I am Asa Akira, professional butthole model.

I’m also an award winning adult performer, director, Wicked Pictures contract star, host of the “DVDASA” podcast, and author of “Insatiable.” I’m here to answer any and all of your questions!

A bit about me: I was born in New York, moved to Tokyo at age 9, and moved back to New York at the age of 13. I’ve been in the adult industry for eight years, and performed exclusively for Wicked Pictures since 2013. You may have seen me in “Underworld,” “Aftermath,” “Holly…Would,” and most recently “Starmaker,” for which I'm nominated for Best Actress at both the 2016 AVN & XBIZ Awards. I also published my first book “Insatiable: Porn - A Love Story” in 2014, and I’m now working on my second book. I absolutely love what I do, and wouldn’t want to do anything else!

You can learn more about me at www.Wicked.com, https://twitter.com/AsaAkira, or http://www.asaakira.com. Also check out my podcast “DVDASA” at http://www.dvdasa.com. I’ll be answering questions from 4 pm to 5 pm PDT today, Dec. 2, so ask away!

My Proof: https://twitter.com/AsaAkira/status/671757116022001664

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fuckswithducks1836 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA! I was really disappointed when you signed an exclusive contract with Wicked considering they're one of very few major porn studios that have never made a movie with rubber ducks in it. The closest you ever came to making rubber ducky porn before that only had one as a tiny little dot in the background (here's a screenshot; I had to add a zoomed-in view of the duck from a different porno so you can even tell what you're looking at).

What are the pros and cons of signing an exclusive contract with a production company like Wicked?

AsaAkira1547 karma

PROS: I get to choose my costars, I get lots of time to prepare for my shoots, I get a huge say in what I'm shooting, I have time to do other things, like write, go on feature dance gigs, do fun non-porn projects like HOBBIES w/ ASA AKIRA, and hang out with Spiegler, and I can turn a scene into anal whenever I please (which is most of the time)

CONS: My butthole is really tight now so it takes longer to warm up

MTLBroncos161 karma

Why is your butthole so much tighter now??

chikitiki714 karma


AsaAkira196 karma


AsaAkira144 karma

I only shoot one movie per month now

b_deam799 karma

If your husband and dad switched bodies like Freaky Friday type shit, and the only way to break the curse was to sleep with one of them who do you choose? Your husband trapped in your dad's body, or your dad trapped in your husband's body?

EDIT: Since so many people were asking, here is the permalink from the DVDASA IAmA: LINK

AsaAkira1945 karma

whoaaa, that's a good one. I guess I'd pick my husband trapped inside my dad's body, to spare my dad. I'd close my eyes.

looperjoe745 karma

What do you think of James Deen and the recent accusations against him? Would you work with him again?

AsaAkira13315 karma

I imagine I feel the way anyone does when their friend is accused of a heinous crime like rape.

I strongly believe that victims of abuse deserve support when coming out - when a person states they felt violated by another person, OF COURSE we should all listen, period.

These last few days have been really fucking confusing. I’ve known James for eight years. In that time I’ve never seen him be anything but respectful toward myself, women, and people in general. He is one of my favorite performers to work with, and I’ve grown to trust him both professionally and personally. So I can’t help but find it a little unsettling that his life is being ruined by some posts on Twitter.

That being said, it’s impossible to ignore when a woman says he has raped her, no matter how much it contradicts my own image of him.

So… I guess what I’m saying is, I’m very fucking conflicted. While I desperately want these claims about my friend to be untrue, I cannot deny that they are being made. Like I said - I think anyone would feel this way if their friend were being accused of something so unimaginable.

That’s really all I want to say about it, so please understand that this will be the last question I answer regarding this matter.

VSymbiote371 karma

Would you ever consider doing a scene with Hitomi Tanaka? I saw you two post a picture of yourselves at a recent convention, and you two look absolutely gorgeous.

On a side note, as a non-Japanese speaker, what is she like?

AsaAkira1736 karma

i would LOVE to fuck her. Unfortunately, she's under a very strict contract, she doesn't shoot anything overseas. She's very sweet, she let me touch her boobs.

NotSoLittleJohn200 karma

Couldn't you just do it for fun in your own?

AsaAkira153 karma

I only have extra-marital sex on camera, but hey there's always divorce, so never say never!

mike105306350 karma

How do you like living in LA?

AsaAkira1679 karma


VMonaco3343 karma

What was it like working with Kassem G. How was that video arranged? Was it a simple phone call or was there more to it?

edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWe3Zbp0EX8 link for the lazy

AsaAkira1160 karma

I was a fan of the show prior to going, so I knew what to expect. One cool thing is that Kassem refused to see me in the greenroom before we started rolling; he wanted our initial meeting to be with him in character, on camera. I met him as his normal self after the taping, he is a really nice guy.

Cthuloo22314 karma

Can you go to the mall or the grocery store or wherever in peace or do you constantly get fans that want to talk? If so, Is that difficult or weird to deal with?

AsaAkira1588 karma

I like being recognized, I like knowing that people are enjoying watching me fuck. The only time I hate it is when I'm with my parents.

Some_aussie222 karma

I can imagine that you've answered this ad nauseum, but how do your parents feel about your career path?

AsaAkira1505 karma

they'd prefer I do something else... pretty much anything else. But they're supportive, they love me still, I talk to them daily. We just don't talk about work - but I imagine most people don't discuss their sex lives with their parents. Mine just happens to be my job.

spk3z309 karma

What's a sexual act you absolutely won't do?

AsaAkira1652 karma

I draw the line at shit, animals, and children. I'm totally not into those things.

bigbrown283 karma

Would you rather sit on a cake and eat dick for an hour or sit on a dick and eat cake for an hour?

AsaAkira1594 karma

it depends if it's a cheat day or not

bigbrown159 karma

let's say it's not a cheat day, but something unfortunate happened and you need to relieve some stress

AsaAkira1375 karma

if not a cheat day, I'd rather sit on a cake and eat dick. cause calories.

AsaAkira1569 karma

but on a cheat day, i'd eat the fuck out of some cake

Theskinnyjew260 karma

how does it feel to fuck really large dicks, compared to average ones?

AsaAkira1642 karma

I prefer the average ones, because I like to fuck really hard - but the big ones look really good on camera.

technoviking-218 karma

what's your favourite chat up line? mine is: you remind me of a rose... can i plant you on my bed?

AsaAkira1556 karma

"you look familiar." It always works.

SinewaveZB217 karma

Which female starlet have you not worked with that you would like to work with?

AsaAkira1427 karma

I'd love to work with Abella Danger, Missy Martinez, Meghan Rain... the great thing about porn is there are new girls to fuck every day : )

The_Reddit_Polizei95 karma

You are a female Wooderson.

Let_me_cook_doe86 karma

You know what I like about those amateurs... I get older, they stay the same age.

AsaAkira115 karma

the same quote came to mind when I wrote that answer : )

chizznotcheese216 karma

can you really get pink eye from someone farting in your face?

AsaAkira1511 karma

I guess I don't know from experience, but i've definitely heard that's the case. I do know that I stopped letting my dog sleep in my bed because he likes to rub his ass on my face, and I kept getting pink eye.

princelabia397 karma

Go on.......

AsaAkira1983 karma

that's it.

hebrewnational35208 karma

What can you tell us about racial discrimination in the industry? I hear about it but it would be fantastic to hear from an inside source. Thanks!

AsaAkira1523 karma

I've never felt racial discrimination behind-the-scenes. But of course, porn is always categorized; we all fall into categories on-camera, no matter what color we are. Black, Asian, Blonde, Big Butt, MILF, etc... so I don't really have a problem as constantly being labeled on the promo as "Asian Pornstar" or "Pornstar from the Orient" etc etc. I don't mind being fetishized; I signed up to be a porn performer, after all.

Rubsy205 karma

how do you feel about curved penises vs straight ones?

AsaAkira1399 karma

My favorite kind of penis is the kind that curves up.

julieefang202 karma

Asa, you have a really nice toned body.

What does your workout regimen consist of? Do you lift weights? Cardio?

AsaAkira1423 karma

I do barry's bootcamp and yoga when I'm home in LA. When I'm on the road, I try to run on the treadmill and lift weights. Also, I'm starving.

SpaceFloow714 karma

You deserve to be fat.

AsaAkira1691 karma

thank you.

mazo-193 karma

What's the conversation like when you call in sick for work? Can you even call in sick for work?

AsaAkira1528 karma

I call in sick for work more than the average person, because my job is literally to smear my germs all over people. If I feel even the slightest cold coming on, I'll cancel the shoot.

combatpizza191 karma

Hey Asa! What's your favorite ride at Disneyland?

AsaAkira1991 karma

Dana DeArmond's face.

AsaAkira1666 karma

jk. I like the Toy Story ride/game.

QU_Hectic181 karma

Why isn't there more passionate kissing in porn? In Japanese porn, girls be tonguing the shit out of guys. And would you be open to it on film?

AsaAkira1320 karma

I kiss all the time. Kissing is my favorite. I'm not sure I've ever done a scene without kissing? Even in a ganging, I like to kiss. I'm very romantic.

antoniocmf178 karma

Of all things you have done in your life, what would you never do again ?

AsaAkira1427 karma

Put two dicks in my vagina at the same time.

princelabia159 karma

What if it was 2 little ones?

AsaAkira1318 karma

Still no. Cause shape.

Sunuvamonkeyfiver164 karma

What if each one was shaped like half a dick and when they were put together it only seemed like one.

AsaAkira1193 karma

sure, as long as u mean like each one was shaped like a half-moon, and they joined at their flat sides

mzyzfr6175 karma

How is Homie the puggle doing?

AsaAkira1888 karma

I took him to the emergency vet the other night at 11pm because he was really bloated and constipated. 600 dollars later, the vet told me he's just fat and old.

Taniigs172 karma

Asa is there any foods that are okay to eat before anal sex? Or do you just not eat until the scenes over? From a girl that hates waiting all day just to eat cause of anal 😡

AsaAkira1238 karma

I actually eat whatever I want, except for beets. I drink psyllium husk, which allows me to eat pretty much anything.

DiamondBanana155 karma

have you/would you ever put a cupcake in your butt?

AsaAkira1310 karma

I guess it would depend on the context. I would do it for money. I would do it if my girlfriend or boyfriend or PIF (person I'm fucking) were turned on by it. I'd do it for a funny photo. But personally, I'm not turned on by it.

treeguy201141 karma

Hi Asa! Love your professional work. What are your favorite hobbies outside of work?

AsaAkira1449 karma

Thanks! I'm a sober atheist who's always on a diet, so I'm very boring outside of my job. I like to watch shitty TV and good movies. I like to read and write.

C50137 karma

Who's your celebrity crush?

AsaAkira1410 karma

Tina Fey, always.

Herbooo133 karma

Ive been with some women that are haters towards uncircumcised cocks and some that love them, what do you and your homegirls think?

AsaAkira1420 karma

Uncircumcised is better for me, I can't speak for anyone else. But I do find the concept of circumcision super weird.

jpursey808129 karma

Are any of your orgasms real?

AsaAkira1399 karma

yes, I'm able to orgasm really easily - if i close my eyes, squeeze my pussy the right way, and concentrate, I can do it. so obviously, I do it often.

long_dong_of_the_law128 karma

Are you actually into feet, or just doing what you're told when you suck toes in a girl-girl scene?

AsaAkira1290 karma

I've never been told to suck on anyone's toes in a scene, and I don't particularly have a foot fetish, but for some reason once I start fucking, I get really into feet. I don't know what that means.

birdsofapheather1070 karma

It means you might be into feet.

AsaAkira1241 karma

thank you

chizznotcheese125 karma

on a scale of 1-10 how difficult is scissoring?

AsaAkira1241 karma

It's not difficult at all, so like a 1. The key is to make your clit really really wet with a lot of spit. Then it feels really good.

sweetjoe221125 karma

Why don't you ever come to europe ? Dicks aren't exclusive to america and japan :) Ps : sushis are yummy, do you have some family secret yummy recipes ? :D

AsaAkira1287 karma

Some of my favorite performers are european. Uncircumcised penises are optimal for anal : )

sketchy1poker123 karma

i've seen adriana chechik do triple anal. can double anal + double vaginal (at the same time) be accomplished?

also, you look familiar.

AsaAkira1173 karma

Double anal isn't something I can plan... it has to happen organically, when I'm super turned on, or else it's not gonna fit. I've tried double vag once, I'm glad to have had the experience, but I'm not a fan - it was just way too painful.

IamDoogieHauser101 karma

How are you saving for retirement? Are your employers funding a 401 for you, or do you just put more aside?

AsaAkira1538 karma

I just put more aside. I'm really into saving money. #asian

Adge25101 karma

I noticed you recently performed in a gang bang with Wicked. I knew from DVDASA that they were on the cannot do list. Has it been removed from the list?

AsaAkira1224 karma

Gangbangs have been removed from the list, and replaced with licking men's assholes. Women's assholes are ok, though.

bmh2os95 karma

Most memorable episode of DVDASA?

AsaAkira1135 karma

The most memorable episode was probably the one where we caught morgan lee lying. It was one of the best days of our lives.

biosnake2045 karma

Do you have your own stock photos of a car in a crash?

AsaAkira178 karma

yes, also traffic shots for mornings I'm running late because I left my house five minutes after my calltime

Jmoney515092 karma

Would you ever go back on the Eric André show?

AsaAkira1218 karma

I think now that I've seen what it is, I wouldn't be a very good guest anymore. When I shot that episode, I had no idea what I was walking into - I thought it was just going to be a normal interview to promote my book. Eric Andre and Hannibal both came into the green room to introduce themselves before we started taping, and they seemed really just... normal. It was a lot of fun. I'm a fan now.

marumadu91 karma

Do black cocks taste different than white or asian cocks?

AsaAkira1209 karma

no, but uncircumcised ones sometimes taste a little tangy. (not a bad thing.)

Idk_my_bff_satan91 karma

What's your favorite pizza? I'm a hamburg and bacon kind of guy.

AsaAkira1425 karma

I like pineapple on my pizza. I know, I know, I'm gross, but I put gross things in my mouth for a living so meh

corkum84 karma

I have to say, you're one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter!

Sometimes you talk about how you're preparing your asshole for a shoot. What does this process involve?

AsaAkira1208 karma

It's a pretty long process, and my friend dave always jokes that I'm anal about anal. It involves enema-ing, starting 24 hours before the scene. I avoid eating beets. I drink psyllium husk. Any more detailed than that, and I'll ruin the fantasy.

DavePretty80 karma

In your book "Insatiable" you told a hilarious story about one time you smoked crack, went to your ex-boyfriend's place, and trashed his bedroom. I think I remember you saying he was in jail.

Is he still incarcerated? Do you ever talk to him?

AsaAkira198 karma

He's no longer in jail. I spoke to him not that long ago, apparently he's made a documentary. So maybe you'll hear more about him soon!

AK4Real79 karma

Hi Asa! How huge fan! How much longer do you see yourself in the porn industry? If you weren't doing porn now, what do you see yourself doing?

AsaAkira1388 karma

I'm not sure. I keep saying I'll do it until it's no longer fun... but I'm starting to fear that that day will never come. So my plan now is to hope GILF porn gets really popular.

theCommunityofDVDASA70 karma

How are you so skinny? Every new picture I see of you, it seems like you are losing way too much weight. If I ever meet you in person, can I buy you a pizza because you are so skinny? Thank you again for being you and writing your book! DVDASA Forever!

Haiku: Girlfriend read the book

Tried Anal for the first time

next time will use lube

AsaAkira175 karma

You're my new favorite person. Thank you.

bonobo61767 karma

thanks for doing ama asa. do you celebrate christmas? merry christmas!?

AsaAkira1242 karma

I actually just finished decorating my tree. I'm not christian (or religious at all) so christmas to me just means decorating and spending lots of money.

HowardPhillips956 karma

After you have finished work, what do you normally do to relax?

Edit You were an awesome guest on Bryan Callen's podcast, and The Fighter and the Kid podcast with Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen.

AsaAkira177 karma

I eat, watch television, and read. In that order.

Druxo51 karma

What happened to your Snapchat?

AsaAkira1257 karma

I think I'm too old for it. Every time i open the app, I've already forgotten how to use it. It's very user-unfriendly, i think.

odb28151 karma

What was the last thing you crocheted?

AsaAkira176 karma

a cushion cover, but it's not done. I haven't progressed past squares and rectangles, so it's just been all scarves and other rectangular/squarish things

ping114651 karma

As a guy, if I want my asshole licked, how should I prepare/ask for it? (do I need to shave my asshole, buy her a gift first, etc...)

AsaAkira1198 karma

I think it's courteous to shave, and make sure it's clean. If you don't use baby wipes after you shit, (EVERY time) it's out of the question. As far as asking for it goes... probably just gently push her head down when she's sucking your dick - if she's down, she'll go right for it. If not, then she'll resist, believe me. (obviously don't keep pushing if she resists.)

If all else fails, the right gift will get you anything.

LouiKilleen9835 karma

Who is your best porn star friend?

AsaAkira178 karma

My best friend is Mark Spiegler. My favorite person in porn is Dana DeArmond.

themakiexperiment31 karma

When are you comming to Montreal? We love you here!

AsaAkira1120 karma

I recently fell in love with Canada. Canadians are so fucking nice! Also, Tim hortons is amazing.So amazing, that when I went to Europe a few months ago, I lay-overed (laid over?) in toronto so I could get some.

theturtleguy31 karma

Hi Asa,

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

AsaAkira161 karma

In general, coffee or vanilla. From Ben and Jerry's, Chubby Hubby.

AsaAkira194 karma

Also, I think it's really weird when people's favorite milkshake flavor is strawberry.

SolidDickForJames26 karma

How come in porn, they don't say, "I Love you" more often? Love turns me on too!

AsaAkira183 karma

Love turns me on a lot, my ultimate fantasies all involve love. But I don't think I could bring myself to say "I love you" to a scene partner in a porno. It would feel so... fake and gross.

BlotterRotter18 karma

When will you shoot with Cindy Starfall? And I love your book.. Can't wait till the new one comes out.. And come to NC.. Preferably the triangle area!

AsaAkira123 karma

i've shot with cindy before, she's great! thank you : )

BrunoGrand17 karma

You've said you like to watch television after work. Do you have a favorite show?

AsaAkira1102 karma

My favorite show of all time is The Office. (US version.) Best drama was probably LOST, or Friday Night Lights. I'm really into How to get Away with Murder right now. But I'll watch literally anything.

NoComplysforever15 karma

Would you rather fuck 100 duck sized horse cocks or 100 horse sized duck cocks? Also! Will you reply with a photo of your armpits.. Not that I have a fetish or anything inserts lenny face

AsaAkira146 karma

Wait, are ducks the ones with the curly penises? Either way, duck cock.

maxyamabikko9 karma

What's your favourite dad joke?

AsaAkira145 karma

what's a dad joke? Like a dead baby joke, but about dead dads?

BorisTheAnimal29947 karma

My names Boris, I feel like that's already a decent porn name. If I ever did porn what are your thoughts on that name?

AsaAkira120 karma

I wouldn't recommend it, for porn you want a first and last name. For googling purposes.

crimenpu7 karma

How racially diverse are your partners? Is there a person from a certain race/ethnicity that you haven't been with? Also, in your opinion what is the most attractive physical feature on a guy and girl?

AsaAkira119 karma

There's no race/ethnicity I'm against fucking. I'm not sure there's anyone I haven't done... Eskimo? I think the most attractive physical feature depends on the person, and even then, I'm more attracted to personality anyway. And boobs.

Apprentice_of_Ixidor6 karma

Do you play any nerdy shit like Magic: The Gathering or Dungeons & Dragons?

AsaAkira114 karma

No, but I'm really into a game right now called Monopoly Deal. I'm also into SingStar on playstation. I'm really bad at it, which sucks for my neighbors.

[deleted]5 karma


AsaAkira112 karma

Thanks so much! The manuscript is due in thirteen days and I'm freaking out!

Lastbluesun5 karma

Hey Asa! My girlfriend and I are huge fans, my girlfriend even more so. A question my girlfriend and I have for you is when did you start watching porn? And if it was before you got into porn, what was your favorite type at the time?

AsaAkira116 karma

I'm from a time before porn was so easily accessible on the internet, so the first porno I ever saw was some weird softcore Mother Goose thing in third grade. And then the next one was a midget porn VHS that belonged to my friend's friend's older brother. I actually was never really a huge porn watcher - my fantasy was always to be IN porn, but I honestly didn't know much about it before starting.

zeropluszero4 karma

Since its not looking like Morgan, who will be the NBA? I like Marica for the job. PS you're looking super skinny.

AsaAkira111 karma

It was so supposed to be Alina Li. I think we are still waiting.

SupergirlRicey3 karma

What's your favorite thing about marriage? Does it consciously make marriage different because you're both performers?

I enjoyed the hell out of your book and have gifted it to friends who liked it as well. Any plans for another one?

AsaAkira114 karma

I'm a huge fan of marriage. I've done it twice, and I plan on being one of those people who marries like nine times, three of those times to one person. I think my favorite part about it is the idea of commitment... that turns me on. My next book comes out in August of next year, it's called Dirty Thirty. Thanks!

NotATentacleMonster3 karma

Are there any pranks you have pulled on someone on-set?

AsaAkira111 karma

No, but Stormy has pranked me on pretty much every shoot she's hired me for. She's an evil bitch and scares me and I love her and she makes me understand Stockholm Syndrome.

long_dong_of_the_law3 karma

So, it seems Guns n' Roses (original) is finally reuniting -- care, or don't care?

AsaAkira15 karma

don't care, hahahhaa

leaderxtreme2 karma

Why are japanese "hairy" down below?

AsaAkira19 karma

I feel like you don't understand quotation marks... And my answer is "I don't know."

6tacocat92 karma

What is your favorite word?

What is your least favorite word?

What turns you on creatively, spiritually, or emotionally?

What turns you off?

What is your favorite curse word?

What sound or noise do you love?

What sound or noise do you hate?

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

What profession would you not like to do?

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

AsaAkira12 karma

My favorite word, phonetically, is Archipelago. My least favorite is probably Horny. I'm turned on by unconditional, desperate, unhealthy love, like if I had a twin brother and he loved me so much that he wouldn't let me fuck anyone else. I'm turned off by people who think they're funny, and aren't. My favorite curse word is Fuckingshit. I love the sound of scissors cutting paper. I hate the sound of leaf blowers and vacuum cleaners, and anything else loud, really - including loud music. I'd like to be a food critic, but only after they invent a pill that allows me to eat however much I want and not get fat. I'd hate to be a flight attendant. I don't believe in heaven or god, but for the sake of discussion, I'd like to hear him say Fat chicks are considered hot here, so eat up. ps. I love Inside Actors studio

6tacocat92 karma

Yea I figured you would like the question. I always think about how I'd answer those questions when I watch that show. Also you should watch the 200th? episode where Lipton gets interviewed by Chappelle. Probably one of the most interesting interviews I've ever seen.

Love your work (miss the show)

AsaAkira12 karma

Yes, loved that episode. I also like how they had Bradley Cooper and showed the Sean Penn stuff. I cried.

TheREALMoeSzyslak2 karma

When you recently visited Hustler Club Baltimore, I took too long in the champagne room and missed my chance for a lap dance. I've been kicking myself ever since. Assuming I get another chance (maybe in NY in Feb.) what can I do to make sure I get an awesome dance? What makes you get more into a private dance as opposed to mostly making small talk the whole time?

AsaAkira12 karma

I generally only give lap dances to ten people per night, because there's not enough time to do more. My roadies start making a list as soon as we get to the club, so sign up with them as soon as you see us : )

TheREALMoeSzyslak2 karma

I know, I was on the list!! I was also surprised to see that Bobby Lee is one of your roadies.

AsaAkira13 karma

he's not, it's another asian guy

KaffeKladd1 karma

eating ass or eating pussy?

AsaAkira13 karma

it depends on the ass.

Manning_bear_pig1 karma

Captain America or Iron Man?

AsaAkira13 karma

gross, neither.