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We are Robert Becker, Iowa State Director for Bernie 2016, and Pinky Weitzman, Iowa Digital Director for Bernie 2016. We are part of an 80-person (and growing) organizing team on the ground in Iowa identifying and mobilizing caucus-goers. With 23 field offices across the state, we’re working to expand his constituency, reach first-time caucus goers, and pave the way for Bernie to become our next president.

Commit to caucus in Iowa:
Canvass/make calls in Iowa:


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KefkaFF2024 karma

Hi I work at a University and run student government elections every year. One popular way of reminding students to vote is to invite them to a Facebook event for the day of the election. Have you considered creating one FB event that is coordinated throughout the state as people canvas to have people join the FB event?

This will give you an easy way to communicate with everyone pledging to vote for Bernie, allow people to coordinate carpools and most importantly, a reminder directly to their phones/computer on the date of the caucus (very important for students who may otherwise forget).

TeachMeThingsPls1064 karma

As a student at another large university, I can confirm that Facebook groups significantly help.

domainsofascension330 karma

Having everyone sign up for a Facebook group is probably a lot lower effort than an email list, also. Just for them to dip their toes in the pool.

KefkaFF254 karma

Just to clarify, I'm talking about an event page for the date of the caucus (there is already an Iowa for Bernie page). However, you get automatic reminders for events that you subscribe to.

pinkyweitzman738 karma

Happy you asked - we do in fact have a brand new caucus for Bernie in Iowa event page. RSVP and invite your Iowa friends at

aurthurallan429 karma

What can we non-Iowans do to help?

pinkyweitzman604 karma

Non-Iowans who are within driving distance (IL, MO, NE, SD, MN, WI, etc) can sign up to help knock on doors (direct contact is the best way to get folks to commit to turn out on caucus night); folks who aren't able to drive in can make phone calls into Iowa! Sign up for both at


What would you say to a person who needs convincing to vote for Bernie? What are his most appealing points for otherwise conservative voters?

pinkyweitzman477 karma

Bernie has consistently received 71% of the vote in Vermont, which means he has relied on the support of Republicans, Independents, and Democrats alike. Additionally, whether you're a conservative or progressive, pretty much everyone agrees that we need to fix a political system that's held in place by a rigged economy and controlled by Wall Street and the billionaire class.

In 3 words: integrity, honesty, and accountability.

Legionof758 karma

What is the best thing for us to do right now to support Bernie?

pinkyweitzman80 karma

Volunteer to canvass/make phone calls, host/attend Bernie events, spread the word both on social media and as you're out and about grabbing a coffee, write letters to the editor/leave comments on news sites, and (if you can) add a few bucks to the campaign's 2 million contributions. Every dollar counts when you're up against the establishment.

Mrmariners9 karma

I know precint captains important in Iowa. is there still time for me to become one?

pinkyweitzman11 karma

Absolutely. Stop by or call your local field office (see the map on to connect with the organizer for your area - they'll train you and let you know exactly what you need to do. Thanks!

zdruck078 karma

Hey guys, thanks for coming in! What kind of support are we getting from Democracy for America in Iowa? I've heard that their endorsement is a huge deal, but what exactly are we getting from it?

pinkyweitzman6 karma

Democracy for America immediately jumped in (within 24 hours of endorsing us) during the DNC/NGP voter database lockout - their support and petition went a long way towards getting the situation resolved and getting the VAN turned back on in Iowa.

To quote DFA's Charles Chamberlain: "The Democratic National Committee's decision to attack the campaign that figured out the problem, rather than go after the vendor that made the mistake is profoundly damaging to the party's Democratic process. DNC leaders should immediately reverse this disturbing decision before the committee does even more to bring it's neutrality in the race for President into question."

zan_dig5 karma

If I want to drop in for 3-5 days in January from Wisconsin can I just...well, show up? I have a place to stay.

pinkyweitzman9 karma

Definitely! Fill out your info at and an organizers will get in touch with you. For any students with J-terms, we are currently hiring paid, part-time fellows for the month of January - apply at

enzo32ferrari5 karma

I don't live near Iowa but I wanna apply to that opening you have. Do you fly people out?

pinkyweitzman8 karma

Here's the link for everyone: (hiring part-time, paid organizing fellows starting January 2nd). We can provide supporter housing for you in Iowa as long as you can get yourself out here!

ameshighaimshigh5 karma

When is the Bernnnnn coming back to Iowa? Will he be here a lot in January?

pinkyweitzman7 karma

He's making a swing through western Iowa Mon-Wed next week: Sioux City (, Storm Lake (, Harlan (, Council Bluffs (, and Red Oak (

He will definitely be back in January!

santawartooth5 karma

What is the biggest challenge you guys are facing in Iowa right now and what are some of the main things you guys are doing to fight those challenges?


pinkyweitzman7 karma

Attendance has been through the roof so we've had to move venues last minute to accommodate the response - we've gotten pretty good at that dance. We've also had to build an infrastructure for handling the influx of volunteers (both in state and out of state) - opening more campaign offices than we expected/planned in very rapid fire. (These are good problems to have!)