I Play Grace Gardner, a freshman who decides to pledge Kappa Kappa Tau on a college campus tormented by a serial killer. Highly independent, Grace takes on much of the detective work to figure out who is wearing the Red Devil mask and to find the killer once and for all.

“Scream Queens” airs Tuesdays on Fox at 9/8c.

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Harryshotterdad28 karma

Is Chad Radwell as awesome in real life as he is on the show?

Skyler_Samuels31 karma

Yes. A million times yes. Glen Powell is the most handsome most goobery most intelligent most hilarious guy you'll ever meet. He is such a cool dude to hang with, and he brought Chad Radwell to life in a way that makes him a scene stealer every episode.

MaryJaneGanja19 karma

What's with the hats?

Skyler_Samuels31 karma

Ryan envisioned Grace as always wearing these sort of newsboy hats, so they have become a distinctive part of my wardrobe on SQ. I always like to think that the hats are where Grace keeps her secrets. Like, "uh-oh Grace is wearing a hat...she's up to something..."

Skyler_Samuels16 karma

Hey guys! Thank you so much for all your questions and insightful inquiries. It was awesome chatting with you tonight. I'm signing off for now, but don't be shy if you have more questions, you can always tweet me @SkylerSamuels. Much love and goodnight to you all! X Skyler

5thacct13 karma

How do y'all keep a straight face? My son and I are in hysterics every episode! Especially when Niecy is on, OMG, her character is so funny! Are there any blooper reels???

Skyler_Samuels26 karma

I don't. I wish I could say that after months of filming I developed some technique to maintain a poke face, but I just can't. My costars are just too funny...Chad Radwell? Denise? Dean Munsch? Wes? Forget it. I literally have to pinch myself during takes to prevent myself from laughing.

wendowolf12 karma

What was the toughest scene to film on Scream Queens?

Skyler_Samuels22 karma

The scene where Pete and Grace visit Mandy in the trailer out in the woods. It was mid-July in New Orleans. We were filming alongside a swamp. It was 100 degrees outside, and 112 degrees inside the trailer. And Diego and I were in formal wear trying not to sweat all over the place. Not to mention there was a real (eek!) half cooked armadillo in the scene, and the heat made it smell extra stanky. That was definitely a memorable day.

lloza9812 karma

A few questions about college (since I am applying to Stanford this year through Questbridge).

What are you majoring in?

Are you considering graduate school?

If I do get accepted and you are still there next year, could you sign my red devil mask for me?

Love you on Scream Queens! Really hope you survive!

Skyler_Samuels13 karma

So cool! Definitely apply! I always say, Stanford feels like the Disneyland of universities. A playground for nerds. I love it. I am majoring in Stanford's STS Major, which is basically a liberal arts degree with custom focuses. My focus is on intellectual property and technology structures.

dejour9 karma

I think the show is extremely fun, but some of the characters have to say some really dopey things. Which actor(s) has the most trouble keeping a straight face all the time?

Skyler_Samuels16 karma

Me. I am the actor who can't keep a straight face. Ask Oliver Hudson. I've ruined so many of his takes because he is so funny, I would just blurt out laughing. He's hilarious. We have the best time filming together.

justscottaustin8 karma

Gosh. This is a hard question to formulate. When you started, did you think this series was going to "go anywhere?" The premise seems so kitschy and contrived, you know? I declined to watch it for awhile then caught a mid-season episode and said HELL YES!!! Do you guys have as much fun on set as it looks?

I have to say, this is one of the most original and fun things I have seen on TV for quite some time. You guys are all great together.

Skyler_Samuels16 karma

I am so happy to hear you like the show. I definitely joined on not knowing exactly what it was or where it was going. But it's proven to be one hell of an adventure, it surpassed my expectations of what a show about killers and sorority girls could be. It's a hurricane of social commentary and pop culture satire. I'm proud to be a part of it.

gcheung287 karma

Which actor was the complete opposite of his/her character? Any funny moments you can share from behind the scenes?

Skyler_Samuels17 karma

Jamie Lee is the sweetest person you'll ever meet, she is a total love bug. As soon as she becomes Dean Munsch, the sass emerges!

atlrockr7 karma

What does Niecey Nash smell like?

Skyler_Samuels13 karma

She smells like flowers!! Niecey is like a real life princess who even at her most casual seems like she just walked off the set of super chic perfume commercial. I adore her. #girlcrush

coinz_bitch7 karma

what's the biggest difference between your own sorority and KKT? (besides the murders obvi)(ps. loved you in Freakshow)

Skyler_Samuels9 karma

My sorority in real life is more about girls studying together and propping each other up, like a built in network of friends and cheerleaders. We are a team. At KKT, there is definitely more of an established hierarchy and more social rules to follow.

BarffTheMog7 karma

In college did you belong to a sorority ? If so, how are you leveraging your real life experiences for your role on Scream Queens?

Skyler_Samuels17 karma

I actually still am in college...I'm a rising senior at Stanford University. And I am a member of the sorority Kappa Alpha Theta...though my real life sorority is waaaaay more chill than KKT. No murder mysteries and Red Devils for me and sisters at Stanford. It's fun to be recreating my freshman year experience as Grace Gardner, there's definitely real life experiences of my own that I've been able to contribute to Grace's story.

spicypepperoni7 karma

Have you ever seen a raccoon in person?

Skyler_Samuels10 karma

Yes. At school. It was standing on its hind legs eating out of a trashcan. It was eerily human like.

atlrockr6 karma

What predictions do you have for season 2? Do you think it's going to be a continuation or more in the AHS vein?

Skyler_Samuels12 karma

I honestly don't know at this point. My hunch is that the girls of KKT are still coming into their own, true for many of us during our college years. I would be curious to see if we began a new adventure together in the next chapter of our college careers. And I'm sure that would include some kind of crazed killer, because, well...that's kind of our style.

Didimena6 karma

How do you get in to character so well bc I feel like you play Grace, really well when it comes to her emotions so how do you do that so well?

Skyler_Samuels5 karma

Well thanks. Even a midst the sometimes unnatural/over-the-top chaos of the show's stories, when it comes to getting emotional on camera, I always try to relate what Grace is going through to something real that I have experienced. Tapping into my own life stories often helps me tell Grace's.

ScreamIt0125 karma

You gonna miss Grace?

Skyler_Samuels17 karma

I will definitely miss Grace. I will even miss her hats. In the last few weeks since filming stopped, I've definitely noticed that my head feels colder.

coinz_bitch5 karma

any good jokes you heard about scream queens? or grace?

Skyler_Samuels13 karma

Oh I've heard a few. Most of them feature a comment about the hats I wear on the show. I love how much controversy my hats have caused....they should probably get their own credit on the show.

southsamurai5 karma

I think you're a bloody brilliant actress. what's next in that line for you? any new projects we can look forward to?

Skyler_Samuels7 karma

2016 definitely holds promise, I think you'll be seeing me again quite soon ;)

UnfunnyWoman5 karma

Do you read the fan theories? How late in the game was it before you found out who all the Red Devils were and their reasons behind their killing spree? edit: I ask, because I heard Ryan Murphy rewrote several endings to keep all the actors out of the know. Is that true?

Skyler_Samuels11 karma

Do I? Oh hells yes I do! Watching fan theories unfold during my live tweeting session of SQ is so fun because people come up with the best ideas...some that may even be right ;) I have to say, I'm pretty sure I know who the killer is, but leave it to Ryan Murphy to add yet another surprise twist...that could definitely happen

c4mel_to3s5 karma

Out of the current surviving characters, who do you personally think are going to be the surviving four?

Skyler_Samuels12 karma

Hard to say, we are a feisty bunch. It will be fight to the finish I guess.

crazyvarga5 karma

Can we expect some suspenseful chase scenes in the finale? We've only gotten like 2 in 9 episodes.

Skyler_Samuels17 karma

The finale of SQ will be one of those things that will have you saying, "wait, WHAT?!?!" "NO WAY!" "OMSQ! (oh my scream queen!)". It's a wild one.

Yankees3Fan74 karma

Working with a legendary scream queen like Jamie Lee Curtis must be an amazing experience for you. If you you could take any famous scream queen role in horror history, which one would you choose?

Skyler_Samuels7 karma

I think since Silence of the Lambs is my favorite scary movie, I would have to say, Clarice.

Coltonpanda4 karma

I'm a big fan of the show, it reminds me of an over the top Scream, with its self awareness! Do you have a favourite horror movie?

Skyler_Samuels10 karma

SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. Fa-fa-fa-fa-fava beans....

ScreamIt0124 karma

how was your first day on set?

Skyler_Samuels8 karma

I had the first-day-of-school jitters, I always do on the first day of a new job.

xleaslaugh4 karma

Is it hard to balance work as an actress and university?

Skyler_Samuels4 karma

It isn't easy, but it is worthwhile. I've always marched to beat of my own drum, and in many ways have placed some unconventional twists on my life, such as going to school time and working as an actress. I have found that while keeping the balance and momentum of it all going, being in school and immersing myself with different types of people and in different subjects, has opened and expanded my mind as a human and as an actor. School has helped my career more than anything else.

CharmStone1274 karma

What has been your favourite episode of Scream Queens this season in terms of watching, and what has been your favourite scene to film?

Skyler_Samuels14 karma

My favorite episode in terms of watching is the Haunted House episode. I thought it was one of the scarier episodes, I love the added suspense! My favorite scene to film was in the episode Ghost Stories when Nick Jonas breaks into mine and Keke's room and then we accidentally push him out a window. When we were struggling to fight Nick in the scene, I was making crazy noises and Nick broke his straight face and laughed. I felt that was quite a victory.

wendowolf3 karma

If you could witness any event of the past, present, or future, what would it be?

Skyler_Samuels9 karma

Past: I would have loved to have witnessed the Beatles play in concert. Present: I would love to have gone on vacation with Beyonce. Future: I would love to see a world that operates as an equal global community. We are on our way, but sadly not there yet.

LovelyLoli73 karma

If you weren't an actress what would you be??

Skyler_Samuels6 karma

I think I would be a documentary film maker. I am an uber nerd who loves learning about stuff through documentaries. Or a chef, but I think I would need to get better at cooking in order for that to happen.

dakky1233 karma

Is it true you are getting Roasted in tonight's episode?

Skyler_Samuels6 karma

Grace is totally in for it tonight! But she's not the only one. Let's just say there is a lot of finger pointing tonight...and where there is blame, there's usually blood ;)

coinz_bitch3 karma

how are you dealing with being a part of a hugely popular tv show and becoming more famous every other day?

Skyler_Samuels4 karma

I sort of feel like it is what you make it to be. I feel like my life is still normal and the same, only I find myself being asked if I'm a red-devil killer on TV by strangers quite frequently. I love meeting fans and talking about the show. That is truly one of the highlights of my job.

coinz_bitch3 karma

who would you like to see in season 2? any mega-wishes?

Skyler_Samuels11 karma

If there are any other Jonas Brothers or members of One Direction (Niall, I'm talking to you) who feel like joining a SQ Season 2, I highly advocate for that.

ScreamIt0123 karma

What's the most fun filming Scream Queens?

Skyler_Samuels5 karma

Just walking through the sound stage where we film is hilarious. It's like, "Oh just a few pink chainsaws and buckets of blood. Yep, just another day at the office."

MaryJaneHolland883 karma

What are your thoughts on returning to AHS? I know I'm not in the minority of people who would love to see you back on, especially in a role bigger than Bonnie.

Skyler_Samuels5 karma

I would love to return to AHS. Filming Freakshow was one of the most challenging and totally rewarding experiences of my professional career. I loved it and would happily do it again.

lukedanes893 karma

Hi Skyler! :) Is horror your favorite genre? In what other genre would you like to try yourself?

Skyler_Samuels5 karma

It's a favorite of mine to make but not to watch--I am such a wimp when it comes to watching scary stuff! I love comedy, I will always have a soft spot for making people laugh, that's one of the best parts of my job.

hopkinstaylor3 karma

Okay, first of all, one could say that I'm kind of a tiny bit in love with you (nothing major) but what hobbies outside of acting are you into? (Eating pizza, sleeping, and being my bestfriend don't count, sorry I don't make the rules)

Skyler_Samuels6 karma

Hi! I'm a tiny bit in love with this question being that my hobbies are some of my favorite things to talk about. First and foremost, my dog Matey is my obsession/hobby. Playing and snuggling with him constitutes a good portion of my free time. I love to cook (and eat, obvi), and I am huge fan of streaming binges. Just finished a binge of the Mindy Project on Hulu, I'm totally obsessed with it.

Sqfan3 karma

What are you going to do or are doing now that scream queens is done filming? Btw your dog is so cute!

Skyler_Samuels4 karma

I am actually working on a special secret project that takes place in the app world instead of the acting world. Been working on it for months, very excited to share it with you all at the beginning of next year. And thank you! I am obsessed with my dog!

wendowolf2 karma

Is there some place that you've always wanted to visit but haven't get it yet?

Skyler_Samuels6 karma

Ireland! That is definitely at the top of my travel list.

wendowolf2 karma

If you could trade lives with one person from the cast for an entire day, who would it be and why?

Skyler_Samuels9 karma

I would be Jamie Lee Curtis for a day. Because she is hilarious and witty and thoughtful and free. She is a real life queen. Also, I've always wondered what it would be like to have short hair.

wendowolf2 karma

If you could only keep three possessions from the set, what would they be?

Skyler_Samuels6 karma

The chandelier from the KKT great room, Grace's little black booties, and a set of the pink nun-chucks.

coinz_bitch2 karma

what's the biggest difference between working on AHS and werking on Scream Queens?

Skyler_Samuels7 karma

AHS is awesome, but personally I am a total chicken when it comes to scary stuff. Like you have to drag me to see a scary movie. I love that Scream Queens finds a way to infuse "funny" in fear. Scream Queens is exactly the kind of show I would watch if wanted my fix of scary and spooky.

ScreamForTerror2 karma

What is your favorite part about acting on this kind of show?

Are you good friends with any of your co-stars?

Skyler_Samuels6 karma

Sq constantly surprises me. Week to week with every new episode, there was always something new to explore within the story and as an actor, that's a unique privilege especially in TV. Jamie Lee and I are very good friends, she is actually the god mother to my beloved puppy. She bought him his first teething toys and everything. She's the best.

Quentin_TaranChinos2 karma

What is your favorite Chanel outfit in the season so far?

Skyler_Samuels8 karma

I adore Chanel #5's outfits, particularly the ones that feature some sort of cat-ear headband. Abbie looks adorable in those and totally rocks the look.

AnnaZani2 karma

Which is your favorite movie??

Skyler_Samuels3 karma

Oh my god, this is so hard....there are so many....Good Will Hunting/Cybil/Silence of the Lambs/Elf.....gahh I just can't choose!

VaanLeonhardt2 karma

Do you have any suggestions for someone who wishes to live the Holywood dream but is in a whole other area of the Earth?

Skyler_Samuels8 karma

The Hollywood Dream doesn't take place in Hollywood. Ironically it takes place just about everywhere else. Chase your passion, create your craft, live what makes you happy and challenged and fulfilled, wherever you are. We live in age where we have the technologies and means to make it happen from all over the world. That to me is the real Hollywood dream.

[deleted]2 karma


Skyler_Samuels3 karma

I would totally take him down with a pool noodle. Obvi.

dejour2 karma

Which other shows (Ryan Murphy or otherwise) do you think Scream Queens most resembles?

Skyler_Samuels7 karma

I feel like Scream Queens draws on elements of AHS and Glee, but it's definitely its own creature in terms of tone and style.

dejour2 karma

In what way are you and your character (Grace) most similar and most dissimilar?

Skyler_Samuels5 karma

Grace and I both share a dedicated sense of defending justice and honoring the truth. We are most different in the sense that Grace will follow her curiosity so far as to the point of endangering herself. As for me, I play it safer. If I found out there was a serial killer nearby, I'd be like "No thanks, I'm good. Let me just lock the door and call the cops." Grace would just strut over and find the killer for herself.

Lostinaly2 karma

What's been your favorite role that you've played?

Skyler_Samuels12 karma

Aside from Grace Gardner (which is definitely a favorite), I would have to say playing Ashley Blake on Drake and Josh.

suaveitguy2 karma

Have any ambitions behind the camera?

Skyler_Samuels5 karma

Yes! As a matter of fact, my biggest dream is to direct. I'm such a camera nerd! I would love to direct films and TV one day

coinz_bitch2 karma

who is your dream actor/actress to work with on a project?

Skyler_Samuels9 karma

Emma Stone. I think we are best friends who just haven't met yet. Emma, if you see this, call me! We should hang out!

Gaparkkkk2 karma

how do guys react after they get kicked in the nuts?

Skyler_Samuels8 karma

I feel like something along the lines of taking a lollipop away from a 5 year old....aka: a full blown, on the floor, high pitched tantrum.

xleaslaugh1 karma

Hi honey, would you like to visit Rome, Italy?❤️

Skyler_Samuels7 karma

I would! Spaghetti is my favorite food!

Musichead24680 karma

Do people come up to you on campus a lot, and recognize you from the show?

Skyler_Samuels9 karma

I go back to school in January, so I guess we'll see. I just hope my sorority sisters don't think I've brought the red devil back with me to our sorority. Don't worry ladies, I'm leaving the old RD at KKT.