhero. It's a job, but it's my favorite job in the world.

dudeperson36 karma

Hi Falk! I noticed that you and Ciara have really amazing chemistry. Did they screen test you guys on that before filming? How did you develop that relationship together?

Falk_Hentschel17 karma

No screen test, not even a conversation! We were very lucky. When we first talked, we bickered like a real couple. =) But in a good way. We have a natural banter and like to argue about things, yet we also really support each other and care for one another. And (most importantly) we both love coconut ice cream.

KrustX6 karma

If you were just told you'd be playing a Justice League superhero, would Hawkman be your first choice? If not, who would be your dream DC superhero role?

Falk_Hentschel14 karma

Right now, I don't think we've even scratched the surface of Hawkman, so I'd stick with him.

stelmarias5 karma

Besides Ciara and Casper, who have you worked with the most on set? You and Caity Lotz have both had professional backgrounds in dance, or at least dance movies. Do you ever feel like that could end up in the show, given how ridiculous and wild it already is? What have you been surprised by the most during filming?

Falk_Hentschel11 karma

As far as I know they have a big musical number planned, where Casper and I will end up in a romantic dance, Arthur singing the song. SPOILER ALERT! (Just kidding. =))
You're absolutely right though, there's a lot of talented musicians and dancers on the show.

And what I was surprised about most? Actually the amount of amazing musicians that are on the show!

Airsay582595 karma

How was it like shooting action sequences with so many heroes at the same time for the Flash and Arrow crossover? Any fun memories from set?

Falk_Hentschel11 karma

It was hectic with so much going on and a lot to accomplish. Those episodes were very ambitious. To be honest, having a dance background makes the fighting stuff a little easier. Fight choreography is the same as dance, it's about rhythm and beats.

Flantheflashfan5 karma

If you could play any other character, man or woman, in the CW verse, who would it be and why?

Thanks for doing this and the hype is strong for tonight's special and Thursday's premiere!

Falk_Hentschel17 karma

I don't know about playing anyone else, but I'd love to do an episode of Supernatural. I've been binge watching since I randomly saw the "imaginary friend" that was on after the Arrow crossover. Those guys seem like they're having a blast!

Jensen Ackles rocks!

stelmarias5 karma

Your cast members have talked about the long hours LoT requires, even they're not always acting. What do you do on set when you're not filming? How do you spend that downtime?

Falk_Hentschel14 karma

Coconut Ice Cream.

Edit: Okay, for real though... if I'm lucky and am inspired, I try to write on my own scripts. If I'm not, I'm in Franz's trailer playing PS4. Or if he isn't around, Hearthstone on my phone.

walterpinkman454 karma

Hey man! What's it like being on one of the first live action superhero team shows? Also, who is your favorite superhero (besides Hawkman), and why?!

Falk_Hentschel11 karma

So far it's been a combination of having a blast and hard work.

And I've always loved Wolverine. And Madmartigan, AKA Val Kilmer in Willow. Please Hollywood Gods, let me play him if you ever remake it!

The_Canary20154 karma

Hey Falk, if You could choose between a lifetime supply of coconut ice cream, or Hawkman's powers and gear in real life, which one would you choose?

Falk_Hentschel7 karma

Ice Cream for sure. Is that even a question?

sonofodin254 karma

Am I allowed to ask more than one question ?

Anyways, if you were to play Earth 2's Hawkman, what would you want him to be like ?

Falk_Hentschel14 karma

It would be fun if he was neurotic and fussy. Like Woody Allen's version of Hawkman. He would constantly go on about the "good old times with Alexander the Great", and "tea time with Ghandi", and everybody else just wants him to shut up and stop name-dropping.

Theandric2 karma

favorite Bowie song?

Falk_Hentschel6 karma

forava72 karma

Who is the most fun to work with? Would you want your own Hawkman spin-off?

Falk_Hentschel5 karma

Again, being surrounded by so much talent and genuinely cool people, it's hard to pick a favorite. Sorry.

I can imagine an awesome Hawkman spin-off.

TripJammer2 karma

Hey Falk. Hawkman is one of my favorite characters. Tell me about the crew on the show, are they into it? Do you draw energy from them as you would from a live audience? I mean I know they have to be very quiet, but do you get good feedback at lunchtime?

Falk_Hentschel5 karma

There was some really nice feedback, but to be honest, everybody is so focused on doing their job as best as they can, especially under the extreme conditions a challenging show like this presents.

But I feel anyone that's in this industry with all its struggles is there because they want to be. Too hard of a job to just take their money home.

chainsawx722 karma

Will you be attending many smaller conventions? I live in the south, and behalf of all rednecks we would LOVE to see you at any of our conventions! We don't draw crowds as big as San Diego will, but those of us that come are true fans.

Falk_Hentschel4 karma

Thank you so much! I'd love to come out! If an offer comes up, you'll be the first to know. =)

Cavmo2 karma

I guess it's a pretty generic thing to ask, but how are you feeling? Are you at all nervous how people will react to the show?

Falk_Hentschel5 karma

No, that's actually a great question. I'm feeling really good. As far as nervousness goes, of course I want the audience to enjoy my work and what we've put together as a team, but I try not to freak out about it. Everybody has their own taste...in my mind there is no good or bad in our industry, there's only preference.

An_EgGo_ToAsT2 karma

To the layman many of the heroes in Legends of Tomorrow are unfamiliar. How is the show introducing them early on so the audience gets a feel for who these lower popularity heroes/villians are?

Falk_Hentschel8 karma

You'll see on Thursday... All I'm gonna say is, it's a hell of a ride introducing a big cast like this.

misskorya2 karma

Coming in as Hawkman, you get to work opposite of Hawkgirl's Ciara Renee, can you describe the chemistry between the characters and what it's like working with Cara? And, are you planning any convention appearances outside of San Diego, such as Heroes and Villains Fan Fest or C2E2 in Chicago?

Falk_Hentschel7 karma

The chemistry between us was really natural from the beginning. We love to bicker in a good way =)

There are a bunch of conventions planned, but only Birmingham is confirmed as far as I know. More news to come! If I up my twitter and instagram following, maybe they'll let me go to some more (hint, hint...#ShamelessSelfPromotion)

BearSpeak2 karma

Hi, Falk! I gotta say, I was leery about the addition of Hawkman because the cast was already pretty large but you won me over during the Flarrow crossover (you were my favorite part, actually)!

My questions:

  1. Were you disappointed by the size of Carter's mace?

  2. Has there been any substantial Sara/Carter interaction?

Falk_Hentschel4 karma

Thank you so much! That's so nice to hear.

1) to be honest, I was disappointed about the mace. But it looks bigger in person than it reads on screen. Ultimately I think it works fine.

2) Not yet... but they should definitely have a coconut ice cream eating scene together.

Psicomanchester2 karma

Who's the best professional (no matter if actor/actress, director, screenwriter...) you've worked with in any of the three CW series and why? And the best professional you've ever worked with?

Falk_Hentschel5 karma

First of all, what's a guionist?

And best professional...phew...tough question. I know this sounds like a stock answer but I was surrounded by a huge amount of incredible talent! Not just actors, directors...guionists?...but also amazing crews, casting directors, PAs, catering, you name it. They never get any credit, but they're a huge part of bringing these shows to life.

Psicomanchester2 karma

Sorry, that was a mistranslation! I meant screenwriter, but I suppose that the answer remains the same. Thank you so much for answering! :D

Falk_Hentschel4 karma

Oh boy...that's embarrassing, I'm a screenwriter as well so I should know that! Thanks for enlightening me.

Rogue_scot2 karma

Hi Falk. I'm looking forward to meeting you in Birmingham in May for City of Heroes 2, and I wondered if you could attend a convention for any show what would it be? And who would you most like to meet?

Falk_Hentschel3 karma

This is a pretty non-standard answer that would never actually happen, but if there was a Making a Murderer convention, I'd be there in a heartbeat to tell both of Steve's awesome lawyers "thank you for being a caring, decent human in this whole mess".