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ThrowAwayMyBone2 karma

Once on that site I was talking to a girl that hadn't eaten breakfast yet. I took her private so she would eat, because she said she couldn't stop the stream or eat on cam. Ended up being a breakfast date, as I hadn't eaten yet.

Is stuff like that common? She wasn't American, is it a foreign thing? I don't use the site and lot(though I am a platinum premium member), and I'm just curious.

psyanne3 karma

Nah, never really heard of anything like that! I eat pretty damn frequently...I am not living in America though, either, yet I still do eat. Amazing, I know. And if you are a platinum member you should come check out some naked hula hooping. Rather than eating. Or eating. Whatever you are into I guess.

TheDarkSideOfTown1 karma

tits or ass?

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psyanne10 karma

frantically going through your past posts to confirm you are not my brother

Danda_Nakka-6 karma

Sorry if it sounds awkward but I am not purposefully mean.

Do you believe in God?

psyanne4 karma

nope. proud atheist.

Woah_Slow_Down-11 karma

Does a part of you consider your "bill paying job" to be degrading and pathetic?

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