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zerepdivad104 karma

Why's James crying?

zlackin165 karma

Cause he just got dunked on

IcebergNotion46 karma

Who films your videos?

zlackin68 karma

My friend Joey , froggy fresh brother

MrBenzito1 karma

Is Joey the brother of Froggy, or are you talking about two different people?

zlackin3 karma

Joey is his brother

columate33 karma

Out of all of Froggy Fresh's raps, which one would be your favorite? Which was your favorite one to film and shoot?

zlackin69 karma

My favorite one is best friend , and my favorite one to shoot is dunked on

pond_good_for_you9 karma

Nice choices, those two would be my choice as well.

My kid and I were watching the last one that you guys put out and we were wondering how the hell you make enough money to keep doing this for all these years. Not like, it's bad, 'cause you guys are awesome, just in the...does youtube really pay that well? Do you guys ever perform live?

zlackin27 karma

I don't really know how much YouTube pays, froggy fresh just pays me hourly , but I don't really get that much at all

Murr1422 karma

Hey Money Maker Mike, will you ever get a verse in one of Froggy's songs? Bonus question: Have you and Froggy boycotted Krispey Kreme for saying he had to change the name?

zlackin37 karma

Yea I will in the future , and no we haven't

dangerfield0122 karma

How much money have you made?

zlackin51 karma

Just a couple thousand over the years , he's made way more

NotATentacleMonster16 karma

Love your videos. Who the hell is James? Sorry to hear about him killing your mom.

zlackin24 karma

James is one of our friends when we were younger

lopdawg14 karma

Why are you so awesome?

zlackin31 karma

Because my fans make me awesome

kaeyoss6 karma

Did you come up with the name Money Maker Mike? I love the name. Every time I see my banker, whose name is mike, I refer to him as money maker mike. I guess you still live in the town where you graduated from school in, so do you hear a lot from the people you've graduated with and how does the town react to your success?

zlackin15 karma

Froggy fresh made the name and yea I still live in burton and the people I went to school with thinks it pretty awesome

kaeyoss8 karma

Do you think that the christmas song has a shot of being an annual christmas classic? I have two friends of mine that say they start their christmas every year with it. I still love the part where you are mumbling the words along while wearing that beard...your deadpan look is done to perfection.

zlackin12 karma

Yeah I think it will, it has good lyrics too and the beat is pretty good

Scrotasticle11 karma

Is froggyfresh really a southerner? Does he release non- joke songs?

zlackin23 karma

No he's not, , theirs is some songs that are not jokes, but we are coming out with more serious ones

BlackHemingway10 karma

Do you still own the Mac Miller shirt?

zlackin40 karma

I ripped it in one of the new videos :(

jpmerz9 karma

How has your life changed since the Krispy Kreme / Froggy Fresh videos? Have you ever been asked to do something in a movie or on TV?

zlackin18 karma

It made me more confident, and I wish


Who makes most of the lyrics?

zlackin26 karma

Froggy fresh

Stormy_the_rabbit_8 karma

What kind of games are you going to be streaming? Also have you played Fallout 4 and if so what do you think of it?

zlackin12 karma


BigBaldZ1 karma

Love your work! Would also love to dunk on you. You on xbox one?

zlackin1 karma

Yeah I have an Xbox 1

Blueamphy7 karma

How do you feel over Krispy Kreme having to change his name? Big fan if your videos, keep up the great work.

zlackin9 karma

Yeah it did, Krispy Kreme just sounds better

GiveMeYourBeeSyrup277 karma

OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU-- sorry, not a question. Do you ever feel overshadowed by Froggy Fresh?!? How did you guys meet?

zlackin21 karma

Sometimes I feel like that because of the money issue but I met him through his brother

GiveMeYourBeeSyrup274 karma

Oh that stinks-- well my whole family literally loves you. Have you ever gotten recognized in public? Do you feel famous????

zlackin15 karma

Yes I've been recognized lots of times , and I wouldn't really call me famous

GiveMeYourBeeSyrup275 karma

How long have you been doing this? Will you guys ever stop? How old are you now?

zlackin15 karma

Just a couple years, , were prolly going to stop in the next couple years or so, and I'm 19

QuitLookingAtMe6 karma

Was the intention from the beginning to make a few silly videos, then transition to serious ones? If so, the concept is brilliant. Another rapper would have just faded into the background, but an "over his head" kid who appears to improve could gain a cult following.

zlackin14 karma

We were trying to make it big at first so we figured to make something really funny , then he started making real raps

ShanellNo55 karma

Do you guys ever perform live?

zlackin16 karma

We were thinkin about goin on tour

dunkm1n4 karma

Long time fan. What do you see as your future (if any) in the industry? Taking your collab to a new level with Froggy's real raps, or even taking a more independent production gig and blowing up worldwide.

zlackin8 karma

I honestly think we're gonna take it to the next level

mastermichael643 karma

Are you at all upset that Froggy Fresh makes more alot more than you, or do you just enjoy doing it, is Tyler a friend of yours?

How did Tyler react to the Krispy Kreme legal situation, was he as genuinely upset as "Same Old Kid" implied?

zlackin12 karma

I enjoy it and he is a friend and we were both pretty mad

Proudly_American1 karma

If you could refilm a video which one would it be?

zlackin13 karma

Dunked on, I'd do better dunks

blackanesecantrap1 karma

How'd you guys come up with the krispey kreme concept? I've heard some of his songs before and he really does has some skills.

zlackin9 karma

He just came up with it so we could just joke around and try and make it big

iforgotmyusername900 karma

My history teacher last year played your videos all the time and the whole class loved them? Does froggy have plans for a full Tyler Cassidy project?

zlackin3 karma

Have a 3 album