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acorn_antique3 karma

Fantastic news! What most excites you about the life that lies ahead for you? Was there a time when you let go of hope?

tk11543 karma

I am most excited about getting back to a normal life. After pretty much laying in a bed for 10 months you realize how amazing the little things we take for granted are. I am also excited to help and volunteer for services like "Be the match" and help people who are not as lucky as I am to have a family donor. I never completely gave up hope but there were times where I was close (like when my doctor told me there was nothing left they could do) but thankfully I had an amazing support system of friends and family who helped me along the way. I am very thankful for them.

Mist22 karma

Hi.. You know the coolest part..? You uu are mightier than the Bloody Blood that causes you Trouble! I'm also a girl who just Fought against some sort of a disease that could turn out to be a killer if not treated in proper time! I'm Fine now ..and facing life with Courage..! I remember my mom and dad looking at each other with A pale face before my reports were about to Arrive :/ I am just wondering if you'd like me to know how it was for you and your parents at the first moment of Recognition!

( I send you a Greeting and A hug)

tk11541 karma

Congrats on getting better! My parents at first (at least my mom who was in the clinic with me at the time of the potential diagnosis) were pretty shocked and just couldn't believe this was happening. When my dad found out he was like that at first but then immediately changed moods and was on the phone with cancer centers from around the country trying to figure out the best form of action.

saraboulos1 karma

Congrats!! What is something that you cherished more in life, that you might've been taking for granted, now that you are cured?

tk11543 karma

For me its the everyday things. For example: there was a time where I was so weak I couldn't walk up stairs (or even to them) and if I attempted them I would get sick. When I finally started getting my strength back I would keep attemptimg to do the stairs and when I finally did, I felt as if I was on top of the world. Another would definitely be my family. I didn't realize how important family is until I went through that.

BrettLurking1 karma

What is/are your dream(s) in life?

tk11542 karma

To do something that will help other people (no matter how small) I feel like I was given a second chance so I would like to pay it forward somehow. Being a rock star would be cool too but I think I'll keep that one on the side for now lol

HolidayInnCambodia1 karma

Did you punch that motherfucker Leukemia in the face?

tk11541 karma

Yep left em a nasty bruise too!

ItsDarts1 karma

Congrats on being 100+ days cancer free! But after all those incorrect diagnosis' are you you taking the same steps of getting second opinions to be sure you're cancer free? I hate being the Debbie Downer here, but this is what Ama's are for, right? To me, if they can fuck up a negative diagnosis, they can fuck up positive ones and I'd want to know.

tk11542 karma

In my case it would be hard to mess up on because there are certain tests like a bone marrow biopsy (which are done at all hospitals) that are very accurate in detecting cancer. In my case I will get them once every 3 months for the next year or so to make sure the cancer hasn't returned. But I am with two doctors (each from different cancer centers) who are both keeping an eye on me to make sure everything keeps going well.

CousCousOtterCat1 karma

What was your initial reaction to being told you might have cancer/ actually have cancer?

Did the doctor give you a vague prognosis?

tk11541 karma

Well at the time I was more worried about my parents seeing my grades (when you have constant fevers and feel sick all the time it's hard to stay on track lol) but in all seriousness I wasnt scared to begin with. My family and friends were but I was ready to take on whatever was coming. And my doctors at first were very hopeful and told me it was treatable (until they figured out it was a rare form) not until the end of my treatment did anybody ever give me a % chance of living and frankly I'm kinda happy they didn't tell me until then.

TheVGamer1 karma

Did you have moments were you thought you were going to die? Obviously, we're all going to die eventually but it's not something we think about all the time. Being so young and yet facing mortality in such a way seems like a great way to get some emotional scars but also an opportunity to learn some things most people don't.

tk11542 karma

There were times where I would sit there and think "this could be it". I tried not to think those thoughts though because one of the things that got me through this was keeping a positive attitude and thinking "okay, today may have sucked but tomorrow won't" and just being in the mind set that things are gonna get better because in my mind, there was no other option.

xbk11 karma

How did you react to getting chemo?

Also, what was the stem cell treatment?

tk11541 karma

At first chemo was rough. I didn't know what to expect and it just kinda hit me like a train. I just felt sick all the time. But as I learned how it affected me it was easier to deal with and there were many meds available to me that would counter side effects which helped a lot (thanks zofran). A stem cell transplant (sometimes called a bone marrow transplant) Is when they completely wipe out my bone marrow with heavy radiation and chemotherapy and then my sister donated some of her stem cells. She donated by them taking out some of her blood, cycling out the stem cells and putting the blood back into her body. Then they put her stem cells in a drip bag and they go into my blood and my new bone marrow grows. My blood type changed and if you tested our marrow it would say we're the same person.(there is more to the process but that's the basic understanding)

quickhakker1 karma

wow i like how in 4 hours you became a story on the main page, whats the meanest thing anyone has ever said/done to you about your arms?

tk11541 karma

My arms? Well I never really have had any issues with them so no one has said anything mean about them.

Hubbabubbatrulla1 karma

Did it affect the way you look at life?

tk11541 karma

Definitely. I have a much more positive outlook on life now and feel like anything can be accomplished. I also have started approaching my problems with less dwelling and more a "how can I make this better" attitude.