Hi Reddit!

Natalie Dormer here. You may know me from my roles as Margaery Tyrell in the HBO series Game of Thrones and as Cressida in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Parts 1 & 2….and my latest film The Forest, which comes out THIS Friday! Thanks everyone for all the questions! Great chatting with you all!

Proof: https://www.instagram.com/p/BANWgxtH6I1/?taken-by=nataliedormerintheforest


Watch the trailer of The Forest here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQU3F40Prms

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El_Batano3529 karma

What was it like to kiss Jennifer Lawrence while being interviewed?

NatalieInTheForest4049 karma

It was all too fleeting!

lecoeurmecanique3172 karma

Hi Natalie, I drew a picture that I procrastinated on too much to finish a while back. You might not see it but I figure I'd try.

Also, if you could have been in any film/TV show that's already been made, what would it have been? c:


EDIT: if anyone else would like a link to more of my art feel free to PM, I don't really have a dedicated art page.

NatalieInTheForest2831 karma

That is stunningly beautiful!!! Really amazing. Thank you so much. You are very talented.

When I was younger, I loved Frasier and this summer I met Kelsey Grammer at the Dinard Film Festival and I was kind of freaking out when I met him. So I guess Frasier would have been my dream TV show to be on!

arctic923169 karma

Would you rather fight 100 Tyrion-sized mountains, or one mountain-sized Tyrion?

NatalieInTheForest3854 karma

That's a pretty good question! One mountain-sized Tyrion because I'd probably convinced him to have a drink with me. We can just have red wine together.

cmae34lars2289 karma

If you had to pick one Game of Thrones character you would want to see survive all the way to the end (besides Margaery), who would you choose?

NatalieInTheForest4489 karma

Arya Stark

agwe1712 karma

Hi Natalie - did you get to travel to that Japanese suicide forest in preparation for the movie and if so what was it like?

NatalieInTheForest2555 karma

I visited it for a day. It's really beautiful. It's the perfect place to be in the day if you stay on the path....but of course, Sara leaves the path in the movie and then it gets dark and then.....!!!!!

cmae34lars1700 karma

Does acting in horror movies ruin watching them?

NatalieInTheForest2442 karma

No, it actually heightens the experience because now I actually appreciate the process behind them as well.

bcestau1650 karma

If you could bring back one dead character from GOT who would it be?

NatalieInTheForest3545 karma

The Hound. I love Rory McCann so much!

AsianDecoration1638 karma

What is one thing you'd wish you'd known before getting famous?

NatalieInTheForest3651 karma

The things that I say off the cuff or impulse will be held against me for all time.

IndeedHowlandReed1322 karma

Hi Natalie , serious question , what is your favourite type of cheese?

NatalieInTheForest2785 karma

Too many cheeses, not enough time.

Levait1247 karma

How's it going?

NatalieInTheForest1931 karma

Halfway through an iced-coffee. It's going good - thanks!

jrhrick871126 karma

Is Maisie Williams as awesome as she seems in real life?

NatalieInTheForest1836 karma


Marxist_Saren1044 karma

Hey, Natalie. Huge fan!

What is it like working with Diana Rigg on Game of Thrones? Is she very like her character?

NatalieInTheForest1658 karma

She's like Olenna in the sense that she's wise, seen it all, done it all and tells really great stories.

UrFavMexican96850 karma

Hey Natalie huge fan!!

Question: if I bought you pizza and drinks, would you be down on going on a date with me?

NatalieInTheForest2537 karma

I'm fine with it but my fiance may have something to say about it.

majestican_764 karma

What's your favourite song of all time?

NatalieInTheForest1555 karma

It would probably be something from Kate Bush but I can't narrow it down. I love Rolling Stone, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Hozier. Now you got me started and I can keep going....

londoner96712 karma

Hello Natalie :)

I remember reading somewhere that you love history (which basically made me adore you on a whole new level) so I was wondering what your favourite period of history is?

P.S I read lots of history books and watch a lot of historical dramas, and I have to say that I think your portrayal of Anne Boleyn is the best bit of acting I have ever witnessed. No one else should ever be allowed to portray her, because no performance will ever come close to yours.

All the very best with The Forest - I look forward to seeing it in the UK xx

NatalieInTheForest998 karma

Medieval European but I also love the 1920's.

FortunateSon55544 karma

Who has been your favourite actor to work with so far in your career?

NatalieInTheForest1074 karma

I really love it when you can work with the older greats. Christopher Lee, Donald Sutherland, Diana Rigg, Jonathan Pryce. You learn so much from them and you get to hear all the great stories.

casval_cehack541 karma

Would you rather drive a tank or steer a warship?

NatalieInTheForest1271 karma

Since seeing Fury, I say drive a tank

legrandmaster518 karma

What kind of roles or genres have you not yet done but would love to try?

NatalieInTheForest1033 karma

I would love to try Rom Com, a hard hitting drama and I'd be up for a full on action movie.

DanielsJacket499 karma

What's your favourite vacation spot?

NatalieInTheForest1038 karma

Anywhere I can scuba dive - Caribbean, the Maldives, Australia, Malaysia. The list goes on....

lobstertoast497 karma

Do you like turtles?

NatalieInTheForest791 karma

I adore turtles! They're my favorite things to look at while I'm diving especially the giant green ones.

lordalador458 karma

Hi Natalie. Big fan of all your work and am looking forward to your new film.

My questions are:

What are your favourite TV shows on at the moment?

What was the last book you read?

Are you planning on visiting Australia to meet fans here at a convention in the future?

NatalieInTheForest1098 karma

  1. Ive just started binge watching Mr Robot

  2. War & Peace

  3. Ive got friends that live in Melbourne so I really want to come visit but Ive been trying to find time in my schedule. Its a long way to go!

HarrisOwen454 karma

What do you do to pass time whilst not actually acting on set?

NatalieInTheForest871 karma

I read. I listed to podcasts and I talk to my co-stars.

NatalieInTheForest1390 karma

I also try to nap when I can.

SonicFrost359 karma

What's the most bizarre fan encounter you've ever had?

NatalieInTheForest1008 karma

Just before Christmas someone jumped out of a moving car, ran across the street and ran half way across a park I was walking in to ask me for a picture!

Z3r0mir348 karma

How much did you know about this forest and its history before reading the script?

Thanks for always being so awesome with your fans!

NatalieInTheForest501 karma

Nothing! It really surprised me that i didn't know anything about the Aokigahara forest.

GeorgieeLouu314 karma

What was the scariest thing about filming the forest? :)

NatalieInTheForest921 karma

Being in the forest where there's no wifi or cell phone connectivity. For a 21st century girl, that's pretty scary! LOL!

hazeleyedwolff236 karma

Hi Natalie, do you plan on running any marathons this upcoming year?

NatalieInTheForest519 karma

This April, I'm running the London marathon for ChildLine/NSPCC.

Mevansuto207 karma

What is your favourite outfit that you have worn on Game of Thrones or the Tudors?

What's your favourite photoshoot that you've done?

NatalieInTheForest412 karma

I love Margaery's prison sack cause it means I can eat as much as want at lunch! Just kidding... I loved the dress I wore in the Joffrey Bow & Arrow scene. And I loved all the Anne Boleyn dresses. They were just amazing!

And I really have loved all the photo shoots Ive been a part of! They were all amazing collaborations!

sredac143 karma

If you were stuck on a deserted island what three objects would you bring?

NatalieInTheForest405 karma

My yoga mat, the complete works of Shakespeare so I can finally read them all and Vaseline because my lips get chapped.

TheMysticalWalrus138 karma

What is your favorite type of salad?

NatalieInTheForest249 karma

I may a great tri-colored Quinoa salad!

xViaox104 karma

Of all your characters which one are you most alike?

NatalieInTheForest413 karma

There's a little bit of me in all of them. That's how acting works.

"I'm not one and simple, but complex and many." ~Virginia Woolfe's The Waves

RobIsRight59 karma

How many languages do you know?

NatalieInTheForest165 karma

Not enough.

pauly041813 karma

What is The Forest about and why did you decide to take the part?? Thank you for the AMA!

EDIT: i watched the trailer but wanted to hear about the movie from her perspective~

NatalieInTheForest7 karma

It's about someone facing their inner demons and it's about how far you would go for someone you love.

I took the role because I thought the script was really clever in its premise and if my sister disappeared in the Aokigahara forest, I would go find her.

Laepful10 karma

Hi Natalie, Hope you're doing good!? I have no question, I just wanted to stop by and say hello :)

NatalieInTheForest31 karma

Aww sweet! Hii!

MarodRamby9 karma

Who's your pick for the superbowl?

NatalieInTheForest61 karma

I have no idea! I'm sorry I'm a Brit - it's all about Rugby for me.

myothermain7 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! Big fan of Tudors/AGOT - you have a wonderful talent for playing power hungry sweethearts - "I want to be the queen" is one of my favorite exchanges on the show.

Question: What are your favorite books?

NatalieInTheForest8 karma

I'm a godmother and Im getting really excited to give all my favorite childhood books to my goddaughter. Some of my favorites are.....

Alice and Wonderland Winnie the Pooh The Gruffalo

MilesMilitiss3 karma

Do you like to play video games and if yes, what games?

NatalieInTheForest12 karma

I used to play Sonic the Hedgehog when I was little. #ThrowbackThursday #TBT