thank you guys! fun time. West Coast tour kicks of Jan 6th SF, SAC, PORTLAND, SEATTLE, VEGAS, LA, SD, get tickets at NOW! till next time. love you crazy asses

Brendan Schaub: Bryan Callen: The Fighter and The Kid:


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brewski4broski130 karma

Huge fan guys!

Easy question - if Rogan doesn't renew with the UFC, would you two be interested in regular fight companions for EVERY PPV event with Eddie as well?

TheBrendanSchaub222 karma

Fight Companions with the original crew are my favorite thing to do out of all my jobs. so much fun!

thelastbrew101 karma

Schaub, what up with the hair?

TheBrendanSchaub108 karma

just felt like mixing it up. having fun

TheBrendanSchaub27 karma

just felt like mixing it up. having fun

IPlayGeetarSometimes45 karma

Hey Brendan and Bryan. I've been wanting to ask you guys this question for a while. Is having a big dick a requirement to be a big dick bandit? Or will my stroke, confidence and overall thrusting power make up for it?

TheBrendanSchaub74 karma

nah, its an attitude my man

TheBrendanSchaub8 karma

nah, its an attitude my man

Zee_German42 karma

hey guys! huge fan of your podcast. would you consider making a retro fight companion leading up to ufc 200? i would love to hear you discuss the first ufc events.

TheBrendanSchaub62 karma

def will do something special for UFC 200. not sure about a retro one tho

adizles38 karma

Brendan, What are your top lifts in the weight room? Bryan never mind.

TheBrendanSchaub43 karma

bench was 225 28 times, deadlift 600+, pull ups was 34 straight arm. the rest i dont remeber exactly.

shnoopshnashne32 karma

why do you guys think that you click so well and how does your relationship make for an entertaining podcast?

Also patiently waiting for that east coast tour.

TheBrendanSchaub51 karma

not sure just the chemistry with bryan was right from the start although hes 50. def coming to the east coast in May for the tour

GraveyGraves25 karma

Hi Brendan, long time listener here.

Do you guys have anything planned from Europe? As someone who lives in The Netherlands I would love to see one of your shows.

TheBrendanSchaub35 karma

yes! not sure where exactly for the international tour yet we will keep you posted

TheBrendanSchaub3 karma

yes! not sure where exactly for the international tour yet we will keep you posted

rusty_blumpkin24 karma

Huge fan of both of you guys. I listen to so much TFAK and JRE that I feel like I know you both personally which leads me to my question:

How do you manage the interaction you have with fans who I assume, like me, feel like we know you both so well that in person interactions as well as correspondence via social media must be strange. Have you had any crazies or stalkers or anything like that at all?

ALSO.. how can I get a Scrooge McDuck shirt???

TheBrendanSchaub36 karma

we feel like we know you guys so its not strange or scary at all when we meet fans of the show. its actually amazing. scrooge Mcduck i will keep u posted on the show im gonna release them but not make a big deal of it for many reasons.

canadianRSK19 karma

Why dosnt Bryan sing at the beginning of the podcasts anymore?

TheBrendanSchaub38 karma

cant force a grown man to sing

thelastbrew18 karma

What's your biggest beef with Reebok?

Design flaws? Fighter compensation?

What would you do to fix it?

TheBrendanSchaub69 karma

a combo of both but obvisouly fighter pay is numero uno. its just awful and the fighters cant do anything about it. when the ufc signed that deal it set the sport back several years

ediboyy17 karma

Big Brown! Big fan of you guys, thanks for being a couple of badasses.

My question for BBrown.. How bad did it mess you up when Rogan blasted the infamous "I think YOU'D be surprised" line? I remember seeing the podcast live and just being in awe that Rogan would say that live, but I think it was a positive impact on you. Would you say you retired because of it?

Q for Callen.. If you could have anybody alone for a night, who would it be and why is it Joe Rogan

TheBrendanSchaub46 karma

no, a lot of people think i retired cause of Rogan. Anyone that knows me knows im not influenced very easily. even tho rogan is a super close friend. it was more the perfect storm of evrything. rogan, reebok, Dana, podcast success. just wasnt worth it to fight anymore.

deadpanscience15 karma

Brendan, if there were to be a UFC fighters' union, would you consider a leadership position in it?

TheBrendanSchaub47 karma

no, i dont have time. thats a serious full time gig. good luck for anyone that takes it on. id help for sure.

grayhem913 karma

Hey guys long time fan of yours. I wanted to ask Brendan if the UFC were to offer a 5 million dollar fight with Fedor would you do it? Or is it not worth it at this point.

TheBrendanSchaub43 karma

id would do that for sure lol

FlyingDarce12 karma

Hey guys,

Has the podcast ever come close to being canceled for one reason or another? if so, how was it saved?

TheBrendanSchaub26 karma

no never. we own the show just are under the fox banner for distribution. we did cancel a show one time cause the guest was so damn creepy and lame

[deleted]9 karma

Any chance you two homosexuals are coming too toronto? (Canada)

TheBrendanSchaub11 karma

yep! 2016 canada tour eh!

Jason_Wilson96969 karma

Brendan, I'm a 19 year old from Maryland with high school wrestling who wants to get into mma, I know in a previous podcast you had recommended to someone else that they start with one discipline to start, what do you recommend I start with and why?

TheBrendanSchaub14 karma

try stand up and see if you gravitate towards it. a lot of wrestlers dont.

PwnageHands8 karma

First off congratulations Bryan for finally mentioning the Ten Minute Podcast on the F&K, only took you over 100 episodes.

Question: When Bryan is too old to do the podcast in 5-6 years will you let Will Sasso replace him? The Fighter and The Man is my favorite podcast.

TheBrendanSchaub8 karma

love sasso but he aint young either

This_Is_The_Life7 karma

What's up Big Dick Bandits? Excited as fuck for the live show at The Comedy Store. Thanks for the many hours of free entertainment you guys have provided me with to kill time at work and look like a complete maniac when laughing hysterically by myself

  1. Will there be an encore VIP event for the LA show like the rest? Didn't see that option when I bought my tickets

  2. When's the Scrooge McDuck and Team Honeydick shirts dropping?

  3. Bryan, you killed it when you came to Ventura along with Joe. Just wanted to know if you were aware that that scumbag promoter charged us extra for M&G? Fuck that guy

  4. Tell Netflix to quit fuckin around and drop the special already. SHIT!!

Can't wait to see you 1, 2, cutie pies in Feb. Shout out to Special K and Evan The Beard


TheBrendanSchaub10 karma

appreiate the support my man. comedy store in LA doesnt do VIP stuff since its a smaller venue but we will hang afterwords for pics, whateva

JaZzyyJaZz7 karma

Brendan: Growing up, who were your favourite athletes?

Bryan: What inspired you to get into comedy?

Love the podcast and the fight companions, keep them up!!

TheBrendanSchaub15 karma

junior seau, ryan sandberg, and dan Marino. random as fuck i know

Neocide7 karma

Long term, what do you want to accomplish in the entertainment industry?

TheBrendanSchaub25 karma

micheal Strahan is the blue print

Heefee6 karma

Do you have any big moves for 2016? More merch, live tours etc

TheBrendanSchaub13 karma

yes more merch, west coast tour, mid west, canada, and eaast coast tour is all in 2016 along with the F&TK 3D episodes which im most excited about

tomsmvp5 karma

Cruz vs TJ who you got ?

TheBrendanSchaub10 karma

i like TJ i think cruz has had too much injuries and time off

TrueBlue985 karma

Yo big brown and Bryan Luke rockhold callen When you two gonna go international and tour England or do a show over here? would be awesome. Anyways huge fan, keep up the amazing work, you two funny motherfuckers haha

TheBrendanSchaub13 karma

we are coming m8! thanks for the support

thelastbrew5 karma

Can you give any advice to a brotha interested in pursuing training MMA?

TheBrendanSchaub21 karma

depends on your age but find one aspect of MMA you like ex. wrestling, BJJ, Boxing. do that first see if you even like that

maxeatstigers3 karma

What does Luke Rockhold smell like?

TheBrendanSchaub14 karma

heaven and success

meltrobe3 karma

Big Brown, admit it, was a part of you not slightly stoked to see Ronda get humbled?

TheBrendanSchaub22 karma

i wouldnt say stoked. i felt more sad then anything that girl has a lot of pressure being who she is and i dont envy her stress or relationships that come with being her. such a beast. hope shes happy regardless, ya know?

tomsmvp3 karma

Why did you make hoodies so limited?, I want one!:)

TheBrendanSchaub15 karma

we are releasing more soon. i like making things limited cause if everyone can have one then its not cool.

canadianRSK2 karma

Brendan why did u choose to get into mma instead of boxing?

TheBrendanSchaub9 karma

boxing is a science that has been around so long i started so late i figured i could get to the top of mma faster. plus, money ini boxing is so so rough unless youre a monster.

plasmoske2 karma

Hey Brendan. Are you still training MMA (ala GSP) or are you over it all?

Also who's your most hated UFC fighter? ;)

TheBrendanSchaub4 karma

i do more cardio and heavy lifting now. i still do BJJ a lot but no boxing or wrestling. i just dont have the time now with eberything going on. most hated? no one to be honest. for real. i like everyone.

JerryMichael242 karma

So what was the deal with the drama between "The Fighter and the Kid" and "mmaroasted" podcast?

TheBrendanSchaub6 karma

no drama. i think its more on mma roasted end. adam is a good guy.i think if people focused more on their own stuff and less anger towards people they want to be they would have more success. thats not for Adam im not even sure they still do the show. that advice for is for people in general.

PDog12 karma

Hi guys I'm a big fan

For Brendan what is the actual name of your hair colour? I like it and respect it for what it's worth

for Bryan what age did you first try stand up and did you want to be a comedian or an actor or both back in the day? Also would you guys ever consider a live show in the UK? (Despite your hate of travelling)

TheBrendanSchaub2 karma

i think its platnium white my man

tweetleski1 karma

You guys always exude so much confidence on the podcast. I'd like to know what you guys are most insecure or self conscious about yourselves?

TheBrendanSchaub4 karma

self conscious of being a failure. its all i think about and is why i work so much. its an issue.

sparrow9331 karma

Sup Guys can't wait to see you next week in Portland!

When are your video series for fox coming out? When is Callen gonna release his netflix special?

For sure would have bought it for my friends this year!

TheBrendanSchaub3 karma

i would guess march or before. we finish shooting in feb

andrewx231 karma

How much better is life without the stress of fighting? Is there anything new going on now that's just as stressful?

TheBrendanSchaub2 karma

i feel like im actually able to live life now. i cant believe how things turned out. craziness. different stress now with shows and podcasting, def stressed tho