Some call me Ol Greg the funky Merman , others know me as Richmond the Goth from IT Crowd. Some people cannot see me at all. These people are foolish ! For I come bearing gifts from another dimension ( shoes covered in glitter and ham )

I'm in the City of Angeles right now doing some work for my upcoming US tour. If you'd like to join you can find more info here:

I am Here to answer your questions keep it real moon children and lets dance. X


Update: Thanks for all your questions. I have to go now and rethink my life choices. Maybe I'll see you on tour. Maybe I won't. Whatever happens, this has been real. Meet you all at the Hollywood sign in five minutes. Bring a flask with tea, I'll bring my own legs and some of my face. Last one there has to set up the bouncy castle.

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floofisfloofy918 karma

Dear Noel, I'm from the Netherlands, I'm 27 and I've been a big fan of yours since I was a 14 year old girl and I just want to say thank you because you and the Mighty Boosh helped me while I was being bullied and going through a sad time in my life but I feel shy now, I'm so nervous I almost didn't want to type anything at all D: I can't think of a good question either may I just have a hug? It'd make me so happy!! -hug- I just saw I have to ask a question Noel, sorry!! I made one up quickly. I know you like art so I'll ask what is your favorite art period in history if you have one? Mine is rococo.

TheNoelFielding728 karma

I don't have a favorite art period but I'll give you my Top 10 artist in no particular order:

Jean Michel Basquiat, Aubrey Beardsley, Jean Dubuffet, Karel Appel, Henry Russo, Frida Kahlo, Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali, Niki de Saint Phalle, Bill Traylor

Cpl_Labia896 karma

have you ever drunk baileys from a shoe?

TheNoelFielding2244 karma

yes, if course I have! I'm Ol Greg. Motherlicker I go to clubs where people wee on each other.

NightByMoonlight853 karma

I saw your show in Oxford a few years ago and you kept cracking up at someone dressed in a full Milky Joe Costume. What's the best costume you've seen at one of your shows?

What's the most distracting been?

TheNoelFielding2362 karma

I played the Sydney Opera House and there was someone there dressed as a piece of french toast who says "no" which cropped up in one episode of Luxury Comedy. I couldn't work out who it was supposed to be and I kept making suggestions and the person dressed up as the french toast kept replying "no" which was a clue for me to understand who the character was. This went on for half an hour and became the highlight for the show. I love my fans but they're all insane. As are you. Never contact me again.

iamleighanne598 karma

Hi Noel, just seen from Instagram that you'd be here 😊 If you could choose anybody to be your partner for the Big Fat Quiz who would you pick?

TheNoelFielding762 karma

Joan Jett or Cardinal Wolsey

-crackfox511 karma

Would you and Russell ever do a Goth Detectives tour? Also what advice would you give someone hoping to have a career in comedy?

TheNoelFielding1061 karma

I'm game if Russell is. I think a Goth Detectives tour could be fun. A sort of Agatha Christie "who done it". Someone would get murdered [not for real] and then we would look for the murderer. I'd hunt for clues while Russell seduced the first four rows of the venue [he's trying to cut down].

mirrorball11502 karma

NOEL! You have quite a remarkable style. What is your favorite outfit that you've ever worn? Also- what would you consider a 'must have item' in any wardrobe? XOXO I'm a huge fan.

TheNoelFielding1001 karma

The glitter ball onesie is hard to beat. Boots are a definite must for a good wardrobe. If you have good boots your half way there to being stylish.

LindyKatelyn445 karma

I know Florida is not on your tour, but any chance you may pop in to see us down here at some point?

Incentive: I can get you into theme parks for free.

TheNoelFielding1925 karma

Where in Florida are you? I would love to play everywhere in America and hopefully I'll reach you all eventually. If I can't play where you live on this tour I'll make sure that I come down your chimney like a gothic Santa in the middle of the night and spoon you like a creepy half man half tarantula.

EinsteinReplica317 karma

If you could collide two projects that you've worked on together into one massive project, what would you do? <3

Personally, a Mighty Big Fat Boosh of the Year would be lovely.

TheNoelFielding1090 karma

A Mighty Boosh Garth Marenghi's Darkplace mashup would be good. Their show is set in a haunted hospital and our show is set in a zoo so maybe for this it could be set in a haunted animal hospital. Or maybe it could be a musical.

scarlettlilacs290 karma

Noel! Love Boosh and Luxcom and Buzzcocks…I’m going to both of your Boston shows (will be in the front row for the first one!) and seeing you once in New York the following week as well. I’m so excited!!

You’ve talked a lot over the years about your time in art school, and how you originally intended that to go that route full time…comedy wasn't something you set out to do, but fell in love with it once you gave it a shot. What advice do you have for someone who feels like she’s sort of lost her creative spark and is still uncertain at 25 about what she’s supposed to be doing with her life?

TheNoelFielding1185 karma

You're still young. Don't panic. It's hard to know what you should be doing in your 20s. Try different things, have some fun and see what happens. I believe in fate. I didn't set out to be a comedian at first. I'm still not sure if I am or not. People like to put you a box. I've always been the wrong shape Maybe you are too. I think all the people who are wrong shapes for boxes should go out and march into the streets singing "We are the shapes! We don't fit the box. Fuck you society." You can't put a square peg in a round hole or a wrong shape in a box. Unless it's a coffin and that particular shape has recently been murdered.

Obles922282 karma

Hello Noel! I'm a big fan of your work. Thank you for taking time to do this!

I've always wondered, can you tell me about the crunch?

TheNoelFielding614 karma

You can't handle the crunch.

krizdle230 karma

What was the most uncomfortable costume you've ever had to wear?

TheNoelFielding930 karma

I had to be painted green once when I was playing The Hitcher and the pigment was too strong. I was basically green for three months. It was a strong look which personally I feel I pulled off.

broddahbean228 karma

How many hours do you spend on your hair?

TheNoelFielding1145 karma

Depends. On a good day none. On a bad day 24 hours. Over the years I've trained my hair to do what I say and it's usually well behaved. I often reward my hair with special treats when it pleases me. Back in the 70s I once made love to my own hair in front of a second hand lorry whilst a priest looked on. She was nonplussed.

Jennywrenvuela211 karma

Hi noel, you are awesome, what is your favourite word? X

TheNoelFielding491 karma


hellhoundgarm194 karma

Hi Noel, how do you feel about being both a style icon but also a role-model for a lot of young people? What do you want to pass on to "the younger generation"?

TheNoelFielding704 karma

That's very kind, I'm not sure I'm a style icon. I'm very bold in my style but I do make mistakes. I think that's part of the fun.

Part 2 - That it's ok to be androgynous. For a boy is to wear make up, for men to wear dresses and to generally cover everything in glitter.

Peacockbluey191 karma

Hello, Noel! I know you've made changes to the tour when taking it to Australia and New Zealand. Are you planning to make any tweaks to the tour for American audiences?

TheNoelFielding421 karma

I don't like to tailor my material to the audience so definitely not! Actually the show might have a slightly different cast. I'll keep you posted. I'm hoping Kirk Douglas might be in the show but I don't have his phone number or any way of reaching him. But if he's on this AMA could you please get in touch.

Jfm509183 karma

Can i join your coven of witches and warlocks?

TheNoelFielding467 karma

I don't think you'd pass the initiation ceremony.

k_rock_daisy_jane176 karma

Hello Noel... Do you have any more tv shows up your sleeves? What's next on the horizon when the tour is finished? love you a little bit BTW

TheNoelFielding583 karma

I've got tons of things up my silky sleeves. Just trying to work out which way to jump. Hopefully the next thing that I do will be some kind of underwater sitcom watched only by newts and salamanders. Don't freak out. Humans will still be able to stream it but will half have to wait for permission from the amphibians who've paid big money for exclusive rights to everything I produce in the next 27 years. It's about time that people who can breath under water and on land get access to my work first.

UncleBling173 karma

Will you please marry my friend Lola in Seattle?

TheNoelFielding470 karma

Yeah alright. What day is that? Cause Friday I'm washing my hair.

Judythemermaid158 karma

Noel! Hope LA is treating you well. My question is about the mighty boosh, you have design and art background. How involved were you with the illustraions and animations? Did you get to art direct like a muthabitch?! xo -Jessica

TheNoelFielding419 karma

Originally I used to do all the paintings for the animations. this meant that I was filming in the day and staying up untill 5 am painting. After three weeks of this I started to feel unusual so Ivana Zorn, who is Nigel Coan's partner, now does a majority of the painting and I just design the main characters. Nigel animates everything like a futuristic goose. They both have a company called Nipple and work on various projects. Most of my friends went to art school and they're all sickeningly talented. Where as i myself am a man fashioned from the belly button fluff of a puma.

MissDexter122 karma

Have you always been the Noel you are today? Where did your zany-ness come from ??

TheNoelFielding644 karma

I was a shy only child, with only a cat for company. I would climb a jewel encrusted latter up to my hammock where i would recline eating soft cheese whilst a naked griffin would fan me with his birth certificate, occasionally breast feeding me with one of his scaly dragon-like hooters. These were good times for me, although looking back I've only recently come to realize I never actually existed.

LeBalInfernal119 karma

Hi Noel! I've never been to the US of A before. What's it like compared to the UK? Experiencing any sort of culture shock there?

Also, I'm a big fan, & you're awesome.

TheNoelFielding388 karma

I could spend all day talking about this. But I've got to go drink Bailey's from a shoe. What I'll say is... despite Donald Trump, Americans seem quite lovely. [Although they cannot make tea, and I've had so much coffee since I've been here, I'm basically turning into the Henry The Human Fly]

Valentine_scum106 karma

Where do you buy your ponchos?

TheNoelFielding285 karma

Mexico and Sears

broddahbean93 karma

Are you a God? Or just King of the Mods?

TheNoelFielding319 karma

I am uber mod. King of the fairies and goths. A legend in my own mind. I once had a dream that I saw God. I was William Blake in the dream and I saw God who was a large geometric crystal with soft whales eyes. One of the best dreams I've ever had and inspired the sketch in Luxury Comedy about the Ghost of a Flea which was a vision that William Blake actually saw and made a drawing of. In the sketch I played Ghost of a Flea and Rich Fulcher played William Blake. We were at a birthday party. The sketch culminated in a Happy Birthday song presented in the style of the punk band Suicide.

tulip_az76 karma

You are an incredible inspiration and give us Americans a reason to appreciate England that much more.

Do you plan on more American tours and what can we do to get you to our area?

TheNoelFielding180 karma

I love America and I'm very excited to be touring here. Depending on the reaction I'll definitely be coming back to do more, although I have no idea what area you're from. I myself am from Saturn a cosmic area occupied by a race of people who communicate only using the medium of dance.

allyouhadtodowastay72 karma

Hi Noel!! You make me so happy and you never fail to make me smile so thank you for that! On a scale from 1 to 153 how excited are you to be touring America?

TheNoelFielding310 karma

I'm so excited that my legs have transformed into trumpets and now when I jog I play "So What" by Miles Davis.

lastkajen65 karma

If the language French was an animal, which one would it be and why is it a peacock?

TheNoelFielding147 karma


loveyoualittlebit52 karma

I’m American and you’re my absolute favorite comedian as well as Jimmy Fallon, so it made me so happy to see you on his show. What kind of banter do you guys have? Which British tv host/comedian would you say he’s most similar to disposition/temperament wise? Who’s your favorite American comedian? Love you (more than) a little bit and can’t wait to see you when you tour America.

TheNoelFielding205 karma

Jimmy Fallon is an amazing man. Half Buster Keaton half tabby cat. There's no one like him in England. My favorite american comedians are Mitch Hedberg, Richard Pryor, Steve Martin, Emo Philips, Steven Wright, Cheech and Chong, Ernie Kovacs, Firesign Theatre and Robin Williams and Bobcat Goldthwait and the people who make Wonder Showzen on adult swim and Xavier: Renegade Angel. But my favorite American comedian is Rich Fulcher. I've probably left loads of people out but those are the ones off the top of my head. Ohhh and I love Woody Allen. Also Sarah Silverman, Dolly Wells and Bill Hicks, John Belushi... and of course Terry Gilliam... oh shit Dolly Wells is English but leave her in there.

ScumbagBian48 karma

Hey Noel, huge fan! What's the difference you feel touring in the States and touring in the UK? Cheers!

TheNoelFielding203 karma

No idea, i haven't done it yet. I'll tell you after the tour finishes once I've been deported.